May's Family End of an Era

by DolM

Copyright© 2018 by DolM

Incest Sex Story: Dad loses his job and mom can be a slut again. This is the story of the family changing their lifestyle.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   Spanking   Water Sports   .

“Jack are you sure you want to do this?” Leah Mays looked at her husband very cautiously.

“We don’t have a choice any more. I can’t find another job in this town. Even if they find out who embezzled the money, I don’t think anybody will care, or give any of us a job. We have to go home where we have family. I have called your parents, and they are delighted to put us up until I find a job.”

Leah was looking concerned, but was smiling to herself, trying not to look anxious. She had become the perfect vanilla wife her husband needed, for his job. He had worked for a large corporation that swore they took responsibility and corporate image seriously. Then the upper management stole the money, and all those responsible people, and all the accounting people lost their jobs. Somebody was going to jail.

Leah looked into her husband’s eyes, “you do know who busted my cherry don’t you? Or who owned the first cock I ever had in my mouth?

Jack Mays knew who had done this. Very sadly he answered his wife, “your father.”

Leah continued, “And, who’s pussy I licked first?”

“Your mother’s” He was sad thinking that his wife did not want to go home to these people who had abused her.

“Are you ok with living with them? Leah asked “I just want you to know, I am ok with going home, but my parents haven’t changed since I was a girl. I just want you to know what you’re are getting us into.”

Leah stepped into her husband for a hug that said I love you and will stand by you. She laid her head on his chest, wrapped her arms around him, and just held on.

She knew what was in store. Her twin girls were very curvy, just like she was when she was 16. They already had D cups, with an ass to die for. It had taken ALL of her disciple, to keep her hands off them. She knew her father wouldn’t, and her mother would help seduce them. Although, the way these girls acted, she wasn’t sure who would seduce who.

Their 17 year old son was growing like a weed and couldn’t keep his eyes off any of them. He was constantly looking up their dresses and down their blouses. All three of them seem to spread their legs a little further, or bend over a little more when he was around.

The couple held onto each other for morale support. Each in their own thoughts. Each of their hearts racing a thousand miles an hour. Jack knew Leah would do whatever he asked. She had always done what he asked. He had shared her when they first got married. Became vanilla when he asked her to. Now she would move into the devils nest of perverted parents with her kids because he asked her to. He had missed the days of perverted sex too. He was looking forward to moving home, and now he knew she was looking forward to it too.

Leah hoped she had made her opinion known, without really verbalizing it. It was not her style to give an opinion, she liked being controlled. She wanted to go home. She wanted to be used and abused again. Since she had become vanilla, she was on anti-depressants and seeing a psychiatrist. She just wasn’t happy where they were at.

The phone brought them out of their thoughts. Jack went into the family room, he was there about 15 minutes. Leah never listened to his calls, nor ever interrupted them.

“Apparently, your father has gotten me an interview already. They are looking for an accountant that can quickly and accurately analyze the books of the companies their clients want to acquire. They think they may have a job for you too. In the hospitality department of the marketing department.”

Leah looked puzzled, what did she know about marketing.

“Your job would be to find rooms, set up the parties and entertain the clients. They said they would explain everything when we get to town. They are getting us 4 tickets that will be at the airline ticket counter. Two dresses and bathing suit for you, and one dress and bathing suits for Brittney and Alice. The clothes should be here tomorrow by UPS. He said you can look at the clothes and decide if you want the job.”

Leah still had the puzzled look, “what does that mean, you can decide when you see the clothes? And why do I need two dresses?”

Jack looked at his wife, “your father got the interview, and entertainment was part of the job description ... Will you be ok with this if it means that?” He hesitated to finish the sentence, looked squarely at her enormous tits, and continued, “It means you have to entertain the clients like your father.”

First her heart flipped than then it flopped, then her pussy vibrated, and Jack had to grab hold of her. Leah’s knees were buckling. One of her dark fantasies she had never told anyone, was to be a company slut on call. It had always been a fantasy, but she never thought she was pretty enough or sexy enough, and she was too fat. Now a dress was showing up. How did they know her size? Her mind was spinning, then a question came into her mind. She looked at her husband, “Are you ok with it, if I am to entertain, and why do I get two dresses?”

Jack stood up, not to leave or move, but to show Leah how hard had gotten. Leah could only giggle, his pants had a distinct lump about 7 inches long going up and almost out of the top of his pants. She was still to stunned, that a fantasy was maybe coming true.

Jack continued “You get a dress to interview for the job and a dress to go to dinner in, if we accept the job. The girls aren’t interviewing for the job but will need a dress for dinner. Evan and I will need a jacket and tie, but I told him we had those, so he didn’t send us any.”

He pulled Leah into a hug. He loved how those soft curves felt. “God your hair is so soft and smells so good.” He was running his hands through her hair that went all the way down her back to her waist. When he got to the bottom he went back to the top, but he didn’t run his hand through the hair, he grabbed a fist full and pulled her head back. Looked into her eyes, bent over and pushed his tongue as far in as he could. When he pulled his tongue out, she put her tongue in his mouth. He sucked in the longest tongue he had ever sucked, squeezed his fist full of hair harder and pulled it as hard as he could.

Leah was whimpering and her feet were dancing. She wanted to go get fucked. Not made love to, but fucked till she couldn’t take any more. She wanted her cunt fucked, her ass filled, her tits slapped around, and her ass spanked so hard she would be able to sit for a week. The old feelings of delicious pain were coming back. She hadn’t been abused like that for too long. She wanted it bad, and the kids wouldn’t be home for several hours.

When he pulled back from the kiss, all she could say was, “Please.” Jack slapped her cheek, not hard enough to hurt her, he never wanted to hurt her, but hard enough to please her. He pulled her by her hair and threw her over the back of the couch, pulled her dress up, and ripped her panties off her. “These won’t be necessary anymore.”

With her bare ass sticking up he began to spank her turning her ass a bright pink. With his thumb buried in her pussy, thumb fucking her, he turned her ass bright red. Taking his thumb out of her pussy, and burying it in her ass with two fingers in her pussy double fucking her, he knew he would turn her ass black and blue. Leah’s world had become one big orgasm, her cum was running down her leg in a river into her shoes and puddling on the floor.

When the spanking ended, he pulled her up by her hair, took his thumb out and put it in her mouth. She willingly sucked it clean, then his fingers. He threw her over the couch a 2nd time, and proceeded to fuck her till she could stand up.

Jack left Leah over the couch, and went upstairs to clean himself up. It wasn’t two minutes later when the kids got home, and she was still there. She struggled to get up, and could only accomplish it with the help of the twins. They helped her sit on the couch. “Mom, you ok,” Alice asked.

“I am so ok, I am ecstatic,” she giggled. She, first turned to Alice and kissed her on the lips and then to Britney and kissed her lips. She smiled at her son, whose gaze was at her crotch. When Leah looked down her dress was still at her waist. Instead of putting her dress down, she spread her legs so he had a better view.

Britney yelled at her brother, “Evan, stop looking at her like that.”

“Shhhh baby. Help me upstairs, I need a bath. After the bath we need to talk, all of us.” With the girls help, Leah stood and got upstairs.

“Daddy what’s going on, mommy let Evan look at her, and she looked like you beat her up?”

“After her bath we will talk. Your mother told me not to say a thing until then.”

Both girls nagged the whole time. It didn’t do any good, Jack never said a word. It took almost an hour before Leah came down the stairs. The girls were beside themselves. Their imaginations were running the full gamut from getting divorced to mom just nagging till daddy spanked her bad, to complete blank as to what was going on.

Both girls jump up to help their mother, but their voices were so shrill and constant, that their father finally had to tell them to shut up. Leah sat in the chair across from everybody. Not taking care to keep her nighty down or her legs closed. Even if she wasn’t going to be the company slut, she had already decided she was going to become the family slut.

Jack started, “You all know about my job here.” Leah interrupted, “I think we need to talk about what they saw first. They look a little anxious to know what happened.” Leah was giggling again, the children were shaking their heads yes, finally Brittney, in a demanding voice, “WELL.” Leah hesitated trying to figure a good way of telling her children, that she was an owned sex and pain slut.

She began, “You all are getting to the age where you are starting to get curious about things you hear and read. When I was your age I began to like different,” she wanted to put these practices in a way that didn’t scare them. They were all staring at her waiting to hear what she wanted to say. Finally she decided to lay it all out. She looked at Evan, “do you know what a fetish is, Evan?” “It is sex that most people would call, different, like spanking,” he answered. She looked at Alice, “What did you see today that looked different?” It was Alice’s turn to giggle, “Your butt was all bruised.” Britney took offense at Alice giggling at her mother’s pain. Indignantly, she yelled at Alice, “Stop giggling at mom’s pain.” Leah put her hand on Brittney’s bare knee, “its ok dear, that’s one of my fetishes. Your father used to spank me like that all the time. I loved it. It’s not a fetish, but a way of life, your father owns me. I will do anything he asks. Before he became a corporate accountant, we lived a very different lifestyle. We will find out when we go to Texas, but if this dress looks like I think it will, it will say our lifestyle is going to be different again.”

It was Brittney that caught the information about a dress. “What dress, Mom?”

Jack pipe in “I called your grandparents the other day and we are moving to Texas. They offered to put us up.” He went on to talk about the job interview and a couple of other details about their future. Leaving out the detail that their grandparents were perverts. “The other news is that you mother may have job also. They are sending her a dress to interview in. We are not sure of the details, but it will be in the marketing and entertainment division of the company. We should know more tomorrow when we talk to them. If we take the job they will have a pool party and take us to dinner. They are sending you girls’ bathing suits and dresses for the festivities. I know you have a thousand questions, but we don’t know any more than what we have told you. We will tell you as soon as we know more.”

Both girls mouth moved a mile a minute trying to get more details, but there weren’t any. Evan hadn’t said a word. He had never looked up from his mother’s pussy, and Leah had never closed her legs. A freshly shaved pussy took precedence over anything his parents might have said.

“Come on Girls we need to get dinner, everybody is probably hungry.”

During dinner the tone calmed substantially but not totally. They girls still asked questions, and Evan still stared at his mother. Her tits were the object of his attention this time. Her satiny and tight deep V-neck nighty wasn’t exactly see through, but her cleavage and giant nipples were standing straight up drawing his attention.

After dinner it was a movie and a banana split, and all was quiet until the movie was almost over. Jack and Leah had cuddled quietly. Leah giggled, and rubbed her husband’s arm. It was a quiet giggle so the kids didn’t hear it. Giggled a little louder and rubbed his leg. It was loud enough that it drew the kid’s attention. Jack knew something was up. When she had everybody’s attention she reached into Jack’s PJs and pulled his cock out to stroke it. It immediately stood at attention, and got harder when she bent over and put it in her mouth. After a couple seconds she stood, pulled Jack up by his cock, looked at the kids. Don’t stay up too late, we’re going to bed.

At the door of the bedroom, she knelt down in front of her husband and removed his sleep pants. Took off her nighty, and pushed him to the bed. He looked at her and she shook her head no. He knew it meant she was leaving the door open. She wanted the kids to see them.

She pushed him onto the bed on his back, and straddled him. This was not a fuck, this was making love to the man she had loved since she was 16. It was long slow deep kissing. This was slow strokes rubbing the face and body. This was long slow deep stroking his cock with her pussy. This was a love performance for her kids, who were outside the bedroom, looking on. It culminated her sitting on top of him in a cowgirl ride and a joint orgasm.

They laid down with her spooning him pushing those big naked tits into his back and going to sleep.

Chapter 2. Getting Ready for Texas Morning did not come early, but if felt like it did. It had been an emotional night of sex, submission, pain and orgasms. Her children were probably wonder what the hell was going on. For the last ten years she had been the perfect wife. PTO, cub-scout den master, soccer mom, Sunday school teacher, conservative. In one night her life, their life, was turning upside down, again.

Ten years ago her husband got his perfect job, and she went from cum slut to conservative, overnight. She loved her home and the friends she had made, but hated the life she had to fake.

Lying in bed, head on her husband’s shoulder, gently kissing him, she was happy. Bruised and cum drenched, she was looking forward to her new life. Waiting for her new wardrobe. Hoping it was as risqué as her fantasy was. If it was, was she going to be expected to dress risqué all the time? So many questions that needed answered. What she needed now was coffee. The pot had been programed to come on, so it should be ready. She went to get up, Jack laid his hand on her shoulder. “I’ll get it.”

The Children heard them up, and wanted to come in. With a stare and a flip of the wrist, she had told them to go away. They were not happy, but they did. Naked Jack came back with the coffee.

“Is this the dress of the house now?’ she giggled. “Why not,” he replied, “I believe the kids have seen it already. So why put on clothes that I will just have to take off right away.” Happiness seemed to be the mood now.

The mood was changing. From happiness to anxious. A second cup of coffee and gentle kissing and fondling couldn’t keep the mood. It was past ten o’clock, why wasn’t UPS there yet. They were counting the minutes past ten when it finally showed up at 10:15. Jack put his robe on to answer the door. “That is not the dress of this house,” Leah giggled. He flipped the bird at her as he went to retrieve the clothes.

The box Jack brought back, wasn’t very big. It was supposed to contain four dresses and three bathing suits. When she opened the box, some of the questions got answered the way they hoped. The top dress had a note pinned to it.

This is the dress to interview in. The green dress is your dinner dress. The other two dresses you can pick who wears. The bathing suits are interchangeable as to who wears. The clothes in this box are the only clothes to worn on that day.

Leah inspected each dress carefully. Her heart beat so hard and loud, she thought surely the children could hear it in the living room. Every dress was sexy. The bathing suits were positively obscene. “Where’s the underwear?” she asked “They would let the girls wear panties wouldn’t they?” Her pussy was absolutely drenched at the thought of her girls going without panties, and of how sexy these clothes were. Leah was sure hers and the girl’s her bits were going to be exposed.

Leah just had to sink her fingers and bring herself off. All her fantasies were coming true, and she was having trouble containing herself. She was leaking all over the place. Before she could try on her interview dress to show the children she had to towel herself down. She didn’t want to stain the dress before her interview. Getting control she pulled the dress on.

It was a silky material and a loose fit, which was good for a women that had had 3 children. The front was a deep V-neck halter top that was draped material down her front. Leah bent over to see how much on display she would be. Her whole top pulled away from her displaying everything. It had a three inch belt, built into the dress that had some glitter decorations on it, and a pleated skirt look below it. The skirt portion came to about two inches below her cheeks and pussy. Anybody sitting across from her, would be pleased and excited by the view.

Turning this way and that way in front of the full length mirror she got a sexy view of her naked back and legs. Jack must like the view, all he could say is “Wow.” He looked at her, picked up the box to go downstairs to show the girls their clothes. “I am going to go on down, I want to see their reaction to your dress. Give me about two minutes to get them settled in, then come on down.” Shaking his head in amazement he headed out, turned around, “God you are beautiful.”

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