Cast Party

by Richard the Third


Sex Story: The show closed and everyone went to get drunk and fuck...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   .

A Cast Party is what they call it, when after any kind of performance (Concert or Theatrical), everybody (the cast and crew) from the show goes somewhere and has a party.

It may be at a business, like a nearby pizzeria that is going to stay open late because of you! Actors love pizza and beer!

It could even be at the theater itself, if there was room to bring in some food and give everybody a chance to talk about their favorite moments.

Or it could be at somebody’s home, typically someone from the show. It’s very common that the star of the show offers their home if it is large enough to accommodate the cast/crew.

It also depends on if the show had kids in it, like those under 15 years old. It’s difficult to have fun when you’ve got youngsters running around, I guess unless the kids are your own.

The show we just closed was CHICAGO, a Musical, and there were very few people under 18 at the party.

Veronica, who played Roxie (One of the two female leads) had it at her home, A place where many of us have been before. With comfortable sofas inside and a pool and a spa outside! She lived alone ... and very well!

My name is John Morris, and I played the part of Amos Hart (Played by John C. Reilly in the 2002 film), and got to sing the song, ‘Mister Cellophane’ in the show!

Something rather strange happens at these parties. After eight to ten weeks of rehearsal and at least two weekends of performances you think everybody would be tired of hearing the same music!

Well, since somebody makes sure a piano player shows up, the stars of the show take their turns singing the songs we all first learned long ago.

Some theatrical organizations, as a matter of policy, make sure the main characters have what is called an understudy, someone who learns the same dialogue and songs, and can go on if the lead gets sick or literally breaks a leg!

We did that so we had two sets of the same lead five characters.

Sometimes, but not often the two Velma’s or Roxie’s are friends or may become them during the run of the show.

I did not have an understudy, because I was known as Reliable John, who has never missed a performance for any show I’ve been in. I’m 29 but look older! I’ve played much older characters, but that is a story for another time!

AnyWho, at this party the liquor was flowing, and both the pool and the spa got full of naked actors and actresses.

We were lucky, we had no gay couples, that would make things weird, but in the spa I was in, both Matron Mama Hortons two of the most beautiful black women I have ever seen in my life, were not only naked, but they also begin to kiss ... Each other!

That was the beginning of the debauchery, which isn’t always a bad thing! The three youngest members of the cast had left, before any of adults started being adulterers!

Maria, who played Nikki, had stripped and got in next to me asking, “Johnny, I know I’m drunk but I heard something that I needed to find out for myself!”

“And what is that my beautiful actress friend?”

“That you have a nice big long dickie-poo!”

“I am not one to brag, so you will need to find out for yourself, my dear.”

I was naked like everybody else in the spa was, and I would’ve been content getting home by myself and masturbating while thinking of some of these beautiful women I got to act with.

Maria, without telling me, got on me and straddled, starting the kind of kiss that I have never gotten as an actor.

She was in her late 30s, and had really nice breasts.

She went from straddling me to turning around and asked me to stick myself inside my choice!

Since I was already nervous, I did the simple thing and got myself firm and stuffed myself inside only my second pussy ever.

“Oh my God, John ... what I heard was correct. Stop and let me just feel you inside, please?”

I had my hands halfway between her waist and her breasts, she moved them to directly over her bountiful breasts, and leaned back against me saying, “Oh dear John, I may be in love with you!”

“That would be difficult,” I whispered to her. “Because you are married.”

“I am?” She said sounding very satisfied.

Still backed up against me she had the presence to whisper and ask, “Would you keep going and come inside me, please? You’re thicker and much longer than my husband, if I remember right?”

I looked around and there have been a lot of pairing off and nobody was paying any attention to us so I agreed and began to really thrust myself up inside her.

She was not moaning any more than anybody else was so I kept going until I felt the urge. Knowing she was married was in the back of my head, but having my entire dick up inside of her pussy from behind kept my thinking grounded and I indeed gave her a large load straight from my nuts.

Somebody may need to change the water in the spa, I thought to myself, and after staying on me for a minute she got off and walked around to the other side of our spa.

She was currently talking to the woman who played Mary Sunshine, whose name I didn’t remember, as she rose out of the water to show off her huge breasts, and said to me, “Will you fuck me too, please John?”

“As long as I get to play with those fabulous tits of yours,” I responded.

She turned around and put her butt against my back and asked, “Fill me up!”

That was easy enough to do and I got all the way inside her and put my hands on the biggest breasts in our entire show.

“Oh, you feel nice in my pussy, don’t tell me when you come I just want to feel it, OK?”

“Sure will Cassandra,” so glad I remembered her name. She was enjoying herself as was I when I was tapped on the shoulder.

“Who’s your friend?” my sister said. She was in the chorus.

Flustered, I came inside Cassandra, who had pulled off and said, “Thanks John!” giving me a kiss on the mouth.

I turned and said, “Karen, when did you arrive?”

She was already naked and was climbing in the spa.

“I know I told you I wasn’t coming to the party, but I felt bad and I only got here ten minutes ago.”

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