My Hot Chocolate Girlfriend

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A too-much relationship pushes his boundaries and spices up his sex life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Incest   Gang Bang   Polygamy/Polyamory   Black Female   Cream Pie   .

I never thought I’d date a black girl, but one night, on a double date, my black buddy had a black girlfriend. Really with skin color more like milk chocolate but that’s the label. We fucked our own date and somehow swapped women. It might have been the gal’s idea, but who cares? I’d never had a “person of color” but she was amazing. Even in our just-fucked situation she got me back up immediately and screwed my brains out, as the saying goes.

I was “in love” and asked her out for the next night. She said she was “booked” for the next few days. We screwed each other senseless on each of the next few dates which were usually several days apart.

Then reality hit. We’d just had a good and satisfying copulation when I asked her to overnight on Friday. She asked me if I had any other girlfriends. I didn’t.

She explained it should be obvious from our first time that she didn’t racially discriminate when it came to sex. There was another black guy besides my buddy, plus one white and one Latino that were dumping cum in her regularly. She’d like to try an Asian if she knew one. If I could accept her the way she was then we had a future. I agreed if she would tell me about them.

She loved talking about getting laid. Most guys were too insecure for her tastes so she was pleased that I fucked her furiously when she told me about her pussy being plundered. She got off big time telling me how much she loved the feeling of sperms being spurted inside her no matter from what cock. It felt so essentially female. That’s where sperms belonged, she believed, not out on her belly or tits. The color of the cock didn’t matter one bit either.

I loved her sexual philosophy. Pointing to her crotch, she says, “No dude will ever own this. If you want to enjoy it, just take your turn.”

We bonded immediately and screwed four times that night. I couldn’t get over how cool she was about sex. I’d been laid a few times before by white chicks that seemed to have some kind of problem with opening their legs to do a very natural activity. This black honey said she’d already been fucked by who knows how many different guys and liked almost every one she’d tried.

I was infatuated, to say the least. I didn’t care how many dicks of whatever color had invaded her private parts in the distant or recent past. When she was naked in my bed, it was evident that she was all into fucking ME, right now. Damn if this whole thing wasn’t a totally new experience!

She soon noticed my obsession with hearing about her cunt’s activities since I’d last slid my semen shooter into it and loved to regale me with the juicy details. My mind was full of erotic images when I munched on her muff, face to “face” with her happy hole.

I guess I’d better introduce this chocolate woman flesh. Her name was Urleen and she was presently twenty-two years old, ten years younger than myself. About ten years earlier her mammaries were well developed and two of her father’s drinking buddies decided to have some fun with her after he passed out. It began as rape but after passing her back and forth a few times, she was disappointed when they were no longer capable of erections.

This was repeated irregularly until she became pregnant. At gunpoint, the perps got her aborted and on birth control. When her father was drunk he joined in the fun too. That just made it last longer. By now quite knowledgeable about what cocks were capable of, she branched out to older boys, having learned that the ones her own age were usually sexually undeveloped.

She’d had no difficulty finding willing partners. Standing five feet eleven, her solid and muscular body was the result of playing semi-pro soccer in spite of carrying big firm tits up high. Her hair was wavy copper top and bottom which was striking with the aforementioned dark-chocolate skin.

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