Freddie's Farm Fun

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Nerdy city boy spends a summer becoming a man.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Farming   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Freddie, a family name that he hated, got off the bus in rural Nebraska. There was NOTHING here but the dusty pickup truck with his uncle leaning against it. No buildings visible, just some kind of crop fields.

He had stewed all the way from Des Moines. Actually, he’d been pissed for weeks since his parents told him that he wasn’t going to spend his sixteenth summer playing video games with his equally nerdy neighbor buddy. Going to a goddamn farm! What kind of shit was that? He was a good student and didn’t get into trouble, so why was he being punished?

Here is his story of that fateful summer.

Uncle Slim sauntered over, said “Hi”, picked up the suitcase and put it in the back of the truck. Not another word was spoken as we drove miles down the blacktop road and turned off onto a long gravel driveway that went in the direction of a large grove of trees, the only ones around.

That’s when I learned the first thing about my uncle’s farm. The trees surrounded the farmhouse and large metal barn behind it. They offered some shelter from the sun and wind.

When we rolled to a stop behind the farmhouse, five good-looking redheaded women piled out of the door chattering excitedly. The oldest one, my aunt, opened the truck door, give me a big kiss and said “Welcome!”

The other four, my cousins, squabbled over who would carry my suitcase into the house. I hadn’t seen them in years when they were just bratty little girls who bothered me at family reunions. They sure had changed! But I guessed I had too. Everybody trooped into the kitchen and Aunt Helen offered some ice tea.

Knowing I would be confused for a while, the resourceful young women were each wearing a name tag with their name and age on it: Abby 19, Betsy 18, Carol 17, Donna 16. I was impressed.

My uncle asked if I had a smartphone. When I nodded, Uncle said he would keep it unless there was a time that I needed it for something particular, like calling parents. Otherwise it was of no use on the farm. Signal strength was very poor anyway. I felt like a body part had been cut off.

I was soon distracted though, as the cousins took turns showing me around the spread. I often trailed behind, enjoying the delightful movements of their toned bodies in the tight-fitting jeans and snug tops they all wore. At least I was accumulating some good beat-off imagery for later.

After dinner Uncle Slim took us out on the porch and offered me a beer. Damn, I’d always had to steal one of Dad’s before. Things were different out here, I guessed. Just HOW different was about to be revealed.

Slim was a man of few words, maybe to compensate for living with five talkative women. After a long quiet spell, sipping his beer, he asked his guest, “What’s your favorite fucking position?”

I nearly choked and didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have a favorite simply because I’d never fucked! Finally, I managed, “I like them all.”

Slim continued, “All our bedrooms are full up so you’ll have to bunk with one of the girls. The youngest two are in the main house and the others in the barn. We added living quarters there. Our hired hand, Donny, lives there too. I guess you’ll start with Abby. She likes the classic way, and we’ll rotate you each week so none of them gets tired of sharing their room.”

My mind was whirling. What the hell was going on? He talks about me sharing a room with a daughter. Does that mean there are two beds? But then he asked about a fucking position. Will he sleep in their bed? He was afraid to ask for clarification so just nodded his head. Slim seemed satisfied with that.

It wasn’t long after dinner that Aunt Helen sent them all to bed. “Morning comes early on the farm, you know.” Looking at him, she added, “You may have some trouble getting to sleep too.” He heard my cousins giggling.

Abby led the way to her room where my suitcase was already waiting. She nonchalantly stripped, revealing a body better than the ones he jacked off to on the computer, and just as casually walked down the hall to the bathroom. I’d peed earlier so quickly found my pajamas and was in bed wearing them when she returned. I hoped the covers would hide my full hard-on.

When Abby returned she marched to the bed and pulled the covers off of me, “You aren’t wearing pajamas in MY bed. I insist on skin-on-skin.” She roughly pulled off my bottoms as I struggled out of the top, embarrassed beyond belief.

My boner was wilting until she grabbed it and bent over to take it in her mouth briefly, then saying, “Nice. Maybe a little bigger than my boyfriend’s.”

Shit, she has a boyfriend.

I was lying on my back as she climbed in bed and positioned her twat in my face. I didn’t know exactly what to do and I guess it was obvious.

“You’ve not done this before?” I shook my head. “Oh, that was presumptuous of me. No matter, I’ve broken in virgins before.”

As she laid down beside me I was concerned about her use of the word “broken”. I hoped it was figurative.

She started by having me run my hands all over her lush body and she explored mine. Wisely she didn’t spend much time on my rampant dick. When I kissed her and tried to use my tongue like previous girlfriends I’d made out with she commented, “Tongue kisses are for boyfriends. You get cousin ones”, i.e. closed lips. I moved lower at her urging and filled my mouth with large hard nipples on the ends of large firm breasts, way more than handfuls.

She took my hand and helped me explorer the womanly treasure that I was a visually familiar with from watching porn videos. Of course, they didn’t give off the scent of a woman desiring cock. “Are you ready?” she asked, “I am!”

She got in the classic pose and I got between those welcoming thighs, hard cock pointing towards its target. She guided it to her portal and held my hips to show me how to ease it inside. All my imagination and simulations, like coating my hand with baby oil, weren’t even close to the indescribable sensations I was feeling for the first time.

In three pushes I was all the way in and began the instinctive thrusting. Only a few of those happened before my long-denied organ began spurting so hard it almost hurt. She made a purring sound and clamped her strong, farm girl legs around me, holding my cock deep.

“Welcome to manhood. Keep moving and you will stay hard. I want more!”

She was right and I suckled her tits as I slid in and out of my own cum. How delightful! My full hardness returned quickly, just as my experienced partner had predicted. This time she began humping her hips in time with my pushes and rubbing our pubic mounds together each time they met. I could hear her breathing change and then it happened! She moaned softly as her body trembled and she tightened her grip on me, stopping my thrusts momentarily. When the explosion subsided she whispered, “Cum in me.” It took very few strokes before that wonderful feeling started at my crotch and raced through me again.

That night, for the first time since I was an infant, I slept snuggled against a female body. She set an early alarm which I slept right through. I didn’t sleep through her pussy descending on my erection though! It was a quickie before we took our turn in the shower. Oh what fun! Farm life was wonderful!

Reality hit a little while later. I was assigned to Abby to learn chores. She pushed my pale and untoned body hard, showing no tenderness or sympathy. There wasn’t a hint that we’d been lovers so recently. I shoveled cow and horse shit, chased chickens through dirt, hauled heavy hay bales and other stuff I didn’t want to remember. I had a fifteen-minute nap at lunch and then back to the dirty work.

After dinner I went promptly to bed, being awakened sometime later by my bedmate who needed her itch scratched. I got the job done but it was an effort, something I never thought fucking could be.

The next day I was assigned to Chuck, the late-twenties hired hand. Things were a little better although all my aches and pains kept showing up as he taught me how to saddle and ride a horse and do fence patrol with him. My arms got sore from the strenuous repair work.

That night I soaked in a hot tub and Abby rubbed some liniment into my muscles. She smirked a bit as I moaned in some agony, quipping, “We are going to make a man out of you in more ways than one this summer.”

Out of deference to my condition she showed me an easy scissors position for our copulation. She wanted another go so we talked. “Tomorrow night I have a date with my boyfriend so I won’t be home until late. Just go to bed without me when you are tired.”

I had to ask, “Will you have sex with him?”

She smiled, “I hope so. We’ve been dating for two years and are talking about getting married. Don’t worry, you’ll get laid too.”

I was amazed. “Does he know you are sleeping with me?”

“Not yet but I will tell him. What’s the big deal? Sex is like our other needs. We need to eat and drink and shit and fuck to stay healthy. The biggest difference for sex is it’s better with a partner.”

My curiosity was really going now that she was answering so openly, “Was he your first?”

“Oh, no! I waited until I was your age. We had an older hired hand then who taught me how to do it well. I fucked him frequently for a year until he left and then took up with Chuck when he was hired on. Shortly after that I met Dan and we started dating. I’ve had some others along the way but it’s mostly him now, and Chuck when he’s not available. But Chuck is busy with five women here so I can’t have him as often as I want. We’ve been looking forward to your visit.”

This was almost too much for me to digest. One thing leaped out at me though, “Do you mean to say Chuck bangs ALL of you women here, even Aunt Helen?”

She chuckled, “She’s a woman too with needs that Dad can’t always provide. Does she interest you?”

“I hadn’t even considered that,” I replied, “You’ve kept me too busy to think about much else.”

Abby smiled at that and said, “I’ve heard that all of us women here are pretty good in bed. That reminds me of something else, we changed up the sleeping arrangements a little. You were supposed to spend a week with each of us but the other girls are horny and so we are limiting it to three nights in a row. So tomorrow night you will move on to Betsy.”

Introductions were made to “Big Bill” as he was called, when he stopped by to pick up Abby for their Friday night date. He was quite the hulking guy, I must admit.

I stayed up pretty late reading in bed, resisting the urge to get myself off, even though my erection was pretty constant knowing what my bedmate was probably up to. I was awakened in the night by that now familiar body getting under the covers and reaching for my cock which was still hard even in my sleep.

Without a word she mounted to me. Her pussy was slick feeling just like when I had screwed her for the second time. I didn’t last long and she didn’t either.

When she slumped on top of me and whispered in my ear, “I know you are going to ask so, yes, I fucked him partway up the driveway about 15 minutes ago. And I thank you for the second helping. I love it. Let’s get some sleep now.” I had a bunch of unanswered questions that would just have to wait. Getting back to sleep wasn’t easy because my dick didn’t deflate even after being so delightfully drained.

My next night in Betsy’s bed was somewhat different. Her body was slimmer than Abby’s and her breasts probably a cup size smaller at a C but on her slimmer body looked about the same. Damn delightful and very sensitive. Her goal was to teach me to eat pussy like a champ. When I asked she said she didn’t have a steady boyfriend but regularly dated several guys and, yes, like her older sister, enjoyed fucking when she had the opportunity.

She had the same rule about kissing and let me know her favorite position was doggie. She even liked to be eaten that way. I was building up some conditioning from my farm work and also some endurance in my cock so our screwing sessions went quite well and often.

Sunday was an easier day around the place and Betsy said, “I got a nice treat for us both.” She packed a picnic lunch and a few beers and we took the Gator out to a spring-fed watering hole. The water was clean but rather cold. That was okay because the weather was pretty hot when we got there.

She asked me, “Have you ever skinny dipped?” I shook my head and she started taking her clothes off. I followed suit and we splashed and played in the water for a while. It was so cold I couldn’t get an erection, but that was fine.

We dried off and popped a couple of beers and dug into the picnic lunch. When that was finished she came after me with sex on her mind. This was a great way to enjoy the outdoors, I thought.

“I just love doing it out here,” she remarked guilelessly as we rolled around on the blanket enjoying all the contacts and pleasures that two naked young bodies can have.

As I was pounding her from behind, reaching under to cup her wonderful hanging tits, I asked “Do you come here often?”

“Oh, yes! I try to bring a guy out here at least once a week when the weather is nice.” That seemed to bring back a memory that caused her to push back against my thrusts even more vigorously.

I kept probing both genitally and verbally, “So were you here last Sunday?”

She laughed and said, “I got a little bit confused and invited two different guys from two farms to meet me here. When they both showed up I couldn’t be rude so I suggested a threesome. None of us had ever done that before but we figured it out. It was great fun having them take turns with me!”

I got in the spirit and suggested I’d like to try a threesome too. That made her pussy give a couple of twitches! Then we shut up and fucked away until we were tired out.

My three days and nights with Betsy went by quickly and joyfully. Then it was time for the third cousin to welcome me to her bed and body. A small hitch developed though. It was Carol’s period and she didn’t want sex with anybody.

Never one to waste an opportunity, the farm women had a solution. Uncle Slim was going to a farm convention and I would just sleep with Aunt Helen. I was stunned! It was wild enough to be banging my way through a bunch of sister cousins, but to even think of being naked with my mom’s sister! I sure had to look at her in a different light.

All through dinner I did just that. She was, of course, pretty like her daughters, but her mature child-bearing body was much different. Not better or worse, just different. I’d find out a lot more when the clothes came off.

Her slightly wavy dark red hair reached almost to her substantial but firm buttocks. My eyes were drawn to her big, pillow like breasts which sagged and moved in a fascinating way when she did. Her broad hips were the result of producing her four daughters. She was all woman in a Reubenesque style.

When she joined me in their marital bed she grasped and eyed my ready rod. “My girls say you’re learning how to use this thing. I’m glad I’ve got a chance to try it out.”

As she laid back in anticipation, I understood why Uncle Slim had referred to her as his “love mattress”. When we were sipping whiskey, he didn’t care about my age, he’d bragged she was the most comfortable woman he’d ever gotten on top of. And now I was about to find out exactly what he was talking about.

As I knelt between her ankles, unsure of how to start, she put her hands on each side of her pillow-like breasts, which were soft enough that they drooped, and pushed them together in an offering to me. My hands and mouth enjoyed those fleshy treats and she made appreciative noises.

The mass of red curlies where her thighs came together hid her pussy. After a short time, she reached down and spread the fur to reveal her wet furrow that wanted my cock’s attention. She murmured, “I’ll trim it. It’s too furry to eat. Slim doesn’t do that much but Betsy says you are pretty good and I love it.”

My thoughts were racing as I sank into my first married pussy, which was also my first one belonging to a mother. I was quickly fully inserted and I wondered, briefly, if that was because four babies had come out of this vagina, or because a lot of cock had stretched it innumerable times.

The grip tightened to what I had experienced with much younger snatches though. She pulled me down on top of her and I now knew exactly what Uncle Slim meant. She was like a warm soft mattress with a wet hole for your dick. As usual, I didn’t last long with such stimulation and she whispered, “I love young hard cocks. I know you’re good for another round so stay right there.”

It wasn’t long before those huge fun bags were swinging above me as she sat on my hard shaft. She teased and slapped me with them and I was somewhat distracted from the pleasures that my cock was being flooded with.

Feeling my hot semen shots, she murmured, “Shoot away big boy. I love sperms in me especially since my tubes got tied. Now Slim calls it my ‘playpen’. Would you agree?”

“Hell yes!” I immediately agreed. “How many days do I get to do this with you?”

“Until Carol’s period is over. But I bet Slim wouldn’t mind if we get a piece on the side once in a while during your stay.” We did too, grabbing a quickie during the day once in a while when circumstances permitted.

Then it was on to my fourth new female body. I sometimes wondered if I was dreaming. How could all this pussy literally be thrown at a teenage boy?

Carol was a bit shorter and a bit pudgier than her sisters. She was also a lot more modest. She came to bed in a nightgown, something I was not expecting. I didn’t try to kiss her, remembering her older sisters’ policy, but when I tried to put my hands under her nightgown she froze.

I asked, “is something wrong?”

She wouldn’t look me in the face as she replied in a quiet voice, “I have had very little sex compared to my sisters. I have only been with my boyfriend and we haven’t been able to be together very often during the past year. I am very conflicted about having sex with you, although I know that it is expected.”

I put an arm around her in a comforting way and asked if she wanted to talk through her feelings with me. She nodded.

“I like sex so far,” she said, “but compared to my sisters that you have already slept with, I won’t be very interesting. My other feeling is that I will be unfaithful to my boyfriend.”

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