Pickle Juice

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2018 by just-this-guy

Sex Story: I was a normal door-to-door pickle juice salesman seeking to improve oral sex for everyone.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   .

I strode up the walkway carrying my big satchel over my shoulder toward the front door of the next house. The sun shone bright and the temperature felt perfect to be out and about doing my job. I am a pickle juice salesman. Not a lot of people have heard of such a profession but you will soon enough. It will come to your city. The company is just starting out but we’re having great success.

I rang the doorbell and waited patiently. In less that a minute I was rewarded with an open door.

“Good day,” I greeted, noting that the young woman appeared to be about four months pregnant. It’s always best to interact with potential customers who have sex. “My name is Ricardo Johnson and I am selling an amazing new product that greatly improves the fun of sucking cock ... I mean a penis.” I always said it wrong!

“I call it a cock,” she said.

“Oh, good!” It’s always better when I don’t have to watch my language. “I’ve been showing this new product to your neighbors and almost everyone has chosen to buy and your beautiful home was next on my walking path.”

“This is to help suck cock?”

“Not that any woman necessarily needs help because she knows what to do. I assume you’re experienced.”


“But it’s not always fun for you. It’s mostly fun for the man because he gets the stimulating pleasure. Our pickle juice makes it enjoyable for the woman. Pickle is just a way for us to refer to a penis to avoid unnecessary business complications.”

“And juice is your way of saying cum?”

“No, the juice is what makes it fun. Can I come in and show you what pickle juice is all about?” I patted my satchel.


I entered and went straight toward the living room. I sat down on the sofa and opened up my satchel. I took out my wares.

“Your next-door neighbor Jessica decided to buy some and Eliza next to her and your neighbor right across the street Carlene purchased pickle juice.”

“Jessica bought some?”

“Yes. She said you and she are best friends.”


“I’m Ricardo, by the way.” I knew I said my name already but I didn’t know hers yet so this was a good way to fish for it.


“Great to meet you Amy. Do you mind if I slide over some of the things on this end table so I can show you?”

“Sure.” She came over and moved most of the items.

I set up my plastic bottles on the table.

I picked up the honey mustard one for example and unscrewed the cap.

“As you can see, the pickle juice is applied to the cock with this brush attached to the cap. You will want to coat the entire cock and then when you suck cock you get a wonderful flavor.”

She picked a bottle up. “Barbecue?”

“That is our number one seller. It has an amazing bold barbecue flavor. We soon will have some additional barbecue flavors like hickory-smoked and mesquite.”

“Ranch,” she said putting one down and picking up another.

“Another popular flavor.”

I let her look through our various flavors.

“Would you like to try one?”


“I wouldn’t expect you to buy without trying. You can try all the flavors if you want. I’ll coat my cock with whatever flavor you’d like to taste and when you want to try another flavor I’ll use our patented cleaning cloth then recoat.”

“You want me to suck your cock?”

“No, I thought you would want to. You can buy without tasting the flavors but 99 percent of the women try before they buy.”

“Yes, I’ll try.”

“Great! What flavor would you like to try first?”

“How about the barbecue?”


I stood and opened up my trousers. I dropped them and my underwear to my knees. I opened up the barbecue and talked as I readied my cock.

“Now we use a high-quality brush for application. Make sure to get enough pickle juice on the brush but no need to soak it. Now apply it to the cock. You or your man can do the application. Whatever you prefer. As you can see there is no color. It simply makes the cock shiny and so you will know where you missed an area.”

“I expected it to be dark colored.”

“We experimented with coloring but depending on the flavor it can make a cock look unappetizing and the whole idea behind pickle juice is to make it more fun.”

Amy laughed. “A green cock for kale flavor. Yuck!”

“Exactly,” I laughed. “Go ahead and coat the underside of the cock and if you’re into deepthroating then go ahead and cover the entire shaft.”

“It’s not my thing.”

“Most women are the same. There. My cock is ready.” I screwed the cap back on and set the bottle down. “Give it a try.”

As a door-to-door pickle juice salesman I do get the benefit of having my cock sucked multiple times a day. Most prospective customers were average, some were clumsy, and others were skilled. I immediately placed Amy in the skilled category.

“It really does taste like barbecue!”

“Yes.” I was yet to experience a woman who didn’t express surprise that pickle juice claims were true.

She closed her lips tightly as she bobbed on my cock while exploring with her tongue. I am a man first and a sales rep second so I gasped often in pleasure.

Amy came off my cock. “That’s a great flavor!”

“Barbecue is our most popular flavor. Would you like to try another flavor?”


“Which one?”

“How about ranch?”

“Of course.”

I opened up a package of cleaning cloths and wiped down my cock until it had no more luster.

“Would you like the practice of coating a cock?” I asked holding out the ranch bottle.

She nodded and took the bottle.

I observed as she brushed my cock. “Don’t forget the underside of the head. You’ll definitely taste there.”

“What do you think?” she said later.

I lifted my cock to see underneath. “Looks good. I’ll take the bottle.” I capped it. I didn’t want it accidentally spilled. “As you can see ranch flavor doesn’t look any different than barbecue but go ahead and taste and tell me what you think.”

Amy took my cock back into her mouth. She bobbed a couple of time. “Wow! That’s totally ranch flavor.”

She bobbed on my cock for a couple of minutes.

“How long does the flavor last?”

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