Sean Hits a Wall

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: A request from a contact. More of a stroke story I would normally undertake, but I enjoyed it.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fiction   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Business wasn’t good and I needed an extra bit of excitement in it and my life. It would be risky but I relied on the simple stupidity of some people if they saw a way of becoming famous for five minutes. Surfing the internet last night I reckoned I spotted the opportunity. Walking along Church Street and into my photo shop and studio, I turned on the outside lights and the Open sign. Nothing really scheduled that day, I signed onto my internet site and updated my sales page. I changed my current ad to read, Young Girls Needed for Top Modelling Agency call blah blah ... After updating my website, I did the same to my email junk mail address book and started sending emails to thousands of unsuspecting users. Maybe there would be a way to add some of these pictures to my private website. My subscribers would want to see even younger naked girls. Finishing my coffee and daily newspaper, I checked my email and did some internet surfing. Around 11am the phone rang,

“Test Valley Photography,” I answered. “Seân speaking.”

A very excited female began asking questions about my new website ad. Seems she had been trying to get her young daughter started in modelling and wanted to setup an in person interview. After explaining the costs involved, we set the time for 1pm.

I hung up, to check the concealed video cameras in the changing room and made sure they were connected on the Wi Fi. There were four video cameras in there, each positioned for the best shots and angles. I also checked to see that the motion detectors worked This would turn the cameras on when someone entered the changing room and off when they exited. They were audio active too. Before 1pm, I had four more calls and four more interviews. I set one for later that day, and the other three for the following day. This was going to work!

“Hello, I’m Bethany Moody and this is my daughter, Toni,” the plain, bespectacled, mousey haired extremely fat, roly poly, young mother said, waddling into my studio. Standing next to her was her young daughter. She stood about four foot tall, and carried several outfits on hangers. She was pretty. 10 or 12 years old, shoulder length blonde hair, slender, no hips yet, just straight up and down, budding breasts merely a bump and a pretty smile. I did wonder what mothers of today expected from their offspring.

“Welcome to Test Valley Photography.” I gushed. Handing the young mother some forms and brochures, I was very hopeful. This was not only going to be money making, this was going to be fun. After discussing prices and opportunities with the young mother, I had her sign the consent papers and a contract for today’s shoot. We entered the studio, Toni placing her outfits on hooks and I began snapping pictures. She was a natural. Her tight young body stretched in different angles as she tried to imitate the famous model photos I handed her. Her half-smiling, half-ambivalent expression and flowing blonde hair was very exciting.

“I really think Toni has promise,” I told Bethany, getting a knowing smile.

Giving Toni a break, I took her mother aside and told her I needed some provocative shots for her portfolio. Bethany told her to change into her nightclothes, and I watched the young girl walk into the changing room. Gold dust from the start! A few minutes later, Toni returned in a short transparent purple nightie. I couldn’t tell if she wore panties. She walked back into the lights and began her same style of posing.

“Wait!” I said, “These pictures have to be more grown up, you might say. I need you to pretend you’re showing off your body to your new boyfriend. You know, show me want you think he would like. Do you think you can do that?”

“I don’t think she knows what her boyfriend would er ... you know ... yet,” Bethany murmured. I detected a slight smile and knowing smirk “But we practised some stuff I suggested yesterday. Go ahead darling, show Sean”

With those words, this young girl took on a new attitude. Her smile turned just a bit sexy, her body began to contort as she bent over at the waist and began to thrust out her gorgeous butt. Her purple panties came into view and so did her potential. I kept capturing the images and tried to hide my erection. As I changed my camera, the doorbell chimed, I walked out to the front desk, making sure the linking corridor was locked. Another mother was there with her not beautiful but interesting young daughter. Both had stars in their eyes, and were sure to be signed. I gave them the same information I had given out earlier and excused myself. Walking back into the studio, I told Bethany her session was almost over.

“Mrs. Moody,” I said, “I have another...”

“That’s Bethany, and I’m divorced,” she said pleasantly correcting me. I thought I’m not surprised with a body like that. She was whale like.

“Bethany, I have another appointment and I need even more provocative shots. Did you bring anything else? Purple is not a good colour for these shots. Something white or pink, nothing dark.”

She told me she hadn’t brought any other provocative outfits, but would come up with something. Taking Toni into the changing room, to discuss what else she could wear from their selection, I could watch them on the video monitor. Bethany took off the purple nightie top and exposed Toni’s training bra. A little early for subjecting her to one, but that’s mothers I mused ... as soon as there’s a bump, but maybe Toni had insisted, as girls that age get more self conscious. Turning Toni around, she unclipped the tiny garment and let it fall to the ground. She turned her around and exposed her daughter’s pre-pubescent breasts to my eyes.

They were cute, just beginning to poke out from her juvenile torso She had Toni remove her panties. There it was, just pretty as can be. I couldn’t see a lot of the hairs on her pubic mound but there was a delicate slight fuzz. The fuzz was fair as the hair on her head. Her simple slit was flawless and had that cute vee indent right at the top where her outer labia would part. She had straight hips that hadn’t begun to develop, with a waist the same size.

On the audio I heard Bethany as she held Toni’s shoulders saying, “We only have a few more minutes for the man to see you. You have to impress him. Do you understand? He must see you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Can you do that?” Was there an element of financial desperation there? Toni nodded standing naked and I guessed just a bit scared. Her Mum found Toni’s white panties and told her to put them on. She then handed her the blouse she wore when they came in. As Toni put on the blouse and began to button it up, her Mum stopped her and shook her head.

“No! Leave it open! Let him see your breasts, remember what we talked about. Sometimes you may have to let men see or touch you to get the job. You know I told you. It’ll be okay, just do what we talked about.”

Nodding again Toni left the buttons open and followed her obese mother out into the studio. She walked out from behind mountainous Bethany wearing her white panties and loose blouse, and a big smile. She was going for it!

“Good! That’s just what I wanted. Okay, Bethany, can I suggest you wait in the dressing room so Toni feels more at ease with what I’m going to be asking of her. Or you can wait in reception. There’s another mum and daughter waiting ... maybe you don’t want to be seen here?”

“But I want to make sure she was okay and safe,” she responded.

“Bethany, your session is over in fifteen minutes, and I have another client waiting. Please just do what I ask,” I replied with conviction. With a little shrug and frown she took my hint and waddled to the changing room. She had told me she was the local librarian and it would be better not be seen here. I understood, thinking the council paid them well. I smiled at Toni.

“You ready to become a star?” I said excitedly. “Let’s get busy and do just that. The first thing I want you to do is loosen up. You’re too tight, and the camera will see it. Now twirl, kind of dance and let everything flow freely.”

Knowing six concealed cameras would get most of what I missed with my hand held Canon EOSD 80. I turned on some sexy fast music and told Toni to listen to it and do whatever it makes her do. Not to hold back, but to express herself. Toni’s appearance changed before my eyes as the budding model began acting like an experienced performer. She really had it in her to become great ... in my terms. She began to move her body like she was 20 years old and horny ... Shit! I was!.

“Toni, remove the blouse, it’s not working. Just let it fall,” I said, clicking away as she took off the blouse and threw it aside. She continued dancing as I snapped pictures of her almost naked body. I stood there happy snapping with a bulge in my pants as I watched her tiny tits quiver as she danced.

I decided to switch to my video camera and began shooting her almost naked body. As she danced, she began to lower her panties onto her hips ... blimey! That was something I hadn’t expected. Lower and lower she pushed them until she exposed the crack of her tight butt. Dancing before me, her back to me, she bent over and placed her hands flat the floor. I had found out the girl was into gymnastics.

Her feet wide apart and her young pussy mound pushing against the material, she began to sway back towards me like she was being fucked from behind. She turned around and laid on the floor and spread her legs wide open. Again, her mound pushed against the material for all to see. I wasn’t sure where she had learned these moves, however, I suspected her mother had shown her and thinking about Bethany ... where?.

Toni rolled over, facing away from me and knelt on her knees. She pulled her panties to her knees, stood and removed them completely, and returned to her knees, still facing the other way, thighs tight together. Her fit young butt was just a few feet from me. I was surprised by her next actions. She manoeuvred to all fours in front of me and spread her legs open, exposing her young innocent vagina ... and a very sweet anus to the world. She arched her back and began to thrust her pussy at the camera like a pro. I thought I heard a door creak somewhere.

Toni turned over and opened her legs as wide as she could, smiling at the camera. A semi-innocent, semi-sexy smile that said, ‘Want to fuck?’ It was then that she saw my erection and giggled.

“Looks like I got you hard. I know what it means ... er ... from school. My Mum told me that you may want me to take off my clothes, she even showed me what to do to get you hard. Can I help you get rid of that? I’ve given blowjobs before, on a dare at a party. I’ll give you one now if you’ll promise me you’ll get me a real modelling job.”

Setting the camera on the tripod still running so I got it all, I said ... well I had to didn’t I?

“Okay! It’s a deal!”

Toni crawled over to me and unzipped my pants. She had problems getting my erect cock out, so I pulled it out myself. I was amazed at how fast this young girl took me in her mouth and started sucking. She was good. No teeth, just young lips and tongue. She even tried to deep-throat me. She did pretty good too, got me almost all the way down her young throat. After a few minutes of her young mouth on my hard cock, and seeing her young tight body naked in front of me, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. It had been several months since I had a woman, and not since I was fourteen had a young girl. I knew that this was going to be quite a load for this young girl and told her not to stop, or pull away. She had to take it all and not let any dribble to the floor.

I began to shudder and jerk, sensing my cum bubble and rise, pushing deep into her throat and began to pump load after load into her mouth. I pulled her head closer to my crotch and began to grind my cock between her young lips. She coughed some and gagged a little, but like a trooper, she swallowed most of it. She was damn good ... dares at parties? Wow!

As I pulled out, another squirt pumped out of me hitting her on her lips and chin. Seeing this, one last rope splurted out of my still erect cock, hitting her on the eyes and nose, I told her to clean herself with her hands and lick her fingers clean. As I put my declining penis away, I watched her cleaning herself with her hands and licking the cum from them.

“Go get dressed,” I told her.” I need to talk to your mum.

At that moment the door to the dressing room and the reception swung open and mum and daughter nearly collided. What a collision! but it was one way as Bethany let Toni wriggled past. There was a sly grin on Bethany’s face as she sauntered in. Was that a flush on her face?

“Bethany, I want you to come back tomorrow morning, by yourself, so we can go over the pictures and what’s next for Toni. Can you do that?” I said.

“Sure,” she said, “Is 9 o’clock okay?”

I nodded, and told her that Toni was a natural, has a good future with the right help, she could make it big. I also told her my friends will love her. Toni rejoined us and I hugged her and told her she was beautiful and I’d get back to her soon. I side tracked Toni and her Bethany, along a passage and out of a rear door, saving her meeting the next Mum and daughter team waiting in reception. Both black as the ace of spades.

Smiling, I took the forms she had filled and, checked them over for signatures and permission contracts. I motioned for them to follow me into the studio. Motioning towards a couple of couches, I had them sit and we talked about what was expected.

“Wilma right? Very nice! Stand and turn around slowly. Hmmm! Nice! You’re 14 right?” Wilma nodded, so did Thelma Formast her mother. I continued, “A little old to start as a model. Obviously not a natural redhead? But I like your unusual style and contrast. Red is my favourite hair colour. Tell me about yourself, your likes and dislikes.”

I let her ramble on, thinking about my task. This girl had to be something special as she was not the most attractive specimen of pretty models. Her brow and frizzy hairline was very low and tight round her face which was - how can I put it ... muscular - athletic featured. Her Negroid lips especially the lower were plain ugly, large and floppily pink wet and her nose was too small and I was looking straight into her big nostrils.

As she talked, my mind wandered to the possibility of the colour of her pubic hair. Both of them were seriously into hair dyes, Thelma’s much straighter locks were a streaky blonde with blue highlights at the tips. Wilma droned on about teenage wants and needs, and I noticed her brassiere free breasts wanted to spill out of her white tube top, obviously a big fashion buy at present. I wanted to have this one today, if I could, just for the sake I hadn’t fucked a teen black cunt ever. I was getting bored with the girl’s drivel and luckily her mum broke the droning, standing up, saying she had shopping to do and she would be back in around 4pm and added slyly, with a wink at the door “I think we both understand what you need Seȃn.”

Excited with her remark, I watched Thelma walk out, a prime bubble butt wobbled in a glossy black miniskirt over shiny black, thick limbs from about two inches below her bum cheeks. If she’d bent slightly or walked up stairs, the view would have been spectacular. Her heels must have been five inch stilettos.

I picked up my camera, and told Wilma to show me what she’s got. She stood and said she had to change first, picking up her armful of outfits, she strolled to the dressing room. I turned on the dressing room video monitor to see what she was hiding under that tube top. She hung her outfits on a hook and pulled off her tube top. As she pulled it up, the material hooked onto her tits and rose with the top.

When she gave it another tug, her tits fell free and bounced back to her chest, jiggling. She wasn’t exactly small for her age. Nipples like polished black bullets. Wilma unzipped her skin tight jogging pants and peeled them to the floor, exposing her bubble butt, divided by a stark white plain thong. Removing the thong, which was one of my favourite female actions when they have to extract the string from their smelly cunt gash and standing straight, I saw her blonde! Yes blonde pubic hair which framed her gash, well I hoped it was a gash not a slit. She was as devoted to a colour stylist as Thelma. This was really going to be fun. She picked out an outfit and, leaving her one item of underwear on the bench, dressed.

She entered the room smiling and excited. She was wearing a black crop top and shorts. I was excited too, but for a different reason. She began to move like all the girls move. With the same vacant stare, no life in her eyes. I turned on some music and told her to loosen up, dance or something, but make the camera her friend. As she started to move to the music, I began clicking the SLR. I told Wilma we needed her beautiful sex to come through to the camera. I knew I was telling lies as she beamed, but her sex was beautiful, just not her.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I asked, she nodded and I continued, “Are you sexually active with him?” She looked at me in horror and looked at the floor. “Look, all I’m trying to do is get you to act sexy for the camera. If you have been sexual with your boyfriend, let those feeling come through to the camera. Do you understand?”

“I’ve been with my boyfriend, but only oral. Please don’t tell my mother. She’ll kill me. I’ll try and be sexy,” There was a half plea in her tones and her eyes were sad.

“Look! Wilma, the camera needs to see skin. If you’ve been in the business for a while, and I think ... can guess you have ... you know that. That’s what they all want. If you can’t show skin, you’re wasting your time and mine. Now, take your top off and let me see the real you.”

“I’m not wearing a bra.” She said as I shrugged my shoulders and put my camera down, pretending to give up on her. She got the hint. “Okay, but don’t tell my Mum,” she said quietly.

Thinking her Mum knows, I began taking pictures as she took off her top and exposed those beautiful ebony firm tits. I had her dance to the music and the camera caught her boobs bouncing and jiggling. I put the still camera down and picked up my video camera and began shooting her. Her nipples were superbly stout and upwards pointing. There wasn’t a suggestion of sag at all, the joy of youth. With each movement, those young firm tits bounced and jiggled. I was very hard and close to cumming in my pants. I stopped her and told her we needed to go to the next level.

“Remove your shorts and let’s get to the real modelling work,” I said, acting as if I’d seen a million naked girls.

“I’m not wearing panties, I didn’t want any panty lines to show,” Wilma said almost pleading with me.

“It’s up to you, it’s your call. Either you do it or you don’t. The girl that just left may get the job, not you. I don’t want to force you.”

“Okay!” she said in frustration and again, “And again but if my mother finds out, she’ll kill me.”

I doubted that and started clicking and videoing again. She turned around, peeled down the shorts letting them fall to the floor. She stood up straight, her beautiful 14-year-old big bubble butt firm, sticking out as much me thinking I could stand a glass of beer on them. A classic. I told her to spread legs about a foot apart, bend over from the waist and really arch her back. I did this to force her young pussy lips out towards me. Without a murmur, she did it This ugly young female was totally naked in front of me, pushing her pussy lips out beyond her legs. Her unique blonde pubic hair glistened with her juices. I zoomed in for a close up of her cunt and noticed a slight opening in it. I wonder if I could get her to open them for me. Directions were due ... in true directors style, eat you heart out Walt.

“Wilma, put your hands on your hips. No, stay bent over. That’s right. Now pull your hands out toward your sides. No, keep them on your bottom and don’t let them slide. Just kind of pull them out.” I said, my cock aching in lust.

This innocent young girl, not totally understanding what I was asking of her, pulled her butt cheeks apart opening her bulbous pussy lips and showing me her pink insides. As a bonus, I got a good picture of her tight virgin arsehole, which had a pink tone round the central orifice. Her died blonde pubes made a wonderful, almost artistic frame for her cunt hole.

“Pull hard,” I said, and she stretched her buttocks as wide as she could. This caused her butt hole to pucker, but what it did to her pussy lips was scintillating. Her pussy lips were spread open so far I could see a good inch up her pussy. The dark hole looked like it had been well reamed.

“Okay, down on all fours and open your legs as far as you can. That’s right. Now arch your back. No! put you head on you arms, stick your butt in the air and try and touch the floor with your tummy. Here, let me help.”

I put the video camera down, pointing it toward her butt and knelt beside her. My hard cock just inches from her hanging wobbling tits. I put a hand on her head and pushed it down, my other hand on her back and pushed it towards the floor. I then placed them on her sumptuous big globes and pushed her down into an arch. I was so tempted to just get behind her and fuck her at that time. I stood and took some more shots, making her smile at the camera as it violated her innocence.

“Okay roll over on your back and open your legs,” I said, trying to act professional and unaffected by her young very sexy black body. She moved immediately, no questions or complaints. She laid back and spread her legs open. I took some close ups of her bleached blonde pubic hair. Her juices were quite visible as they glistened in full view of her gape.

“Okay, Wilma, lean up against that couch and pull your legs up to your chest. Good, now close your legs tightly together and raise them up,” I said while taking video of her pussy lips bulging out from the legs that were trying to conceal them. It was beautiful, and she was beautiful ... at that end!

“Now open your legs as far as you can and put your hands on the sides of your pussy lips,” I said, not thinking about the words that may offend her and shut this shoot down. But she did as she was told.

“Is this what you want?” she said, and pulled her pussy lips apart which seemed to kick start her mouth. “I’ve seen this on porn sites. The girls always spread their pussies apart. Am I going to be on the internet? I’d love that! I’ll do anything to be famous on the internet. Anything you want. Just say the word and I’ll do it. But my mother must never know. Okay?”

The video camera’s sound detector was picking up every word she said. I was going to make a lot of money of this video and yes she was going to be famous. And she’d said, anything you want!

“Okay, Wilma, I’ll get you on the internet, but you’re going to have to do some things you may not like,” I said, thinking about that virgin arsehole. “Are you sure this is what you want?” She was nodding at me, I continued, “Okay, we’re going to have sex on camera. You’re going to suck me and we’re going to have sex. You have any problems with that?”

“No. I’ve never had actual sex before. My boyfriend has felt my tits and fingered me, and I gave him a blow job. But that’s about it. Will you be careful?” she asked “ ... and?”

“ ... I know don’t tell her. Of course not. First thing, I have to get rid of this built up cum I have so we’ll start with a blow job, because you’re so beautiful and sexy.” I lied unzipping my pants and removing them and my underwear. I straddled her.

I heard her gasp as she saw my engorged cock heading towards her lips. I pushed it between her enormous ugly rubbery lips and felt her teeth and her tongue widen as I slid in farther. I held the sides of her frizzy head and began to slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Cautioning her about her teeth, I pushed as far into her mouth as I could and started deep thrusting into her throat. She began to panic and tried to pull back, gagging, but she was no match for my strength and lust.

Every ten or so thrusts, I would allow her a quick breath so she wouldn’t parse out. I was getting close and I knew my time was short. I began to shudder then cum, squirting cum deep inside her throat. She took every drop, there must have been five or six healthy squirts of thick cum into her throat, but I wanted some on her face for the camera. I pulled out and released the last of my cum all over her even uglier, now it was cum smeared and usually a sexy sight, face and tongue. Still holding her head I told her to suck out the cum and she put her lips on my tip and began to suck it like a lollipop. Those fucking lips were perfect for that. I could feel the remaining cum being pulled out to her waiting mouth as she sucked it dry. I released her and tried to step back, but she wouldn’t release my cock from her mouth. She was holding it and sucking for all she was worth.

“You like the taste?” I asked and she, not releasing me, looked up and me and nodded her head

“Okay, we have some more shots to get, so how sexy can you act?” I said smiling.

“I thought we were going to have sex?” she asked, almost disappointed ... ah hah!

“I have to wait a few minutes to get hard again. You sucked me dry you know.” I said laughing, getting a grin from an often surly look. I picked up the camera and got close ups of my cum on her face. She started cleaning it off with her hands, and then licking it off. Very sexy I thought. I told her to relax, have a piss if she needed, while I checked my cameras. After about fifteen minutes I was ready again and went to my desk and picked out a condom. I was going to fuck this 14-year-old black twat. She said she was a virgin, and I wondered if I’d feel her hymen break. I thought these things as I walked back towards her.

“You won’t need that. I’m on the pill. Been on it for a year.” she revealed reaching for her purse and opening it. “See! Here they are, and today’s is already taken. My mother said I may have to have sex to get famous. She started me on them. It was her idea.”

In awe of Thelma’s preps ... and very thankful, I hate rubbers, I lay back on the couch and told her to get on top of me. Initially she thought I wanted a 69 to start with so I got a great view of her groin and snatch to she was wet and her pussy lips were still parted. “She’s ready,” I thought as she turned with my prompts, straddled me, stopping inches above my hand held upright cock. She lay down on my chest and I could feel her soft squishy tits against me. She took over down below and found the tip of my cock, placing it in her vaginal opening and knelt up again, my cock resting slightly against her open pussy lips.

I began to massage her hanging balloons as she slowly lowered herself onto my cock. She was in control and felt comfortable knowing she could take it slow. As she pushed down onto my cock, we both felt a resistance and she immediately spoke.

“That’s my hymen, I think,” I nodded in agreement, and I saw a look of panic in her eyes.

“Do you want to stop?” I asked, not really wanting to, but giving her a way out if she wanted it.

“No,” she said, “I’m just afraid it’s going to hurt.”

“Okay. It will I know. Stay still and just relax,” and before she could move I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on my cock. She let out a small shriek and slugged my arm. But she knew the worst was over and let me control her movements. I started slamming into her and she began to ride me. I could tell she was excited and, possibly, close to cumming. This thought, really excited me and I knew her climax would look great on video.

Massaging her tits with one hand, I used the other down by her pussy and tried to find her clit. She was moving so fast and the angle wasn’t the best, but eventually I found it and began to flick it back and forth. After a few minutes, this young girl began to cum hard, very hard. She was riding me like a horse, and muttering in pleasure. Her grotesque face even more so. She came again, and I pushed her off me. I hate cumming with the female on top. I want to control my thrusting.

Standing up, I pushed her head into the couch and forced her into doggy style. I pushed my cock back into her tight young, unused blonde haired pussy and began to shove as hard as I could. There was blood all over our groins. With each thrust, she let out a grunt, after a while her grunts and my thrusts got into a rhythm. Each deep, hard plough in forced a grunt out of this 14 year old, former virgin.

I fucked her for ten or so minutes, when I felt my cum rising within me just aching to shoot out into this youngster. I began to cum hard, her grunts and the tightness of her pussy had forced my self-control to evaporate and my cum to shoot deep inside her. As the squirts of cum waned, and my lust began to subside, I began to grind myself into her tight pussy. Forcing as much of my cum into her as I could. Soaking for a while in her squealchy red mire I pulled out and stood straight behind Wilma. I was surprised when she sat up, turned around and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck it dry again. This new experience she was having, was forcing her own once virginal vagina bloodied juices and my cum into her open mouth.

It was time to cease my perverted lust, my wrist watch indicated Thelma’s impending return, so I let her go. We both washed off and dressed. I told her she was wonderful and had a great future. I would try my best to get her good jobs. She just wanted to make sure she got on the internet, and that I never tell her mother about you know... ?. We talked until Mum showed up. She kissed my cheek and walked out to Thelma’s beat up Ford Focus, parked on a no waiting area.

I swiftly nipped out and made arrangements with her Mum to go over the pictures and watched them drive away. I wondered if she guessed I had sex with her daughter. After all, she had put her daughter on the pill and told her she may have to sleep with some men to get ahead. Of course she knew!

As I opened the shop the next morning I went through more of the pictures and chose the ones that would go on my regular website and which would go on my porn site. Smiling I already knew and was excited about getting them uploaded. I had been up late cropping, enhancing and going over most of them. I heard the door chime and walked into the waiting area. It was 9am and Ms Moody was there to go over her daughter’s pictures, or so she thought.

“Ms Moody,” I started, but was interrupted.

“Bethany please,” she said.

“Bethany, I videotape every session - I have to protect myself. There are six video cameras in my studio. They not only capture all the action, I get the sound as well. During my shoot yesterday with Toni, she told me that you told her having sex with men was the best way to get ahead in this profession. That she may have to have sex with me and you wanted her to do it if I asked her to. I have this on video and well ... let me play it for you.”

I locked the front door which is all glass so I could see anyone important but prevented any one barging in. Turning to the small TV on the counter and turning it away from street view I played a small portion that had Toni clearly saying her mother wants her to have sex with whomever she can to get ahead.

“Did you have sex with her? Anyway It wasn’t meant,” she asked in horror. “Dreadful weather this morning isn’t it?” Feeling guilty she had been found out; trying to change the subject. I told her I didn’t have sexual relations with her daughter. But I was tempted to turn this video over to Social Services. What a grand lie Seân

“Wait!” she said, “Please don’t do that. She must have misunderstood what I was saying to her. Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Bethany, this is a strange situation. I can’t let this just lay there. I really should act. But maybe we can work something out. Let me think for a second,” I said and walked around the room pretending to think, hand on chin. Trying to stay calm, knowing that this plain, responsible woman was going to be mine for quite awhile. Sleeping on it, full of Toni’s potential and the sex, I had mused on what and how Bethany would enjoy sex. She had birthed Toni so she’d been impregnated with sperm. With her forlorn expression and frightful appearance her ex-husband must have fancied her ... once! I toyed with an idea ... an experiment, might be fun.

“Okay. Here’s the deal. You do whatever I tell you. No questions asked, no comments and no whining about it. Deal?” I said.

“Like? What do you mean. Do you mean sexually?” She said dumbfounded, her fat arms and hands rubbing her massive hips.

“Exactly!” I said, and continued, “You have fifteen seconds to make up your mind. If you answer no, I’ll call Social Services.”

“For how long? A day? A week? How long will I have to do this?” She asked whining.

“For as long as I want you,” I said smiling, and continued, “5 seconds left.”

“Yes! I shouldn’t but I must. My job, the Ladies Circle, school governors and the church choir ... Okay! I’ll do it,” she said frustrated. I had heard a litany of her life in a sentence

“Good!” I said, “Let’s get started. Remember, whatever I say, you do. No questioning me about it.”

Nodding, she added, “You’re really an arsehole you know.”

“First big mistake, Bethany. I will have to punish you for that. Let’s go into the studio,” I said as I double locked the front door and turned the sign to “Closed.”

“I’m sorry, shouldn’t have said that. This is just so upsetting,” she said, trying to gain my sympathy.

“Take off your clothes Bethany, let me see that body of yours,” I said switching on the cameras and sitting on a chair.

“You sure about this?”

I nodded. Bethany wore a light brown smock like dress that stopped at her bulbous knees. Over it, the first thing to be removed, was a dark brown, thin cardigan. Her trunk like legs were bare and her feet were in well worn Nike trainers. She looked at me still in doubt getting a nod and began to unbutton her dress. I knew I had her! She was mine and I was fixed on my mission, just to sample ... for once a woman of such unbeauty. I was going to wallow in a pig pen of flesh. Her owl like specs remained. I turned on the music and told her to make it a striptease.

“You are joking! Me like a strip tease?” She challenged but saw the frown on my face. She hesitated for a second and began to move with the music. She was actually a good mover, for all her bulk.

“Good mover” I told her, but she shook her head, a profoundly doubting expression on her fat face. “Better get those clothes off soon. I want you naked. Completely naked!” I said smiling.

Bethany realised I was serious and her dress was off, not without a lot of fiddling with buttons that were hidden in the folds. Oodles of flesh rolled sagged, wrinkled and wobbled as she kept valiantly swaying and doing the odd little step to the music. She unhooked her hammock like black brarseiere at the front, her chubby hands shoving her knockers out the way to get at the clasp and let it fall to the floor. She had mammoth tits. They flopped low over the three rolls round her belly. Her navel was buried in one of them, I wasn’t sure which.

“What size are those” I asked, really interested ... for factual reasons of course. I hefted the ginornous globes, feeling weight and heat, seeing the network of slender blue veins criss crossing the marse of her mammaries. I thumbed her teats.

“Try 36.” she said, with a smile. She was getting into it.

“Stop fucking around Bethany DD?”

“No way NNN, the biggest I can get,” she continued,

“Fucking hell ... what when... ?” I asked, in genuine surprise and ignorance.

“When I was 9 they started and just kept growing. It’s been a big problem, so heavy, painful and uncomfortable.”

“Fuck me!” I gasped. “And these...”

I felt her nipples. Her areolae were at least four inches in diameter, the teats easily an inch wide and high. I rolled them finding that created a texture to the big circles and tiny wrinkles formed. Bethany emitted a tiny purr, I’d found the first sensitive spot. I glanced at my watch and pursed my lips. She was nothing if not clever, catching the situation.

Dancing, wearing only her panties was beginning to excite her and I thought I could see some moisture leaking through her panties. As the song reached its end, this fat female stood right in front of me, turned her back to me and lowered her panties to the floor. When she stood straight, her bum crack split her oversized buttocks in a straight vertical line from her crotch to her waist, such was the mass of her rump. She bent from the waist, about two feet from me. Her mound, like an over stuffed sandwich blossomed out towards me, hair and lips moist and glistening. She was excited and wanted me to know she was excited.

I reached up and ran my fingers up and felt for her pussy lips, delving into the mash of folds for her clit. She was wet, not just moist. Digging deep and without thought of her comfort, I found her clit and began to fiddle it while my other hand explored her pussy. She arched her back, shifted her ungainly stance and spread her legs farther apart and let me have full access to her vagina. I noticed she was puffing with the effort, bracing her hands on her knees.

I could see Bethany’s brown pubic hair wet and stringy. I could smell her womanly scent mixed with some perfume. She was turning out to be exciting and I was going to enjoy myself. I didn’t have anyone scheduled until 1pm, so this was going to take all morning. Thinking about the mountainous range before me I needed that travel time! Letting her lie down on the sofa and knelt between her thighs. I leaned forward and she obliged by hoisting her belly folds upwards out the way. I ventured my tongue between her pussy lips. Tasting her powerful juices and hearing her moan in pleasure was a revelation from the fat plain librarian. I began to lick her juices and stick my tongue deep into her pussy opening. As I did this, my thumb was flicking her clitoris in rhythm with my licks.

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