by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Developmentally limited girl concentrates on what skills she has.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   .

I love my boyfriends. I love to fuck. I love to fuck my boyfriends. Some days I fuck one boyfriend. Other days I fuck two, three or sometimes all four of them. They are not jealous because they sometimes know each other and they know I like all of them the same. And they know that if they get jealous they cannot be my boyfriend any more.

I am 21 now and have been fucking since I was 18. I agreed with my mom and our doctor that I should not have babies so they fixed me so I won’t get pregnant. Now I can just fuck for fun without worrying. I like that since fucking is the most fun thing I do.

There are a lot of things I can’t do very well. I have been labeled Developmentally Delayed but that just means I’m not very smart about some things. I can’t read or do numbers very well but my boyfriends say I can cook and fuck real good. So that’s what I like to do because that’s my best thing. I have a job but I don’t drive. That saves me a lot of money. My boyfriends or my mother drive me anywhere I really need to go anyway.

My body developed ok though. I am average size with long blond hair. I have big tits and I keep my weight from getting too heavy by eating carefully. My pussy hair is blond too and not so thick I have to trim it. I’m real pretty, all my boyfriends say.

My little apartment is walking distance from work and other things I need. I like that my life is simple because then I can spend more time fucking. I love to fuck and that is something I am good at, at least all my boyfriends think so. Maybe I already said that. It is important to be good at something and specially if it makes other people feel good too.

My boyfriends are always ready to fuck me. Their cocks are hard as soon as they get their pants off, sometimes even before I have mine off, if I am wearing any right then. I don’t wear them at home much because that is where I fuck most.

Cocks are so interesting. I like the way they get big so they can go inside of me. They make me feel so good when they move in and out. Sometimes I can feel the white stuff when it shoots out the end. I like it better in my pussy than my mouth because the taste isn’t always so nice. Then the cock shrinks for a while but sometimes I can play with or suck it to make it big again. Then it can fuck me some more.

When I first started fucking I would fuck any guy who wanted to. That wasn’t good because they didn’t care about me. I thought sex was just lying there while they sticked their hard cocks in until they squirted and then it was over. The moving in and out felt good and I liked the squirting but it was nothing special. It was nice when they brought their friends because it lasted a lot longer. Then I learned that fucking is only really good if you care about each other.

When I met Jimmy who lives in my building he helped me a lot. He is about ten years older and knows everything. He didn’t fuck me right away like the other guys but got to know me first. He asked if he could be my boyfriend. I was thrilled to tell him yes. He would be my first one I could call that. I didn’t have a special name like that for the other guys that fucked me. Then he said it was OK for us to fuck and he made me feel better than all the other guys put together. I stopped fucking them after that.

He wouldn’t get up and leave right after squirting his juice in me like the other guys did. We laid close together and talked a lot about important things and most times he would get big again and make me feel real good a second time. It made me tingly all over and sometimes it was real strong and I would make happy noises and shake a bit. He called it an orgasm. I loved it. He made me promise to only fuck boyfriends and to tell him about any other guys that were interested in being my boyfriends so he could help me make better choices. I asked how many boyfriends should I have and he said that depended on me and the ones that I chose. There was no right number.

My next boyfriend was an older man at work who was always very helpful and nice. He wanted to walk me home most days and I liked that. Finally I realized that he wanted to be my boyfriend so I asked him. He was shy and said he never had a girlfriend but really liked me. I talked to Jimmy who asked me some good questions and I decided to do it.

The next time Ralph walked me home I invited him in for some ice tea and told him about my decision. He seemed very happy but didn’t know what to do next. I went over to him and kissed him and put his arms around me. It was kind of fun being the teacher and we finally ended up naked in my bed. His cock was the biggest one I had ever seen so I got on top and got it in ok. I kept looking at how it stretched my pussy lips and I sure felt full. He shot right away but I knew to keep squeezing it with my pussy and it got hard again. This time was a lot longer and he loved playing with my titties as we fucked. When we finished he cried and said he never thought any woman would do that with him. I told him that I liked it and we could do it every day and he would get even better. We do and he did. After a lot of practice he could give me orgasms too.

Right after Ralph fucked me the first time I went to see Jimmy. We fucked as I told him about my new boyfriend. He liked sliding his cock in Ralph’s juice and said it was called “slippery seconds”. It felt good to me too and I felt very sexy fucking two boyfriends in a row. It was better than fucking even six or eight of those other guys like I used to. Jimmy always wants to know about any fucking I have done since I saw him last and it excites him. It even excites me to tell about it. We sure fuck good together.

My next boyfriends are brothers. They are my age and lived next door to me growing up. My mom said they asked about me and they called and took me on a date. We did stuff together and had a good time since we’d known each other since we were little. I wondered about having two boyfriends like that and Jimmy said that it could be fun if they didn’t get jealous.

One Friday night, which is when we usually got together, we were eating pizza and drinking beer when I asked them if they wanted to be my boyfriends. They asked, “Which one of us?” and I said “Both if you won’t get jealous. I have other boyfriends too, just so you know.”

They looked at each other and said, “We have shared girls before so that’s no problem.”

I said OK then which of you is going to fuck me first. They flipped a coin. It WAS great fun, as Jimmy had said, to have another hard cock ready when the one in you squirts and pulls out. Or to suck on one while the other one is in your pussy. It was nice to have a mouth for each of my nipples at the same time. I sure tingle when they do that. I finally had to send them home when my pussy got sore. From then on I go out with one or both of them, depending on who is working that night, and we might go to a restaurant like Arbys and a movie or a place to dance. Sometimes we go to their place, especially if one has to work, and fuck until the working one gets home and then he can get in my pussy too.

One weekend they had a cousin visiting. He just kept looking at me and they told me he was a virgin. Would I fuck him? He was young and cute so I said yes and they watched him get on top of me. He didn’t last long and then they took turns as usual and I had a good time. The cousin got real hard watching me get fucked by my boyfriends so I asked him to fuck me again and he lasted a lot longer. I’d gotten my orgasm so it didn’t matter. He sent me a nice necklace as a thank you gift and I told my boyfriends I would fuck him if he visits again.

Jimmy and I fuck during the week whenever we want to but Saturday is his special day. He takes me to Wal-Mart and other places I need to go to shop then we go out for a fancy dinner, like to Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel. I stay naked once we get back to his apartment so it is easy to fool around. We might watch a movie or some porn videos on his computer. I spend the night and we fuck a lot. Usually after the first time he has me tell him about my week’s fucking and that gets him hard again quicker. He is so good with his dick and makes the rest of my body feel so good too. I’m really glad he likes my other boyfriends and I let him know that. He says a pussy won’t wear out so I might as well enjoy it.

I think he’s right. I remember the Friday night with my brother boyfriends and their cousin I told you about. I had also fucked my work boyfriend earlier that same day. I was so excited that I wanted to tell Jimmy about fucking three guys at once. After they left I called him and he came to my apartment and fucked me twice. My pussy was real pink and messy but felt so good I could have done some more. I wonder if I could get all my boyfriends together at the same time? Jimmy knows who the others are but they only know that I have other boyfriends.

I go to a nearby church on Sundays. The preacher talks about love and not about sin. I know I am doing the best I can to love my boyfriends and I thank God for my life.

There is a young assistant preacher there who always talks to me and asks if there is anything he can do for me. I think he is the youth pastor. He is very good looking and not married. I told him I’d be glad to be friends so we have gone for walks after church. One time I reached out and held his hand and he didn’t pull away. I think he wants to fuck me but doesn’t know how to ask.

Jimmy says that if I am interested in having the preacher as a boyfriend I need to have an honest talk with him. I shouldn’t give details but he needs to know that I have other boyfriends and what that means. He can then choose if that is ok with him. I should say “have sex” and not “fuck” like I usually do.

The next Sunday we went walking and I asked Reverend Roger to sit on a bench in the park so we could talk face to face. I asked him if he would like to be my boyfriend. He said that he did. I told him I would like that too but he needed to know some things. He was really listening. I said that I had other boyfriends and that I liked to have sex with all my boyfriends. It was not adultery since no one was married, and it wasn’t cheating since everyone knew what was going on. I was not a slut because I chose my boyfriends carefully and I had to really like them first.

He didn’t say anything for a while but then leaned over and kissed me for the very first time. He explained that this wasn’t what he expected but he was still very attracted to me and needed to think and pray about it. Could we talk next Sunday?

“Of course,” I replied.

All week I was thinking of him, even when my pussy was getting some good filling from another boyfriend. I imagined it was him in there and I got all tingly. It was hard to wait for church to be over. Reverend Roger took me to dinner at a restaurant with tablecloths and real silverware. It was romantic.

He finally got to the most important subject. “I am a virgin and always thought I wanted another virgin as my first partner in our wedding bed. I know now that is not realistic and is out of touch with my congregation’s actual life. I believe that you were sent by God to be my teacher and I would be happy to be your boyfriend.”

I reached over and squeezed his hands, smiled and said “You will be my Sunday boyfriend and can help me get closer to God too. I believe sex is a gift from God and we will be praying when we are together. Take me to your bed.” He said he was impressed at my spiritual wisdom.

We went to his small apartment and I slowly undressed, showing off the new underwear I had bought at a nicer department store yesterday, hoping this would happen. I undressed him and was pleased by his nice erection. He moaned when I kissed it and it squirted into my mouth when I started sucking. I reassured him that was normal and he’d be ready again soon. He soon got hard again as he explored my body. I guided his inexperienced fingers and gave him hot kisses. He seemed to not notice the mouthful of cum he’d given me.

Finally I put him on his back and lowered myself onto his big rod. He reached for my hanging tits and made them feel real good as I rode him. I recognized from lots of experience the feeling of his cock swelling just before it spurted. I squeezed it as it shot real hard inside me. He moaned loudly and collapsed. I laid gently on top of him and kissed him awake. “That was real good. You are quite a man.” He smiled so wide I thought his face would break. “I bet we can do it again in a little while.” We did ... two more times before I went home and fucked Jimmy while telling him all about it. I was real slippery with Roger’s juice.

We had sex every Sunday after church. Neither one of us mentioned my other boyfriends even when Roger asked me how my week had been. He was a fast learner and developed a way of having sex quite different than my other boyfriends. It was more tender and loving and spiritual and really made our sex like the praying with our bodies I had talked about. I gradually became closer to him than Jimmy in some ways.

Finally, when Roger felt secure enough, he began asking me questions about my sex life. I told him I had been fucking for three years and didn’t remember how many guys. I told him about each of my boyfriends I have now. When I finished talking he just plain fucked me. He was really riled up. I guess it was from thinking about other cocks being in me where he was, so it wasn’t like our usual making love. I just fucked him back until he got it all out and fell asleep next to me.

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