by Daedra

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Humor Story: There is a celebration for Dorothy's ten year anniversary. She drags her husband along. Somehow the whole affair is not playing out according to her expectations. There might be a connection to my first story "Letter to the Children of My Wife"

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Wow. Today is my tenth anniversary at Rainburg Hospital. I was actually surprised to find out, that my colleagues were planning a party for me. Over my entire time working there, I have never really socialized with any of my coworkers. It’s a nice way to find out, that they seem care about me.

I need to get ready. The party will start in about an hour. Did they tell me, how formal this is going to be? Fuck, I don’t remember. Even the invitation doesn’t include a bloody hint. Why didn’t I pay attention to Amber, when she handed me the invitation? No use antagonizing myself, I’ll just dress half formal and sexy. Yeah, that’ll work.

“Vince, you need to get ready for the party.” I yell in the general direction of my husband. “It’s only a fifteen minute drive, but I don’t want to arrive last.”

Ever since the whore, my sister-in-law, moved in with us, Vince has not been worth a damn. Even on a day like this, what should be my day, he just finished fucking her, while I had to take care of the kids, instead of getting ready for the party. God, I hate her.

“Why do we have to go to this party? Why can’t we just have a party of our own?” He has the guts to ask me. He doesn’t even notice the white hot flame of anger that must be burning in my eyes.

“This is a party for my tenth anniversary at the hospital. My colleagues went to great lengths to honor my tenure and you seem to not give a damn about it.” I answer him. “Just get into a suit. We are going to the party. Tomorrow you can fuck her as often as you can get it up.”

He will want to have a threesome again. Why the fuck does he have to get off to us sucking his loads out of the other’s pussy. My fucking own fault for starting it in the beginning. How can something so hot and naughty become disgusting? Maybe it’s because of her. Twenty years ago we were best friends, today she is just Vince’s cumdump in my mind.

“Vince, let’s get going.” I yell into the house. “Becks take care of the kids.”

Five minutes later my useless husband finally emerges from the house and off we are. Vince looks exhausted. Not even small talk on the drive to the party. Why does the novelty of having Becks for himself with unlimited access not wear off? Does he love her more than me? Would he have married her, if I hadn’t got pregnant first? Did he even love me, or was he just doing the right thing? My dad would have killed him for leaving me alone with his child.

This is all John’s fault. Why didn’t he take better care of Becks. No, that’s not right. He was the perfect husband for her. It’s Becky’s fault. That whore had to follow Vincent’s advice and marry his hopeless brother. How the hell did they figure that this would never come out? John has been totally clueless all those years, but he is definitely not dumb.

Ah, there it is. Wow. A lot of cars. Even several guys from the management. Even Björn is here? What’s up with all the big guns attending my anniversary? Or did they combine several anniversaries into one event? That would definitely save a lot of money, if they only did one celebration per year. Ah, who cares, the show begins.

“Hi Claire.” I gush to the petite slut, which nearly got the job I wanted. Nobody gets the jobs I’m after. Not after I got bypassed for my first promotion seven or eight years ago. Back then I vowed to achieve, whatever I wanted, and I have succeeded thus far. Three promotions later, I am on brink to join the big guns. Björn attending might be the best thing about this celebration. I can already start my work on him.

“Sorry, would you please repeat the question.” Damn, it’s so hard to pay attention to all the bullshit my colleagues tend to talk about all day. Where the fuck is Vince? He should better not be at the bar drinking and embarrassing me. Now I need to go searching for him, just great.

“Vince, where the fuck have you been? I have been looking for you for ten minutes now.” I chastise my husband.

“I needed to take a leak. No need to bitch around. You didn’t even notice me going to the restrooms.” How dare he talk to me like that today? Sophie is already looking our way. I need to diffuse the situation immediately.

“Please don’t embarrass me today. Just stick to my side and when we get home, I will reward you. How does that sound?” I whisper to him.

“Yeah, whatever. As soon as your attendance is no longer required, we are out of here.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. That son of a bitch is in a foul mood. We need to find our table. Only a few minutes until the start of dinner.

Ah, there it is. Damn. Why are Darren and Toby sitting at my table? Who’s the last couple missing? Oh no. I get a bad, bad feeling. William and his wife will be the last two people at my table. That can’t be a coincidence, can it? I can’t just back out now. Oh well. Let’s get it over with.

“Welcome to our little party.” Björn announces from the head table. “I want to thank all of you for coming. This year, we have some changes. Some of you have been invited to celebrate an anniversary, others to celebrate a promotion and some to receive an award. There is even one participant to share all three honors. We will talk about this some more after the dinner. We only have beer, wine, soft drinks, water, tea and coffee. Don’t even try to persuade the waiters into getting you some hard stuff. Have fun.”

OK, that sounds good enough. I wonder, if I am the person, Björn talked about. At least I have my anniversary and I was already promised my next promotion. What kind of award could it be? Hottest MILF? Hm, the food sure looks nice.

I can’t believe how awkward it is, sitting at a table with Darren, Toby, William and all our respective spouses. Conversation is kind of strained. No one of the others knows why we were put on the same table. I need more wine. Maybe we could get full bottles for our table. That would definitely help the mood.

None of the guys is willing to talk to me. This is going to be a loooong party. At all other tables our colleagues are chatting away, having a good time. Just not our table. Feels like a fucking funeral to me. Hopefully Björn will soon start with the awards and such. Ah, right on queue.

“What a great way to start our celebration. Congratulation and many thanks to the kitchen for preparing such a wonderful meal.” Björn says to begin the next part of our evening. “But as I said in the beginning, we not only here to indulge ourselves in the culinary exploits of our hosts. The primary reason for our party, are the scheduled anniversaries, promotions and awards. Before we can start promoting people, we need to have positions to promote them to. As long as you do not create positions out of thin air, this has always been the way to go about it. Unfortunately, we do not have anyone leaving us to retire or to move away or whatever other reasons there might be. How might we resolve this issue?”

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