The Evolution of Patricia

by sspringer3

Copyright© 2018 by sspringer3

Romantic Sex Story: A woman in an unhappy marriage decides that it is time for a change and divorces her husband. Then she sets out on a voyage of self discovery, finding that sex can be great, that she can find a job that she enjoys, and she can find a man who loves her for who she is.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   .

Patricia was fed up with her life. She had married at 18 to the most handsome guy in her high school the day after graduation. But over the years she had grown and he had stayed the same guy she knew in high school. In addition, he had not wanted her to succeed at work and start making more money than he did. He discouraged her from trying too hard at work, telling her that she should focus her efforts on being his wife. Her husband had also been her only sex partner in her whole life. To make it worse, her sex life was limited to a once a week fuck. Basically, he would flip her on her back and mount her. Once he came, he would just roll over and go to sleep. He had no consideration for her needs. Frankly, she didn’t think he really understood lovemaking at all, part of his general immaturity. To top it off, there had been no children from the marriage, so she had nothing to tie her to this life. So here she was, 38 years old in a dead-end job with minimal sexual experience and no children to warm her heart.

So she decided it was time to get a divorce. She hired a paralegal to prepare the documents needed to file for the divorce out of her savings. After filling them out, she presented them to him. She just said “I need to grow and become the woman I am meant to be. If I stay with you, I will never change. Never be the woman I truly am.” He sputtered and fumed but he knew from her tone of voice that she would not change her mind. She had always been stubborn and would never back down when her mind was made up. He moved out that same day after signing the documents in front of a notary public. She was Free at Last!!!

But his last comment to her was that she was nothing without him. He had told her for years that she was nothing without him and she had almost come to believe it was true. She never applied for a higher-level job at work and just stayed quietly at her desk for all the years she had worked there. She was known as a hard worker but was too quiet to be considered for a promotion.

After that she drifted through life for a while. Just going to work and coming home each night where she curled up in front of the TV. After a few months of this she knew that if she continued this way, he would win. She would have to break out of this blue mood in order to finally beat him. That night she watched a movie set on the beach. It looked so peaceful. Like a place where she could do some real thinking and relaxing. A place to start anew.

So she packed up her car and just started driving south. After a few hours, she was hop, elessly lost but out her car window she could see the water. She pulled over to the side of the road and got out. Looking down she could see miles of pristine beach with lots of little coves. It looked perfect! A dream come true. This was definitely the place she wanted to spend the weekend. Now to find someplace to stay.

She got back in the car and started to drive. Noticing a little road leading off toward the beach, she impulsively turned on to it. As she drove along, she noticed what looked like a large old house on the beach side of the road. It is set among some trees and is rather hard to see. As she approached it, she notices a small sign “Mildred’s Bed and Breakfast.” She can’t believe her luck! She pulled in, hoping they had a vacancy. This seemed rather unlikely since places like this are always booked up far in advance.

She pulled into the small parking area and got out. Entering the front door of the B&B, she immediately felt at home. The place has a southern style to it; in fact, there is almost a whiff of tobacco leaves drying. But that must be her imagination. Almost immediately, an older woman appeared with a large smile on her face. “Hello. How are you? I am Mildred. I bet you are looking for a place to stay. Well, you are in luck. I just had a cancellation for the weekend. I bet you and your man will be very happy here.” All this just seemed to flow from her mouth in that warm welcoming tone Patricia missed so much from her home in the south. The people in LA seem so preoccupied and driven. Patricia had never really felt at home there.

“Yes, I would love to stay here. It is just me. My ex-husband is not here to spoil my visit.” Patricia couldn’t believe she just said such a thing to a complete stranger. But this woman seemed like an instant friend.

“Well, good for you. Dear. This is a great place to make a fresh start or just get away for a while. Besides, magical things happen around here. Come on, let’s get your bags and get you settled in. We don’t serve dinner here, but Sam’s up the road delivers a great dry smoked rib dinner with all the fixings. Oh, and don’t forget to order yourself a picnic for tomorrow. I recommend the ham sandwiches. He cures his own and they don’t have to be refrigerated. So, you can take them when you go to the beach tomorrow. I’ll put them in the frig here tonight. Oh, and don’t forget the iced tea. Oh, never mind. I’ll call Sam for you. You can just put it on your bill here.”

With that, Patricia was set for evening. When the rib dinner was delivered, it was even better than Mildred had described. After dinner, Patricia settled down with a good book and spent the evening just relaxing to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.

In the morning she woke refreshed to the smell of bacon frying downstairs. After a relaxing shower, she put on a light summer dress and went downstairs. Now, along with the bacon smell, she could smell fresh biscuits. “Good morning, dear! Come and sit. The other guests haven’t come down yet but breakfast is almost ready. How about having some coffee with me?”

Before Patricia could even say a word, Mildred placed two cups of coffee on the table and sat down. They chatted away for a few minutes before four other guests appeared. They were two couples who seemed very much in love. Breakfast was a rather quiet affair despite Mildred’s attempts to engage the other guests. They were just too much into each other to say much.

After breakfast, Patricia went back upstairs and laid down. The heavy breakfast combined with the relaxing atmosphere made her sleepy. But after a short nap, she decided to explore the beach. She got into her bathing suit and put a light robe over it. She also picked up a book to read.

Going down stairs, she found that the rest of the guests had already gone out. Mildred appeared as if by magic with a picnic basket containing her lunch. As if Patricia could even think of lunch now after that breakfast. Along with the basket, Mildred gave her a large towel and blanket.

Taking her supplies, Patricia went out on the beach. Since both ways seemed equally beautiful, she took the way without any footprints. She really didn’t want to run into anyone. She strolled along, admiring various seashells and watching the sea birds as they swooped along the beach.

Before long she found a little cove that seemed as though it belonged in some advertisement. There were trees hanging over the sand that gave a nice deep shade, something she would like later when the sun got too much for her. But for now, she wanted the sun. So, she spread out her blanket and took off her robe. Finding suntan lotion in the basket, bless Mildred, she rubbed it all over her front. She lay down and just soaked up the sun. It was a glorious day! God must be watching over her particularly well today.

After a while she noticed a sound coming from further up the cove. Looking up, she noticed a man coming out of a path that she hadn’t seen. He was a distinguished looking man, perhaps 40. A big man with a nice build, but with a hint of the spread that hits us all at 40. He had a little bag in his hand and a book in the other. Clearly, he was here for the same purpose as she was.

All of a sudden, he saw her. At first, he just stared, then he said “Pardon me, Ma’am. I didn’t mean to bother you. I was just driving along and saw the beach from the road above. So, I parked and decided to take a break. I will be moving along.”

“No!” Patricia says a little louder than she meant. “Please, I don’t mind. We can share the cove. I see you have a book too.”

“Oh yes, I was planning on a little reading in the good book while I enjoyed the world God has given us. Thank you for sharing. I am afraid if I went too far that I would never find my car again.”

“My blanket is big enough for both of us, if you don’t mind someone close.”

“My name is Charles. I’m in the area on business and had to stay over the weekend. Not having any work to do, I suddenly decided to take a drive.”

Well, what a coincidence. I too decided just to take off for the weekend and see what I could find. My name is Patricia.”

With the pleasantries aside, both seemed to lapse into silence driven by a certain shyness. So, they both opened their books and began to read. It was a companionable silence. After a while, Patricia worried about getting burned and decided to lay on her stomach.

Getting her suntan lotion, she tried to put in on her back without much success. Observing her difficulties, Charles offered to help.

Patricia handed him the lotion and lay down. Before long, she could feel his strong hands rubbing the lotion on to her back. She noticed a slight trembling as his hands neared her lower back. “Are you ok?”

“I’m sorry. I haven’t been so close to a woman since my wife died in a car accident 2 years ago. And well, you are a fine figure of a woman. Oh, I hope you don’t mind my forwardness.”

“Thank you. That is the nicest thing someone has said to me in a while.”

With that, Charles continued to rub the lotion on her back. Patricia, in a moment of daring, reached around and unfastened her bikini top. Charles took that as an invitation to run his hands over her whole back one more time. He rubbed so firmly that it almost felt like a massage.

“Please, could you do my legs also?”

Charles doesn’t say a word, just moved down and started at her feet, moving up with long slow strokes. Neither of them said a word, not wanting to break the mood. Finally, he finished and reluctantly stopped his ministrations of her luscious body.

Taking the lotion, he quickly put some on his exposed skin before settling down with his book again. But it is quickly clear that his mind is not on his reading. Neither is Patricia’s.

Realizing it is about lunch time, Patricia sat up to suggest they eat. But she forgot her bikini top was unfastened and he got a good view of her magnificent breasts. He seemed unable to turn away but is clearly embarrassed to be staring so openly. Patricia took her time picking up her top and putting it back on. She cannot believe how turned on she is nor can she believe what she is doing. She is a good woman and has never done something like this before.

To cover her emotions, she asks him if he would care to join her for lunch. “Oh, I brought my own but I would love to eat with you. Perhaps we can have our own private picnic?”

“Yes, but can we move into the shade for a while?”

With that, they took their lunches into the shade. All during lunch, they were like teenagers sneaking peaks at the other’s body. Once their eyes met and they shared a grin. Soon lunch was over and they decided to move back into the sun.

This time, Patricia was the one to spread lotion over his body. She loved the feeling of it, his muscles were hard but not too hard. Clearly, he was an active man but one who enjoyed his food. She rubbed the lotion all over his back and legs before handing him the lotion again. She lay back down and unfastened her top again, spreading it out so the sides of her breasts were visible to him.

He started at her feet and worked his way up again. This time, he spent some time rubbing lotion between her legs and around the bottoms of her bathing suit. It was incredibly erotic. Next, he began to massage the lotion into her back. This time spreading it onto the parts of her breasts that were visible to him. He clearly knew his way around a woman’s body.

Finishing up, he lay down beside her where they proceeded to doze, comfortable in the other’s presence. After a while, it was time to turn over. This time, Patricia deliberately left her top behind.

“Would you like me to rub the lotion over your front?” she asked coyly.

Grinning, he just handed her the lotion, never taking his eyes off her swaying breasts. She began at his feet and worked her way up to his crotch. She could clearly see that he was excited. His cock was magnificent! It almost stuck out of the top of his suit.

Next, she straddled him. Putting her hot pussy over his cock and proceeded to rub lotion on to his shoulders and chest. The whole time she was doing so, her pussy moved almost of its own volition up and down the length of his cock.

Finishing up, she lay down and handed him the lotion. “Be sure not to miss any spots on me” Patricia said almost hoarsely, so excited was she by what had just happened. She could not believe how she was acting!

He began at her feet and slowly rubbed up the length of her legs. When he got to her pussy, his hands massaged the inside of her thighs right up beside her pussy. In fact, each time he rubbed her thighs, he was rubbing her pussy. Her eyes glazed over a little from the pleasure. But then he stopped.

“Can’t have these beauties getting burned.” With that he started to massage her breasts. He didn’t even have lotion on his hands, but Patricia didn’t care. His touch felt so good! But then he did put lotion on and continued to rub it into her skin. When he reached the top of her bikini bottoms, he hooked his thumbs under the edge and started pulling them down. Patricia just lifted her hips to help him. Soon he slipped them over her feet. He took a moment to drink in the sight of her nude body. Then he put some lotion on his hands again and proceeded to massage it into the newly exposed skin. When he reached her pussy, his fingers slipped inside. First one and then two as he slowly moved them in and out. All this time their eyes were locked on to each other. Her hands reached out and she slowly moved his suit down his legs. He moved to help her and then his cock sprang free. It was rock hard and precum was leaking out.

She spread her legs and he mounted her. He took his time entering her and then slowly moved in and out. It was incredible how full she felt. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen, much less had inside her. As she got used to his size, he started moving faster. He was such a considerate lover. Soon they were lost in an erotic haze as his cock thrust in and out with increasing speed. Suddenly they both came at the same time. The noise of their passion was so loud it seemed even the waves were stunned.

Finally, he tumbled off of her to lay sated beside her. His hand reached over and took hers. They lay there in pleasurable exhaustion for a while.

“I hope you don’t think I am like this normally.” He said. “I have never wanted a woman as much as I have you. I wanted you from the moment I stumbled on to the beach and saw this vision laying there before me.”

Smiling, Patricia just took his hand and kissed it. “I have wanted you too since I first saw you.”

Then, without saying another word, they gathered up their things and moved into the shade. This time they took their time making love and once again came explosively. She lost track of how many times she came as they made love languorously all afternoon.

Gradually they became aware that the sun was going down. He scrambled up and said “I have to find my car before it gets too dark. But I don’t want to leave you. I feel as though I have found my soul mate. I also need to find a place to stay. Do you know anywhere close by? Would you have dinner with me?” His words just tumbled out as though he was afraid a dream would end unless he said the magic works quickly.

“I know just the place where you can stay and, yes, I will have dinner with you. I have a large room with a large bed made for two in a nearby bed and breakfast. I also know where we can get dinner, delivered.” She says the last part a little coyly, looking up at his through her lashes.

With that, they dressed and gathered their things. Walking hand in hand, they strolled back to Mildred’s. When Mildred saw them coming up the beach, she just smiled and said “I told you magical things happen around here.”

They stayed together the whole weekend and had the most wonderful sex almost every night. He was a skilled, compassionate lover. She discovered he was as talented with his tongue as he was with his cock. But even better, he loved to talk with her. They would often talk for hours. It was a magical time in her life and in his. It was a healing time for both of them. But the weekend came to an end. They both realized that, while they would always remain close friends, they were not meant for each other. So, they parted after exchanging phone numbers.

It was a few weeks before she decided it was time to do some more thinking. But this time, she wanted to go home to the bayou where she grew up. Getting back to her roots would be good for her. It would let her reconnect with inner self. She took a week’s vacation from her job and returned home to her parent’s place in the bayou.

A few days after she got home she decided to go riding. It was fine afternoon to go riding in the bayou and she was enjoying the sun as it caressed her honey brown skin. There was a light breeze and the birds were chirping happily in the woods. After a while, she decided to take a break. She found a little clearing in the woods beside a creek. She looped her horse’s reins over a low branch where he could nibble the grass and looked around. It was obvious from her first glance that this was a magical place. It seemed alive with a quiet energy.

Getting her lunch from the saddle bags, she settled into the soft grass. As she nibbled on her sandwich, she closed her eyes and just listened to the sounds of nature. She could hear the creek burbling along, the birds chirping their love songs to potential mates, and the sound of bees as they hunted flowers in the grass.

She opened a small bottle of wine that she had bought from an old lady down at the little store near her house. It was dandelion wine, something she had never tried but thought would go well with this beautiful day. Pouring some into a glass, she sipped it, savoring the slightly sweet taste.

After she had finished her sandwich and glass of wine, she lay back in the grass. At first, a leaf tickled her nose. But soon she was too drowsy to even notice. As she fell asleep, she thought what a wonderful place this would be to meet a lover. Not that she had one at the time, but still ... She started to imagine what it would be like to make love in the grass. He would kiss her long and deeply, his strong hands caressing her body. He would unbutton her blouse, revealing her beautiful honey brown breasts topped with dark nipples. His hands would eagerly reach out to hold them, caress them before he wrapped his lips around a nipple and he started to gently suck. These thoughts were getting her hot, so she unbuttoned her blouse. She felt a little risqué for taking her blouse off but knew that no one was around. So, she continued her imaginary love making, one hand playing with her nipples as she imagined he would do. Her other hand making light caressing circles around her tummy, occasionally straying a little lower to touch her love button. This went on for a while until she gradually fell asleep.

A little later, her slumber was disturbed by the sound of a horse walking around. Thinking her horse had gotten free, she jumped up only to find a man sitting a horse not 10 feet from her. In her sleepy confusion, she forgot that she had taken her blouse off. It wasn’t until she noticed his quick look at her breasts that she remembered. Hastily, she grabbed her blouse and dragged it over her naked breasts.

But when she looked up, his face was turned away from her. He was obviously waiting until she was prepared for him to see her. “Hello. I didn’t know anyone was around.”

He smiled and said “Obviously. I am sorry to disturb you. I was just going to take a break from riding. Since this spot is occupied, I will move on.”

“NO” she said, much more loudly than she intended. “We can share the spot. Besides, I have some wine I am not going to finish. Would you like some?”

“Why. Thank you. I am thirsty. It is not hot out, but I did get thirsty from my ride.”

Getting down from his horse, he walked over to her. He was taller than she by a few inches. A little older too, with enough grey in his hair to make him look distinguished but not too old. His body was trim but didn’t look like he was an exercise fanatic. Just right, as a matter of fact.

As she was looking him over, it was obvious he was doing the same to her. Suddenly their eyes met. It was clear that both liked what they saw. Blushing, she looked down. Embarrassed by her thoughts, but a little turned on too.

They sat down, side by side. She poured him a glass of wine and took some more herself. As they sipped the wine, they talked about horses, the weather, the countryside, and each other. She told him she was just visiting her childhood home. He told her he was here for a vacation at a friend’s house nearby. They removed their shoes to let their toes play in the grass. It was so pleasant.

Suddenly, the conversation stopped. They just looked at each other, staring deep into the other’s eyes. She didn’t know if it was love or lust she felt. But she knew right then, she had to feel his hand on her and his cock inside her. It was almost overwhelming. He must have felt the same.

His hand came up and caressed her cheek. She leaned into that hand and sighed contentedly. His face came toward her and their lips met. It was as though electricity flowed from one to the other. Their tongues touched and then played together in the warm confines of their kiss.

His hand moved down from her face to cup her breasts. They were strong hands, so much like her dream lover. He caressed her breasts and fondled her nipples before beginning to unbutton her blouse. They parted from their kiss and she helped him take off her blouse. When he first saw her breasts, he gasped at their beauty. His hands reached for her nipples, rolling them between his fingers before moving down to take them, one by one into his mouth. As he sucked on her nipples, she began unbuttoning his shirt. As she revealed his chest, her hands started to explore under his shirt before finishing taking it off. He continued to suck on her nipples, sending waves of pleasure down to her pussy. He nipped gently at a nipple, the sudden light pain causing her to gasp.

Then he kissed her hungrily. It seemed that their mouths were one. His hands caressed her all over before moving to the buttons holding her pants together. He began to unbutton them but had trouble due to her position. Sensing this, Patricia moved slightly, freeing the buttons and herself from the confines of her normal world. She had only done something like this once before, but she couldn’t help herself. She was swept up in the moment.

At last, he finished unbuttoning her pants. She lifted her bottom from the grass so he could slide her pants off. With them came her panties, damp from her excitement. Soon he was running his fingers through the dark hair above her pussy. One finger strayed to caress her slit. She gasped. She was so hot! She was so turned on. It was incredible!

She reached for his pants, fumbling with his zipper she finally got the zipper down and freed his manhood from the confines it was straining to break out of. She grasped it in her hot hand, stroking its length, feeling its hardness. He pulled his pants down and with a suddenness that surprised them both, he plunged into her sweet pussy. His passage was made easy by the wetness he had conjured. After the first furious thrust, he slowed his stroke down and they enjoyed the feeling of him sliding in and out of her.

He once again lowered his head to her nipples and stared sucking in time to his thrusts. The feeling was incredible! She came almost immediately. Her cries of passion scaring a crow from where it watched these two people making love in the grass.

He continued to suck on her nipples as he moved in and out of her. She came again and again before she felt him tense up. When he came, it was explosive and she came again. He dropped spent onto her body, taking his weight on his elbows but remaining inside her. For a few moments they rested in that land where pleasurable exhaustion leaves you, aware of your feelings and your partner but nothing else in the world.

Gradually they became aware again. Kissing gently, they rolled onto their sides where he continued to caress her body. They lay like that for an eternity until they realized it was getting dark.

Getting up, they dressed; stopping to kiss and caress each other after each piece of clothing was put back on.

They gathered their horses and mounted up, going their separate ways home. They did not speak of meeting again nor get telephone numbers. Instinctively, they knew that this had been a magical moment, one they would never find again. It was a moment to treasure for the rest of their lives.

She realized she didn’t even know his name but she knew his face and his body intimately, that was enough. She was content.

She stayed the week back home in the bayou. That time made her realize how much she missed the place. So, she read the want ads in the Sunday paper and sent in her resume for a couple that looked interesting. The very next day she was pleasantly surprised to be called for an interview. The interview was a great success! Before she left, the manager took her around to introduce her to some of the staff. He even introduced her as someone he hoped would take the job. Sure enough, he called her the next morning and made a formal job offer. The salary was great, better than she had ever made before. Better yet, the job was just what she was looking for and had great promotion potential. Of course, she accepted.

She went back to her place in LA and immediately gave notice to the landlord. On Monday she walked into her office and gave her two weeks notice there. She had been stifled in that place and felt no regrets about leaving it. The next few weeks were a whirlwind of packing, tying up loose ends, and internet searches for a new place back home. She lucked into a nice little cottage that was on the grounds of a mansion. She talked to the elderly couple who owned the place and found an immediate connection with them. It was as though they were lost relatives. That made her feel so much better. While she had family in the area, it would be nice to have someone who cared about her living within shouting distance. LA had made her aware of how vulnerable a single woman could be.

It was Patricia’s first day going to her new job. She was so excited to be starting a new life in a new city. She had been told that traffic was really bad due to construction, so she was taking the bus to work today. She had looked up the bus route but was a little unsure about where to get off. She asked the bus driver but he just mumbled something that she couldn’t hear. Sitting down, she heard a man’s voice say “Don’t mind Sam. He never talks to anybody but he is always on time. Where do you get off, maybe I can help?” With that, Patricia turned to her seat mate and, for the first time, noticed this handsome black man. He was perhaps 40 with a strong face moderated by a twinkle in his eyes. “Thank you. I looked it all up but now I am not so sure.”

“I understand, it was that way for me my first time on the bus. Where are you going?”

“22nd and Aims. I work at the Plaza Building.”

“Oh, I work near there. Just get off when I do.”

With that, they exchange names (his was Charles) and chat about the area where they both will be working.

“Well, here you are. I guess you don’t know what time you are leaving. But if you get off about 5 there is a 5:15 bus. That’s the one I usually take.”

“Thanks. I hope to see you then.”

With a nice start to her new adventure, Patricia strode confidently into her new place of employment. She asked the receptionist where to find Mr. Brandon, her new boss, and was directed to the 15th floor. As she got off the elevator, he was there to greet her. “Patricia. Welcome! I can’t tell you how anxious we’ve all been for you to start. We’ve been swamped recently and really need someone with your talents. But first, let me turn you over to HR for orientation.” That began a whirlwind morning of filling out forms, listening to presentations on benefits and what the company did. There were 5 other people in her orientation session and all of them were really nice. After a nice lunch provided by the company, she was sent back to see Mr. Brandon.

“Mr. Brandon, here I am ready to get started.”

“First, it is not Mr. Brandon. I am Fred. We don’t use last names much around here. We’re pretty informal, people are valued for their skills, not their titles. With that, I am going to turn you over to Charley. She has been doing your job in addition to her own for two months now and, boy, is she excited you are here.”

It was almost 5:30 before Patricia got out of the office that day. It had been one of the most exhilarating days of her life but now she just needed to sit. Leaving the building, she realized she had missed her bus and the next one wasn’t for an hour. Noticing a restaurant across the street, she made her way over there but was dismayed when she realized how crowded it was. Figuring it would be impossible to get a table, she walked over to the bar to get a glass of wine to sip while considering her options. As she approached the bar, she heard her name being called.

“Patricia, isn’t it? Did you miss the bus too? One problem with Sam being on time, he leaves exactly when he is supposed to and won’t wait a second longer. Are you here for dinner? It will be impossible to get a table now, but I have some pull with the maitre de and he is setting a table up for me in the back. Would you do me the honor of joining me?” It was Charles from this morning. Patricia was flustered by his manners and by how excited she felt seeing him again. She couldn’t believe it, but his voice made her wet! Taking her silence as agreement, he took her elbow and guided her toward the back of the restaurant where his table was. “It’s a good thing I got up to wash my hands or I never would have seen you.” When they reached his table, she understood what he meant. The table was in a dark out of the way nook that looked like it was used for storage at times. But it was quiet and very private. Better yet, it had a curtain that Charles pulled across to shut the world out before drawing her chair out for her to sit.

Very quickly, the waiter arrived with a bottle of white wine. “Terry, as you can see I have been joined by this lovely lady. Can you bring another place setting? Oh, and bring her the special too. I hope you don’t mind my ordering for you?” He said as he turned back to her.

“No, I am sure whatever you ordered will be fine. The smells in this place are heavenly.”

Within minutes, the waiter had returned with a place setting. He quickly set the table and poured the wine.

“How do you have so much influence here, Charles?”

“Well, if you won’t tell. I own 25% of this place. My brother is the owner and chef. I was the one that told him about this location and, as you can see, it worked out very well for both of us. I work just down the street and often stop in for lunch.”

As she sipped her wine, she noticed his eyes on her. It made her tremble, she wanted him so much! The table was very small and his leg was touching hers. She made no attempt to draw away, in fact, she moved a little closer. This was her whole new life and she was going to take advantage of it!

He put his hand on her knee when he leaned forward to pour more wine. She didn’t react, so he just left it there. Soon his fingers were wandering a little, mostly just rubbing her skin. It was so soft. She was incredibly turned on by his touch.

She worried that she was turning into a slut. She had just met this man and she was already contemplating sleeping with him, just like the last two men she’d met. But then she dismissed the thought. She was just making up for all those sexless years.

The waiter arrived with their food, but Charles didn’t remove his hand right away. When the waiter left, Patricia sensed that he was reluctant to remove it, but needed it to eat with. So, she reached under the table to squeeze his hand, sending a signal that showed his hand was welcome there again later. They proceeded to eat and talk. The sexual chemistry in the air was intense. Even the waiter seemed to notice it as he quickly left each time he poked his head in to check on them.

After dinner, he ordered some dessert wine with a plate of cheese. As soon as the waiter poured the wine and left, Charles’ hand was back on her leg. It was obvious that he was aroused. His hand moved steadily up her leg and under her skirt. Then he started rubbing the skin on the inside of her thighs. Looking into her eyes, he could tell she both wanted him to continue and was afraid at how fast things were moving. Their conversation faltered, neither could think very well. But then Patricia moved her legs apart to allow him better access to her warm, secret spot. He took her hand in his and kissed it. She blushed and took a sip of her wine, a rather large sip.

His hand moved further up and began to brush her crotch. She knew he could feel how wet it was and knew she wanted him. He bent over the table and kissed her. Her response was immediate! Her mouth opened and she shoved her tongue was into his mouth. The kiss seemed to last forever. His hand gave up all pretense of just rubbing her leg; it was now rubbing her pussy. Her legs parted even further and he slid a finger under her panties to find her clit. He started rubbing and flicking it. She put her head back and moaned softly.

He told her to lift her hips. She asked why but lifted them anyway. He took both hands and slid her panties down. She looked a little embarrassed when they fell to the floor but when he shoved two fingers in her pussy and started pumping, she went wild with excitement. Her hand reached out to grasp his cock. It was so big! She rubbed the shaft up and down. His moans quickly joined hers.

At that moment the waiter poked his head in. Somewhat hoarsely, Charles said “Thanks Terry. We don’t need anything. In fact, could you give us some privacy for a while? I’ll let you know when we need anything.”

During this conversation, his fingers never left her pussy and hers never left his cock. It was almost like they were glued there not to be withdrawn until they had each climaxed. But then Charles moved the plates and glasses off the table onto the sideboard. Then he stood up and pulled her up by her hands.

Taking her face between his hands, he kissed her deeply. She could smell her juices on his fingers and it just made her more excited, it that was at all possible. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped his pants and freed his aching cock. There was a drop of precum on the tip and her tongue, almost by its own volition, flicked out to lick it up. It was salty, contrasting to the sweetness of the wine. Wanting more, she took the head into her mouth, sucking it deep into her throat. She had to have this magnificent man and NOW!

But then he reached down to draw her up again. He kissed her again as he raised her skirt above her waist. He backed her up against the table and reached around to gently lift her on to the table. Still kissing her, he drove his cock into her hot, wet pussy. It slid in as though it belonged there. Her pussy clenched it and wouldn’t let it go. They stood like that for a while, kissing, his hands wandering over her breasts. He reached around and unzipped her top, then unfastened her bra. Her magnificent breasts tumbled out into his waiting hands. As he fondled her nipples, she unclenched her pussy enough for him to start pumping in and out of her. Then he bent over and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He timed his sucking to match the strokes of his cock in and out of her pussy. She was driven wild with the sensations. Luckily, she still had enough sense of mind to stifle her moans. The last thing she wanted was for this incredible experience to be interrupted. He lifted his mouth from her nipples and began to make love to her mouth again. Their tongues intertwining again and again. “Later I will show you what else I can do with my tongue.” he whispered into her ear as he came up for breath.

His strokes, which had been slow and deep, began to get faster. She knew he was going to cum. So was she. As they came together, the world seemed to disappear amid the sensations washing over them. Finally, the world began to penetrate their little world again. They could hear the clatter of plates and the murmuring of voices of the other patrons. But they stayed together until his cock slipped from her incredibly wet pussy, too soft to hold itself in.

He gently lifted her off the table and helped her smooth down her skirt before turning her around to fasten her clothes back up. They both knew that this was just the beginning of the evening. But they needed more privacy for the fun that was yet to be. She tucked his cock away and zipped him up again.

He poked his head out the curtain and yelled “Terry, we’re done. Just put it on my tab. We have to get going.” With that, he took her hand and led her out of the restaurant to hail a cab.

On the taxi ride home, his hands were all over her as were hers on him. It was like they couldn’t get enough of each other. He lived in an apartment on the 10th floor. They were so hot and heavy in the elevator they almost stopped it between floors. The only thing that stopped them was a child getting on. That cooled them down enough for them to get to his apartment. But once inside, their clothes were immediately stripped away. It was as if they had not even had them on. He gripped one of her luscious DD breasts with both hands and lifted it to his face. Taking her nipple in his mouth, he sucked on it, flicked his tongue over it repeatedly before lightly biting it. The sensations made her cum, they were so intense! Then he stood back upright and took both nipples in his hands. Looking deep into her eyes, he started flicking them again and again before squeezing them between thumb and forefinger. She had never felt something like that before. It hurt but it also felt so erotic.

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