Water and Power

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Incest Sex Story: A found story I think Indian, so after a lot of work (which I enjoy) it's been moved Continents and now in the island of Ireland.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   .

Installing mains water to remote parts of Ireland, I was the senior engineer on a gang of four. As it happened we were working across a swathe of farm land in County Kildare about two hours by tortuous small roads and lanes due west of Dublin. My mum had been in contact with one of her eight siblings, a country aunt named Maeve Brennan and what a lady she is, mentioning I’d be down her way and at the end of the day her H2O would be on tap rather than a well in her yard. Mum immediately got the response if I needed a room it was available. I had four town aunts, some quite sophisticated, Maeve lived on her own with a small farm, which had been her husband Liam’s father’s. I remembered her from a wedding two years back, what a laugh and bundle of fun. A traditionally beautiful, never a magazine beauty, well figured lady of I think about 64 years. The lustrous long coal black hair, always worn long and loose had flecks of white in it now. Her boobs were very floppy and large - my weakness. She was a very well built 5’6” and very sexy ... in my 24 year young eyes From the first day I met her at the family gathering, I had started masturbating thinking about her. Her legs were shapely but thick in keeping with a more than ample butt.

I was made so welcome arriving late one Thursday after a long hard day. She was prepared to offer the rest of the gang board and lodgings, but they would have to either share a bed, sleep in an outhouse or share a dog kennel. Suffice it to say they opted for the motorhome our company provided. I was also thankful my aunt’s two gorgeous daughters were at university.

While there, her behaviour was very fussy yet friendly. I had to go to Dublin to get a small part and sign some council documents, and she asked is she could get a ride. I warned her the ride wouldn’t be comfortable in a Land Rover, full of tools and other things but she poo pooed that saying she knew all about hardship and discomfort. In the city on Friday, I finished what I wanted and met her as arranged just inside Marks and Spencers. She proudly displayed her new purchases; under garments - getting them out of her bag in front of me and the customers. I realised that she had chosen very sexy looking undies, and told her to put them away

“You always look young Aunty, and they certainly will help.” I chuckled getting a giggle from her.

Back at her house, by now early evening, she started washing clothes in the kitchen, wearing only a blouse and long loose, free flowing, deep purple, knee length skirt. I was staring at her and fiddling with the dodgy signal T.V. simultaneously. The wobbles of her bosom made me tense my cock. I was aching to fuck her. I decided to get her that day ... who would know?

When she finished her work she joined me in the parlour. Suddenly the power went off. We laughed. An electrician in the house and a mains failure as I soon established. I made some calls with the limited signal on my Nokia. So we started chatting, having lit two readily available oil lanterns, telling me she didn’t feel happy and content with Liam’s absence away at a market. I slowly turned discussion to how she looked very beautiful. At this she demurely glanced at my work shorts. I was sure she saw my erection.

“I wish my girl friends were as lovely,” I said. She grinned widely.

“You are joking.”

“I swear and with that lingerie you bought ... Wow!”

She smiled at that. I asked if she could wear it now. Maeve resisted initially but I dared her grasping and stroking her hand. I repeated my request and she dissolved into a fit of giggles, then petted my thighs.

“I might, it’s dark and there’s only us here ... I might,” she reminded me sauntering out of the room.

God! I was in seventh heaven. Would she? My dick started jumping in my shorts. “No funny business mind Jason,” she stooped back, round the door to shout.

I promised myself, including a modicum of self congratulation, that today I would fuck her socks off, fondling my cock. When she returned I was stunned

Aunt Maeve looked very sexy making me whistle at seeing her. I winked at her too.

“You promise?” she asked. I nodded, my heart was pounding. Her boobs were trying to escape the flimsy crimson top, something else new.

“This is something else I bought,” Maeve told me doing a sort of fashion twirl which to me was a giggle. She was not wearing a brassiere and her tits were visible through it. She wore the same skirt. I’d never studied them but in my heightened state I saw that her legs had a lovely mist of fine dark hair and wondered what her cunt would be like. Would I get the chance?

Standing to approach her, she shifted back a bit in mild trepidation and I said I want to kiss her.

“No Donal, that’s it...” she stammered resisting my outreached arms. I grabbed her waist, pulling her tight and started smooching her. For some moments she struggled to get free, but then she stopped trying. I felt her breath warm and gasping, starting to breathe heavily. I started caressing her thick arse and raised her skirt upwards and inserted my hand in her panties from backside and fondled the hot mass of her butt.

“Dooonaaal!” she cried, levering away, her hands on my shoulders. “You’re crossing your limits,”

Still she was still resisting, but I ignored her mild protest and it was mild, I knew I had her, my old Aunty. and continued smooching her and with one hand started fondling her boobs.

“Ooohhhh!” she gasped as I pushed her gently onto the couch. The crimson top opened easily. I indulged myself licking, sucking and kneeding those mammoth knockers, so delicately blue veined and revealing how much her breast was heaving.

“Ooohhu!” she cried out as my hand found the edge of her panties. At this she started moaning. I kept on doing it I reached her cunt. It was very wet, hot and hairy.

“You musn’t Donal. You ... er ... you ohh! Shouldn’t,”

Aunt Maeve struggled up. “You’re crossing your limits ... I told you,” she trembled, smoothing down her skirt after re-arranging something further up.

“But I’ve always loved you, why not? Please sit down at least talk about it?”

She was very confused. She did sit though. Startling me, she touched my tented shorts.

“I know you want me and want to fuck me. That’s very obvious Donal, even to an old country wife like me, but I am married and mother of two. So sorry I can’t do this.”

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