Trail's End, Mt

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: City man finds lust and adventure in the new-old west.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Western   Sharing   Nudism   Prostitution   .

He pulled his SUV up to the front of the “Trail’s End Saloon”. The only building in this tiny Montana town was also a restaurant and hotel from the looks of it. Other than the utility truck parked by the building’s side, the only other means of transportation visible was the horse at the hitching post.

The “road” getting here was just barely that and it had taken longer than he expected. Dusk was settling into the surrounding mountains. He was hungry so strode inside.

The place was right out of “Gunsmoke”, an early cowboy TV show. Even the woman coming out from behind the well-worn bar was dressed to fit. Her boobs were well supported with lots of cleavage displayed as if a marketing technique. He briefly wondered if she was a real “saloon girl” like in the western fiction he’d read.

“Howdy, stranger. What can we do for you?” drawled from her bright red lips.

“I need a room and dinner. It’s been a long day!

“We’ve got the room. Matter of fact you will have your choice tonight. I’ll see what the cook can whip up. Like a beer or whiskey?”

He paused, “Some Beam would be great. On the rocks, please.”

She was back shortly with a generous pour and the news that there was some meat loaf left. He gave his OK, apparently not having much choice.

There was a cowboy sitting in a corner nursing a drink. Probably went with the horse outside. The woman sat and talked with him as he finished it and then he followed her up the stairs behind the bar.

They came back down as Orval, a family name, was finishing the surprisingly tasty dinner. The cowboy left and she sat down with him, apparently to engage in conversation. She started with, “I’m done with business for the evening so you can have all my attention. We’ll put you in the Owner’s suite. We call it that because it has the biggest bed and its own bathroom rather than sharing one in the hall.

He looked at her and said calmly, “That would be quite appropriate since I am the new owner of this establishment.”

Her made-up eyes opened wide, “No shit! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?”

“My plans didn’t come together until the last minute.”

She was still wide-eyed, “Then you are Grizzly’s nephew. That’s all we knew. Welcome to Trail’s End. I go by ‘Miss Kitty’, not my real name but it works. You can call me MK for short. What’s yours?”

“It’s legally Orval like my uncle but I wish it could be interesting like his.”

She reached over to cover his hand. “Nicknames are common here. We’ll come up with a good one for you.”

She led him up the stairs. At the top of them was a small room with just a bed, sink and toilet. The bed was unmade with a towel still at mid-mattress. They went to the end of the hall and it was a spacious and very western room.

“You relax and I’ll get your bags.” When she returned with them, carrying the heavy luggage effortlessly, she added, “Would you like another whiskey as a nightcap? I’d like to join you since we don’t get much company out here this time of year.” He nodded and began to unpack the essentials.

They sipped and visited until Orval yawned. Standing up, MK said, “You must be tired from the trip. How about we get you ready for bed.” When he looked puzzled at the use of the word “we”, she smiled, “I’m going to show you the quality of service that you offer to the area. Let’s get your clothes off for starters.” He was amused as she expertly stripped him and then removed the rest of her outfit. He saw an older woman with a bit of extra padding on her waist, hips, and thighs, but a beautiful set of mammaries which sagged to lovely curves from their own weight. Her crotch had a bit of fur, not at all unlovely.

She herded him into the bathroom and started the shower. Orval had only rarely showered with a woman but knew he should just go with the flow. Besides, it was fun! He hadn’t had the attention of a woman, especially a naked one, for far too long.

Completely at ease with a naked man she had just met, MK soaped and lufa’d him, not sparing any place on his body. His pecker filled from all the visual and physical stimulation but it was just matter-of-fact to her. Then she asked him to do the same to her. His erection kept bumping her body as he moved and he was afraid he’d shoot a load on her.

After they dried off she asked, “I’d like to stay with you tonight. I rarely get a chance to sleep with a man since my husband died.” Orval wondered if the use of the word “sleep” in that context referred to sex or slumber. Maybe both.

When they got into the comfortable bed MK reached for his erection. “This is a nice one and I’m going to make it real happy. But I have a big favor to ask of you.” Orval nodded so she continued, “Would you eat me? The cowboys are too eager to get their dicks in to do much for me. I miss it a lot.”

When he was face-to-face with her genitals, he paused. He’d eaten a few but this one was recently fucked and he’d never dealt with that situation as far as he knew. She smiled, “I rinsed it out good in case you were squeamish.”

She shivered and moaned which motivated him to do an even better job. Her thighs clamped the sides of his head as she had a powerful orgasm. Pulling him up she effortlessly slid his eager cock into her welcoming sheath. She kissed him hard, tasting herself. “I don’t kiss clients but you are special. I rarely get off with them too. Now show me what your nice hunk of meat can do.”

She came again before he shot so hard his balls hurt. In the early morning light he was awakened by a mouth loving his morning wood. “Let’s get it soft so you can pee easier.” You bet! Her mouth was a great place to shoot semen too.

She guided him to the ranch the next morning and he was impressed with what was now his. He met the resident cowhand who looked after the place. MK asked to be excused and disappeared with him for a while. When she returned, she explained simply, “It’s in his compensation package.”

The main building was log with three bedrooms up and one down for the live-in. It sat on the side of a small mountain with a sunset view across the valley where cattle grazed. MK put her arm through his and leaned her full breast against him. “Lovely, isn’t it? How about we go for a horseback ride Sunday? There’s lots to show you here.”

Orval asked, “How do you know so much about this place?”

She put her head on his shoulder, “Me and Grizzly had a real thing going for a long time. I’ve spent a lot of time here. He said he’d marry me if I’d give up whorin. I was getting real tempted when he was killed. I miss him a lot so I’m glad you’re here. By the way, what are your plans?”

He turned to her, “I’m not sure yet. This is all new to me but I’ll tell you I am getting real sick of the city. This is very attractive and would be a huge life change. I’ve got enough money so that’s not an issue with the income from the saloon and the ranch. And you have made me feel more welcome than anyone I can remember.” That compliment made MK smile and hug him.

It was Saturday night in the saloon and the place was pretty full. Manuelo’s wife worked the bar and MK worked the crowd. Orval sat in a corner booth and absorbed the culture, his business mind thinking of possible changes.

MK took three trips up the stairs with cowboys, winking at him each time she returned and checked on his drinks. The crowd thinned out by midnight and cleanup didn’t take long. “Can I stay with you again?” she asked. He hugged her and they took a quick shower together. Naked in bed, he had some questions. “Do you use condoms?” She said she didn’t like them and besides, male fluids were good for pussies. The lubrication saved a lot of wear and tear too. Next question: “How many trips upstairs can you make?” She grinned and replied, “About ten is my limit if I can keep them to twenty minutes each. Five for the undressing and dressing, five for warming up, and ten for the fucking. They rarely last that long.”

She kissed him as she grabbed his hard rod, “Do you want me rinsed out or sexy tonight?” He hadn’t thought of it that way and answered by probing her labia with the mushroom end. She wiggled a little bit and he popped in, then the serious action started. She whispered, “I haven’t had an orgasm tonight and I know you are good for at least one. It may seem odd, but I love to feel a cock sliding in semen like right now. The slickness and remembering how it got there makes me feel so female. I could never have children so taking cock is my way to be a woman.”

She started sobbing after they both climaxed, “Thanks for accepting me. Grizzly just was too old-school and couldn’t completely handle my needs.” They slept the sleep of the satisfied.

MK had fun the next day teaching the greenhorn about horses. She’d packed a lunch in the saddlebags and they headed out into the cool morning. By lunchtime they stopped on an overlook a thousand feet higher than where they started. She spread out a blanket and took off her clothes. “Sunshine is healthy and I love to feel the breeze on my skin.” Orval did likewise and was amazed at the feeling of freedom. They had wine with lunch and MK easily mounted him for a ride before they ventured on. She only got dressed because the sun was powerful in this thin air and sunburn was no fun.

Going down into the valley again, she guided them to a beaver pond and stripped once again for a swim and a fuck. Orval was infatuated with the place and his companion, and he let her know it. She smilingly said she was persuading him to stay.

Business was slow during the week so she didn’t have many clients at the saloon which didn’t bother Orval at all. She was always receptive to his hints for sex, sometimes wickedly between clients. Finally, after the fourth fuck from him one day, she laughed and said she’d thought of a nickname for him! “You are ‘Stud’ for sure.” He loved it, never feeling more masculine in his life.

His time was up and MK looked worried, “When will I see you again? You have really livened up my life and I’ll miss you!”

He held her close and whispered like it was a big secret, “You have seduced me to the country life. I’ll be back for good as soon as I can get my condo on the market, quit my job, and take care of a few loose ends. Keep that hot pussy in shape cause I’ll have a bunch of catching up to do!”

She squealed and almost suffocated him with her hugs and kisses. Her eyes were leaking as he drove away. He called every day to update her on his return.

He was expected on a Friday night, one of her busier times. She took bar duty and had Rosita, Manuelo’s wife do the upstairs work. The Hispanic woman got pulled in as extra help during the busy season and got pretty good tips. She always needed the money and liked the fucking too.

When Stud walked in the door, MK raced to him, smothering him in kisses to the envy of the patrons, and especially ones who were her clients. She dragged him upstairs and they didn’t return for a whole hour. When they did she sent Rosita back to the bar and she did her usual circulating. Stud smiled as she took four cowboys to the little room, wiggling her ass a little extra as she went up the stairs.

Later, as her man soaked in her wet, well-fucked, and wonderful cunt, she said her tips were bigger than usual, probably because her passion for him had spilled over to her clients. She’d felt hotter and sexier to them she figured. He got a swat on the ass when he observed it was a great marketing idea.

During one spell when she had the flu, he enjoyed Rosita, his first experience with brown pussy. He didn’t understand the Spanish words but could tell she was having a good time with him.

The winter was pretty quiet and most of the time was spent at the ranch. He and MK spent a lot of time talking, fucking, and planning for the spring. Stud wanted to expand the saloon’s business beyond the local cowboys. Few rooms were currently rented and they would be moneymakers. The ranch house could be used as a tourist draw too, offering horse trips into the countryside.

Stud wanted MK to run the ranch stuff and they’d hire more help for the saloon/hotel. It was difficult to word an ad since they were looking for a married couple where the man would do operations and maintenance at both places and the wife would take MK’s place for “personal services”.

After lots of dead ends, they sprang for gas money for a couple in their late twenties who were looking to relocate. A couple of days were blocked out for the interview.

The first part of the process was pretty average, talking about their work histories and goals. Then they got to the practical parts. When the wife’s duties were explicitly explained, she brightened up and pointed to an entry on her resume. “See, it says ‘hostess’. That was a whorehouse where I met my husband. This looks like a lot more interesting than just lying there waiting for the door to open with the next customer who would stick it in, caring little about me.”

MK asked Stud to take the applicant upstairs to the little room for a skills demonstration. While they were gone, MK watched the husband for his reaction. The only one she got was his comment, “He’ll have a real good time, I’m sure.” Stud had a big smile and a thumbs-up as he came down the stairs. She was smiling too. “Told you!” whispered her husband.

MK reassured her that it was a pleasant and friendly place and that she’d made friends with quite a few of her regulars. She was actually respected in the community and wives would visit with her at the grocery store in town. Betsy, the wife, clutched her husband and smiled up at him. He seemed fine with what he’d heard. Brad wondered if there were horses he could ride because he grew up on a farm and missed that. Stud assured him that he could come out to the ranch on his days off and exercise any of the mounts he wanted.

They asked for few minutes to talk and went outside. Stud and MK looked at each other and no words were necessary. When the couple came back they said this sounded real good to them. Asked when they could start, Brad said everything they owned was in their truck and they had no place else to go. Stud showed them to the small apartment at the back of the saloon and they were nearly in tears. He sensed that life had not been very good to them. They hadn’t even talked money. The positions each had a modest salary plus the room and board. Betsy could keep all the tips she earned.

The next day was spent in orientation with Stud handling the operations part while MK trained the new hospitality person. MK’s saloon girl outfit was an approximate fit for Betsy although her rack wasn’t as plentiful. They’d have to do some shopping. When MK inquired about her birth control, Betsy said she had always used condoms with clients and for her husband on her unsafe days. MK explained that wouldn’t work for this crowd. Betsy looked worried. Another reason to go to town pronto.

They returned with a new outfit for the outside and an IUD inside. Her first work day would be tomorrow. MK asked her how her husband was doing. Betsy smiled, “He’s never had so much responsibility before but it doesn’t scare him. I think he likes the challenge to prove himself.”

“Has he said anything about your work?”

She smiled, “I don’t expect him to. He was a regular client of mine for months before he asked me out on a date. We dated for a few months and when I agreed to marry him I said we had to save up some money for a honeymoon. He was quite aware that my pussy earned a lot of what we spent on it. We love each other and sex is just a natural thing to do, no matter who you do it with.”

It was Friday night and the cowboys quickly noticed the new hostess. MK kept an eye on her in case she needed help but was impressed with her social skills. The stairway was busy and when the place shut down Betsy admitted to being very tired, “Guess I’m out of shape!”

MK put her arm around her and said, “I’d be tired with all that fucking too. I’ll clean up. You go to your husband.”

The next day she told MK that she’d thrown $800 on the bed that night and laid naked on top of it. She’d told her husband she was too sore to screw but would love a 69 to get them off. They’d fucked that morning though. MK reassured her that was the busiest it got and most nights would be less strenuous. Some guys came in during the week and paid for a more leisurely and thorough session which she would get more pleasure out of. Betsy confided that she liked the barebacking much better than condoms. Getting filled with sperm made her feel very sexy.

When Betsy’s period came, MK got back into her saloon girl role. The older woman didn’t have to deal with that nuisance anymore. She was kinda missing the variety between her legs anway. Brad got to try her out. Stud had banged Betsy after all.

That got Brad to thinking. “MK, don’t you have periods anymore?”

When she said “No”, he asked how old she was. He damn near shit his pants when she turned out to be twice his age, close to that of his mother. “I’d have never guessed by the way you looked or acted. I guess it doesn’t matter though.” She hugged him and said she didn’t mind being a cradle-robber.

After a couple of busy weekends at the saloon, Betsy told MK, her mentor, that her pussy had quickly gotten back to its whorehouse condition and she could even enjoy her husband at the end of the night, slipping and sliding in all the male cream she’d collected. One night she even fucked him in her “work bed” and that got him real hot.

The young couple approached Stud. “Could you keep your eyes open for a decent used truck. Ours is junk and we are ashamed to have it parked here. We’ve got some money now and want to upgrade.”

They found a nice red one that was forever referred to as the “pussymobile” since it was paid for with her cash tips.

Several ideas were tried out to increase business. Folks who stayed at the saloon were taken on trail rides and cattle roundups. Mingling with real cowboys on the weekend nights was a bonus, especially when they noticed Betsy’s activities. A couple of single guys tried her out while lots of married ones wanted to. Two brothers that were sharing a room negotiated the rest of a night with her and she was bowlegged in the morning but flashed her cash at MK and her husband.

The ranch house was a different story. Being so isolated leant itself to some activities that thrived in privacy. Nude weeks were scheduled and they were amazed at the response, filling quickly. Fun at the pool, hikes and horse rides occupied the days while the three-couple maximum led to some interesting interpersonal exchanges in the evenings when the music was started, slow of course for best sensual stimulation. When the men got engrossed in poker, some wives found their way to the bunkhouse where the two summer ranch hands showed them riding western style.

Several times MK had to use her interpersonal skills to settle situations where a husband found his wife enjoying the ease of access that nudity provides. Wrapping her body and pussy around him quickly distracted the irritated fellow, let his wife finish what she started, and opened a dialogue about the questionable need for sexual exclusivity in a marriage. Others were already on board that train and there was traffic in the halls at all hours. Stud got to demonstrate his name as often as MK got her chimes rung.

Other ideas were tried and either discarded or repeated and all sat down at the end of the prime season right after Labor Day to go over the books. Stud wanted everyone to feel that their input was important so as much time as needed was spent as they planned for the next year.

Betsy needed a break so they decided to visit her folks for a few days. Things were slow so Rosita asked if she could work the saloon for a while because she was trying to save up Christmas money. MK stayed with Stud at the ranch and they did some horse camping out in the mountains. Stud discovered that wild life really could be wild as a bear was nosing around their campground one morning. The country girl pulled out her 9 mm and fired a couple rounds in the air which discouraged the bear’s curiosity.

In spite of the age difference, the two of them were bonding pretty deeply with all their shared experiences. They both respected each other and were always concerned with the other’s happiness. Stud’s loving was so good that she missed the upstairs action at the saloon less and less. She was often told by her man that he had made the right choice to move there. She was falling in love with this youngster, but was afraid to tell him so.

At Thanksgiving, the Lodge was rented by a half-dozen guys for a wild weekend. They knew about some of the amenities from a previous customer and asked if pussy would be available, but in more discreet terms. When assured that it would be, the booking was confirmed. Stud was a bit concerned about this unusual situation but MK assured him she had done something like it before but at the saloon.

The guys arrived in two SUVs, bringing few clothes and lots of alcohol. They all knew each other pretty well, having been high school athletes. Some were married, some were divorced and some were single. That didn’t matter, this was a “guys’ get away” and anything that happened here, stayed here.

Betsy had ordered a bellydancing outfit and a DVD to learn from. She’d put on rehearsals for her husband and Stud, so this would be her premier in public.

The guys used the dwindling daylight to walk around the ranch, escorted by the naked women, and learning where things were. They seem to be most interested in the pussies.

It didn’t take many drinks to get all of them shedding their clothes and laughing at each other like they used to do in the locker room. Dinner was tasty and well supplied with beer and wine.

When the table was cleared, everyone adjourned to the Great room. Brad started the music and Betsy came out and began her exotic dance. The DVD had always shown the dancer with a full outfit. She knew that a modification where she slowly shed her coverings would be more appreciated by this crowd of horny guys. Indeed, they clapped and hooted as she teased them, dancing close, almost hitting them with her tits, and then pulling away. Even her husband got an erection watching the display, in spite of her screwing him in the back room just before she started. She wanted to be nice and wet when these animals started in on her.

When she finished her dance, MK brought out the little bowl with each of the men’s names on a slip of paper. She drew one and read it and the losers hooted loudly. Betsy walked over to the winner, pulled him to his feet, knelt down and sucked his pecker in front of his friends, and led him away. MK reached into the bowl and did the same thing for the next lucky winner. Stud and Brad refreshed the drinks of those who had to wait. A porn flick was started to give them some entertainment in the meantime.

In about 20 minutes the women returned since the guys were so horny they didn’t last very long and they just left them where they lay. Two more slips were drawn and two more guys had a big grin and a hard dick as they followed the wiggling asses of their hostesses. Betsy laid down next to the man that MK had just fucked and guided her eager client into her slick slot. He didn’t get as much traction as the last guy and so he held out for a while. She urged him to suck and squeeze her tits since that helped her pussy tingle even more and built her closer to an orgasm. MK and her guy had that bed all to themselves.

When the third pair got their turn for fun, the guys already in the bed propped themselves up to watch the action and even got up to walk around and see the live porn. When everybody had shot their wad, they all returned to the Great room. Drinks were passed around again and they quietly watched the rest of the video on the big screen TV, drained for the moment.

It had been a long day for some of them who traveled from quite a distance. The pussy they had just gotten was included in the fee, but anything more tonight was not. Brad came out and said there would be an auction to see where the women spent the night. The bidding went quickly and the winners took their prizes to their rooms. Whoever was bunking with them was consigned to a couch in the Great room.

Brad and Stud were in the kitchen in the morning when the women straggled in. It was figured they wouldn’t get much sleep and would need help. After the breakfast was served, the guys were sent outside for other activities which might include swimming or yard games or horseback riding, and so on. Stud checked with the women and discovered that they’d be okay after a good nap. They laughingly offered a blowjob because their pussies were for the paying customers. Their men didn’t find that quite as funny as they did.

Right after lunch was designated a quiet time and the men drew names to spend an hour with the woman they hadn’t been with the night before. Those who weren’t so occupied would read, watch sports, or even go for walks. Most of the men, when it was their turn to enjoy some leisurely sex, tried things that they’d always wanted to do or that their talented hostess suggested.

One man, the quietest of the bunch spent most of his time with Betsy talking to her about how she managed this work in her marriage. While the discussion did get him aroused enough that she urged him between her legs, he really wanted to learn her feelings and those of her husband. She wasn’t quite sure what brought this all about but tried to give him the best answers she could. He was the one that she remembered since this was such an unusual interaction. She tipped off MK who remembered him from the night before and he had been more inquisitive than lusty. Melvin was one of the married ones, they both had noted.

That night after dinner was “anything goes time”. Folks were not confining the sex to bedrooms and various combinations were forming and separating. Melvin tried a few things but spent much of the time holding onto a drink and visiting with Brad and Stud as they watched the action throughout the house and the pool area.

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