Late Bloomer

by Goldfisherman

Copyright© 2018 by Goldfisherman

Erotica Sex Story: A college graduate, virgin, after dome needed dental work and moving in with a kinky roommate, wishes to catch up for lost time sexually and literally become a self styled slut.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Zoophilia   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Orgy   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Body Modification   Size   .

From a sexual standpoint I must be a very late bloomer. I am 24 and still a virgin. I just have kept most men at a distance with the help of my apparent homeliness. I am not over or under weight, but I have freckles, orange red hair and up until a couple of months ago had horrible buck teeth.

Recently I had some dental work after graduating from college with a degree in computer sciences. The dentist did a nice job correcting the shape of my face and lips so I no longer had the horrible expression of a red haired ape, with the shallow jaw and protruding lips.

I was hired into a pretty decent position at a high tech firm. Surprisingly, I had very few student loans and graduated using mostly scholarships and an inheritance for most of my expenses.

I have a roommate that is into several different perversions. She has a German shepherd that she is rarely out of contact with.

This last week I came home early and walked in on Karen, my roommate, as she was tied to her shepherd with his knot stuck in her. I thought that doing the shepherd might be fun if I could build up the nerve to let the animal shove his cock and knot into my still virgin kitty. Karen had told me before that she regularly coupled with her dog, and had become quite attached to him. I acknowledged that she was definitely attached to her dog. We talked about it. I decided that I was definitely not ready to take a dog as I did not think it would be that enjoyable at this point in my life.

I was getting horny regularly but I decided that if I did decide to have my virginity taken, I wanted to do a marathon of sex and probably have many partners over many hours. I would want to be stretched and filled with cum in every hole and be worn out for several days. It might be several weeks before I would have any thought or desire for regular or normal sex.

At this revelation Karen said that it could be arranged, and even could make some good money if I would not mind being the star of a porno video. This was intriguing.

She asked me when my periods were. I told her and asked why? She told me that a gang bang could be arranged for my deflowering and that if I wished to be stretched and filmed I could receive several thousand dollars. I asked her what the catch was and she said some guys would be white with a few blacks at first and black porn stars after I was stretched a little. It could be over a day or two or as long as a week. During the last 10 days before my period would be best as they could cum in me and I would not get pregnant. I would be having oral sex, vaginal and anal I would be swallowing their cum and I would have it running out of my vagina and anus.

This turned me on as I began gently massaging my clit. My last period started 2 weeks ago and I would be ready in 4 more days.

Karen made a few calls and asked me if I would be able to take off work for several days. I told her that a 4 day weekend was coming up and I could take off up to 3 more days with no problem making it a 9 day weekend. I called my boss and there would be no problem.

Karen and I went to a beauty shop and I had my muff removed by electrolysis. This was a little exciting. I had my underarms done as well. I would be as bare as a new borne babe. For the video I would keep my fiery red hair but when I went back to work I would change it to blond. Karen would be accompanying me during the filming.

By the time Saturday came around I was getting super wound up looking forward to being transformed into a whore.

The video company had an apartment set up for us to go to and we arrived at 8:00 in the morning. Our blood tests had come back and neither one of us were carrying any STD’s or other communicable diseases. Both of us were asked to shed our clothes as they would be providing some undergarments to wear, like crotchless panties and cup-less bras. We were on site 2 hours before any of the studs would be showing up. Pictures and videos were taken of my still virgin hymen and some pictures and videos of me doing some minor masturbation and getting used to dildoes and butt plugs in my anus. The producer had us watch some videos to come up with a little bit of script that sounded natural and meaningful.

Karen and I had several deep enemas that cleaned us out very good. We were filled with lots of extra lubrication in spite of both of us being very wet from anticipation. We would be orally cleaning the cum out of each other.

The men started to arrive and a white guy was to initially break my hymen. I was already well worked up and it did not take long before he pushed inside and I let out a bit of an exaggerated virginal scream. He rested inside before he continued then started pumping me before he came in about 4 minutes.

The producer said he wanted to re-shoot the scene with a black lover so I would need to have a red dye sac inside so the blood would show when he did it.

This was interesting as a speculum was used to open me up for the insertion. This felt pretty good as an insight of things to come.

Again a black guy came in the door by invitation and we removed my and his clothing (there was not much). I gave him a good blow job before he entered me. He was quite large and went in all of the way in as the red dye from the little pouch burst inside. I did the virginal scream and it felt very good as he completely filled me. We did several different poses as he kept pumping his cock in me. I had a couple of orgasms as he left a bloody cream pie. I flushed out the bloody cream pie and then went through several more singles with Karen helping, sometimes joining in, and sometimes cleaning me out as I cleaned her out in a 69.

After 4 hours and a break we started with me taking 2 men and also some 3 man teams with me taking cocks in all 3 holes at the same time. I was getting a lot of cum built up in me and I was squirting like a fountain. Sometimes I was getting it anal and vaginal as I was cleaning out Karen and sometimes she was doing the same for me. Cum is an acquired taste and I definitely had acquired a taste for it.

After 10 hours of almost continuous coupling, Karen and I were getting quite tired and it was not as much fun anymore.

The producer called it a day and told us to catch some sleep and be ready to go in the morning. A meal was brought to us and we enjoyed it before we just laid back and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up, showered, and cleaned each other out. I was real surprised that I was not sore. Karen said that is because we had not done any real kinky stuff like extreme toys.

“That sounds like it might be fun Karen. I really don’t think I will be really stretched unless I wind up being at least a little sore. The big cocks were exciting but I have heard that some of them are big enough to push through my cervix and stretch it. One way to make it less sore is a muscle relaxant to open it so huge cocks and toys can go into my womb.”

Karen gave a bit of a worried look and responded. “I think something can be arraigned but if you do it you will probably be opened so far that you will never be tight again.”

“I want to do it Karen. Then I want to get a few erotic piercings in my nipples and my labia. Once I do that, I will be off sex for up to several months until they heal. When we are doing the toys we can pump up my labia to make them real puffy while I get another gang bang.”

The producer was overhearing our conversation came over and commented. “This will give us some good footage on you to make some more stories pieced in with what we have. We have the muscle relaxant so you can hop onto the OB chair and we can give you the injection.”

The OB chair was where the packet of red dye had been placed into my vagina yesterday. The technician inserted the speculum and prepared the needle. The needle was awfully long but the technician said. “Only the end will go into your flesh about a half inch. It makes it easier to reach it if it is this long.” I hardly felt the tiny sting as it penetrated me. It did give me a warm feeling. The technician removed the needle and speculum and told me to turn on the enema hose with slightly warm water and push the end into my vagina all of the way and gradually press it against my cervix until it slips through into my womb, then push some more as my womb fills with water. When you feel like you are going to burst then you can slowly remove the hose, do not turn off the water. Then push one of the horse phallus’ into your womb while letting the water drain out. Relax a bit and enjoy.

This was quite an experience and while I took my time I found that the initial opening of my cervix, if forced, could be a little painful. I was surprised when I tried the gigantic horse phallus dong, it actually fit and felt good all the way inside.

By 10 in the morning the men started to arrive for more coupling. Most of them were bigger than yesterday. Again no condoms and I would be pumped up with a large puffy labia by the afternoon. I was being filled in all of my holes almost continuously before lunch. While I was eating lunch a vacuum chamber was affixed to my vagina and my labia was expanded and made puffy by the enhanced circulation. I was then coupled in my vagina while wearing the horse phallus in my anus or other large dildoes. By dinner I was starting to feel a little sore. My vagina looked more painful than it felt with the bruising of the vacuum pump episodes.

The producer told us that I needed to take a break from coupling until the bruising went down. We had shot enough private videos to supply the customers for several weeks. If I were to get the larger piercings that I had mentioned I wanted I could get them and have the inside sutured and I would be able to get back in action in a maybe a month.

I was paid $5000 for the 2 days and would be receiving some residuals on a monthly basis as long as the videos did not make it onto the free sites. I would also receive a copy of various versions of the videos after they were edited together.

I liked this as I could use the videos to explain myself if any of my co-workers ever tried to make anything of my doing gang-bangs or interracial sex.

I asked if a video of my getting pierced could be marketed but he said that would be up to me and the piercer.

Karen and I left to go home and rest before I would go the rest of the way on my body modifications.

The next day I really did not want to get out of bed. It hurt to walk, sit, go to the bathroom, not go to the bathroom, or even move. The next day I felt better and actually enjoyed doing everything I could not do the day before. In the afternoon we found a Piercing parlor that did the kind of piercings that I wanted. I wanted the larger piercings to be sutured so there would not be so much open scar tissue to heal.

The piercer said that he could do that, as on rare occasions the ladies and men wanted to reduce the time they would be laid up and open for infections. He suggested a catheter for my urine to flow through for a few days to cut down the burning when I needed to go even when he did the sutures the areas would be sensitive for about a week and he would give me some cleaners and an antibiotic with a numbing agent to keep it cleaned. I could need both of them for both my labia and nipples. He would be doing a video of the procedure for his own use and advertising and I would have a full unedited copy.

I had cleaned myself up carefully before we went to the shop but he insisted on further cleaning. It did not hurt anything. Both Karen and I were nude for the session.

The speculum went in as usual and the piercer inserted a catheter into my urethra. This is the first time this had been done but it still felt good He would give me several more for when I changed them daily. There was a tiny plug in the end for a stopper.

He clamped my clit hood, and slipped the needle through and then pulled the end of a silver ring back through the opening. It was not through my clit, only the hood.

He removed the speculum and marked my labia, on both sides, about an inch from my clit ring and another pair about an inch and a half down. He injected some pain killer waiting a couple of minutes then clamped my lips, piercing them one at a time with a punch that looked not unlike a large paper punch, stitching them with tiny separate stitches. The pain was not unbearable and not completely unexpected. When he had finished each stitching he inserted a round grooved silver ring that was slightly bigger than the holes. I wondered about this and he told me that the holes will stretch slightly especially with use. The stitches were to come out in about 1 week. I was to wash them at least once a day with gentle soap and water.

My nipples were next. The biggest difference is I had decided to not make quite so big of holes and have them 10 gauge. They would have a tiny tubular liner from a polymer and a surgical glue to hold them in place for about a month to heal.

We were done and prepared to pay when the piercer handed me a flash drive with the video on it and only accepted a token payment of $100. I thought the bill would be at least $1200.

Karen and I went home to our apartment and relaxed for the evening. Tomorrow I would be having my hair done at a local beauty shop.

I woke up this morning with a little uneasy feeling. I had rolled over and lay on my breasts for a while then rolled back. That woke me up! My breasts were a little sore but nothing mind boggling. I got up and in so doing so my swollen labia got my attention. Karen came in and we made it to the bath tub with warm water. This took some of the hurting away. I cleaned and washed my nipples and temporarily removed my labia bushings to clean and dry them treating the holes with the ointment. In about 20 minutes I felt much better. We put on sun dresses with no underwear and had breakfast. I found I needed a towel to sit on as my labia was draining some fluids and not just from pleasure.

We stopped by the piercing shop, and the piercer closely cleaned my labia again and this time added some more ointment. He told me to take some ibuprofen for the swelling. In a half hour I felt much better.

We made it to the beauty shop on time and I was now ready to become a blonde. The beautician noticed my piercings and ornaments on my nipples and asked to see them a little closer. 4 of the other ladies also wanted to see and showed them before exposing my labia piercings and my VCH. They asked me where I got them and 2 of them went to the piercing shop after they had their hair done.

3 hours later my hair was dyed and bleached and a completely new hairdo was finished. I almost did not recognize me.

Karen and I dropped in at a local porn shop to pick up some toys for us to use for at least the duration of my being out of action in the sex department. Three more days and I would be back at my anonymous job, working with computer programming and web sites.

The next day Karen and I decided to begin evaluating the toys we had picked up. One was a speculum to be able to use 2 of the other toys. One was a skinny dildo a little larger than a finger. This I could use with the speculum to directly masturbate my cervix. The other was a small rod to masturbate my urethra. I was able to use all three of them while wearing the horse phallus in my anus. I enjoyed this while watching Karen couple with her shepherd. We watched the video on the flash drive the producer had given us. We were well occupied with masturbating, fornicating, and otherwise enjoying ourselves until I was ready to go back to work.

I went into work on Monday and no one seemed to recognize me or at least recognize the tall blond that walked in to my cubicle. I normally wore pretty conservative clothing and they were not used to seeing a tall shapely blond wearing a fairly revealing dress with short heels. I had a frilly top to cover the ends of my breasts to not reveal the contour of the ornaments underneath. The dress length was fairly conservative, but shape revealing, ending about an inch above the knee. I got more than a few double takes. Fortunately I no longer needed to wear a catheter. By the end of the day there were a few stirrings and whispers. I noticed but did not acknowledge any of them.

At the end of the day my supervisor made an announcement that there would be a company meeting the next morning and everyone was to attend.

I left when the next shift came in and some of my co workers noticed me as if for the first time and invited me for a drink at a local pub. I went with them as I had never been noticed to the point of being asked to join any of them for after work functions. We went to a local pub that had decent drinks and palatable food.

In our group there were 3 other girls in our 20’s and 3 guys in their 20’s as well. One of the girls was married, to someone not here, and 2 of the guys, the same thing.

We began talking and getting to know each other and of course all of the gals were hit on by each of the guys but not really successfully. One by one the group began getting smaller and smaller with the married individuals leaving first.

One of the girls mentioned that her piercings she had gotten 2 months ago was finally healed enough so she did not have to worry about any tearing or bleeding if her ornament was played with during sex. Yes! The remaining guy was within earshot. He mentioned that his PA was nearly a year old and was hoping that someone besides him might enjoy it soon.

I did not jump at the chance to mention my own intrusion into the piercing scene, but I did acknowledge after about 10 minutes that I had some new piercings.

Everyone jumped at this and I came back by asking for the others to show theirs first.

The other girl lowered her neckline a bit to let the rest of the group see her tiny bars in her nipples. In a few minutes the girl reached down, unzipped the guy’s pants, and asked for him to show his. He was a little red faced as he pulled his (to me) small cock out and showed his Prince Albert.

After this I lowered my neckline for my dress and exposed my much larger ornamented nipples. I did not mention any of my others but I told them that none of my piercings would be ready for action or sex for maybe 6 weeks. This is two of the reasons I had taken the last week off.

This brought some reaction from the others. None of them had recognized me or my transition from the mousy red headed nerd coder that they had not seen for at least a week.

Finally I made my way home and realized I was just feeling very good and not especially horny or ready for anything but the next day.

I woke up in the morning and right on schedule I was having my period. I still needed to clean all of my piercings but after cleaning and flushing, when the sanitary dong was installed I felt more comfortable with the pad outside as well to make certain I would have no leakage. I wore a brassiere to help encase my nipples today rather than the frills. My skirt was still about an inch above my knees.

Work was just another day and a different group asked me to join them after work but I told them. “I need to get right home today but how about tomorrow?” The group agreed.

On Wednesday I wore a red dress strapless dress with built in cups. I was still encumbered with my period and napkins and the Tampon. After work we went to a different pub and it was definitely a different group of people.

One of the girls, Mia, was almost in tears because after trying for the last 3 years, her and her husband just had not been able to have a baby. She had gotten back from an appointment with a fertility clinic and she was not producing fertile eggs. This was causing not a little friction in their marriage since her husband was black and they had a mixed marriage. Her husband was in upper management and they did not want to get a divorce but wanted kids.

The group was mostly married but they were a little more forthright in their mentioning of their sexual appetites. I mentioned that I was only willing to go out on dates during a 10 day period every month. I also mentioned that I had some new piercings, after the subject came up, so I probably would not be going out on any dates for at least 6 weeks. Nobody pushed the subject so I did not either.

One of the guys asked for a date. I told him I do not date married men.

He said “I am single and living alone.”

I said, “Maybe, but not this weekend, as I am not used to dating anyone from work or being invited at an after work event. Next it would depend on what you wish to do or go.”

“How about a picnic to the beach?”

“That sounds good. I don’t know your name though. I am Cecilia by the way or Sissy for short.”

“Great! Sissy, I am Dennis. I am not crazy about sports but have spent most of my life on computer games. I guess that is the reason I work with the company.”

I told him. “I have spent most of my life in solitary pursuits as well I have done a lot of computer work as well including my schooling. Of course now I am looking at computers a lot differently now as an adult.”

“Yes when you are an adult a lot of perspectives change. How about a first date? Not this coming Saturday, but the next one?”

“OK Dennis. That will do. You can pick me up at my apartment. Are you bringing lunch?”

“I was thinking I will buy lunch at one of the restaurants at the beach, your choice.”

“You can drop me off at my apartment as it is only about a half mile from here.”

Dennis agreed and he kept his hands to himself as we drove to my place and he was a gentleman and opened my door for me. I gave him a peck on the cheek.

Friday there was a little buzzing around the shop but nothing specific and Dennis took me home again. He was a perfect gentleman.

There was a check from the producer and a large flash drive. Sales had been very good for my videos. They had good ratings. My period was over and I was quite comfortable using the appliances that I had picked up to keep everything stretched.

I told Karen about my upcoming date and she cautioned me about having sex with him as first of all it was a bit soon for my labia and possible rough handling for my nipples.

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