by Goldfisherman

Copyright© 2009 by Goldfisherman

True Sex Story: A background story for some of my other stories and a preliminary for The Woodenhorse series (not posted here yet)that I have written under another pen name. This how a couple of young ladies began their venture into literally unbridaled sex on many fronts.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Enema   Exhibitionism   Food   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Size   Nudism   .

The idea had been stirring for a couple of months now as I was finishing a hot shower getting ready to surprise an old friend who was becoming somewhat of a pest, dropping by on my day off in the middle of the week.

I had asked that he not drop by on Wednesdays, as I wanted to catch up on my soap opera’s on my one afternoon off per week.

He still kept coming and cleaned the house for me, and my teenage daughter, and took care of the pets when we were gone for little trips. Kind of like a non-live in house sitter.

He was an older, single, introverted guy in his mid forties, who had never been married and never would be. It was doubtful that he was gay, but was one of those rare individuals that had never had an active social/sexual relationship with other than close friends. Like clockwork he would slip his key into the front door lock and enter the house and give a quick look around before going into the computer room to log onto my computer to shop for flower seeds or vitamins.

I had sometimes watched him and he never went into any sites that were voyeuristic or anything but “G” rated. He would then clean the kitchen, feed the pets, clean the birdcages, and straighten up the rest of the house including vacuuming. It was appreciated but he would never accept any money saying that the use of the computer and Internet service was enough.

I had decided that I would either break him of dropping in on Wednesdays, or give him a stroke or heart attack, or make it worthwhile. I am an attractive blond 42 year old with dimensions and proportions like Anna Nicole. I have been married and divorced several times. Have a regular lover, and occasionally have a romp going to bed with my ex occasionally when he has been nice for a while as long as he stays sober.

I had fluffed my hair and used a little body powder to smell good for Les when I would give him a surprise this afternoon. I had trimmed the hair from my bum, only leaving a little tuft of blond about an inch above my clit. The plan was to be laying nude on the couch in front of the TV with the soap on toying with a vibrator when he would open the door and come into the house. I always had wondered what his reaction would be. I had talked myself into it and had mentioned it to my sisters and they thought that he would pass out, or have a stroke, then and there. I was prepared even in case he suddenly decided to ravish me or help me or pass out. Curiosity was amusing.

I checked the time and I had 10 minutes to be situated for when he usually arrived. I quickly put on my robe and let the dogs out into the back yard because the weather was warm enough that they would enjoy laying around outside. I went into the front room and spread out the fresh blanket on the couch to lie on, tossing the robe behind the chair. The TV was on at a low volume and I had a couple of toys for my pleasure. I posed myself facing the door and lie down with my legs spread, fully exposing myself to whoever should walk in the door. I began slowly but went ahead and applied some warming KY gel to my vagina for lubricant in case I or he or we decided to get real active or needed it.

I had aroused myself with the vibrator and had slipped it into my vagina a couple of times when I heard the key slip into the door and the latch turn. As usual he entered and closed the door before he looked around.

“Why Hello Les!” I said with an almost surprised expression. I held the pose as he turned, eyes focusing as his eyes adjusted to the room light from the sunshine outside. He had a shocked expression on his face as he began to raise his hands to cover his eyes.

“Oh! Excuse me!” Les exclaimed.

“Take it easy Les. “ I said, “Lock the door and come here.”

He bolted the door and slowly put his hands down, and kind of shuffled toward me.

“Go ahead and look Les. Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before? One that wants you to see her?” I asked.

Sheepishly he answered. “Not really!”

I decided to lead him, so I suggested. “Come kneel here and I will show you around.” He keeled next to me where I pointed and I took his hand. I placed his hand on my breast, and told him to feel it.

His warm hand gently cupped a small part of my breast and I took his other hand to my vagina and told him to touch me and move and feel as he would explore.

He began fondling my nipple and moved to the other breast and cupped it also eventually giving them both a firm squeeze as he tongued them. His other finger felt my clit and slipped into my vagina a little ways.

I suggested he may want to look closer at my pussy and explore it as I unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. I dropped his pants and slid down his shorts as I first saw his penis. Not real big but it was getting hard.

“I want to suck your cock Les. Can I? While you are playing with my pussy?”

He chuckled and stood up, removing his pants. He removed his shirt at the same time. Les straddled my head with his knees in the classic 69 position as he settled down on me. His tongue was beginning to excite my clit in a couple of seconds as I took his cock in my mouth for a taste. His fingers opening my vagina and playing with it by slowly slipping in and out of it while opening it and tonguing my clit.

I was getting hot real fast. I slipped his still growing cock into my mouth and throat as far as it would go and began slowly stroking in and out to the point that I could breath between mouthfuls. I was getting wound up pretty tight when he pulled out and suggested that I turn over and he wanted to fuck me. I obliged. He grasped my breasts from behind and entered me. Things were getting fuzzy as I began the first throws of orgasm.

He kept thrusting as I had wave after wave of intense orgasms until I felt him cumming in me. We collapsed laughing and he caught sight of the vibrator I had been using to entice him. I opened for him and he slid it into me.

It felt all warm and funky as he had it on and was giving me full stroke with it. He pulled it out and tasted it. “Tastes sweet like you do.”

“The taste is your cum Les. Now do you want to quit coming on Wednesdays and interrupting me or not. I really want the afternoons to myself.”

He paused and reached for a back scratchpad that was always sitting in the magazine rack at the end of the couch. He said. “If the scratchpad is in the screen door I won’t interrupt you on Wednesdays. If it is not! Then I will figure that I will be welcome. Fair enough?”

I thought for a moment and said. “Good enough Les! By the way were you still a virgin?”

He thought for a moment and replied. “Yes I was, but now I definitely feel like a man.”

He did his self appointed chores as I got dressed and picked up my toys and put them away. I just unlocked the door as my daughter was due to come home from high school.

She had turned 16 a few weeks before and had matured into an almost trim but awkward young lady. As with a lot of her friends she had been taking birth control for a little over a year. She was tall and busty like me but had a bit of a tummy that would always need to be a reminder that overeating can be gross. She looked knowingly at me as she came in. I had told her that I had planned a surprise with Les and to be careful when she got home. She said that she had waited for a little bit until she had heard the vacuum cleaner going and knew the coast was clear.

Did you have fun? She asked.

I rolled my eyes and told her that he had kept his composure but was still a good lay. “He was still a virgin! “ I commented out of earshot.

Too bad he is an older guy I would like to give him a tumble too!

“Yes, it would be best to pick a guy your age to do the first time or wait until you are over 18 to start. Anything is usually better than a back seat though. Take your time.”

I knew she was definitely getting to the horny age as she had worn out several sets of batteries for my vibrator when she had borrowed them and not brought them back for a couple of days. I had noticed that she always borrowed them when I invited my boyfriend over in the evening or invited her dad over. I had been thinking of going with her to pick out her own toys.

The next day I was working the afternoon shift until 7 and Paula called to tell me she was home from school and would be doing homework with a couple of friends. I didn’t think about it too much and told her to study hard.

I got off about 45 minutes early and went straight home instead of dropping by the store and doing some shopping. Music was playing in the house as was unusual as the TV was usually on. I unlocked the door and entered. 2 boys were with my daughter’s friend Rebecca on the couch and they were busy giving her 2-way sex. They did not notice or hear me come in and I walked the 3 steps to Paula’s room. 3 more boys were giving her anal, vaginal, and oral sex. I went to my room slightly shaken and unsettled but resigned to the happening.

I removed my clothes and crept downstairs to surprise them. When the first boy saw me he froze and the others stopped what they were doing. A couple of the boys started to grab their clothes and I told them not to bother yet.

The girls started to apologize but I shushed them. Then they noticed the fact that I was nude before them. “Carry on girls and guys. If anything is left I can take loads if you like. I will see if we have some refreshments.” I went into the kitchen and checked the fridge for some soft drinks and the cookie jar was full. I put the stuff on a tray and carried it out to the kids as they were finishing straightening up. I put the tray on the coffee table and set it down. Also on the tray were 3 large vibrators.

“Carry on ladies and gents. Keep stuffing the girls full. I will answer the phone and provide chaperon alibis. As I said I am also available in case you want to try a different playground. Girls, if the boys can’t keep you filled make use of the toys until everyone is spent.” I took one of the dildoes and slipped it into my moistened vagina for all to see. The girls did also and the boys watched. I fondled the cock of the nearest boy who was not yet fully aroused. And then bent over and took it into my mouth. The girls followed my lead and left the vibrators going stuffed inside of their vagina’s as well. The boys began arousing themselves and shifting around. One of the extra boys stroked me a few times with the dildo before he began to slip his cock into my ass. The other boy was doing the same with Paula. Rebecca’s boy reversed and fingered her vibrator and slipped it out of her and slid it into her anus. He sat her down on the edge of the couch and laid her back with the dildo inside of her and took her in the vagina.

The young fellow I had been sucking off asked to take me in the vagina as well and the 3 of us rotated taking a double penetration with anal and vaginal penetration. My boobs were getting a workout as they were huge compared to the girls, especially Rebecca.

Both the girls were having orgasms and the boys were filling both of them and me as well. The boys finally gave out and shrunk to their flaccid states. No amount of enticement was able to get them up.

The doorbell rang and I yelled “Come on in Les!” I had called Les when I was getting the refreshments and he had agreed to come over. He unlocked the door and came in.

He had been slightly forewarned to be ready for sex but was almost unprepared for what he saw.

Girls you are going to get a treat now. Rebecca stood with the dildo still in her anus and removed it. Paula was first to Les and began unbuckling his belt and pants. Rebecca was not far behind and got busy with his shirt. As Paula got his pants off, she began sucking him by deep throating like she had always known how. His cock was substantially larger than any of the boys. When he was fully aroused the girls led him to the couch and positioned him. Paula slipped onto his cock and Rebecca straddled his face so he could lick her clit. They were rising again to orgasms I began fondling the boys again and taking turns sucking them to make them hard as they watched the girls. 2 of the boys positioned themselves to allow the girls to give them oral sex. One of the boys I had begun working on rose up and slipped into Paula’s ass as she was stroking Les with her vagina. Les was gripping her breasts and pinching her nipples as she began orgasms with the three-way sex. Les finally came in her and the boys as well. When she slipped off he pulled Rebecca down and she mounted him. Again 2 of the boys joined in and she took them as well. Paula was receiving one of the boys that had been licking her vagina clean.

When Rebecca finally had her orgasm, Les was spent, as were all the boys.

“OK guys, time to go home. All the boys had kind of blank stares as they began to pick up their clothing and put them on. I gave them all hugs as they left. “How long have they been coming over girls?” I asked at last as Rebecca began to gather her clothes.

“Since just after Christmas the girls replied. First one or 2 then more when we got used to them a little. Usually just once every other week or so.” The girls answered.

“That was about when your grades began to improve isn’t it?” I asked.

“About then!” Paula replied.

Rebecca added. “The boys that came over always had to teach us how to do the homework first before we let them start messing with us. It was hard at first but finally we started to finally find our weak points in what we knew and worked on them until we had the lessons nailed. It was kind of fun when we reviewed some of the biology lessons and were able to use each others’ bodies to study parts of the anatomy lessons and reproduction. There was a lot that was left out of the books.

I looked at the girls and inferred to them that if they wanted to do it again on a regular basis to call and tell me to be late or take my time. “Be discrete though! And make sure there is enough manpower to do the job. This summer we could go to the nude beach and maybe have some fun with summer recreation. Let your buddies know and schedule it.

The next week the girls called and said they would be studying with the guys and to take my time on getting home. It was just as well as I was busy at work as the customers just kept coming in. That night the boys were leaving as I arrived at the house and they all waved at me and gave me a hug as I climbed the steps to the porch.

The girls had gotten the rooms cleaned up and things put away although they still had not yet gotten dressed. Rebecca commented that the boys had completely worn her out and they had fallen asleep for about a half hour. They had all talked about the summer coming up and going to the nude beach. A couple of the other girls at school wanted to come over for study sessions and to join them as well.

Careful about spreading the news too far and wide, although extra girls will be good at the beach, especially if they want consensual sex. Let’s schedule another study session for next week with about 6 girls and at least twice as many guys. Would the timing be OK with your studies? The girls enthusiastically agreed on condition that Les would be available also.

Paula added that they wanted to invite a couple of guys that were rumored to have really big cocks so you would kind of like to be here too, wouldn’t you? I hesitated a moment then agreed.

The next Wednesday, I left the back scratchpad in the magazine rack and watched my soaps. Les came in but I was fully dressed. He asked if I was OK and I assured him I was. “The girls want you to come to their study party tomorrow evening. They are having a large group with a couple of more girls and some sexual athletes. They want us both there to add spice and possibly some chaperons for telephone purposes while they are having another gang bang. They are also planning on some outings to the nude beach when the weather turns hot in June. They may want you to join them as an older chaperons.”

“Sounds good to me!” Said Les. “ It was kind of fun last week having sex with you then with the girls the next evening. I really was not prepared for either event!”

Prepare yourself for tomorrow evening. It will be a short study session and then the girls will be stoked for the whole evening. I have some Ginseng to help you and some Viagra if that don’t do the job.

Thanks! said Les. The Ginseng should be enough. It is what I took last week.

Not enough! As near as I can tell you will need to service at least 6 or 7 girls tomorrow night and it will probably be a late session.

Les smiled and agreed, his eyes glazing over thinking of the possibilities. He went into the computer room and did his shopping then his regular routine of housecleaning. He stumbled into Paula’s cache of toys and sanitized them, wrapping them in shrink wrap and replacing the batteries for her to use when she needed them. When he was done he went out the door and told me he would be back “Tomorrow night at 5?” I nodded as I was semi sleeping.

I took the morning shift Thursday as the day shift headwaiter had to go to a doctor’s appointment. I agreed if he would cover for me on the swing shift. I was home at 2:00 ready to prepare for the evening’s events. I received several phone calls from other mothers confirming that it would be OK for their kids to spend the evening. I reassured them that everything would be fine. I assured them that I would call them if there is any trouble. More often than not, they did not want the teen home before 10:00 but midnight would be OK. I confirmed their phone numbers and told them that I would call when they left. This gave an appreciative remark over the phone with a Thank You for the warning.

Treats were made with Ginseng in them for the kids. They would all be amazed at their performances tonight. Paula and Rebecca arrived on time at 3:30. They were both charged with excitement for the evening. I gave them some of the snacks with the 5 hour energy drinks. They both said they had enough but would have some more later. The girls are one step ahead. They changed out of their school clothes and slipped into their swimsuits as the hot tub had been running all day waiting for them. In less than 20 minutes a half dozen more kids had arrived. One of the boys that had been here 2 weeks ago greeted me with a hug, his cock making a tent in his pants. I hugged him back, slipped my hand into his pants and folded his cock toward the top so it didn’t stick out as much. “There that will be more comfortable for a bit.” He laughed and thanked me.

Within an hour all the kids had arrived and were in the hot tub or sitting around in the lounge chairs. Some of them even had their books and papers out and were actually studying them. Most of them were eating the Ginseng brownies and the energy punch. Les arrived and we prepared the bedrooms and living rooms for the evening’s activities.

Those in the hot tub usually had their swimsuits off or out of sight, although when they got out they were usually in place. The exceptions were sometimes the girls got out with their thong on backwards. This always got a chuckle. Sometimes they had different suits than the ones they had on when they got in.

The new girls were parts of other study groups. One of them, Elizabeth, was a blond girl with pale blue eyes and a gorgeous figure. She was new to the type of study group with a parent involved. She asked me some questions about the sex that had been happening. I did my best to explain that all the sex was consensual and sometimes it included more than one guy at a time for each girl, and sexual toys were also used if the guys could not fill all the voids. When hearing this her eyes got big and she asked, Toys? We went into Paula’s room to her cache and showed her. Paula followed us in with one of the boys and volunteered to demonstrate.

If the boys are not up to keeping us filled up or are too limp we use these like this! As Paula slipped out of her swim suit, laying on the bed and spreading her legs. She turned on the vibrator and then toyed with her clit before slipping the dildo into her vagina. Elizabeth, getting turned on by this, slipped out of her thong and began fingering herself. Paula, removing the dildo handed it to Elizabeth who took her place on the bed. Elizabeth grinned and said this is almost the greatest.

Paula next to the bed had bent over next to one of the boys and was gripping his cock. “Not quite as good as a good hard cock though!” As the boy slipped into her well aroused vagina.

Word spread that the activities were going inside now as Paula had concluded her demonstration of the vibrating dildo. All of the suits were coming off as the kids came into the door. Rebecca cornered Les and helped him remove his clothes. Mine were off as Paula was taking her first cock of the day. Another boy came into the bedroom and replaced the dildo in Elizabeth. All of the other girls were taking partners as I picked up one of the refreshment platters.

One of the new boys (a sexual athlete) asked if I would couple with him. He was very well hung, at least 10 inches and thick as my wrist. I put the platter down and knelt before the monster cock and began taking it into my mouth. I tried to swallow it but only got in about half way as it was too big around. I stroked it a few times but he wanted to take me from the rear. I turned around as my vagina was starting to quiver at the excitement. He slowly entered me about half way then pulled almost all of the way out. Then he slipped in further until I thought I would burst then he again withdrew. He then slipped all the way in as his balls slapped my open vaginal lips and his hip bones hit mine. I let out a big OOOHHHH!! THAAATTS! GOOOOODDDD!!! He was holding my breasts and rolling my nipples between his thumbs and his forefingers. He began stroking me and I was answering by pushing back in time. I didn’t notice anyone else around me only the huge cock filling me. I was bending over one of the chairs and I was in a world of my own filled with pleasure. Finally he erupted in me and filled me to overflowing with his load as I was squirting with my own orgasm. I usually don’t but this time I was around the bend.

One of the other boys put his cock to my lips and I gladly swallowed it whole. I had 2 more orgasms before they both came again in me.

The rest of the girls were taking 2 or more guys as I recovered my senses. Rebecca, Paula, and Elizabeth were taking on all cummers in her bedroom. Each had a man in their anus’ and their vaginas’ and they were sucking them as fast as they could. The other 3 girls were similarly occupied. It would take another hour before any would break for refreshments.

Around the refreshments some of the girls and even the guys asked about the nude beach and what activities they could expect. I tried to answer them truthfully in that there may not be as much intercourse there but there would be some other activities dealing with sexuality.

“Like?” They asked.

“Nude volley ball for instance. Playing Soccer, water soccer, strolling around the beach as couples, looking at other couples, and generations. You may even have exotic dining opportunities. One of the boys, his interest peeked asked “Exotic dining?”

Of course! I think most all of you have eaten some pussy today. There is another delicacy you may enjoy. If I may have an available vagina to demonstrate! All of the girls raised their hands. I selected one of the new girls that was shaved bald. I picked up 3 pealed hard boiled eggs and asked her to open her legs wide. She did and I slipped all 3 eggs into her vagina. I told her to stand and feed the eggs one at a time to an available mouth, without using her hands.

She had a difficult time with the first one. The second was easier and the third was very quick.

“Now there are many variations to this theme. For instance! If the anus is cleaned very well it may be used to dispense sausages. And if a balloon is used in the bladder it may be used to dispense juice or milk. Carbonated drinks are a bad idea because they swell too much.”

Elizabeth asked about the balloon in the bladder.

“Would you like to demonstrate?”

Elizabeth agreed.

Lay down here and spread yourself open and relax.

I opened my kit and removed some tubing and a long necked balloon. I slipped a flexible tube with a ball attached to the end into the balloon. I dabbed a little KY jelly on the end of the balloon and slipped it into Elizabeth in her urethra. I asked her to tell me if it became uncomfortable. She said it was not and she felt OK with it as she had several catheters in her urethra when she in the hospital for her appendix. When the balloon was inserted past the urethra into her bladder I removed the tube with the ball attached. I then slipped another tube leading to a bottle of energy drink and let it drain into her until she felt full, like she had to pee. I removed the tube and told her to pinch it off and get up.

OK! Now feed some of the juice to your friends. Just like you are peeing into their mouths. She grinned and straddled one of the boys’ head with his lips touching her vaginal lips. She let loose and then had to stop as his mouth got full. She went to 5 others before she was empty.

By this time the other girls were filling themselves up with eggs and a couple of the other balloons with the juice.

Within another half-hour all the kids were back to fucking like rabbits. The party broke up at 11:00 and the parents were called to warn them they were on the way home.

A week later Paula mentioned that there was going to be a nude bike ride in the next week or so. They did not know the route or where the starting place was going to be until the day of the ride.

“I think it would be a lot of fun! The darkness would help to make it pretty anonymous. The weather should be good and make it pretty comfortable, even if it might be a little cool.” Paula pleaded.

“Riding bicycles nude in public even in the dark would be a big step, and even further than your study group sessions. Sex probably would not be tolerated in public and there might be the possibility of us being attacked by perverts or some weirdo that might be carrying a disease we don’t even want to think about.” Was my reply.

“We saw the one going by up the street last year and it looked like fun, although I don’t think I could have crossed the sexual connotations then.” Paula added.

I had seen a couple of these and they looked like fun. They usually started at about 11:00 pm and finished about an hour later at the starting place. Some of the riders were clothed although minimally. Paula asked if I would go with her. I thought about it a moment and had an idea. My brother in law, Dale, is a rider and maybe he would ride with us. I would like to go but I would be a little hesitant riding nude with total strangers. I arranged a little get together with my sister and asked him in front of her to ride with the 2 of us. He grinned and agreed! My sister, somewhat of a prude, did not put up much of an argument and said she would allow him to go, but wouldn’t go herself.

He surprised me and said he wanted to check us out to see if we would be safe and comfortable on the ride. “Strip and I will check out your bikini cuts!”

I told him “You first!” and he did. He unbuckled his belt on his Bermuda shorts and dropped them to the floor in front of us along with his underwear. He then removed his T-shirt.

My dare called, Paula removed her halter-top and lowered her hot pants as did I. We un-hooked our bras and then dropped our panties, standing proudly with nearly bald bums.

He looked at us and said, “So far so good! How do the bikes fit?” Paula had her bike in her bedroom and she brought it out.

“Now hop on standing straddle of the bar.” Paula lifted her leg and slid onto the bicycle. The bar had about 2 inches of clearance. “Now onto the seat! I will hold you steady.” She put her foot on the pedal and sat on the seat. “I will touch you so don’t jump or think I am getting fresh. He took his forefinger and felt Paula’s slit and clit. Paula was getting excited and when Dale looked up he saw her grinning and said. “You are enjoying this? Aren’t you?

Paula nodded and he said “Good!”

He felt her breasts and swung them back and forth and asked her “Comfortable?”

She nodded again. He told her she would be OK although we should raise the seat about an inch.

“Stand up on both pedals.” Paula did and he loosened the seat adjustment and raised it a little and told her to pedal backwards while setting on the seat. She did as he slipped his fingers under her as she pedaled. “Still comfortable?” He asked.

She said yes as she obviously was headed for an orgasm.

“You can continue or stop, your choice Paula.” He continued. “You know you will probably have to contend with several orgasms while on the ride if you are in the same frame of mind. And you must not fall off!”

“I think I can do it Dale. If I need to I will ask an available cock to service me.”

“You aren’t a virgin are you Paula.”

“I have been active about 6 months Dale.” She replied.

Dale nodded and told me to get my bike. It was out in the back yard in the shed so I got on my bathrobe and went out to get it.

I came back through the back door as Paula was getting off the bike. Dale suggested some KY for both of us before the ride as friction on the nether regions might be overwhelming.

He asked me to mount the bike the same way and he went through the routine with me. My breasts were huge compared to Paula’s although they were not small by any means. Dale had fun playing with and swinging my breasts as I pedaled backwards. He also felt my clit a couple of times as I was riding. He adjusted my seat also and left me to come to my own orgasm before letting me get off. The experience was not what I expected as he only got slightly aroused although he was still well hung.

“Are you girls going advertising your availability or as anonymous exhibitionists?” Dale asked.

I told him I wasn’t sure whether I would be going as an exhibitionist or maybe not quite all the way.

“Don’t try to cover up your body but you can be totally unrecognizable with just a little facial makeup. Ashes are the best by using them to paint flowers around your eyes and nose. You could probably talk to someone and they would not recognize you the next day or that evening.” He said. “If you try to cover, anyone looking might look harder and recognize you.”

I agreed on that point.

Paula said, “I am not certain if I would really advertise availability. I would be shopping as much as anything. I would like to highlight my assets but still be kind of unrecognizable.”

“That can be easily arraigned. “ Said Dale. “ The eyes nose and cheeks. With glitter and ash. You can use some body makeup like glitter on your nipples and aureole and a little body powder on the rest of you. I think I can find a couple of little UV lamps to put on the bike, very low power and you will look like you are glowing in the dark as you are riding, but your face will seem to completely disappear. In the well lit streets, your body won’t be highlighted quite as well and if the makeup is any lighter someone that you know well may be able to recognize you if your bike is not camouflaged with spray on water paint.

When I asked him why he hadn’t developed much of a hard on, he explained that my sister had thought he had an affair 15 years ago and had shut him off from sex with her. He told her that he just couldn’t get aroused with her weight gain and after being shut off for 10 years before that, ED had set in from lack of use.

There was no study session as graduation was at hand and finals were finished. The Nude bicycle ride was 2-1/2 weeks later and we had less than 12 hours notice. Calls were made and some of the kids from the study groups that the girls had at the house arrived about 3 hours early. The ride was going to start 4 blocks from the house so they decided to get ready and ride to the start about a half hour before the start of the ride. The notice, through a small neighborhood flier, was only published that morning.

Dale arrived just after 9:00 and proceeded to check the riders out with their bikes. A couple of the girls needed some adjustments on their bicycles as well as some of the boys. The boys received Vaseline for their seats and the girls the KY lubricant. Some of the boys needed adjustment for their seats as the angle was pointed up at the front. “Easy way to get cracked Nuts!” Some of the kids in the study groups that showed up had just turned 18 in the last month or so they could sign their own releases for the ride (that is why everyone needed to be at the start a half hour early). 6 girls and 9 boys showed up that were under 18 and they had releases signed from their parents. We didn’t ask them if their parents knew it was a nude ride.

Everyone wanted to get to the start early so they all left the house an hour early. There were already a hundred people there when they arrived and some of the people were doing body painting. Some had decided to carry backpacks for spare clothing some had chickened out and were still wearing swimsuits or cycling clothing. There were whole families at the start with young, pre teen, and teen kids. Those that were old enough to ride by themselves, did, but stayed close to their parents. Some of the teens from the study groups recognized others from their school and socialized with them all together. Some of the body paint disappeared as unnecessary although most of the younger girls and boys and myself had flower petals painted around the eyes and noses. All types were at the start and by the time the ride started there were nearly 1000 riders. This was by far the biggest turnout so far.

Almost everyone had calmed down by the time the ride started as they became used to the public nudity. Some of the guys tried their best to ride with their raging hard penises. As they were waiting, on occasions, one of the girls or other women would take pity on the guy and take him aside and help him relieve himself.

The ride went a rather easy route through town. A police permit had been obtained so there were 4 motorcycle escorts to allow passage through traffic lights and to stop obnoxious motorists that may try to stop or interfere with the riders. I followed Dale and he followed Elizabeth as he enjoyed her shapely form and she did not mind his headlight on her backside. Paula had on a pair of flower petals around her eyes and was wearing her own helmet and shoes and her bike was without any camouflage. Anyone that knew her personally would recognize her if they looked close. She even hollered “Hi!” to several of the people she knew well. We couldn’t tell if they recognized her or the bike. They were too busy looking at her luminous body with its exposure. She rode nearly the whole ride with 3 guys that were very well hung in their mid to late 20s. The temperature was barely 60 degrees and all the women and men had hard nipples.

As the ride went up and down a few gentle hills, most of the riders would stand and pedal up hill. This sometimes looked funny as I watched some of the guys stand, their balls swinging as they powered up the hills. They rolled their bikes slightly exaggerated so they would have their legs apart a little. The women stood nearly upright also letting their breasts jut forward in the street lighting. I was glad for my facial makeup as many of the pedestrians, some my customers, were clearly recognizable in the brighter city lighting. Occasionally flashes were seen as bystanders took still photos of some of the riders. The lighting for video camera’s or cell phones was too, low except for professional grade equipment. Everyone felt quite comfortable with what we saw and how we were exposed.

Most of the riders rode only with taillights on steady to give a red glow to the riders although the streets were well lit for most of the ride. I had 2 guys on either side of me as we were riding. Both of them were somewhat aroused and sometimes they pulled ahead to help one of the other women or girls that became aroused. Usually they were only around a corner for a minute or 2 before they rejoined the ride. The riders had been released from the start in groups of 3 about 50 feet apart by the time we finished about 90% of the riders had shed any clothing they had on at the start. No overt sexuality or public displays of sexual intercourse was noted by any of the riders I was around. Next year will be even better.

We got back to the finish at about 12:30 and had some refreshments that were provided from the fee that they had charged at the start. There was dancing and general horsing around with generous genuine flirting by most of the women with some of them bending over and taking quick vaginal jabs from the guys that were willing and able to give them a single stroke. Some of the girls had fun doing this and one stroke at a time some of them took over 50 jabs from guys with condoms. Some only gave the men hand jobs as they did not want to be penetrated. After about 45 minutes we decided to call it a night and gathered all of the friends that would be staying the night. The kids had put up a few tents in the back yard and the night was warm. Nearly everyone went out to sleep under the stars after they wore themselves out with sex about 2:30 AM. The sun was coming up at 5:00.

We had snapped nearly 500 digital photos the night before and the next morning as the sun came up. It appeared that everyone had a good time. The photos were deleted if an individual was readily identifiable. All of the kids in the study groups wanted their own pictures and some gave copies to some others in the group.

10 days later, on my day off, the weather was warm and sultry. Perfect for the beach. The girls had already called their friends and those that could drive and had cars, had full loads. Everyone supplied food and supplies. When we got to the beach there were over 50 in the party (classmates and study group members). There were only 4 adults involved in the group. The other adults had been clued in by some of the kids on what to expect.

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