Casual in the Park

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: Found this very old one somewhere and it appealed, but I have made the females older and transferred the place to UK

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   .

Neither I nor my friend Sid had any classes Friday afternoon, so we headed down to the park off Centurion Way to play footer. We were playing energetically, jumping and running, stopping to flirt with any girls who happened to pass by, when I spotted Stella’s mum watching us, pausing on the way back from shopping. I would have thought she would have taxied or at least taken a bus as she had one large and one small bag with her. She’s lovely and real hot. Chinese-American, but not one of those petite kowtow types. A lean, solid woman of about 5 ft 8 inches, with slim muscular hips yet ample breasts. She had thick black hair down to her waist and on her pubes, and an irresistible, ready smile. And she is one helluva great fuck.

Much to my embarrassment, I had never actually caught her name.

“Hi, Druce. How are you?” She asked, walking up to me. There was another woman with her, fortyish, attractive, white Caucasian. Perfectly groomed shoulder length raven hair, and blue eyes. She was wearing office clothes, complete with briefcase and stiletto shoes that looked out of place here in the park.

“This is Enika, by the way.” I shook the friend’s hand. “Would you like something to drink? We were just going to go over there to the new cafe at the Perfoming Arts HQ and get couple of cokes or something. You guys sure look hot. Ha ha, hot and sweaty, I mean!”

Stella’s mum had a kind of hyper babble. She was so personable though, you had to forgive her for it.

“Sure. Great.” I replied, and ran to pick up a sweater on the grass.

“Who’re the babes?” Asked Sid, as we walked over to the ladies, who had spread out a blanket on the grass near the snack bar.

“The one in the business clothes is Enika, and I’m not sure of the other one’s name.” I answered. “But I know it’s Stella’s mum.

We had barely sat down when the hyper babble started up again.

“Hi, Sid. I’m Lara. This is Enika. Enika has afternoon off. She’s a fund manager for Ernst & Young. Aren’t these guys cute Enika?”

I was really quite relieved to know Lara’s name. It’s truly embarrassing meeting an ex-lover and not knowing her name. She babbled on, and Enika also managed to get in a word or two. Enika had nice legs, I noticed, and she was wearing some hose, but I couldn’t see up her skirt to judge what. There was something about those perfectly manicured fingernails and her self-assured demeanour made her well worth flirting with.

Still, when Lara invited us to have dinner with them over at her place, I don’t think I would’ve accepted for myself. The evening was young, and there were plenty of sweet young college girls cruising around. And I’d been burned by Lara before.

“What about Stella?” I asked.

“Oh she’s off somewhere with her father for the weekend, I don’t understand why; just when the weather gets nice at home people start going other places. Personally, I like to travel in winter when it’s cold here, and go somewhere warm. So, what about it boys? A double date at my place tonight?”

I was just working on a polite way to decline, when Sid answered first;

“Great! We’d love to. What time?”

“Eight.” Said Lara.

“I don’t know if I can make it, Lara.” Interrupted Enika, “I might have to work tonight.”

“Don’t be silly, Enika.” Said Lara, “I’ve just got us a date with two cute college boys. Don’t try to wriggle out of it, it’s what you need and you know it.”

At the time I was thinking about seeing Enika wriggle out of her pencil skirt and undies. Much against my will Sid and I were booked to dinner that evening. We had a coke and chatted and Eric was providing lots of glimpses of leg where I did manage to determine she was wearing tight On the way home we chatted.

“Well, sorry Druce. But that Oriental babe was turning me on big-time, and I thought you had the hots for that executive type. Pretty kinky, Druce. She looks old enough to be your mother.”

“They both are Sid, I can’t vouch for Enika having just met her, but I wouldn’t be surprised. She may not look it, but Lara is 49. I had a one nighter with her daughter Stella that’s how I know her.”

I didn’t tell him that I had also screwed Lara in the morning.

“No shit.” Sid said, in his characteristically articulate way.

Sid never turned up at the dinner – the arsehole. I was there alone in a pleasant large bungalow in Ashburnham Close with these two man hungry women. I had mixed feelings about it, tending to go for girls my own age. I hadn’t realized that Lara was Stella’s mother when she’d dragged me into her bedroom. I thought she was a visitor or something; she does look much younger than she is. She had known I came in with Stella, and I felt that it was a nasty thing of her to seduce me. But nice and something I won’t forget.

But I found Enika to be very sexy, and I loved the way she flirted with me, it was very flattering. She was like some high-powered executive type, and good-looking. I have a certain fascination for women like that. I thought it might be cool to be her 19 year old toy boy for a night or two of fun.

Lara is a real whiz in the kitchen, she had two pots and a wok going at once and insisted Enika and I got to know each other with a couple of beers.

Enika was wearing an expensive looking long green dress that didn’t managed to hide her charms, even though it came down to her toes. She wore open high-heeled shoes, and her hair was pulled back, exposing her neck and her ears. She had on a light amount of make up, she really didn’t need much. Despite the slight creases around her eyes and the corners of her mouth, she had wonderful clear pale skin that contrasted wonderfully with her dark hair.

Lara was also dressed as though she had been expecting to go out on the town or something; heels and fishnet stockings, thigh length leather skirt, and a low-cut blouse. She wore a lot of bracelets that jingled as she busied herself in the kitchen. While Enika looked dressed for the opera, Lara looked ready to go out clubbing. I felt embarrassingly underdressed, just wearing my usual jeans and T-shirt, and trainers on my feet. Still, I figured I’m the kid here tonight, so what the hell. Enika took the initiative socially, asking me about my college work and so on. She knew a lot about several of the subjects I was taking, and was well versed in the latest developments, so we had plenty to talk about. She was smart, I liked her.

She was single, never married and confessed to being 51. Shit! She was old and hot!

“So what happened to your cute friend?” said Lara, “We’re going to have to go ahead and eat without him, I don’t want to reheat the stir-fry, everything will go soggy, the whole thing about a good stir-fry is that everything is fresh and crunchy.”

We ate, and if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I would have asked Lara to marry me right there and then.

Lara is a very English woman. She doesn’t speak Chinese, and she’s never been to China. She’s second generation. She carries her voluptuous body proudly and confidently. She cooks Chinese, and loves to dress up in bits of Oriental finery.

“So what are we going to do now?” Asked Lara, as we finished the meal. “It’s one boy and two girls.”

I’d been thinking the Side thing, and had filthy ideas, not expressed. It was a bit awkward. Precociously thinking, I supposed I would have to choose one of them, and snub the other. I really didn’t want to do that: I had too much respect with history of me and Stella but considerable desire for Enika.

“Do you think you can handle it, Druce?” Lara continued.

It slowly dawned on me what she had in mind; that I should satisfy both of these vivacious females. It was a very exciting, but somewhat daunting prospect.

“Perhaps I’d better go home, Lara. Two’s company and threes a crowd, right?” Said Enika.

“No way, Enika.” Said Lara, “I promised you a sweet boy for this evening, now I wouldn’t hog him all to myself and send you home alone. What kind of a hostess and good friend would I be?”

“Lara! You’re so outrageous.”

It seemed like an episode of The Real Wives of Chichester. It certainly looked that way. They were so glamorous – and I bet could be bitchy enough for the TV show.

Sat on the couch, with me in the middle, I put an arm around each of them, and alternately kissed one then the other. Four hands traced across my head and body; four lovely, experienced manicured, beringed feminine hands. While my shirt was removed by Enika, Lara knelt on the carpet, my vertical hard cock being shared from hand to hand, my whole body being caressed by my two mature lovers. They teased me for a time, not letting me undress them.

“Not so fast, you naughty boy.” Said Enika, slapping my hand from her belt buckle.

I kissed their lips and necks, and explored their mouths with my tongue. They kissed my nipples, and toyed with my young cock and balls.

Lara stood and pulled me gently into a standing position by my cock. It was wonderfully erotically stimulating and humiliating. In her high heels, she was at least my height, and she was still fully dressed. I can’t quite put my finger on why the two of them being dressed should be more erotic than if they were naked; despite being middle-aged, neither of them had a body to be ashamed of. That wasn’t it, it was that by being dressed in contrast to my nakedness, I was fully exposed while the two of them had not yet reciprocated; I was vulnerable, I had exposed myself completely, while Lara and Enika had held themselves back, revealing nothing. Well, that was the feeling.

Grinning widely, Lara led me in a little circle around the room, still pulling me by the tip of my rock hard penis, while Enika sat on the couch, obviously very excited to watch this strange little show. I wouldn’t have put up with such a scene if it weren’t for Lara’s irresistibly contagious grin. How could I refuse her this little episode when it was clearly so stimulating to her?

“Oh, Enika! Isn’t he good? Didn’t I tell you?”

“Yes you did, Lara, and you were quite right.” Enika answered.

“Druce,” Lara told me kindly, “I want you to bend over this table.” And she gently pushed me forward over the card table, so that I was lying with my chest on its surface, with my naked arse in the air.

I should probably say here that I’ve never been into any kind of dominance/submission trip before. The closest I had come was last time I was here, and Lara had told me exactly what she wanted from me. That was very mild compared to what was going on now, but I had enjoyed it very much, and I was thinking that if I’m going to screw a pair of middle-aged ladies, I should go for the whole experience. It would’ve been easy for me to take charge; to just flex my muscles, exert my masculinity, and tell them both to get naked and get in the bedroom. I’m sure they would have done it, and it would’ve been fun like that as well.

But Lara’s hands over my arse felt wonderful, and were soon joined by Enika’s. I let myself relax, yielding to the sensation. I spread my legs, so they could take turns reaching under and between to stroke my cock and balls. It was fun not knowing who was doing what, when.

Fingers traced lightly across my back, down my spine. Hands gripped my penis, explored my thighs and calves. I surrendered myself to them, allowed them to use me, trusting the two of them. It was very special, so wonderfully weird and different. I felt a fingernail scratch across my anus; it had to be Lara. When the finger started pushing its way inside, I was sure it was. Enika was far too straight to do something so outrageous. It was almost too much for me; I nearly objected. But then I thought; No, let it be. Let’s all explore this thing a little bit longer.

“Check this out, Enika.” Lara said, “Do you want to try?”

“You’re so wicked, Lara!” Replied Enika. “What are we doing to this poor boy?”

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