Some Special Gifts From Santa

by H.L. VanBuren

Copyright© 2018 by H.L. VanBuren

BDSM Story: Santa leaves some special gifts for a young scientist at a lonely Antarctic science station. They become a gateway to a life-changing sexual adventure for her.

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   .

The air was bitterly cold as I approached the next stop. Even with the winds, the landing was easy given the broad expanse of smooth snow-covered ice. Here, in at the beginning of their summer, the sunlight reflected brightly from the landscape and reminded me of home. Dancer reminded me that this was the farthest point on the planet from that warm, comfortable bed that I wanted to get back to, so I moved quickly to the main buildings to hasten my return.

The tree in the dining hall was festive, and I quickly placed the appropriate gifts under it, filling the stockings with the smaller gifts and mementos. I checked the list again and noted with a pleasant surprise that one of the names had the red check next to it. I would definitely save that stop to last. I believe she lived in one of the out-buildings to the north.

I laughed ... literally everything was to the north of this building, save perhaps the 100 yards between it and the geographic South Pole, marked by a brightly painted and decorated post visible through the window. This is the spot from which all directions became north.

I went to the first cabin, and while it was unoccupied at the time, a decorated Christmas tree told me I was expected. Checking my list I quickly left the appropriate items under their quaint tree, and enjoyed the still warm cocoa and cookies left on a side table. No wonder my poor gut jiggles when I laugh. With this caloric intake it is a miracle I can still get down the chimney.

Back out into the cold I approached my last stop here. Upon entering I found the house to be warm and inviting. There were embers in the fireplace, and the tree was decorated with hand-made ornaments, each one looking as if it was modeled after an event or a memory. A small house, an apple, a string of wooden beads, and of course, popcorn.

I verified again that this person had been marked with a red check mark. Here? In Antarctica? At least she was already familiar with surviving the cold weather, so the move should not be too much of a challenge from that standpoint.

I put the bag on the sofa and opened the bedroom door. I heard light breathing, very even and regular. The glow coming in through the window courtesy of the midnight sun set her alabaster skin almost glowing, red hair forming a cropped halo around her head. So inviting ... so delicious.

I approached the bed quietly and gently pulled down the covers. She slept nude ... my lucky night! Her breasts moved slightly as her chest rose and fell. Orbs of such beauty that they brought a tear to my eye, with large aureole and pointed, moderately thick nipples that begged a mouth. She was perfection, a masterpiece far exceeding the work of those amateurs in the Louvre. Yes, she would do quite nicely.

I bent close and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking lightly. My hand took her other nipple and began gently tweaking it. The rhythm of her breathing changed, but otherwise she slept soundly. I regret I only had a few minutes, as I think she would have been worth the risk to arouse further. But children awaited their gifts, and the reindeer did not like it when I rutted during the trip. So this small sample would have to do.

I covered her up again, taking a last moment to enjoy those wonderful breasts, and bent to give a light kiss on her lips. A pair of glasses were on the nearby table, so I left the collar next to them, right where she would find it.

I could hear them pawing at the ground, ready to move on with the journey. I left, taking good note of the place I would return to when it was time for her to move north. I looked forward to getting to know this girl much better.

The wind was frigid as we took off, and yet there was a warm spot in my heart (and pants) knowing she would find the gifts in the morning, and that by the time I was asleep in my bed the plan would have come to fruition, and she would be fully collared.

The alarm went off at 0530, and she stretched to shut it off. Even on Christmas morning she had to go check the generators that powered her experiments, as science waits for nobody. She put on her glasses and noticed a gift-wrapped box next to them on the table. Odd ... that was not there last night.

She got out of bed and grabbed her robe, a bit of panic driving her movements. She looked around the room and noticed nothing out of order anywhere else. She checked the window and found it securely locked, just as she had left them. Thermo-insulated panes don’t break easily, and there was no evidence of forced entry on the sill.

She quickly went through the living room to get to the kitchen to put on coffee and stopped short. There were two gifts under the tree. How did these get there? And what was that smell in the air? Cinnamon? Apple? She checked the door and found it secure with no sign of entry, and the security system was still armed. She would have to watch the cameras in a bit. Someone was going to get their ass handed to them for this joke. It had to be that security guard she dated a couple of times. If so the payback would be delicious, as would the reward.

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