A Husband's Wish

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Erotica Sex Story: A commission from an internet contact. He have the brief, that Becky was out enjoying herself with his agreement as he wanted her to be a hot wife and their sex life had gone a bit stale after 2/3 years of marriage. She would tell him and suddenly he finds an explicit photo of her. He asked me to embellish it with certain elements. A stroke story, not usually my cup of tea, I tried and hopefully it's not too bad.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

Becky squatted, her pants and thong near her knees over the not too clean toilet and sorted the crumpled threads of her tiny dark blue thong from the folds of her skin tight lemon yellow leggings and examined it.

“Fuck!” she thought, “He’ll love that, when I tell him that’s from my exertions in the club,” she muttered to herself. There were lots of stains on the cotton inset. “I do get horny and hot when I’m going on strong with a guy and especially riding his thigh when we’re dirty dancing. Dancing? Hah! that’s a laugh,” she giggled, aiming to call him as promised.

She dabbed a handful of tissue at the greasy stains while pissing, then using the same when finishing, pulled up the thong and her pants and made sure all the seams were in the right position Becky left just the suggestion of a camel toe, adjusted the strap of one of her white stiletto shoes, checked her make up, pulled the lower hem of her Royal Blue crop top down, smiling into the mirror at her tanned trim exposed torso and sauntered back to the Hot Bit nightclub bar. She waved back to Troy the last hunk she’s smooched with and took out her cell phone pointing at it. He got the message – she got a tone.

“Hi babe ... God! Hang on, it’s too noisy in here ... hi that’s better. Yeah I’m at Hot Bits like I told you ... yeah ... great. What’s up? ... Cool! ... Yeah you’ll enjoy those old movies I found for you, you’re jerking off, what a third time? Shit! Save some for me babe, I’m the ultimate hot wife.” She terminated the call to her hubby Adam and put her cell away.

Back with Troy they went back to dance floor and she immediately latched on to one of thighs. She’d noticed before this black giant must have a cock a foot long as there was something extra to just leg muscle down the inside of that thigh, riding against her thigh. A massive black mitt pawed her trim tight ass, a burly digit finding her unmistakable rear crack and she wriggled to allow it to go deeper.

At the same time while Becky’s lips were tasting his sweaty chest, she felt another hand stroking her butt and then the ass poking finger went to be replaced by an erection hidden in the front of another dude’s pants. She was sandwiched by Troy and a burly smaller young white man who rested his chin on her shoulder moving with the slow sensual rhythm. Grinding in two direction, she noticed a look of concern from Fran her friend who had gone clubbing with her. Fran wasn’t aware of Becky and Adam’s private plan and was worried, the action was getting too hot and unsafe as Troy and the other man’s deliberate efforts to abuse dear sweet blonde 23 year old Becky in public was unsettling.

Becky broke free from the dual clinch, with a final grinning feel of both tented pants. The white man grabbed the chance to feel inside her brassiere, fondle her small pert tits and pinching her erect nipples, she left them, telling them she’d be back next week.

Back home she found Adam in bed, reading something on his MacBook She was a bit tipsy having had a few too many vodka cocktails, while Fran was duty driver and stated to undress. Becky was still in hot wife mode and made sure her stripping was performed in a natural way, not a strip tease way but revealed all the bits of her that drove Adam to the height he would have to fuck her. Her crop top was peeled up over her head, the edge conveniently catching her bra and not exposing her torso the first time. Off it came and she reached behind to unfasten her bra, turning towards Adam.

“There was an absolute hunk in there babe, “ she murmured. “Must have been seven feet tall and built? ... build ... enormous. Really fancied me of course,” she giggled coyly. Adam grinned as she placed the bra on a stool and examined her boobs closely, fingering her nipples, hoisting each mammary, pushing them together.

“He had a friend ... a white guy who was the same ... you know wanted me” Becky trilled as if laughing the obvious away. “And would you believe told me outright he wanted to fuck my ass? Now that’s a first ... cool eh?”

Adam nodded indulgently and shifted in the bed, only one hand now still clutching the device. She started to lotion her body then giggled having done her right breast. Turning to face the mirror, she slowly bent, peeling off her skin tight mid calf length leggings. “Silly me, have to rub my whole body,” she chuckled, making sure her legs were wide apart and catching his lusting stare thought the mirror. Becky knew his gaze would be fixed on her ass crack and the way the thong was just a sliver of material. Adam would see the dark circle of her anal ring, her sphincter out of sight ... only just, then the bulge of her vulva and hopefully maybe a side of her labia.

“Glad that’s stayed in place tonight babe,” she snickered pointing to her thong. “I did ride the black hunks leg and got a bit juicy. His buddy wanted my ass, but the hunk would have been cool any hole any where ... but that didn’t happen of course,” she said with stern assurance.Adam grinned and asked for her to throw the tiny pair of panties to him. With her back to him she bent and dropped them off, slowly and deliberately, knowing the sight of the slender piece of garment, trapped high in her ass crack would drive him ape shit until the last final tug and told him they’d be a bit damp and smelly. He snuffled and licked the gusset as she continued to lotion her body while sat on a stool, her legs demurely together and away from his vision.

Taking Adam by surprise Becky leapt onto the bed nearly knocking his precious MacBook to the floor. She shoved the cover down to be faced with her husband of two years fully formed erection in his hand. She rolled over him, adopting the classic 69 position and proceeded to devour all eight inches of his dick. He licked and pierced her smooth bald waxed that morning with his lips and tongue, savouring the fruit of their private pact. Adam was so proud of his nubile long blonde wife and her attraction to men that he insisted she should go out next weekend.

The club was even better what they had expected it to be. Music was at a high volume, interest in conversation was there, mostly due to the alcohol, but the hot wife was too busy moving to the music and moving around, watching the drunk girls, grinding their bodies against anything – just like her, to the beat music that was controlling the tempo of the room. She grabbed a large drink and moved out next to a group of well dressed and well kept sexy looking females with no guys around. They were dancing with themselves, gyrating and moving around to the beat, drinking their rum and cokes and giggling at each other.

Dancing slowly to the techno and drinking her drink, getting a little more gutsy Becky emptied her glass and started moving in closer to some men and about five girls. They all glanced back at with welcoming eyes and started slowly dancing in her direction. She got a grin from a blonde guy and she knew she was teasing him. Was that a hard on looking at her ass so long, but she continued dancing to try and distract herself, just a tiny bit This time she danced all the way up to him and her hand made it to his jeans, rubbing very softly down the right ass cheek and then she moved back, grinning again. Becky was already dying to hump her tight mini skirted ass against his toned body.

Becky is now telling Adam all about her clubbing.

“He moved back at me and stayed for a second this time, and then before moving back to his friend my hands went around his waist, pulling him back at my crotch. I could tell his was what he wanted and I gyrated at my ass, and he was poking against me. He looked and grinned ‘What’s your name?’ he asked. I whispered in his ear and asked his, he replied ‘Morgan.”

“We danced harder as the music picked up; I was very wet, loving the feeling of freak dancing with this guy. His friend had left to get more booze so we got a little more into it, my hands now moving down his legs, as his were and up over my stomach. Morgan reached under the bottom of my shirt and I knew my toned gut was hard and smooth... ‘honestly Adam this was almost too much for me.”

“I leaned forward and whispered, ‘maybe we should go somewhere else... ?’ He liked this idea and took me by the hand, over toward and past the bar, stopping for a couple drinks to take ... some where, and we went into the women’s restroom. Can you believe it Adam? He just marched in my holding his hand? There was a single with a lockable door, which was nice. It was a small room and I began unbuttoning his jeans at once. Sorry darling but you did ask ... yes you did. They came off and the shirt next, my clothes followed suit and finally we were both undressed. I wanted that big cut cock in my cunt so I turned around placing my hands on the sink and Morgan moved his cock between my spread legs. He told me to frig myself while he got the right angle, which I thought was weird but soon his dick head pushed into my soaking pussy and we began humping paced to the bass rhythm from the dance room.

“I could see his pleased face in the mirror; he grinned and moaned at me, reaching around to grab my tits as he ploughed me. He was really pumping that thick dick at me and I could tell he was getting close ... so was I” He shouted and grunted as I pulled him in even further. His chunky low slung balls slapped against my cunt while he smacked the side of my ass slightly.

“Gooddd ... I’m cummminnng Becky don’t stop, fucking incredible story ohhhhh mmmm moorr ... unn...”Adam screeched. He was shaking and shuddering and listening to his gorgeous wife telling the tale with such relish and seeing the delight in her yes matching his. She got off the bed, went for a pee and then made them both cups of coffee. Adam urged her to continue when she returned

“The good part ... I hadn’t thought about it darling sorry but I’m nearly on my period ... er two days,” Becky advised her husband checking the bed side digital clock. “He’d worn a condom. I saw it when he slid it off and there was a lot of jism I can tell you. We fumbled our clothes on and decided to get back to dancing, but do you know what else your dirty filthy hot wife did? I licked off the cum on his cock. We got a couple odd stares but I didn’t think this was unusual. The drinks had been forgotten before our fuck ... honestly Adam I was so turned on, and we went our different ways back to the dance floor. We exchanged numbers and he suggested we could get together with some of his friends next time maybe. I don’t think so eh? I went to the bar and sat down, relaxing and thinking ... honestly Adam I did.”

The happily married couple kissed, cuddled and fell asleep.

A few days later

Becky was out shopping a few days later and had taken Adam’s identical cell by mistake. He was working in his study and the Samsung trilled. He checked it, not realising it was her device and there was a smoochy message from Morgan and a photo of Becky’s naked ass and his erection close by, the mirror reflection telling all. The idea of her being the hot wife had started to filter away from his wish list and this made him angry.

A steaming row emanated, any further ideas were scotched and they seemed to get by at a bit of a distance for a while. Adam received an invitation to a stag party from one of his work colleagues and decided he needed to lighten up with a giggle and then things might be better. The guys gathered at one of the senior executives house and started drinking in the entertainment complex. The best man who had organised everything was the CEO, a huge black guy called Troy. He promised them a great show of strippers who they could touch and feel and then the prize for the groom a stunning young blonde to fuck. She would be masked so the guys wouldn’t be recognised.

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