Some Evening Relaxation

by H.L. VanBuren

Copyright© 2018 by H.L. VanBuren

BDSM Sex Story: After a long day at work (and a little teasing on her part), Laura arrives at my home for a little evening relaxation. Instead she finds herself tied to my massage table and receiving a little punishment for her teasing ways.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   .

It had been a busy day, but the evening was looking up. Laura and I had been IMing during the day, and I know she had a long day at work. I also know she wanted me to take her in hand tonight since she had been teasing and naughty in the afternoon with some of her messages, sending me some naughty peeks up her skirt or down her blouse along with some quick snippets about how “bad” she was being. So I thought we both needed some fun, and I setup my massage table for her.

The massage table was one I used from time to time with my wife to help her with her back spasms. A few other friends would come over from time to time to get some backrubs or receive energy healing. But I had modified it with some clips and anchor points so I could use it to restrain my playmates for some bondage games, and tonight Laura was going to be my victim.

I heard her car pull up outside. Our agreement was that, since we were playing the game, she would simply come in without knocking, just like she was coming into her home. Our game would continue from there based on how she set he pace. But tonight I decided to take some control from her.

She came in the door and I could see immediately that she was tired and stressed. Her eyes locked with mine and she gave me that look that said volumes. She did not want to make decisions tonight. She wanted to lose control. So I stepped up and took charge.

“Laura, you have been a very naughty girl today, haven’t you?” She blushed but didn’t look away. “You sent me all those naughty pictures and messages today. Just what were you doing with your time at work, young lady?”

She started to respond but I stepped up to her and put my hand on her shoulder, turned her towards my study, and simply said, “You know where to go, young lady! Get yourself into the study ... NOW.” I gave her a slight push and she slowly marched off to the study.

Outside the door I had her stop. “Tonight, Laura, I am going to blindfold you. I am very disappointed in your behavior, and I want you to understand just how upset I am. I’ve arranged a special kind of punishment to try to put you back on the right track. Now, put this on and I will take you into the study.”

Our sessions always happened in the study, so the room was a familiar place for her. Tonight I had decided on something new. I was going to tie her to my massage table. I had never restrained her before, so I was taking a bit of a risk. But our conversations over the past few weeks indicated she might be open to this, so I was hopeful. I would have to watch closely and monitor her reactions.

I escorted my blindfolded victim into the study and told her that she was not allowed to speak unless she was spoken to. Failure to remain quiet would simply get her more punishment.

“Now, there is a massage table in the middle of the room. I am going to take you to it. You are to lay down on it face down and get comfortable. You will be there for a while.” The table was a touch higher than a normal massage table, but she could easily get up on it and lay down. I had pillows for her and she snuggled into place, a strange look on her blindfolded place. When I went to her and placed my hand on her back I could feel her jump and sensed the trembling nervousness in her.

“Laura, you will put your hands at your sides and remain still throughout your punishment. You will not be permitted to move from the table until I tell you so. Do you understand?” Her murmured “yes” was loud in the quiet room.

I reached below the table and took the handcuff, a homemade bondage tool that provided a soft restraint for her wrists. I strapped it around her wrist and she immediately started trembling. After I secured her wrist I lightly patted her very desirable ass to let her know all would be OK.

I finished with her other wrist and went to her ankles. The table allowed me to restrain her ankles with her legs nicely parted for easy access to her wet hole. I couldn’t help but sneak a look up her skirt, and from the looks of things she was already starting to get nice and wet. There was a dark spot on the crotch of her underwear that was very promising. I couldn’t wait to show her just how easily she could be stimulated on this table.

With all the restraints in place I went to her head and quietly told her what would happen. “Laura, you need to be punished today. You have been a very naughty girl teasing me that way, and I cannot allow you to go unpunished for it. I am going to spank you with 100 strokes today because of your infraction, and I expect you to count each stroke for me.” She nodded. This was familiar ground for her. I always made her count the blows she received. I never went so far as to make her unable to count, but keeping her attention in the moment by counting made sure she as aware of each blow that landed. Otherwise she could drift off and leave me with a fairly inattentive subject.

She wore a nice skirt today, very professional. Laura always dressed nicely for her job, and I knew that she appreciated looking her best for our sessions. I slowly raised her skirt, revealing her wonderful legs to my inspection. Soft skin came into view as I raised the skirt higher. The cheeks of her ass slowly appeared, and I saw that she wore some special panties today, no doubt to entertain my voyeuristic kink a bit. I loved seeing her in nice underwear, and sometimes would give her a nice set to wear for me. She often would send me Snapchats of her wearing these in bed at home. Of course, she also sent nudes to me as well. Being a voyeur can be fun, but having a sexy exhibitionist who enjoys giving me a show makes it even more rewarding.

I couldn’t help myself. I let my hand wander over her ample ass. Laura was a larger woman, but she was proportioned perfectly. I favor Rubenesque women, curvy and plump. Today’s tastes in anorexic “beauty” left me hollow. I liked my women with a bit of meat on their bodies, and Laura fit the bill perfectly. But I brought myself out of my reverie and smacked her cheek with my hand, leaving a slight red print that could be seen just below the edge of her hot little panties.

I grabbed the side of her panties and told her to lift. As she did so I slid them down slowly, teasingly. I loved to drag this out for her, and I think she enjoyed it almost as much as I did. Seeing her slowly rise to boiling turned me on immensely. My cock was as hard as a rock when we finished our sessions, but we never had actually finished by having sex. Oh she took care of me nicely, but neither of us were ready to cross that line and consummate our relationship. We were really good friends with some wonderful benefits, but we were not lovers, and both of us liked the casual nature of our relationship too much to tie it with penetration. But that did not stop us from making sure we were both satisfied and exhausted at the end of the night.

With panties pulled out of the way and her glorious ass revealed to me it was time to begin the punishment. “Laura, begin the count at one.” I raised my hand and landed a sharp blow to her right cheek.

“One, sir,” came her answer.

Another blow on the other cheek. “Two, sir.” This continued, a blow landing every 5 to 10 seconds. I took my time as we both enjoyed the intensity of spanking, her body exposed and vulnerable to me, with no control over what happened. It was ritual for us, beloved liturgy of an almost spiritual nature.

At ten blows I paused and looked at my work. There is a balance between just enough pressure and too much pressure. Too much would bruise or mark for a long time, and that would never do. I don’t know if Laura had a significant other or not, but I respected her enough not to mark her for any long term period unless she specifically requested it. But too light a blow would not have the desired effect, and Laura would not enter that wonderful sub space where we both allowed our minds and bodies to entwine during our scenes.

I rubbed my hand over her warming ass, allowing my hand to slowly trace her crack. We had never actually done assplay, but sometimes I would let my finger wander down her cleft until I brushed her brown rosebud, even lingering to wiggle my finger against it in a teasing manner. Perhaps someday we would penetrate that hole, but for now it was simply a way to tease and increase excitement.

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