Neighbour Aunt Gave Extreme Pleasure

by Shibli999

Copyright© 2018 by Shibli999

Young Adult Sex Story: This Is A Story About Me And My Sexy Neigbour. How We Fall Into The World Of Sex And Extreme Pleasure. Truely Enjoyable Story

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   True Story   .

This is Sinan from Kerala. Am a B. Tech 1st-year student. Just 19 years old. Am very horny for you girls and aunties. Inbox me at This is my real sex story.

I Am sharing my fantasy with my Neighbor Aunt. Her name is Zareena. She has 2 children, a boy, and a girl. She has a big ass as well as big boobs. Her husband is in the gulf. But he never cares about her as he is mentally disturbed.

I frequently used to visit her home as her small son like to play with me. But I never felt any bad intention towards her because she always used to cover her body using a shell. One day, when I was in her house, she came from the bathroom wearing a nighty and I have seen her beautiful hanging melons.

She is very hot. From that day, I just want to explore her body completely.I started to masturbate thinking of her. But I was very afraid to express my intention to her as she is very friendly with my family.

But I decided to know her mind. So, I collected her number. I started to message her using my fake WhatsApp number. But I started a conversation in a decent manner and slowly shifted towards some sexy shots.

The good thing has she never blocked me. But she avoided sex text and only replied to decent chats only. But by the time, she found it’s my number. She used true caller app (an app used to find the caller name or id) to find it out.

One day, when I was in her home, she came with just wearing nighty. And in a naughty tone, she asked me whether you have any extra sim or number. I said No, I don’t have.

She said so it’s not you. She continued that someone is disturbing her frequently. And she showed the message that I have sent to her using my fake number. And she said that it shows your name when searching for true caller app.

I was totally out of control and sweating as I was very afraid. And she said that I know it’s you. And she was very angry with me; as she took her son from my hand. I was very afraid. I said sorry to her. And left for my home very sad.

And In the night, she messaged me: “I will say this to you mother”. I replied:”please aunt, don’t say to my mother”. She said,”OK, I will think “.

And she said that you have to obey me as a punishment for your mistake and I agreed.

She told me why do you need to use a fake number.You can ask me directly if you want something from me. Now, I am a little bit confident. I replied her: I am a sorry aunt, I left some desire to explore her seeing her big melons and she told her that she wants some good experience.We continued sexual chats all over that night. But she put me a condition, we need to try some femdom experience, I said okay.

The next day, I went to her home, I played with her son. She had a naughty smile on her face. We started to touch and feel her. We pinched each other. Now, she said you will are going to be in a bad manner in the nights.

She called me home once everyone had slept as there is only she and her children in her home. At about 11.30 PM, I went to her house. She messaged me: come, the door is open.

I entered into her house. She pulled me inside and just lip locked me. I thought that, was my dreams. We continued it for a while; after that, she undressed me. Looking at my big cock, she said: so you are a grown up man. And took my balls in hand and slap it. It was hard.

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