How I Lost My Cherry to an Actor

by Raven Newmoon

Copyright© 2018 by Raven Newmoon

Coming of Age Sex Story: Fantasy about an actor. NOT A TRUE STORY!

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Romantic   Heterosexual   Celebrity   First   .


A young fan gets to meet her favorite actor, they develop a friendship and then it turns sexual...


I had this story in my head for years and after telling someone about it, I finally typed it up. This is not based on a true story. This is a total work of fiction. Please read this and let me know your feelings about it, good or bad.

This is the story of how I gave my heart, soul and cherry to an actor I loved.

When I was 15 my father was watching a movie. The name doesn’t matter and I don’t want to say who the actor was. I will call him Bradley, or Brad for short.

He was a wonderful actor and the movie he was in would turn out to be a cult classic in later years. I didn’t know his name so in those days you could write to any of the TV guides and ask questions. Living in Toronto, we had the Sun and the Star. Both also had TV guides. I don’t remember which I wrote to, but I said that I loved this movie and really loved the actor in it. About a month later I was checking again to see if my letter was in there. They told me his name, other projects he had done and then there was an address to write him at.

I tore out the page and went up to my room on the third floor of the house and started to craft a fan letter. This was not the first fan letter I did, but it turned out to be the only one I got a reply from.

Dear, Bradley,

My name is Samantha and I loved your role in (movie) and just wanted to say that I really think you are talented and I hope to see you in more movies.
I’m not expecting a reply from you, but if you do want to write me, my address is...

Love and best wishes,

As it turned out, he did write back. And it was only about three weeks that the reply came. I won’t go into the letter in detail, but he was nice enough to thank me for the letter and we started to have a little pen pal relationship.

The only address I used to communicate with him was the house address for my parents. One day I came home from school and found him sitting on the front steps. Not going to lie, I freaked out and someone peed in my pants a little.

“Brad?” He looked up when I said his name. “Why are you here?”
“I’m working up the courage to knock on the door. I booked a hotel room and when I got there, I was told they over sold the rooms and someone else got it. I tried calling all the other hotels and motels, but something is going on in Toronto and I can’t get a room. I was hoping your family would put me up for a few nights.”

I took him into the house and we told my parents everything. My dad was a huge fan of his and he had no problem with him staying. I showed him to the room across from my room. I have to explain something about the third floor. It was used as an apartment. The room Brad was staying in was the living room. So it didn’t have a door. My room was the bedroom and it had a door. I think at one time there was a door at the foot of the stairs. That was long gone.

He turned to me after I changed the sheets and made the bed. He thanked me and then asked, “would you help me to learn the script? I’ll pay you.”
“We should talk to my dad. If he sees me getting paid and you’re ten feet from his only daughter, he might get the wrong idea.”

So we walked down to the living room and he talked to my dad.
I don’t know if my dad was starstruck, but he agreed I could help him with pay. We went up to the room and we started working on the script. I was reading the supportive lines and he was trying to find his character. I gave him tips that I didn’t think he would use, and by the time the weekend was over, he was ready to film it.

I’m not going to say that my dad fully trusted us. A few times I would hear him at the foot of the stairs checking that we were working and I wasn’t being touched.

He finished his scenes in about a week. He came back to the house to pack up and leave, and gave my parents some money for the use of the room and the food he ate. He was so nice.

Before he left, he hugged me and asked if he could use me again for any movie roles he was thinking about taking. I told him I would love that.

He came back to the house a few times a year and we started to see him almost as family. He called and said he needed me for a role he was taking, and I made sure his room was ready.

I heard the doorbell and I took off running to the door to let him in. He hugged me and walked in. I went to take his things up stairs and my dad got him a beer. That’s how I knew he liked him. I came down and saw them in the living room talking about what was coming up for Brad as far as roles went. Then he told us that he needed to get to work on the script ASAP. We went up to the room and started working on it.

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