Stuffing an Unwilling Pornstar

by Rayne416

Copyright© 2018 by Rayne416

Erotica Sex Story: Anal revenge is extracted on a coworker amidst an orgy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Rough   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   First   Oral Sex   Revenge   .

All characters in this story are 18 or older, and the author does not in any way condone non-consensual sex. This story is fiction and contains: rough anal, pain, humiliation and degradation, ass to mouth, and rough oral; if you don’t like these themes, please do not read or rate it. This work is purely fantasy, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

I watched the bright lighting glance beautifully off Haley’s tanned figure as she contemplated her clothing options. Around her feet were bags, purses and clothing strewn about every which way. Most of the clothing was composed of mesh bodysuits and lingerie, g-strings, and assorted latex, most of them in bright reds or greens to match the Christmas spirit. The large kitchen held a number of pornstars, makeup artists, and other various staff. Most of the girls there were either getting dressed like Haley or having their makeup done by other attractive girls. Some were pornstars, some were makeup artists, and some dabbled in both. Today we were shooting Rafael’s yearly Christmas orgy, a very long and extended scene that was typically fun for everyone involved, so long as Rafael didn’t get into our business too much and let it unfold organically. Trying to micromanage a complex porn scene involving 8 women and 12 men could be quite disruptive and the flow could be ruined just like that. The last thing you wanted was a slew of guys going flaccid while the director yelled at someone. Hopefully we’d all learned our lesson from last year’s Christmas orgy.

Refocusing on Haley, I noticed she’d decided on a bright green miniskirt that she was currently pulling up over her white g-string. Her b-cup breasts were covered in a matching green ribbon tied crisscrossed over her chest and tied at her neck, poorly mimicking a present. She noticed me staring and shot me a disdainful glare before grabbing a bottle of water and leaving the kitchen. As she left, my buddy and coworker Paul walked past her and exchanged smiles, and she dragged her nails across his bare midriff seductively as she left.

As he leaned up against the kitchen island with me, he exchanged a fiendish smile and muttered,

“We still doing this?”

“Oh yeah we are,” I responded under my breath and took a swig from my own bottle of water. Important to pre-hydrate before a long scene when you’re running on little blue pills, otherwise the headaches can really drag on you. Last thing you want to do with the headache is toss around a girl or keep bouncing her up and down.

“I’m still kinda surprised, even after watching the scene. I didn’t think Haley could be such a bitch,” he said, referencing the scene Haley had done two weeks ago with my ex. My now-ex girlfriend Rachel had been new to the porn industry, after shooting a few amateur vids with me and deciding to maybe explore more paying options. I’d told her to be careful, who to watch out for director and actor-wise, and initially she’d had some fun and success with a few lesbian scenes.

But then she’d signed on to do a scene and it had involved Haley. At 5’5”, Haley had a very small and firm body, but Rachel was even smaller. More petite, more innocent, more naïve, and Haley had taken advantage of that. The three-way with Haley and another girl had turned into a humiliating and degrading scene where the two veteran pornstars tested the limits of my ex. The limits of what she would do on camera and the limits of her pain threshold. It ended with Haley slamming Rachel’s face repeatedly on the other model’s large black strapon while trying to fist her ass, Rachel vomiting and crying while trying to escape the punishment. They had upped her payment after the fact, but the damage was done. Rachel left town shortly afterward, and I hadn’t heard from her since. At the expense of her humiliation and degradation, she’d become the star of a top lesbian rough scene, and I was now out a girlfriend.

Haley and I had worked on a few scene’s before, and while she could be cold and bitchy at times, she was professional to say the least. She could suck a mean cock when directed to, and handled rough enough scenes, but ... she didn’t do anal. I didn’t blame her, her petite frame and tight ass hardly looked like it could handle a decent cock, let alone a pornstar’s. I craved her asshole, occasionally getting my hand swatted away during a scene if a digit strayed too close to her coveted starfish. I wasn’t going to lie, I craved revenge too after what she did to Rachel. And unbeknownst to her, both would happen today if the scene went well.

“Did you find a spot?” I asked Paul as my mind returned to the plan at hand.

“Yeah, I think on the left side, kinda behind the Christmas tree will work best. Also, I think Jake will be covering that side mostly.” Paul grinned, since we both knew: 1. Jake was new and didn’t know most of the details regarding shooting porn, safety, etc., and 2. Jake already had a shitty run-in with Haley when she yelled at him during her last shoot. If we really wanted to talk about how many friends Haley had in the industry, it was the producers, occasionally the directors, and Lucy. Lucy was pretty much her only friend in the industry, ever since Haley put off a holier-than-thou-art vibe when she won the Best New Starlet Award without ever doing an anal scene. She was professional for sure, but she did not make any friends along the way, and after the scene with Rachel ... Things might be easy for me today, I mused.

As “action” was called, I walked with purpose over to where Lucy was kneeling and slipped my cock into the camera’s view next to her face. She was already distracted with Theo’s cock in her mouth, but she reached out to grab my cock and massage it until she could wrap her lips around it. Lucy wasn’t nearly as petite as Haley, but she had some nice jugs to make up for it, and on top of that, she did anal. While she knew Haley and I might have beef, her mouth was nothing but professional as she slurped away on my rod, making sure I was hard before taking Theo back in her mouth.

All around us the sounds of clothing coming off, dicks oscillating in mouths and moans echoed in the brightly lit living room, as the scene slowly unfolded into the rough orgy it was destined to become. Raphael’s movies were known for being pretty rough with a guaranteed double penetration component, and the Christmas orgy was no different. Keeping track of who did anal and who didn’t could be a chore though when you had 8 different service animals’ preferences and limits and safewords to keep track of.

Glancing over at Paul, I saw him standing with his hands behind his back as Haley worshipped his cock with her face, arms wrapped tightly around his legs in devotion. Paul was her type, chiseled, classically handsome, hint of Australian accent. Fuck, Paul was everyone’s type. He met my glance and winked, before we both looked over to our buddy Ethan. Ethan noticed our attention and quickly shot us a nod as he pressed a girl’s face down harder onto his cock. Her hands flew up for balance and he swatted them away while keeping her face locked in his lap.

Taking his cue, I looked down at Lucy’s face as she slid down my shaft halfway. Making a ponytail in her blonde hair, I started pistoning my cock into the back of her throat with force as I leered down at her.

“You like that, slut? You like choking on that big fat cock?” Typical dirty talk for the scene, but today there was an edge to my voice, an anger. She may have felt it in her throat, too, because when her eyes looked up at me I saw the faintest trace of fear pass over her face. Professional as always, she quickly regained control of her face and stared up at me with doe eyes while moaning and nodding her head around my cock. I pulled her forward off balance while keeping my cock lodged in her and nodded at Theo to start with her other end. He knelt down and started fingerfucking her which made her moan even deeper around my cock as I found the last few last inches I could force down her throat. Her hands rested on my hips as I throatfucked her mercilessly, the gagging and gurking sounds joining many similar noises around us.

“Oh yeah, gimme that throat, baby! Stretch it out for me,” I moaned as her jaw went slack and I pounded her face with fury. Theo rubbed her pussy for a little while longer before spotting an open mouth and leaving us, her body suspended in my grip on the back of her head and throat.

“Let’s go ahead and stretch out that asshole now,” I whispered menacingly into her ear before I let her drop to the ground on all fours without ceremony. Not losing grip on her hair, I began dragging her by it to another model, Alice. Legs splayed open, Alice was sitting on the floor with her head pinned to a couch by a guy straddling her face. Lucy bounced along the ground trying to keep up as I brought her over and shoved her face into Alice’s crotch.

“Eat!” I grunted before rotating to her backside, her ass elevated and her chest low to the ground. She whimpered and began to lap at Alice’s pussy around her thong, grateful for her mouth to have relief. Sliding her own g-string aside, I spit on her asshole and brought my cock to bear. She was an anal veteran, so my cock punched through her sphincter easily, but not before eliciting an abupt groan from Alice’s crotch. Squatting over her ass, I began pounding downward into her warm asshole, punctuating my thrusts with alternating slaps to her ass. She grunted repeatedly into Alice’s pussy as the impacts of my thrusting shook her body and breasts, the abupt and rough intrusion eliciting unwanted pain.

The spit I had provided did not last long and quickly her grunts gained in pitch. A hand reached back to try and slow me down, but I grabbed her ponytail and shoved her face deeper into Alice’s pussy. Her arm flopped forward again, and I rested for a second on her asscheeks, buried deep inside her.

“What’s the matter Lucy? Can’t handle a little pussy-licking? Just imagine it’s Haley’s...” I trailed off and saw her try to jerk out of Lucy’s lap. My hand held her fast though as I continued muttering in her ear.

“It’s ok, Lucy. Everyone knows how much you want to eat Haley out, it’s pretty fucking obvious. No need to hide your desire for her cute little pussy from me. Who wouldn’t want to wreck that little body of hers, huh?” I laughed as I picked up pace again in her asshole while shoving her mouth deeper into Alice’s crotch. Alice seemed pretty oblivious to everything as the large black dude straddling her tried to force more of his cock down her throat without her vomiting.

“Huuugghhhh!!!” Lucy moaned as her body took my abuse, my dry cock turning her insides raw with every thrust. Her asscheeks were starting to match the same shade of red as her anal ring stretched around my cock. I motioned to Noah, the camera grip in charge of this portion of the living room and he quickly zoomed in on her anal destruction from a low angle. I withdrew my cock quickly and spread her asscheeks to show the raw gape. Spitting into her asshole again, I slammed my cock in to the hilt and then withdrew it entirely to show off the gape. Noah kept the camera locked on her empty pussy and gaping asshole as I repeated this a few more times, spitting as more a derogatory gesture than for lube.

“Look at that fucking gape! Such a worn-out asshole!” I exclaimed to the camera and Lucy, “You love your gaped asshole, don’t you Lucy?”

“Ohhh,” she muttered into Alice, and Noah looked like he wanted to move on to Alice’s face. Motioning him back, I grabbed Lucy’s hair and lifted her face up to the camera.

“Don’t you love your gaped asshole, Lucy?” I asked again, my face taut.

“Oh yeah, gape my asshole baby! Fuck it so hard, I love how big your cock is!” She tried to put some emotion behind the recycled lines, but you’d have to be stupid to think she wanted this to go on. As the camera went back to her asshole, I rammed my cock in again and looked deep into her frightened blue eyes from the fist of hair I kept her up with.

“With pleasure!” I laughed as I held her face up high and resumed pounding deep into her intestines. Pulling on her hair harder, I arched my body over her until our faces met upside down. I slipped my tongue deep into her gasping mouth and kissed her sensually to contrast the abuse in her rectum. Her poor arms steadied herself on Alice’s legs as I used her body for my pleasure, the solid thuds resounding as my thighs and hips impacted her ass.

“Oh yeah, that is hot!” I heard Raphael mutter from a corner of the room, so I kept pounding and kissing her until I tasted the hot tears that had fallen to her lips. I let her go and pushed her gasping back into Alice’s cunt so her hair covered her face. I slowly withdrew from her asshole and motioned to the next available model.

“Open for business,” I muttered as I stepped away from her crumpled body and another cock replaced mine, this one kind enough to use lube.

I walked over to where Paul was laying on a chaise, Haley impaled on his cock. She rode him energetically, moaning, gyrating her hips as the two appeared lost in passion. Without ceremony, I shoved my cock into her face, and she automatically wrapped her lips around it, but not before giving me a cold look. Like I said: professional.

“You like the way Lucy’s ass tastes?” I asked, while intertwining my hand into her hair. She tried to jerk back, shocked, but I kept my cock in her warm mouth with my grip.

“Ah, ah, ahhh!” I scolded, “That certainly isn’t the first cock from another girl’s ass you’ve tasted. And it definitely won’t be your last.”

She glared up at me with fire in her eyes as her lips stretched around my shaft.

“Oh yeah, those eyes are beautiful, baby,” I groaned as I used both hands to start impaling her face deeper on my cock, her dark hair matching the glare.

As I used her mouth like a pussy, Paul started thrusting into her pussy from below with vigor. She grunted as the pleasant sensation from Paul clashed with my tight hold on her skull as I fucked her. Shifting my grip to her throat and pushing her down so that she was almost flat against Paul, I tried to push my cock completely down her throat. Her arms started to struggle against me in protest, but Paul’s arms crept up to keep her pinned. I finally felt my balls rest on her chin, and her eyes glazed over as her tiny body twisted in vain against Paul. I finally released her mouth and motioned to Ethan who was currently face-fucking a blonde bimbo. The bimbo sprang back gasping onto the couch as he released her from his gagstabber and sauntered over to us with determination. I walked away as if I was done there, but Haley saw Ethan coming and took in some deep breaths.

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