I Forgot to Call

by DelawareDan

Copyright© 2018 by DelawareDan

Erotica Sex Story: I suddenly decided to go home for the weekend, but I clean forgot to call ahead and warn Mom. (This is a much shorter version of "Spring Break in New England"; it doesn't contain any of the suspense and angst. A nice easy read, I hope.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Brother   Sister   Swinging   .

I suddenly decided to go home for the weekend, but forgot to call ahead and warn Mom I was coming. (This is a much shorter version of a story I’ve posted under another pen-name; it doesn’t contain any of the suspense and angst. A nice easy read.)

Even with the usual Friday night plus the extra Spring Break traffic on the I-90, I’d made pretty good time from Boston, and it wasn’t yet seven o’clock. Man, I could really use a hug from Mom, a glass of Dad’s beer, and one of Mom’s home-cooked meals. I’d been living on college food for too long.

I slowed down and turned into our drive, stopping at the keypad to punch in the code for the electric gates, which opened to let me through. I got to the parking area at the top to find a whole load of cars parked up, and kept going to find a place. Two people were just entering the house; it looked like my parents were hosting yet another dinner party.

That’s when I remembered that in all the haste, I’d forgotten to call Mom and tell her I was coming back home for Spring Break.


Mom took her dinner parties mega-seriously; there certainly wouldn’t be a place set for me, but with luck I’d be able to rustle up something in the way of leftovers, and amuse myself up in my bedroom until their guests were gone. I’d done that many Friday nights since we’d moved here; at least once a month they hosted a dinner, and a couple of other times they’d go out and leave my sister and I to feed ourselves. The last two years, with Sis being allowed to date weekends until eleven once she reached 17, and then being away at college herself, it had been pretty much me on my own every other Friday night, unless I had a date myself. I’d quickly found that there were a number of high school girls who preferred the offer of a bedroom to the backseat of a car on a Friday night!

Still, I was on my own tonight. Just my luck, when I wanted some company and quiet time with my folks, to once again have to go hide upstairs so as not to disturb a dinner party. Sheesh!

I sat in the car muttering to myself for a couple of minutes, and then got out and stretched after the journey. Another car came up the drive and parked next to mine; a girl climbed out the drivers side and grinned at me. She was around my age, a couple of inches shorter than me, her skin was a light mocha coffee color, and she had a lovely smile in a very pretty face crowned by neatly styled mid-length black hair. She certainly didn’t look like one of Dad’s usual power dinner guests; she was at least twenty years younger than most of their friends and contacts.

I smiled back at her.

“Hi! I’m Jessie! Nice to see another young one! I haven’t met you at one of these parties before? Or were we both masked?”

I wasn’t sure I had heard right. Then the words hit my brain.

WHAT THE FUCK? “One of these parties?” “Masked?”

I almost looked to check that I was at the right house. This was seriously weird.

I thought very quickly.

“Hey, I’m Michael. I’ve been out of town a while, so probably not.”

I offered my hand and we shook. She had a nice firm cool grip.

“Pleased to meet you, Jessie!”

“Nice to meet you too, Michael.”

I had to try and get some more details, but without showing that I was WAAAAY out of my depth on this one. Luckily, one of the useful social skills that Dad has taught me is how to talk to someone whose name I can’t remember, using open-ended questions to try and get more information without admitting my ignorance. It’s a real useful technique. Works well with people you’ve just met, too.

“How long have you been attending?”

“I’ve been coming here since October, this is my fourth, no, fifth party. I’m really looking forward to tonight; it’s been a long four weeks!”

Jeez! There was definitely something REALLY weird going on here, like seriously scary. This was a regular occurrence?

I instantly felt like I was a stranger in my own home. It was like I didn’t belong here.

I led the way towards the front door. I noticed that every one of the windows was covered by closed drapes. Now, that was unusual. There was not an interior light to be seen, just the security lighting around the front porch and off the side of the house.

I tried another of Dad’s favorite ‘neutral’ phrases.

“Anything new?”

She thought for a moment.

“Don’t think so. Masks to be worn at all times, no cameras or phones, condoms with people outside the group, show your clean test results to someone when you go in, anal only by invitation. Is that the same?”


I nearly tripped up on the path. This was totally fucking screwed up. My parents were hosting a SEX PARTY? This good looking girl I’d just met was looking forward to a sex party? WTF! If she’d been MY girlfriend, I’d be doing my best to satisfy her needs all by myself.

Luckily, Jessie was looking towards the house and didn’t notice my stumble, or that I hadn’t replied to her. I had to make an instant decision – fight or flight. You know how they say sometimes your whole life flashes before your eyes? It sure felt like that as we ascended the steps up to the door!

Anyway, by the time I got to the door and was opening it for Jessie, I’d decided on ‘fight’. If Jessie was going in there, I wasn’t going to run out on her. Besides, if my parents WERE doing something so weird, I needed to know all about it. Jesus! As if my life wasn’t complicated enough!

Let me explain how we got here.

I’m Michael (Mike) Noble, and I’m a freshman at Boston University. My older sister Laura is a sophomore at another college, and our parents, Mason and Abigail, are highly-paid business professionals. We’ve lived in New England since I was born; about ten years ago we moved home from New Hampshire to Massachusetts when Dad got a job offer he said he couldn’t rightly refuse. As a family we’re very lucky to be pretty well off; Laura and I have college funds from our grandparents, and as we both managed to get some scholarships, we’ve got ample spending money too.

Mom tells us that we’ll never be as rich in time and money as we are now, and to enjoy our time at college. Given that she also says that we’ve got to invest hard work now to reap the benefits of a good degree from a top 100 school, there’s a conflict that can’t be resolved.

Boston is most definitely not a Party college. You can’t party and make the required grades; the hours are hard enough to carry as it is. Yeah, we’d had the usual freshman parties and getting-to-know gatherings, but after a couple of weeks, reality hit home.

A couple of months after I started at Boston, I met a real pretty girl called Amy and hooked up with her. We got on well, spent the Christmas break together at her parents, and it was all looking good. Right up until a month ago, 2/7.

One of my lectures got cancelled due to the professor being sick, so I called round Amy’s dorm to see if she wanted to come out for a coffee, only to find that she wasn’t alone in her room, and she hadn’t troubled to lock the door. With three naked men waiting there turn and one already pumping away in her, there was no point in her even pretending that it wasn’t what it looked like. I deleted her details from my cell (after blocking her number) and tried to put it down to experience.

I suppose the timing could have been worse. I might have not found out until after I’d bought Amy the jewelry, flowers, perfume and dinner for Valentine’s Day that I had been intending to treat her.

The next thing was to take myself off the planned Florida trip for Spring Break. Luckily, I hadn’t yet parted with any money, and somebody from the reserve list in the dorm was more than happy to take my place. Whether he got to enjoy Amy’s favors I never troubled to enquire.

Now I had a better idea how Amy had been able to teach me so much about pleasing a woman – she had a great deal more experience than she’d let on. We’d had some great sex from my point of view, but it clearly hadn’t been enough to satisfy her inner slut. After a week of beating myself up about not being man enough to keep her happy, I remembered that, when I hit sixteen, my dad had warned me that whenever I had unprotected sex, I was also having sex with everyone that person had ever slept with. Amy’s insistence that her implant was sufficient for our mutual protection was clearly not valid. I regretted not using condoms and went off to get myself tested. After another week of worrying, I went back to the medical center clinic to pick up my results. To my relief, I had tested clear.

The stress of breaking up in that fashion had ruined the final three weeks of the semester; although I kept up my grades, I had lost a lot of self confidence. You know the feeling, that people are laughing at you behind your back, even when you almost know for sure that they know nothing about it.

I was grateful that Amy lived in another dorm; it would have been hard still having to be nice around her. Fortunately she made no attempt to rekindle our relationship; I saw her a couple of times with other guys. It still riled me; to try and forget her I lost myself in my studies; fortunately my roomie also was a serious student, and we both got a lot of work done. I also spent time in the gym working off my anger at Amy on the weights and the punch-bags.

Now I was studied up, and needing a few days of relaxation to recharge. Getting laid would also have worked, but that was too complicated at the moment.

It had been a no-brainer to come back home for the week of Spring Break, rather than staying in the dorm moping or drowning myself in my books and online resources.

Trouble was, I hadn’t warned anyone that I was coming.

It looked like they most certainly weren’t expecting me home. Okay, I probably had been spending too much time with Amy and not enough keeping up with my family, but all this was one hell of a surprise.

Mum and Dad were having these masked sex parties and I had no idea? That sucked. I wondered if my sister Laura was equally in the dark – I hadn’t noticed her car outside, not that I’d been looking out for it.

Jessie smiled her thanks at me as she passed through the door I was holding open for her. To my great relief, my parents were nowhere to be seen in the entrance hall. I knew I was in no state to face them.

Mom has a large antique wooden table, not antebellum but getting that way, if you’ll allow a decade or two. She describes it as Victorian, though why we would date it after an English Queen I’ll never know. There’s a special word for the polished surface of the table, Mom calls it a ‘patina’. Apparently that’s real important, and she won’t let the maid service ever polish it; she uses a special beeswax she buys mail order. When they hold a dinner party, there is always a silver vase of cut flowers in the center, with a silver tray in front of it, on which rests Mom’s Visitors Book where all her guests have to write their names.

Tonight the table was covered with a thick protective cloth, and there were a number of plastic storage boxes stacked next to it. The couple I had seen entering the house were just finishing off their preparation for the party. They were now naked and wearing leopardskin-print masks with eye-holes, which covered much of their upper faces. I tried to hide my surprise; thankfully when they turned towards us as we came in, Jessie was in front of me. I had a bit of time to pull my jaw off of my chest and put it back on my face. Yeah, even having an idea that something was going on, running straight into two naked people was still quite a shock.

They seemed to be about the same age as my parents, and they were in pretty good physical condition. Their mouths were smiling.

“We thought we were the last! Can we show you our test results before we go in?”


Jessie opened her purse and pulled out a slip of paper, I cottoned on immediately and also extracted mine from my wallet, and we all quickly glanced at the certificates. The other three, like mine, were all dated within the last two weeks, and Jessie nodded in satisfaction. I suddenly realized that, by pure luck, I’d just passed the security check!

They smiled back, said that they might see us later, and went off towards the Great Room.

We stepped up to the table in their place and I looked at the items displayed. Jessie took a pink armband numbered ‘24’ and put one of those lottery-type balls with the same number in a plastic bucket, then handed me a blue armband with ‘15’ and dropped the corresponding ball in the bucket.

I guessed that meant there were almost forty people at the party; mentally counting up the cars outside, I reckoned that was possible. Quite where forty people would fit in our house, I wasn’t quite so sure. Yeah, so there are six bedrooms, but six two’s don’t even make twenty.

“They’ve probably started already, but at least we’re now in the draw for the games. Rather more girls than boys, though, so you’ll be in demand. I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Nah, most of us like a bit of girl-on-girl. There will just be more threesomes tonight. I’m a bisexual lesbian myself; on balance I prefer girls, but every so often I need the services of a good hard cock. My roomie is the same; we’re friends and lovers. She should be here already, if you’re in luck you might get to fuck her as well. Speaking of a good hard cock, here you go.”

She handed me an elliptical yellow pill, taking one herself. Amy had introduced me to the use of Cialis, so I swallowed mine without hesitation. They sure worked for me in getting and keeping an erection all night, and Amy had sworn that she orgasmed more quickly and more often with the help of the drug. Jessie had obviously heard the story too. But, man, they retail at forty bucks a pop. Giving them out free for a party was sure costing someone.

Jessie had just said ‘fuck her as well‘. Sounded like she was fully intending to let me fuck her, and man, that was just fine with me after the past month without getting myself laid.

I’d never had a girl come on to me so definite and so fast; but then again I’d never attended a sex party before. (Okay, I’d been propositioned by a very drunk girl at a Freshman’s party who’d just about managed to form the words ‘you wanna fuck?’, but as there was no chance of getting her back to her room before she tossed her cookies all over the both of us, I had declined and gotten well away from her before the beer she’d been drinking came back up again.)

Having been incredibly lucky so far as to actually have a clean and in-date STI test result with me (for the first and only time in my life so far), I didn’t want to push my deal with Dame Fortune any further. The urgent priority was to disguise myself, in case one of my parents walked in on us, so I quickly pulled off my shirt and pulled on a mask. Jessie grinned as she passed me one of the boxes and placed her purse in another, before unbuttoning her own blouse. She too donned a mask; it made her look even more mysterious and alluring. I wasn’t sure that was the main reason for the masks, but it helped there as well.

“Nice six pack, Michael!”

I smiled in thanks for her praise. As there was a gym in the dorm basement which was free to use, I’d taken up working out regularly when I had started at college, and the habit had stuck. I’d taken a lot of my anger at Amy out on the weights machines over the past couple of weeks, and that too had firmed me up. It was good to have the results of all that effort appreciated.

Her blouse came off, and her bra. It was time to return the compliment.

“Great rack, Jessie!”

Yeah, and I meant it. Her tits were what I consider just the right size, a handful and a bit. The kind you can put your palms over to hold her in place while your cock is pushing her away from you, but big enough to give you a real fine titfuck. The perky nipples on the dark areoles looked like they were going to be lot of fun to play with, too.

She giggled self-consciously. I had now pulled off my shoes and was unbuttoning my pants; I spotted her peeking to see what would be revealed. I teased her by turning my back a little.

“Don’t be shy!”

I dropped my pants and shorts, mooning at her with my buttocks, and grinning at her. She shook an admonishing finger at me, so I turned around. My cock was still flaccid, but I knew from years of changing-room comparisons that it was nothing to be ashamed about. She clearly agreed.

“Niiice! I told you I was looking forward to tonight! Are you going to let me try it out?”

I grinned at her.

“Damn right I am!”

Jessie teased me in turn as she removed her own skirt and panties; there were no tan lines (though it was probably too early in the year for that) and the smooth mocha colored skin was truly beautiful. She had a lovely pert butt that must have gotten a lot of attention whenever she was wearing shorts. She pretended to bend over to put her shoes in her box; I got a good view of her shaven snatch. Her pussy lips were small and beautiful, just like her, and my dick lurched as it looked forward to making their acquaintance.

Yeah, if I succeeded in nailing this beauty the way I hoped to, this evening was going to be great. I put both our boxes against the side wall with the others, and we were done. She looked at me questioningly.

“Time to join the party?”

I made my pitch. I had an idea that it would be a winner.

“Shall we go find somewhere quiet first?”

She smiled. Another big wide white-toothed smile. Man, she was lovely!

“Right answer!”

I let Jessie lead me by the hand; to my utter amazement, she took me upstairs and into my own bedroom, shutting the door behind us.

“We shouldn’t be interrupted, not with the door closed. I want to keep you to myself for a while.”

I saw that my room had been sanitized of my belongings. On my bedside cabinet there was a tray containing a couple of tubes of personal lubricant, some wipes and a box of tissues. There was nothing on display that belonged to me.

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