A Bobo Christmas

by Raven Newmoon

Copyright© 2018 by Raven Newmoon

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Bobo Del Rey Loves him some Christmas!

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Paranormal   .

Chapter Summary

Bobo has a soft spot for the holidays.


Main Street

A tall thin man wearing a long fur coat is sitting on a park bench looking like he’s waiting for a bus. His left leg was hanging over the right and a cigarette was loosely held between the middle and index finger of his left hand that was sitting on his thigh.

From time to time, he would put it between his lips and suck it gently, blowing out a plume of smoke into the crisp air. He was watching the comings and goings of people on the street. He would smile as children looked at him. He didn’t have any problem with them.

Children were little innocents who didn’t fear him. He liked that.

Adults on the other hand...

He watched the adults closely. Who would help him, satisfy him or hurt him. Those humans in Purgatory only had one purpose to him; To serve his every need.

“Bobo! What are you doing out on the streets?” He looked up to see Wynonna Earp. He smiled. She was someone he would love to see on her knees before him and ... He stood up and walked over to her.
“I was just out Christmas shopping.” He wasn’t lying. He was sizing up the town and looking for someone, anyone who would service or serve him.
“So where are your purchases? “
“I haven’t found what I need yet.” He pushed a stray lock of hair from her face and smiled. She backed away from him.
“Don’t try anything. I’m keeping an eye on you.” She turned and walked away from him. She didn’t trust him and he knew it.

Bobo turned to sit and found a young woman sitting in his spot. His shoulders dropped until he heard her crying. He looked her over. She wasn’t homeless, she didn’t seem like a junky. She didn’t look like she was abused in any way. He took in a deep breath and sat next to her.
“S’up?” he asked her.
“Men!” she spat at him. Bobo slid away from her. She gave him a look. “Just like a man.” she said between sobs.
Bobo closed his eyes before finally asking, “What happened?”
“My boyfriend drove here, opened the truck door and tossed me out. At least he stopped.”
“Do you have a place to stay?”
“You’re the only one who has stopped to ask what happened.”

He should have just walked away at that point. He didn’t like getting into the middle of someone else’s problems, but the more he thought about it, the more he found her attractive. She was young, not too young, she was cute as a button and she was nothing like what he went for.

“Come with me. I have a place you can stay.”
“You’re not some weirdo, are you? You’re not going to get me alone and do terrible things to me?”
“Why not?” She sounded offended.

“Uh...” Bobo was starting to get worried. What kind of girl was she that she wanted him to do terrible things to her? “If I was going to do anything to you, I would not take you back to my place. I would whip out my dick here and go to town on you. I’m not shy.”

She still looked offended.

Shorty’s Bar

Chapter Summary

Bobo has a plan...

Bobo took her to Bobo’s/Shorty’s Bar.

“Did you need a drink or anything?” He asked her. “Name your poison, I have it.”
“You own the place?”
“Yeah. I bought it not long ago.”
“Shot of whiskey please.”

Bobo smiled and got a bottle. As he was serving it up, he looked her over.

“So what did you do to have your man toss you out of the truck?” He handed her a drink.
“He didn’t like my new found skills.” Bobo looked at her.
“What skills?”
“Nothing too horrifying.” She smiled.
“You can’t leave it at that. Please tell me.”
“Maybe later...” She downed her drink. “So where will I be staying?”

Bobo took her up to one of the three rooms over the bar. He opened the door and she walked in. It was a cozy little room with a twin bed and a lamp in one corner, and a dresser and a desk at another. Bobo watched her test out the bed with a few bounces.

“I like this. This is nice. Better than my room when I was a kid.”
“My room is next door. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.” Bob stepped out and walked down to the barroom. He knew the usual crowd would be in soon and he wanted to get some ideas out of his head. He pulled out his phone and speed dialed Doc Holliday.

“Yes, Bobo?”
“Can you stop by the bar soon? I wanna run something by you.”
“What is it?”
“I will tell you when you get here.” Bobo pressed end before Doc could say anything else.

Bobo pulled out a notebook from under the bar and looked over what he wrote down. He added to it a few times before Doc walked in the door.

“So what was so Goddamn important that you wanted me out here?” Doc asked.
“This.” Bobo slid the book over to him. “I wanna do that.”

Doc opened the book without breaking eye contact with the demon.

“Do I want to know?” Doc looked at the writing in the book. Bobo even drew a few pictures. “I didn’t know you could draw.”
“I just doodle.”
“This is more than just doodling. You drew Wynonna and Waverly like a photograph.” He turned the page. “Is this the bar in Christmas lights?”
“Yes. I want the place to be festive.”
“Is this Santa?” Bobo nodded. “In the bar?” He nodded again. “You want kids in a bar?”
“We can have one night that is family friendly.”
“Bobo, YOU are not family friendly.”
“I can be.”
“What are you putting in the whiskey?”
“Doc, I’m going to tell you this only once and it doesn’t leave these walls. Christmas is my favourite time of year. If I’m lucky enough to be walking the earth and not in hell, I celebrate it. Please help me to do something nice.”
“So you want lights all over this place AND a tree?”
Bobo smiled. “Thank you.”

Who is that Girl?

Chapter Summary

Doc meets the newest lady in town.

Doc was sitting at the bar trying to figure out how many strands of lights he was going to have to get for the bar when he heard the door upstairs open. Bobo watched as the young lady came down after a shower and a nap. Doc turned and saw her and looked at Bobo.
“Who is this?” Doc asked.
“Hi. I’m just staying here a few days until I can find a place to live.” She held out her hand to him and he kissed it like a gentleman.
“I’m John Henry. What’s your name, young lady?”
Bobo watched Doc flirt with her. He gave a low growled like a wolf and walked over.
“Doc? What are you doing?” Bobo interrupted.
“Just getting to know this lovely young lady.” He smiled at her.
“Stop it. I’m not paying you to flirt.”
The young lady turned to Bobo. “I would like a drink, please.”
Bobo walked over to the bar and got out a bottle of Jack. “You can have this.”
“Thank you.” She smiled and walked up the stairs.
“Hey! What’s your name there?” Doc called out to her.
“Mary.” They heard the door shut.

Doc sat there with a weird look on is face. He turned to Bobo.
“Okay, you need to tell me about this woman. Where did she come from?”
“Are you looking to bed her too?” Bobo snapped.
“No. It’s just that her name is Mary and it’s very close to Christmas.”
“She’s not pregnant. She drinks my booze. Also, you saw how thin she was.”
“Back to my question. Where did she come from?”
“Her boyfriend dumped her here and took off. I found her crying.”
“I know you usually don’t take in strays, but why here at the bar?”
“She’s next to my room and she seems nice.”
“Bobo, you are a strange man sometimes.”
“How much will you need for the lights?”
“I’m thinking I might have to buy out every store in the area.” Doc kept counting and recounting and finally Bobo handed him his wallet.
“I want receipts.” Bobo told him.


Chapter Summary

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Mary came down to the barroom and mingled with the drunk-happy people. Bobo poured her a drink and slid it down the bar top to her. She smiled and winked a thank you to him and downed the shot. She slid it back down to him. He filled it again and slid it back down, she then walked over to him.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” She asked.
“I want you to feel welcomed.”
“I am. Will you want some help putting up your lights?”
“How did you know about my lights?” He smiled.
“I have the ears of a cat. It’s the least I can do to help pay for my room.” Bobo thought for a moment and nodded. “If you want me, I’ll be over there.” She nodded to a corner of the bar.
Bobo watched her wander over and realized he was checking out her ass. He blinked and shook his head.

Doc walked in and called over Bobo. “I have your lights and things. You wanna do it after hours?”
“Yeah...” He gave Doc a serious look. “I’m not sure, but I think Mary was flirting with me.”
“Sweet Jesus ... You don’t know when a lady is on the hunt?”
“Mary is different from everyone else I ever dated. She’s offered to help with the lights.”
“Did you show her your book?”
“Nope.” Bobo shook his head. “Do you think I should?”
“It would give her an idea of what you want.” Doc turned to leave.

As soon as the last alcoholic fell out of the bar, Bobo, Doc and Mary got to work on setting up the lights, the tree and even garlands that Doc found in a store.

By morning everything was mostly up. Bobo crossed off a few things and made note that the lights outside would need to be done later that day. Mary fell asleep on a pair of tables in the back of the bar. Doc put his hat back on and staggered out the door. Every part of Bobo hurt, but he needed to get Mary up to her bed. He walked over, picked her up and carried her up the stairs. She snored the whole time.

He placed her on the bed, took her boots off and covered her up. She settled into the bed and drooled. He smiled as he turned to leave for his room. He was so very tired and he knew that in a few short hours, he would have to get up and open the bar again.

Then he got an idea. As soon as he got into his room, he pulled out his phone and called Wynonna. “Look, I have had a long night, I need some sleep. Can you come to the bar and open it for me?” He waited for her to say no, but when she didn’t and she said she would help him, he just said, “Thank you.” and fell into bed and he was out like a light.

He heard everyone in the bar having a great time. He remembered that Wynonna had a key to the bar and that he asked her to open the place. Then he sensed someone was in his room. He rolled over to look and was met with a pair of lips kissing his. He looked at the owner of the lips and realized it was Mary. He broke the kiss for a second.
“How did you get in my room?”
“Remember I said I have some special skills?” She smiled and slid into bed with him. “Getting into a room with a locked door isn’t my only special skill.” Bobo watched as she slipped down the bed and opened his jeans, and then he moaned.

A Bobo No No

Chapter Summary

Bobo realizes something interesting about Mary.

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