Asian Aunty's Advice

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Coming of Age Sex Story: Young girl wants to know how to deal with sex. She consults an expert.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Incest   Prostitution   .

“Aunty, I need your advice, I can’t go to my mother for this because she would just get upset. You know her.”

“What is it my dear niece?”

“It’s about sex. My mother won’t talk about it at all. I think she hates it.”

“Ah, yes! I am surprised my youngest sister even had a child. I know her husband is unhappy.”

“I’m an only child, you’ll notice. That was a good excuse to cut my father off. I do think he has another woman though, but I don’t know who it is.”

Aunty got back to the original request, “What is troubling you my little angel?”

Xi, the niece, sighed and explained, “A neighbor boy named Wu has grown up with me. We played together all of our lives. He has seen me naked when we swam in the ponds and we have looked at each other’s parts as we peed. Now that my breasts are swelling and I am getting furry where I pee and the monthly bleeding has started, he wants to touch me all over. I want him to but I’m worried. I don’t want to get in trouble either.”

Aunty thought for a moment then said, “I see why you did not want to talk to your mother. I am glad to help you. I’ve had quite a bit of experience in these matters.”

Xi was curious, “Did you have sex before marrying Uncle?”

“Oh, yes. Too much I think. But I don’t know if it was good or bad. I guess it worked out OK.”

Xi was even MORE curious, “Please tell me about it, Aunty!”

“Some day when you are more ready to hear and understand. Let’s stick to your situation now. First of all, the urge to make babies is very strong in humans. So strong that many babies are started before they should be. But there are ways to satisfy that desire safely. How much do you know about this?”

“In school we were told only the basics. Mostly the bad things that could happen. It can’t be so bad if people do it so much.”

Aunty smiled, “Like anything, sometimes it is good and sometimes it can be bad. My first time was not good and I’ll help you have a better memory than mine.”

Xi frowned, “Will you tell me, Aunty?”

“I was desperate for money and a man paid me to have sex. He was crude and hurt me. I cried but had to do it again to get shelter and food. Finally I found work and could stop being a prostitute.”

Xi was wide-eyed, “Weren’t you afraid to get pregnant?”

Aunty replied, “Fortunately it was on my safe days. Do you know what those are?”


Aunty frowned, “You were not even taught the basics. Let us work on that first” They spent the next two weeks in educational discussion. Xi had to agree with Aunty’s assessment of her sex education and thanked her for being there for her.

Finally, Aunty asked the big question, “Now that you know so much more, how do you feel about sex now?”

Xi beaned, “I am more ready than ever but how shall I begin?”

Aunty replied, “We must do two things. First there is the matter of preventing pregnancy. I will take you to the government clinic and they can give you an appropriate way. Second we must choose a good partner. I have an idea for that and it is not your ignorant young friend. You may choose to have him later, but not for your first time.”

The young girl had a question, “But you have told me that it is best with someone who is experienced, and who I know and am comfortable with. I cannot think of anyone like that.”

Aunty smiled, “You are not using your imagination my dear. A man who fills the qualifications is married to me.”

Xi was startled one again by Aunty, “But ... but ... it is your husband! And he is so much older! Why him?”

“Why not? He knows what to do and will appreciate your fine young body very much. He accepts that I am with other men sometimes so it is only fair.”

It seemed like every question Aunty answered raised even more in her pupil. Xi was very curious about these “other men”.

A few weeks later Xi had an implant and the other arrangements were made. Xi often stayed over at Aunty’s house so that was easy. Of course Uncle was quite cooperative. It had been a long time since he had another woman and MUCH longer since they were so young.

Aunty cooked a nice meal for them and ushered them to the waiting bed. They started with massaging each other and progressed to erotic touching and oral stimulation. Finally Uncle knew she was ready and showed her how to guide his shaft to the entry place. He broke through her cherry quickly and easily and then the fun she had been waiting for began. He skillfully read her moans and trembling to keep her arousal building to a peak. Her shriek of pleasure when she felt his hot seed was unmistakable. Aunty was waiting in another room and smiled for both of them.

When Xi came out of the bedroom she wordlessly hugged Aunty. She was smiling so Aunty knew all was well. Aunty joined them in the only bed in the house as they spent the rest of the night making love.

At breakfast Aunty told them that they should practice together for a while before Xi tried anyone new. Now Uncle smiled. Aunty was good in bed but variety is always nice.

Aunty was enjoying Xi’s excitement about this new phase of her life. It reminded her of the better parts of her own youthful sex. When she began living on her own, she had lovers of her own choosing but only one at a time. She discovered birth control which was a big relief. There was even one job as a nanny where the single father wanted sex and would pay her much better if she provided it. Sort of a prostitute again but he was nice and satisfied her. Her boyfriend of the time never noticed.

When she met Uncle he was just going to be another fling. She was sleeping with his friend and they were drinking one night and she felt wild. Some music got started and she danced for them as they applauded and cheered her on. Uncle started chanting “Take it off” and his friend joined in. They both coupled with her, taking turns all night long. She had never had so much loving at one time.

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