It Came From the Laundry Room!

by SatinSlip

Copyright© 2018 by SatinSlip

Science Fiction Sex Story: A young woman finds a shy tentacle monster in her laundry room.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Aliens   FemaleDom   Spanking   Masturbation   Tit-Fucking   Big Breasts   .

Crystal was horny. Walking into her big apartment she pulled off her jeans. Her blue, silk panties going with them.

She reaches under the back of her T-shirt. Unbuckling her matching bra. She pulls the shoulder straps down her arms then reaches into her shirt, pulling her bra down and free. Tossing the double-D size item onto the kitchen counter.

Her T-shirt just barely covered her nicely rounded ass. Threatening to offer a peek at her bald cunny with every step she took toward the giant windows that made up the outside wall of her apartment.

She looks at her reflection for a moment. A slim, curvy woman in her early twenties. A pretty face with a cute button nose. Large breasts and round ass. Her curly red hair bounced down to her mid back. And when she smiled she could light up a room.

She glances toward the open door to her bedroom. It also shared the outside wall. She never bothered to put up curtains. Her apartment was on the seventh floor and far enough from the next building that she couldn’t tell if anyone was watching.

Not without a telescope. Which she hoped someone had. The thought of someone watching her lewd antics always turned her on.

Of course, most anything did. She had a strong, almost overpowering, libido.

Standing in front of the window. Wearing only her thin T-shirt, Crystal felt deliciously vulnerable.

‘Any man could barge in and take me.’ She thought. ‘How could I resist? I’d struggle and beg, but in the end he would have his way with me.’ She could feel her soft peach getting wet. ‘Ooh! And so would his friends!’

One hand on the window, she reaches down. Hand ruffling her shirt as it slides down her tummy. Finally coming to rest between her thighs. Rubbing her cunny with her middle finger. Only to bring it to her lips to taste her own juices.

Crystal walks over to her kitchen, and grabs a large plastic serving spoon. Then moves to sit on her big, green couch. The sofa faces the window. With nothing in the way to block the view of any peeping Toms. Just a rainbow colored rug underneath.

The redhead spreads her smooth legs obscenely wide. Then, with a smile she rubs the back of the spoon against her wet cunt.

With her eyes closed, Crystal loses herself in the pleasure for a long moment. Her body shivers each time the hard plastic rasps against her clit.

Then she gasps when she gives her sensitive cunny a sharp smack with the spoon. Moaning as she goes back to rubbing, only to give herself another swat a few seconds later.

Crystal gives a sexy, pained moan with each strike. She can feel her orgasm building. Her body was ready for the next step.

Turning the spoon around, she shoves the rounded handle deep in her fuck hole. Her body shuddering as her groans fill the room.

Quickly her groans turn to squeals of pleasure as her orgasm crashes through her. Crystal is lost in the pleasure.

Slowly, ever so slowly she comes back down.

The spoon dropped to the rug beneath her. The handle dripping with her juices.

Crystal liked to do her laundry late at night. Her job had her work odd hours, so it wasn’t much of an inconvenience.

She liked the laundry room in the basement. Old, crumbling brick, exposed rusty pipes, and odd stains on the floor. It felt like some mad scientist’s dungeon.

The thought of some creepy old man. Forcing her to partake in his strange sexual experiments turned her on.

In fact, the basement belonged to the old sanatorium. Long abandoned, it had been torn down to make way for her apartment and some artisanal shops.

She had slipped on a pair of tight grey shorts, and a cropped T-shirt with no bra or panties. If there was someone down there she was happy to show off what she got.

She was sitting on the washing machine. Scrolling through porn on her phone, and enjoying the vibrations running through her body.

‘Mmm, I bet it’d feel better on my bare cooch.’ She thinks with a grin. It wouldn’t be the first time. She hops down and turns around, directing her ass toward the door. Bending way over she tugged down her shorts.

When they drop to her ankles, Crystal hears a sound. Like a slippery, rustling sound.

With a peep! she spins around. Shorts still down. Surprised to find no one there.

She pulls her shorts back up. The cloth squeezing her soft peach snugly. Then she grabs a broom.

She uses it to poke around the edges of the room. Back in the shadows.

When she moves a large wooden workbench there’s a scrambling sound and something moves behind the old, unused furnace.

“Rats.” She says out loud. “Basement is probably full of them.” But now her lust had abated.

She answers some email while waiting for her laundry to finish, then heads back upstairs.

Everything was sort of floaty and blurry. Crystal was in the basement again. In the laundry room. Only this time she was wearing a sheer white nighty. One that showed off everything she had.

She glances over with shock when the washer suddenly stops.

Then a crack forms in the wall. As section pulls back to reveal a secret passage. Dark shapes huddle in the shadows on the other side. Her young body shivers with fear and excitement.

Giant rat men come scuttling out of the dark. Grabbing the young woman. “Come with us!” They hiss. Dragging the struggling redhead into the passage. They forced her through a twisty warren of crumbling brick hallways.

They bring her to a large candle lit room. Before some sort of alter to a deformed rat god.

Her clothes are grabbed by many furry hands. Tugging and tearing her scant cloths away. Hands that force her to her knees.

“Time to worship.” The biggest of the rats tells her. Grabbing her hair and forcing her to look up at the grotesque statue.

Then he shoves her face down to the dirt. Her round ass in the air. She moans as furry fingers grope at her twat.

“Please!” She begs as rat thumbs spread her cunt open. An odd shaped dick slowly forces its way up her love canal. Drawing a long moan from the subdued woman.

Crystal gasps as it’s bristly balls slap against her pussy. The big rat man thrusting into her. Her face rubbing against the dirt. Many other rat men huddle around her. Their odd, slimy cocks in their hands.

She is their fuck slave. Now and forever.

As an orgasm washes over her, Crystal wakes in her own bed. Covered in sweat. Her sheets tossed aside.

Still horny, she grabbed her biggest vibrator out of her nightstand. Easily shoving it up her wet cunt.

As the fake dick and the wonderful vibrations drive her toward an orgasm, Crystal can’t get the vision of the rat men fucking her out of her head.

Afterward she lay panting. Dildo next to her. ‘I should get one of those special dildos.’ She thought. “One shaped like an alien cock.

Slowly she drifts back to sleep.

Saturday night crystal went on a date with some bro-dude named Hank. Not interested in a relationship with him, but he would be good for a few drinks and an easy lay.

Through dinner he talked mostly about himself, and he wasn’t that interesting.

‘Or imaginative.’ Crystal thought unhappily, later. Laying nude under the grunting man. Fucking missionary style. He had a big dick, which was fine. But his lovemaking was rote and mechanical.

She had no interest in giving him any tips. She just let him finish and left. Getting very little satisfaction herself.

The jocks were the type of guys she hung out with in high school. Now she was finding that a lot of those guys could never move out of that stunted mentality.

As she got older, Crystal found her relationship needs changing. Maybe she needed to get out of what was no longer her comfort zone.

The next Friday night she was in the laundry room again. She wore a short skirt and a halter with no underwear.

She was super horny. “Maybe I need to find a regular lover.” She says. Biting her lip as she hops up on the washer. Her sensitive cunny pressed directly to the warm, vibrating, metal machine.

“Mmm, a fuck buddy.” She grabbed her tits squeezing the big orbs. “A friend with plenty of benefits.” Her fingers pinched her nipples through her top. “Someone kinky, with lots of imagination.”

Crystal rode the machine for a few minutes. Enjoying its mechanical affection.

Not knowing that she was watched from the shadows.

Ig’Nyx was small. He had just achieved adulthood. A spore of the Grand Fungus. He had been seeded on this planet to begin preparing its people for the harvest.

The basement was a great spot for him to grow. Dark and wet. With lots off food and plenty of hiding spaces.

The dark green monster was the size of a basketball. Almost octopus like, he was a central slimy mass. Surrounded by ten long tentacles. Four of which were three feet long. Twice that of the other six. He had a big central eye, similar to a humans but much bigger. And a sucking mouth underneath. Toothless and round.

Now was the time for him to spread his spore. And the being on the strange rumbling machine was definitely female, and he could sense, quite ripe.

The question was, what to do? He had never done this before, and the female seemed so much bigger than himself. And quite fearsome.

Perhaps he could ... no. What if ... that wouldn’t work.

Ig’Nyx pulls himself up the back of some shelving. Perhaps if he were higher.

Unaware of her peeping Tom, Crystal hops down. Her small orgasm enjoyable, but not satisfying. She wiped her juices from the edge of the washer then gasps at the sound of a tumbling SPLAT! from the shelves nearby. Something had fallen off.

Like a bundle of garden hose. She steps closer then screams when the bundle scrambles back behind the shelf.

Ig’Nyx hustles into the large crack in the wall behind the furnace as Crystal runs out of the room.

The redhead returned to get her clothes the next morning. Feeling silly at what she thought she had seen the night before. ‘Just a lack of sleep.’ she had convinced herself.

For his part, Ig’Nyx wouldn’t come out of his crack. Even when he sensed the same female return hours later. He was seriously considering a different hunting ground. Perhaps easier prey. He spent the day sulking and resting.

Saturday evening Crystal went dancing with a friend of hers.

Gina was a smoking hot brunette. Tall and slim. With a great ass and big tits that looked huge on her frame. She had a face that said model and a mind that said mathematics.

She was also a lesbian.

Crystal enjoyed a few dances with some random men. Letting them get more handsy than could be considered appropriate.

Every time they touched her though, she thought of her imaginary tentacle monster. Her pussy quivered at each vision.

Finally she sat to rest on a small couch. Gina next to her. So close that their thighs touched.

“You definitely have your groove on tonight!” Gina shouts over the noise. She was wearing contacts instead of her glasses. ‘I think she’s prettier with the glasses.’ Crystal thought, smiling at her friend.

“It’s been a strange couple weeks!” She shouted back. “Mama needs some good sugar!”

“I know where you can get some!” Gina grins back. The friends had always been a little flirty with one another, but that wouldn’t go anywhere.

Would it?

‘She really is beautiful.’ Crystal thinks. ‘I bet she’s great in the sack.’

“Wanna dance?” The redhead asks. Gina nods a little surprised.

Crystal grabbed her friend’s hand and pulled her onto the dance floor.

The two young women dance close to each other. Enjoying the beat and the energy of the crowd. Crystal realizes she was also enjoying the way her friend’s breasts jiggled and bounced in her tight shirt.

Crystal dances closer and closer to Gina. Then she put her hands on the taller woman’s hips.

Instead of brushing her hands off, Gina smiles and danced closer. Their tummies touching as they swayed with the music.

Crystal’s hands slide around to her friend’s sweet ass. Grabbing tight. Making her intentions clear.

Gina puts her arms around the redhead’s neck and leans in for a kiss.

Crystal was lost in her first lesbian kiss. The music and crowd forgotten. Riding a wave of delicious bliss.

When they come up for air Crystal asks, “Why do we still have clothes on?”

Gina grins. This time it’s she who grabs her friend’s hand. Pulling her out to the parking lot, fumbling for keys.

Soon they were locked in an embrace. Tongues dancing together. Gina with her back to her friend’s apartment door. Crystal fumbling for her keys. Overwhelmed with lust.

As the door flings open the two women stumble into the apartment. Mouths still locked together, hands fumbling at clothes.

“Ah ... shouldn’t we close the curtains?” Gina asks nervously as Crystal pulls the brunette’s shirt off.

“Don’t have one.” The redhead replies. Kissing her friend’s shoulder. “It’s hotter if people could be watching.”

Gina gasps as the shorter girl unsnapped her bra. Setting her big tits loose. Then Crystal pulls off her own blouse. Silk bra quickly falling at her feet.

Crystal pushes the tall woman onto the couch. Straddling her lap and grabbing Gina’s tits. Sucking and licking at the lesbian’s aroused nipples as she gasps and moans.

Visions of her imaginary tentacle monster run through her mind. His tentacles would caress all over her body. Do unspeakable things to her.

Crystal’s body shivers with a powerful lust. A need stronger than any she had felt before.

“I ... I need to ... to dominate you. Can ... can I? Is that ok?” Crystal asked/begged.

In truth Gina has had a crush on the redhead since they met. She would do just about anything Crystal wanted.

“Yes. Whatever you want.” Gina says with a nod.

“I ... I may get rough. I’ve never done this before.” Crystal admits.

Gina’s pussy burned with desire at the thought of submitting to her friend. She rolls onto her stomach as Crystal used her discarded shirt to tie her hands behind her back. Then pulls the tall woman to lay across her lap.

With her face in the couch, Gina moans as the redhead yanks down her tight jeans. Thong quickly going with them.

Crystal shivers with excitement as she starts to spank her gasping friend’s heavenly ass. She swats half a dozen times, then pauses. The tall woman breathing hard on her lap.

Crystal holds her breath as her fingers slowly move from Gina’s ass to slip between her thighs. Touching another woman’s soft pussy for the first time.

The brunette moans as her friend’s fingers rub at her precious spot. Then she squeals as the redhead spanks her sensitive peach. Just a few swats before moving back to smacking her nicely rounded ass.

When Crystal’s fingers glide down to the lesbian’s wet cunt a second time she demands, “Promise yourself to me. Beg to be my pet.”

“Please! Please mistress. Own me. Make me yours! Make me your fuck toy!” Gina wasn’t even sure where those words came from. Her body shudders as an orgasm washes over her. She screams in ecstasy as Crystal slaps her pussy again.

As the brunette settles back down, Crystal pushes her to the floor and lifts up her skirt. Pulling her silk panties down she orderes, “Lick my pussy, whore.”

Gina leans in eagerly. Her hands still bound behind her back. Her tongue happily lapping at Crystal’s wet cunt.

“Mmm, that’s a good pet.” The redhead murmurs. She closes her eyes and loses herself in a quickly rising orgasm.

Later they were on her bed. She hadn’t yet untied the brunette. Gina squirmed on her back as Crystal grabs her knees. Spreading the tall woman’s legs apart and sinking down to her dripping peach.

Crystal grins as she takes her first long lick of another woman’s cunt. Then another, and another.

Driving her tongue in deep, Crystal drives her writhing friend to another loud orgasm.

Later the two girls snuggle each other as they drift to sleep.

‘She’s so soft.’ Crystal thinks sleepily. ‘So comfy.’

In the morning the redhead apologized if she went too far.

Gina happily kissed her as she got dressed. “I loved every minute of it. I think I’ll love being your pet.” She nervously added the last.

Crystal smiles back. Pulling the taller woman into an affectionate embrace. “I’m not sure exactly where we will go with that, but I want to explore it with you.”

Crystal had strange, erotic dreams through the next week. Always about monsters violating her. Often including tentacles.

The couple nights that Gina stayed over the dreams included her too. Instead of Crystal fearing for her friend she was turned on as the monsters abused them both.

If Gina was there then Crystal would wake her in the middle of the night to fuck. She was even rougher with her new lover in during those shadowy hours.

The brunette would wake the next morning. Her tits ass and pussy sore from the punishment. She would still have rug urns and slowly fading welts.

She found she enjoyed being treated rough. She looked forward to exploring her kinky desires more with her new lover.

If Gina wasn’t there then Crystal would wake and furiously masturbate. Her regular dildos wouldn’t be enough. She would search her apartment, zombie like, for strange insertions. Cucumber one night, a tv remote the next.

Late Friday night Crystal woke from another dream. Her phone showed it was just past three in the morning.

Groggily she got up and took her dirty clothes down to the laundry room. When she was in the elevator she realized she hadn’t put on clothes. All she had was a thong and tiny crop top.

Yawning, she shrugged. ‘If anyone catches me I’ll let them fuck me however they want.’ She thought. The lust from her dream unabated.

In the old laundry room she puts her clothes in a washer and sets it to go. Then starts to look at porn on her phone.

When the first video starts she has to frantically lower the volume. A woman’s, pleasurably moaning voice filled the room.

When things get a bit quieter, Crystal runs one hand down her tummy. Then there is a rattle behind the shelves.

Once again she moves in to check what it was. Unsurprised to see her imaginary monster hiding back in the shadows. Slithering and glistening in the dark.

Half believing it was all a dream, she is overcome with lustful thoughts of tentacles fucking her young body. She drops to all fours. Turning around she coos, “Come on little guy. Come have some sweet pussy.” She pulls her thong down and wiggles her round ass at the shelves.

Ig’Nyx slithered forward. The female was in a good position, he knew. But something was strange. She seemed eager.

He knew that wasn’t supposed to be the case. There should be screaming and begging. That’s how this was to go. Not an offering of her sweet scented cunt.

He couldn’t help himself. He reaches out with one of his longer tentacles.

Crystal’s eyes open wide when the cold slimy tentacle lands on her ass. ‘Oh god! It’s all real!’ The touch of the monster sobering her up. Making her body shiver.

Instead of screaming and running away she reaches back. Intent on guiding the tentacle to the correct spot.

‘No! It’s a trap!’ Ig’Nyx thinks when the female tries to grab him. He recoils in fear and slither crawls back to his crack in the wall. Back to safety.

Disappointed, Crystal spends an hour trying to coax the monster out. Shaking her ass for him, and eventually masturbating on her knees next to the furnace. The little monster refused to come any closer. Though she was sure she could see it hiding back there.

Over the next few days she grew more and more frustrated. Going down late at night to try to lure the monster out. Failing each time.

Wednesday she invited Gina over.

“Would you take dick for me?” She asked her tall lover/slave.

“Mmm, yes mistress.” Gina purred. She was tied up on her back. Laying in front of the giant windows nude. Crystal slowly fucked her with a cucumber. It was long and cold and green.

“Lots of men using you?” Crystal continued.

“Mmm, yes. Whatever you want.” Gina was in heaven as her friend’s slave. She was learning parts of herself that she had never guessed at.

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