It's Just Natural

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: Woman explains why she fucks so much.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Sharing   Swinging   Nudism   .

My now wife Amanda was my first piece of ass. I was probably her thousandth, give or take a few hundred, with innumerable guys. She didn’t keep score because it wasn’t important to her.

We were both eighteen when the above-mentioned event happened. It was our third date and I had been thinking it was time to make a move, from what I’d heard anyway. When I got her to a private place I was surprised to hear, “Don’t you think I’m sexy?”

Stuttering, I replied, “I sure do! Why do you ask me that?”

She looked at me and said, “Because you haven’t tried to fuck me yet. All you had to do was ask.”

I was dumbfounded, “Uh, I guess I’d better ask then. Will you fuck me?”

“Sure,” she replied, starting to undress. I followed suit as quickly as I could, nervous and excited.

As I fumbled around touching her body, she asked, “Are you a virgin?”

I admitted I was and she commented, “I thought so. I’ve had quite a few and I like being a teacher.”

“Oh, Oh! TMI! Oh, well, at least one of us knows what to do,” I thought.

Boy did she! I had no idea sex could be so good. We spent two hours naked and sweaty. I also didn’t know I could cum so often. Or home much women could out-do us males.

An alarm on her phone went off. “Oh, dear. You’re going to have to take me right home. I have another date in half an hour.”

I tried to ignore that bit of unwanted information as I drove and asked when we could get together again. She consulted her phone and said that a week from tomorrow was the soonest. My comment that she must be really popular was met with “Too much sometimes!” I let that go and said I’d be there and would bring dinner to her place if that was OK. It was.

When I pulled up in front of her house there was a car with someone in it parked across the street. As I drove away I saw a guy get out and walk towards her door. Damn!

I jacked myself silly for the week thinking about how good she was to screw and that she was apparently fucking other guys. Were my feelings about it erotic or envy? I’d liked the many stories on the internet about guys sharing their wives and girlfriends. Never thought I’d be in that situation even though this sharing wasn’t my idea. I figured that if I was gonna get any more of that fine female then I had to accept the reality. It seemed best to just roll with it for a while anyway.

I made lasagna and salad for our next date. She was wearing a simple cotton housedress when she greeted me with a hug. As her tits pushed against my chest I tried to not think about how many other male chests they’d been up against during the last week. I really had no idea anyway.

After we cleaned up the table and I helped her wash dishes, she turned to me and said, “You must be horny. Let’s take care of that and then we can do some other things.”

“OK,” I thought, “this chick doesn’t play coy.” She bent over the table where we had just eaten and pulled up her dress, exposing her fine ass and sparsely furred fuck hole.

“Go ahead, get yourself off. Don’t worry about me. I got laid a little while before you came and we’ll do it better later, I hope.”

Being a gentleman, albeit a horny one, I stepped up to the challenge, dropped my pans to my ankles, and slid quite easily into her silky feeling slot. It took very few strokes, aided by her active pussy muscles, to add my sperm to whoever’s were already wiggling in there.

She wiped herself off and said casually, “I expect you feel better. I don’t like being horny and I’ve never met a guy who did either. I’m always glad to help. Let’s go for a walk. There is a place I’d like to show you.”

She put on some sturdy shoes but no bra or panties, I noticed. It was getting dark so she grabbed a flashlight and threw me a small backpack.

She led me away from the duplex she rented through a field to a small stream. We walked along it until we came to a small flood control dam which had created a pond about a hundred feet across. There was no visible sign of civilization as we sat on a blanket from the backpack. There was also a bottle of wine and two plastic wine glasses.

Fortunately, it was a screw top wine bottle and we enjoyed sipping the Merlot as we watched the stars come out and the moon rise. I held her free hand. It was so romantic.

I wasn’t too surprised when this adventurous beauty suggest we skinny-dip in the moonlight. I’d never done it with a female before and my rod rose seeing her in the pale glow of a nearly full moon. We swam and splashed in the shallow and warm pond, dried each other off and fell to the blanket in an embrace.

“I just love fucking in the moonlight. It’s been a whole month since I’ve done it!”

“Damn, does she have to keep commenting about other guys screwing her?” I thought, “She seems real factual about it though, not bragging or trying to tease me or anything. But I’ve got to figure out how to stop it bugging me.”

I made eye contact and asked, “Amanda, I don’t know if you realize how often you mention other guys when we are together. That kind of bothers me because I want to think that I’m important to you. I’ve figured out that you aren’t a one-man woman but I’m having trouble with it being put in my face.”

She looked concerned, “Oh, I didn’t realize what I was doing. I can understand your feelings. I’m just so open and sex is so natural to me that I don’t even think twice about it. You’re not the first guy to tell me that. Oops! There I go again. I really don’t mean anything by it.”

I responded, “Maybe I’ll get used to it but for right now I’m kinda sensitive.”

She suggested, “Maybe we should talk it through. Being a woman, I’ve had lots more experience with these kinds of feelings. But we can do that in another place. Let’s not waste this beautiful situation. Make me feel good, Lover Boy!”

This hottie was clearly focused on me as we rolled around on the blanket in the moonlight. We got each other off, snuggled, and did it again before we packed up and went back to her place.

Once again it was time for me to leave but she offered, “Can you be here Sunday at three? I really like you and want to talk things through. Bring your toothbrush if you want to stay over so we have plenty of time.”

I hugged and kissed her saying, “I hope we can work things out too. I’ll even buy a new toothbrush!”

She laughed and headed for the shower as I left. The cynical me thought, “Got to freshen up for the next cock.” I knew it was probably the truth.

Sunday afternoon rolled around, finally. What were we going to talk about? My imagination ran rampant, as it often does. She offered me red wine, my choice also. We were out behind her little apartment on a bench, looking towards the place where we had our moonlight swim and couplings. I just prepared to listen.

“This conversation is as important to me as it is to you. Please ask any questions that you wish. First of all, I have to tell you that I feel more comfortable around you already than with some men I’ve known a long time. I’ve had lots of relationships and know what to pay attention to. My goal today is to make you feel more comfortable with who I am. I know I’m not the typical girlfriend you might expect, and that’s largely due to a non-typical upbringing.

“My parents were what you might call ‘swingers’. Not the kind that go to orgies but sexually open to carefully selected others. That didn’t start until my younger sister was born and Mom had her tubes tied. As we grew up it wasn’t particularly hidden and our parents explained what they were doing. They both felt, as my sister and I do now, that sex was provided by nature for more than encouraging baby-making. It provides pleasure, we know, but also a lot of emotional and physical well-being. I know I wouldn’t be as happy or healthy as I am without it.

“Since it is so natural, why are we so repressed about it? Many earlier cultures celebrated sex freely. Nobody ‘owned’ anybody and both sexes got it on with whoever they fancied. I’ve read that when people began owning things during the change from nomads to agriculture, men wanted to be sure that their possessions got handed down to genetically related offspring so they got possessive of women. Good luck! Many wives have subverted that. <grin>

“Someday, I expect I’ll happen upon a man who I’ll want as my primary relationship. Like with my parents, they won’t own me, and I can enjoy others just like I enjoy eating out even though I have a good kitchen. And it has to work both ways. Mutual respect and trust is what makes any relationship work like it should.

“You’ve been awfully quiet. Any reactions?”

I tried to choose my words carefully, “Well, this is very different than what I was raised to expect. I’ve read about Polynesian cultures and polyamory but never expected to encounter it right here. I have to agree that sex is a natural part of us, like sneezing or farting or peeing or shitting. The big difference is that two people are involved in it.”

She interrupted, “Except when you masturbate...”

“Got me there. Still, we aren’t talking about that. And, as you just said, emotions are a big part of it. I’m not having a bit of trouble with the physical. Hell, you feel wonderful even when I know you’ve had sex with someone not long before me. I’m just trying to figure out the feelings that I’ve never dealt with before. Even if you were monogamous I’d be dealing with the newness of some of them.

“Maybe if you had also been a virgin it would be easier but then the sex wouldn’t be so awesome. So I guess I can’t win.”

She moved over on the bench and put her arm around my shoulders, “THAT is not true. You are already a winner. I wish more guys could talk about their feelings like you just did. Many are playing games or else really don’t know themselves very well. And now that we have opened up more, have another glass of wine and listen to the rest of what I want to tell you.

“I want to get pretty factual here so you have a clear picture of me. You’ve mentioned that you weren’t comfortable me talking about other guys, but I have to at some point. No names or gory details. Are you ready now?”

I shifted in my chair, swallowed a big slug of wine, and said simply, “Yes.”

She smiled a little and launched into her talk, “Counting you, there are five men who I am intimate with at this time. My numbers have ranged from two to seven. You are the youngest and the oldest is mid-forties. Two are single, two divorced, and one, the oldest, is married. I DO have my principles. I usually bed married guys only as part of a couple swap, but this man has a wife on life support after a stroke. He’s not very good in bed so it’s mostly compassionate.

“The others have been my lovers for at least six months. One has been with me for two years. Some are in other relationships so have to wear a condom. Two can enter me naturally like you do. Each of them beds me at least once a week, some as often as five times, depending on schedules. As you have ascertained, I can, and sometimes do, more than one a day.

“I’m quite lusty, as you have experienced. If I’m not in the mood, I can get that way very easily. And when I’m aroused I could probably handle all five of you in a row and be ready for seconds. Actually, that is an unrequited fantasy.

“So what do you think of me now?”

She and I both sipped on our wine for a moment.

I began, not exactly sure where I was going, just hoping I made some sense, “Well, I do appreciate your honesty. If you hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have been able to figure all that out. How do I feel? Jealous and turned on at the same time. You are so sexy and loving too. I’m willing to keep going and see where our path leads. I know we will talk more but right now I’m very horny for you.”

She jumped on my lap, putting her arms around my shoulders and giving me a hot kiss, “I’m very horny too. I haven’t been with anyone since yesterday evening. I’ve been waiting for you all day. That’s kind of a record, so my pussy is itching for your attention.”

We had a wonderful afternoon and night pleasuring each other.

I asked for more of her time and she agreed, so I worked up to spending two nights a week with her plus some shorter visits, sometimes being the guy who was waiting when she returned from a date. I began to actually appreciate those as a special treat because she was hot and wild, sometimes extra wet if it had been a condom-less guy.

I gradually took over more time slots when lovers moved on and weren’t always replaced. We became emotionally closer all the time. It finally reached a point where she moved in with me, retaining the right to control access to her body as she had always done.

Amanda liked to tell me stories of her more interesting sexual escapades. Sometimes it was about the person and sometimes it was the place or other circumstance. I got to reenact some of them too, like we had done at the pond early on. I noticed she mentioned threesomes often enough that I figured she wanted one that included me.

One not too subtle hint was showing me photos of the erections of the other three guys she was currently fucking. The older married guy had been replaced by a sixty-five-year-old widower. Another mercy fuck who turned out pretty good, she said.

Anyway, the pictures didn’t do too much for me until she asked which one, or even two, I’d most like to observe in her pussy. I had to make a choice if I wanted mine in there during the next twelve hours. I knew she wouldn’t go without regardless, so I picked the thickest one. “Was it better than mine?” I wondered.

I’d soon find out. She squealed with joy at my choice, “Oh, good pick. You’ll get a real show with Todd. He’s the one I’ve been fucking the longest. I’ll see if he can get together with us on Saturday.”

She never wasted any time. It was set and my anxiety built in spite of her reassurances. “Sweetie, pussies were designed to do this. It’s natural for them to harvest all the seed they can. And it’s natural for your watching to be a turn on so you can plant more of them yourself. Todd has done this with me before, so just relax and let it happen.”

At the appointed time Todd showed up with beer and wine. Amanda had fixed a simple supper and timed it so he and I could tip a couple and shoot the shit for a while to loosen me up. He seemed decent enough, not that I thought Amanda would mess with someone who wasn’t.

During the second beer he turned to me and said, “I expect you are a bit anxious about this and about me. As far as the last part, I want you to know that I care a lot about Amanda but we will never be in love. My career takes me all over the place and that is my primary commitment. There is no place in my life for a wife for the foreseeable future. I think she is falling in love with you and I’m happy for you both. I’m quite pleased to be a special friend and hope that lasts a lot longer.”

I reached out and shook his hand, “Thank you for telling me that. You are right on about my feelings and concerns. I’m falling in love with her too and haven’t even said that to myself yet.”

The dinner call came and it was delicious, just like our sweetie. How would she serve “dessert”?

Our hostess disappeared after giving us each a fresh beer and dimming the lights to one lamp. When she reappeared it was in a belly dancer’s outfit I didn’t know she had. Middle Eastern music was started and she demonstrated her supple body to our delight. Todd made some little cries that I guessed were male appreciation noises used by that culture.

She was wearing a long red haired wig so her hair would swirl around her shoulders as she gyrated. It was mesmerizing to watch.

I guess I’ve never described this woman. Starting at the top, her own hair was dark red and kept fairly short. Same down at the Y. Blue eyes framed by a pretty face with a pale complexion. She stood five feet two, one hundred five pounds, with firm c-up tits, small waist, and slightly broad hips which looked good in the dance costume.

Unlike the traditional dancers, she removed her top as she performed and later her lower costume, keeping only her veil. Moving closer to us, then back, she teased us with her charms. Our crotch bulges were obvious by now.

“Dance with me,” she commanded. We stripped and tried to copy her movements, but very clumsily. That made her laugh and she rubbed against each of us alternately. Bending over, she took our uplifted tools in her mouth and sucked each a few times to the rhythm of the song.

As the last song ended, she swung her hips as an invitation as she walked to the bedroom. Our peckers bobbed as we followed. Todd’s was thicker than mine but not as long, it seemed from my glancing estimate.

Removing her veil, the seductress put Todd on the bed, cock on top, and straddled his waist. She gestured for me to get up near the head of the bed so I could see her grasp the rigid rod and lower herself, wet from the stimulation of her performance, slowly onto it. With a couple of up-and-down motions, it was fully embedded in that place I treasured.

Todd’s hands were pleasuring her breasts as she slowly rode him. She looked at me and puckered up. I got the message and gave her a long tongue kiss. I was close enough that she could grip my cock as we fucked with our mouths. When we parted she whispered, “I want to kiss your cock.”

I stood over Todd’s head on the bed and put my mushroom head in the mouth I had just kissed. I thought about the view Todd had and knew I’d get it sometime later. Pulling her mouth off it, I heard the noises and saw the body motions that signaled her orgasm.

Not wanting me to blast off just yet she asked me to get off to the side of the bed. With practiced ease, the copulating couple rolled over into the missionary position and Todd picked up the pace of his thrusts.

I moved around to view his cock stretching her pussy with his deep stroking. His balls were bouncing off her buns. Then he made slow deep pushes and his balls tightened as his seed poured into her waiting depths.

She pushed him off after the last spurt and urgently pulled me balls deep in the hot soupy love hole. “Fuck me hard,” she said through gritted teeth as her hands urged my buns harder and faster. Just as I could hold back no longer, she exploded in a wild orgasm, nearly throwing me off. I knew I was cumming but was busy holding on.

When we were both lying there quietly panting, Todd applauded and kissed her. Damn, that bothered me more than seeing his dick in her pussy. We’d have to talk about that.

“Wooeee!” she said breathlessly, “That was unbelievable! Thanks, guys. Do you think we could do that again in a little while?”

Todd and I looked at each other. I said, “Maybe, with some serious rest. No guarantee though.” She laughed.

We rested and our capabilities returned just fine. This time I went first and we started with her doggy and orally pleasuring Todd as I made a rear approach. I reached under and enjoyed one tit while Todd worked on the other one. She was so slippery that I finally tired without cumming and us guys swapped places.

When Todd had the same problem, Amanda had an idea. “This is something I’ve wondered about for a long time.” She moved up and sank her sloppy snatch onto me. “Todd, stick yours in too.”

I’ll be damned if he didn’t make it fit. It was tight and we had to move carefully. Finally, after a couple of re-insertions, Amanda and I held still while Todd stroked. When he came, so did I. I reached between us as we were sandwiched and diddled our woman to her finale.

We slept with Amanda in the middle and she got fucked from each side spoon-style during the early hours. In the morning Todd had to leave early so I let them couple privately while I made coffee. She and I showered and ate breakfast before returning to bed for a “post-game conference”.

By now I was recovered so she held my erection as we talked. “What did you think of that?” she inquired.

“It was incredible. You are amazing. I loved it but don’t know if I can handle that very often.”

She laughed, “Me either. I’d like to keep it for special occasions.”

I agreed and added, “I did learn something important from this though.” She looked curious so I continued, “As I talked to Todd and he talked about his relationship with you, it suddenly struck me that I am in love with you. Strange as it may sound, that made the threesome much better. I was happier for your pleasure regardless of who was actually causing it. We were sharing it together rather than something you did separately and told me about later. I was a part of your pleasure, especially when we were both inside you at the same time...”

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