Stacey's Story: a Mom Gets Spanked at School

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

: Teenagers often misbehave because their Mothers don't take their behavior seriously. This young Mom is punished for her daughter's misdeeds at school. At first she is outraged, but eventually her body betrays her and many people learn that she enjoys being punished.

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Jennie and two of her classmates had been caught cheating on a test. Even though it was Jennie’s first offense, school policy dictates that the punishment for cheating is performed in front of the student’s classmates. I chose to perform this punishment in front of the whole school.

Our school policy is also to inform the parents, particularly the fathers, of any punishment before it is conducted. This accomplished two important objectives: it informs the parents about the nature of the offense and the punishment so that proper discipline can be repeated at home and it provides an invitation for one or both parents to observe the punishment. In this case, all three fathers chose to attend the public punishment. I figured they would. Few men in my church would pass on the opportunity to observe the spanking of teenage girls.

I noticed that Jennie’s father, Sam, was paying much closer attention than the other two fathers, which is significant since all of the men were clearly interested. Sam and his wife Stacey were relatively new members of my church. Stacey was as petite as her 14 year old daughter. Even though she was 31, she looked more like Jennie’s older sister than her mother. When I saw Sam’s reaction to his daughter’s punishment, I suspected he was thinking about his wife, rather than his daughter. I sprang on the opportunity.

“I would like to talk with you in my office,” I suggested as the line of students leaving the auditorium was nearly finished. I had expected his agreement, and wasn’t disappointed.

Later in my office, I began the speech I had been rehearsing. “Some girls are delinquent because of the examples of their mother. In those cases, I have found it useful to bring in a girl’s mother for the same discipline as the daughter. That way, the message is reinforced at home.”

I was prepared to go into greater detail when Sam interrupted, “I think that is just what we need. I would be present to witness these, wouldn’t I?”

“Of course. It would even be helpful if you assisted in the discipline.”

“No. I think it will be most effective if I simply observe. You seem to do such a good job. I was wondering, ummm, has it ever been, I mean, have you ever, you know, disciplined a mother in front of the whole school like you did with the girls today” he asked, in what sounded to me like a hopeful voice.

“It is much too early to know if that will be necessary in this case. But if I think it will be beneficial, I won’t hesitate.” I knew in that instant that it would be necessary and that Sam would greatly enjoy watching his young wife being punished in front of a bunch of people.

“Well we can certainly hope that this has taught my daughter a lesson, and future discipline won’t be needed,” he lied poorly.

Even though his daughter was not a troublemaker, I found a reasonable excuse to discipline her again the following week. I called Sam and Stacey to join me in my office.

“Your daughter was argumentative and insubordinate with her math teacher today. We take that seriously here. Respect for those placed in authority over you is one of the most basic lessons of the church. She will receive 20 lashes with the strap. Please bend over the desk and raise your skirt.”

Although I usually used the bench, I figured I would start Stacey with the desk. I was still concerned that Sam might chicken out before having his wife whipped in front of an audience. I didn’t want that to happen as I was looking forward to asnother public spanking.

I lowered Jennie’s panties to her ankles. Her nearly bald lips peaked through between her thighs. The marks from last week’s punishment were beginning to fade, but were still clearly visible on her tiny bottom. I brought the strap down directly across her bottom. I paused between strokes for maximum effect. I aimed carefully to find a fresh patch of skin for each lash. Soon the red marks covered her thin butt and thighs.

“I consistently find that this attitude is learned and reinforced at home. Girls model their mother’s behavior. You were invited here today Stacey, not just as an observer, but because you share in the culpability and therefore should share in the discipline. Your daughter’s behavior is deteriorating rapidly here at school. In situations like this, the most effective means to change this behavior is to discipline the mother and the daughter in the same manner until both of their attitudes are changed.”

Sam was smiling and barely holding back his excitement. Stacey look a little shocked...

“I can’t believe what you are suggesting. That sounds barbaric, it is so old-fashioned. I can’t imagine how it would do any good to discipline me for what she does.”

“That is exactly the type of argumentative and insubordinate attitude that has your daughter in trouble today. You know that the Lord wants you to submit to authorities in your life, your husband and your pastor. Now please, remove your pants and panties and assume the same position that your daughter was in. The sooner you cooperate the sooner this will be over.”

Stacey was visibly shaken and look over to Sam for support. But he stood firm, “I think the pastor is right dear.”

“In my experience it is the best hope for improving Jennie’s behavior. Stacy has probably not taken her problems at school seriously and conveys that attitude to Jennie. If she is disciplined right alongside her daughter, she may begin taking this as seriously as it deserves. Stacy, please cooperate. Remove your pants and your panties and then bend over the desk.”

As Stacey undressed I couldn’t help but notice that her hips were only slightly more rounded than Jennie’s, and her wispy blonde pubic hairs only barely more noticeable. She looked younger than many of the students that I have had in this position. After she bent over the desk, I kicked her ankles further apart, until they were roughly shoulder width. This caused her lips to crack apart just slightly.

“When was the last time you were spanked?” I asked.

“Never” she trembled.

I always enjoy a first spanking, regardless of the girl’s age. But this was going to be special. When the first blow from the strap cracked down on her butt, Stacey jumped up and grabbed her bottom.

“If you move out of position, the stroke isn’t counted and I will give you two extra smacks for moving. Please return to the position so that we can start over.”

I had to spread her legs apart again, but this time I did it just a little wider. I took my time with the strap, not sparing her anything with the swings. The red marks rose up quickly on her white skin. But she kept her position. I brought the final one down at the top of her thigh, striking right across her pussy. She jumped, just as I knew that she would. This gave me an excuse to smack her three more times.

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