The Dating Agency

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: The story of Mick as he collects women from a dating site and fucks them

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BDSM   Rough   Orgy   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

Mick pulled into the car parking area of the large shopping complex; even now he was doubtful that this rendezvous would take place, even though he had spoken to the woman the previous night. For ages he had tried a variety of dating agencies, but many he found were what you could call ‘smoke and mirrors’, in reality they didn’t exist. However, after a chat with an old associate who knew he was seeking a female companion had recommended the one that he now was involved with – ‘The Reliable Mature Site’. “I found it was on the ball”, his associate had said. “I was only on it for a few days and met this very obliging woman. What I mean by obliging there wasn’t one aspect of a sexual encounter that she objected you, she was a fantastic fuck and boy when she sucked my cock my teeth rattled”.

He followed that advice, it wasn’t for almost a week before he actually scored a hit, to the point that a real conversation began and then an exchange of mobile numbers and a real voice of a woman on the line, a far cry from any other site that when a physical contact was suggested there was always an excuse, proving that the contact was a computer creation, but not this one; at least he had spoken to a woman and the arrangement for a coffee had been finalized. ‘Of course she could get a cold shudder and not come’, he muttered as he crossed to the coffee shop that had been suggested. He entered.

Mavis had been on the dating list for some time but hadn’t received any communication. She had tried photos but she knew she wasn’t attractive, after all she was well into her sixties and even when young hadn’t been the most sought out woman in the small town, but she had been fucked but so long ago she wondered if that experience could ever again come her way. It had been near ten in the evening when she received the text. ‘Hello!’ the text read. ‘I have just come onto the system and noticed your profile, it was interesting and if you would like to communicate, I will respond’. Respond she almost tipped the laptop onto the floor as she eagerly typed her acceptance. It was well after eleven when the keys stopped chattering and in that time she had told him a good deal about herself and he had conveyed a similar line of communication to her and then the suggestion for a meeting. ‘A meeting, an actually meeting’ she sighed. It was such a shock that she kept repeating those words of communication while she readied herself for bed for they were so very, very rare.

Mick entered, he had only a rough picture of what she looked like for the photos on her profile were not that great, he paused for the coffee lounge was well patronized. His hesitation was brief for his name was called and he crossed towards a rather pump woman dressed in a floral dress, shoulder length air but a face that certainly wouldn’t attract much attention, however, it wasn’t her face that had drawn him to contact her, it was her tits, massive melons that as he approached wobbled, meaning she was braless and tits were his first point of contact with a woman, what her face appearance was like was generally down the list of acceptance. “Mavis”, he said as he sat down. “I’m so glad you accepted my invite”. Her response was a hiss as she grabbed his fingers and gratefully accepted his kiss. “Now have you ordered?” he asked. Over the next hour and a couple of coffees this first physical contact blossomed and when it was suggested that he now take her home as she had come by bus, she was so excited that she shuddered, almost tripping over and as he supported her, gave one braless a tit a very substantial feel that had saliva dripping from her mouth.

“If you are not in a hurray”, he said as they reached his vehicle. “We ... we could get in the back and have a cuddle”. She gave a gasp and her grip on him tightened. “I ... I would like that. I ... I would like it very much Mick”, she stammered her reply. He had no idea of her personal life, especially in the sexual field and didn’t know how desperate she was for affection. Although it was a find day the windows of the vehicle were tinted and from the outside were almost impossible to view inside for if they hadn’t been the activities would have certainly been interesting. Mavis was determined to grab this opportunity for acceptance and hold it as long as possible for almost before door was closed she fell upon him. She flooded him with kisses and although the suddenness of her manoeuvre did surprise him, it was only for a few seconds. He returned her kisses, massaging her braless tits, undoing the buttons of her dress till both tits were fully displayed and as he kissed those enlarged nipples, worked her dress up, baring her very while thighs and then slipping under the elastic of her panties and worked his fingers into the forest of hair till he reached his goal the lips of her cunt. Now it was her turn to utter gasps as he kissed and fingered her. Her whole being shuddered, droplets of saliva dribbled from her lips as she arched herself forward to gain more of that invading finger.

To free his throbbing cock wasn’t easy but eventually he managed to get his trousers down and now he could enjoy her touch as she squeezed and pulled his cock. He didn’t have to say ‘suck it’ he just pulled her head towards it, pushed the nob against her mouth and then gave a moan of pleasure as she began the action he loved, a woman’s mouth sucking his cock. His great delight in a sexual encounter was to be totally sucked off, but in this rather crammed and very awkward location he stopped her and with saliva dripping from her mouth said. “It is crammed but if you take your panties off we can fuck. Mavis had not removed her panties so quickly before, they were off in seconds and then with her thighs well spread and with a few uncomfortable shifts in position he got between those lovely but very white thighs and rammed his cock up to his balls in a very welcoming cunt, whether the vehicle rocked neither of them cared for Mavis wanted what she was receiving with desperation and he just wanted a fuck, both got what they desired and when he emptied his load Mavis was thrusting her groin up, grabbing him and pulling him down upon her, crushing her tits as she arched herself up, hoping for just another inch. Slowly he withdrew. “That was the nicest fuck I have had in ages. You are one very randy cunt but boy you are a fantastic fuck”. She gripped him and almost frantically whispered. ‘Just keep fucking me’.

His vehicle pulled into her drive, it was showing the signs of drought that had gripped the environment for a number of years and although there was evidence of her attempt to control its devastation she had lost the battle, however, on the inside she did succeed in keeping the small, spartan apartment in good order and clean. “It ... it is nearly time for lunch” she stammered. “Would just sandwiches do?” she asked. “Mavis I only have a light lunch and sandwiches would be great”, he replied as he sat down and just admired her as she prepared the lunch and had very erotic thoughts as her tits wobbled and swung in the lunch preparation. With a piping hot cup of tea and a plate full of homemade sandwiches before him he put the erotic thoughts aside and enjoyed the meal and his compliment when lunch was finished had her grinning like a full on mental patient. “Would you like something else?” she asked. He got up and stood in front of her and undid his trousers, letting them drop. “The other something”, he smiling said. “Is for you to suck me off, suck till I empty by balls while I massage your tits and while you suck don’t forget my balls they do like a substantial attention”. She just smiled as her tits were bared. Her mouth closed over his cock and her fingers began to give his balls the attention he graved.

He emptied his balls with a gasp and dragged her head into his groin that not a fraction of cock was on display, only then was she released. She gasped for air and cum and saliva dripped from her lips. “I would give my mouth a wash”, he laughed as she headed for the bathroom. ‘They always head for the bathroom for a good mouth washout’, he muttered to himself as he buckled his belt, she was in the bathroom for several minutes, finally she reappeared. “I was wondering”, she said. “If you would like to meet my sister, she is a few years older than I am; she lives alone and I don’t get much of a chance to visit her for I don’t have a vehicle and she is not exactly on the bus route”. He finished adjusting his clothing. “I have nothing planned for this afternoon and as you have been very, very obliging I will certainly take you to your sisters”, he concluded. She gave him a long and erotic kiss while he gave those tits he admired a substantial feel.

The sister lived in an old weatherboard house; it would have been built in the early fifties for it was the only house in the street that had a chimney. Mavis embraced her sister and then introduced him to her. “Belinda this is Mick, Mick Belinda”. The sister gave him an embrace and in the process the gown she was wearing opened, revealing her nudity. “Oh!’ she smilingly said. “I was just about to go and get a bit of sun. Would ... would you care to join me”, she concluded as she removed it to stand in all her womanly glory. “Do ... do you sunbake in the nude?” he asked.

“Yes I do. It gives me a full tan and I don’t appear like a striped individual, notice there are no white strips separating sections, I don’t have white tits or a white backside”

“What about the neighbours, they must be lining up to enjoy the performance”, he said. She began to laugh as she picked up a tray that had a glass and a bottle of drink on it. “I will get more glasses”, she said. “Regards your question the neighbours can go and fuck themselves and besides I have a sheltered backyard but a very nice sunny spot”.

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