Mommy? It Bounced! Meow!

by LughIldanach

Copyright© 2019 by LughIldanach

Humor Story: Cats and sex enhance our lives, although in most unpredictable ways. Cats aren't great sexual loves, and we usually arrange certain surgery. They find other ways to exchange love. These are tales (tails?) of true sensual affection -- in no way bestiality. Would a feline SOL have a code for humanity? I promise I laughed hysterically once I stopped screaming in the true story.

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Humor   .

A long weekend, a beautiful wife with a marriage still working, two loving cats, a giant bed with luxurious sheets ... what could be better? Gabriella had ideas about that. She pointed to her tablet, and told me, “I’ve got a playlist for background, and lots of porn for the big screen.” She pointed at our little bedroom refrigerator. “Lots of finger food in there, so we can be in bed most of the time. Sushi and Jewish deli. I’d have to go to the kitchen for ice cream, but I’ve got ice cream and sauces...” her voice got even more husky, “ ... to eat out or on interesting places.”

Leaving work early, I indulged in one of my more decadent pleasures: a bubble bath, with relaxing and joyous music. I lit scented candles, of suitably masculine woody aromas, with the bubble bath itself smelling of intense chocolate. There even was a waterproof back pillow. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

Suddenly, there was a weight on my chest. To be specific, 20 pounds of solidly muscled, affectionate, long-haired black cat, Elliott, had climbed on my chest, purring loudly. He licked my nose, and looked into my eyes, yellow into blue, with a most loving expression. Some cats soothe your soul. Elliott was one of those, loving people, and also believing they should be happy. While some cats hate to be laughed at, he enjoyed being a clown and having people laugh with him.

Most of the time, especially after a kittenhood with identity problems -- he had left his litter and joined one of Brittany Spaniel puppies, acquiring many canine characteristics -- he was quite smart. The physics of bubble baths slightly eluded him. He knew the room would be nicely warm, my chest a place from which he gave and received love, and these weird white mounds through which he could swish his tail. He never seemed to understand there was water under the bubbles. So, his mighty tail would get soaked, and if I didn’t periodically wring it out, became a club beating me in the tub. We worked out an arrangement and enjoyed ourselves.

After an indeterminate time, I heard the front door. A strong, sweet voice, called out, “Richard? I’m home with carryout. Where are you?”

“In the tub.”

“OK, be there shortly. Let me put the food out of cat range.” A few minutes later, my stunning wife, Sirikit, joined me. She is American-born and raised, but of pure Thai ancestry. Thai people benefit greatly from our nutrition. She had a supermodel figure, six feet tall in bare feet. For office work, she would be in elegant but somewhat flirtatious business wear, gliding through the day in four-inch patent pumps. Shall we say that she stood out among her physician and scientist colleagues?

When we remodeled the bathroom, we were able to knock out some unused space and make it quite large. One of the features was a Japanese ... well, I hate to say toilet. It did so much more; we sometimes called it the sensuality station. The seat was heated or cooled as appropriate for the weather. Its heating element continued into a warming cabinet for towels and robes. The control panel for the room light, sound, and other environment was there. Its seat was intelligent, recognizing regular users and adjusting preferences, including raising and putting down the seat. The seat had armrests, and a back including massage elements, so, aside from more conventional bathroom uses, it was a quite comfortable place for lounging, and interacting with a person or people in the tub.

Sirikit joined me. “Ah, let me stretch out and give you a nice view. I felt a bit horny today, but the ER was busy and I couldn’t daydream about it. It’s funny; you know Helen, the unit secretary? Good-looking, and maybe dresses to catch single physician eyes. Well, married physician eyes too. We seemed to have some similar ideas, and exchanged quite a few steamy looks and lip licks. She was in her usual mini and made sure I got a good look. So, I’m still horny.” She set the throne to lounging mode, unfolding an adjustable foot rest bench. Before she sat, she stood, raised her skirt to her hips, and wriggled out of her brief panties. Grinning, she sat back down, raising a leg high for my admiration. Did I mention she’s also a rather acrobatic dancer and competitive figure model, who poses in wonderful ways?”

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