A Rose Buds

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: An older almost-virgin finally flowers as a woman.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Interracial   First   .

Rose was a 45-year-old college librarian and. Never attractive or given much self-confidence, her relationships with men were nonexistent. She wasn’t a virgin after a short episode where an older cousin used her body for his fun and she never heard from him again. That had been twenty years ago.

She was so damn lonely she could hardly stand it but never felt confident to reach out and make connections with a man since her looks wouldn’t attract him at all, or so she thought.

The problem had been working in her mind a lot and when she saw the poster saying that exchange student housing was needed she had an idea. These students would be adult so there would be no issue having sex with them. Her looks, not pretty by Western standards, might be seen differently by men from another culture who might consider her as exotic as American men often did their women.

She had visited with a number of Korean students over the years who came to the library. They seem to enjoy being with her so that is what she picked.

She was, of course, approved and tidied up her house and especially the room that her student would stay in. The background information she got said that he was a somewhat older engineering student working on a graduate degree. That sounded very good to her.

She met him at the airport and drove him to his new home for at least a year and probably more. His name was Un Lak Li which she struggled with at first while he had no difficulty with hers.

He was delighted with the room and settled in quickly, then offered to take her to dinner as a thank you for bringing him from the airport. His English was rough but intelligible and he told her that by being here he wanted to improve it through the regular practice. He also told her that he wanted to learn American customs and she should always feel okay to explain or correct him as she saw the need.

He was exhausted from the long trip so she let him retire early. She was very stimulated from such a close encounter with a male who was actually in the next room. She reached down to her crotch and stimulated herself quietly to get to sleep.

Her resident was very much the gentleman and got quite busy with classes so she saw only a limited amount of him during the week and even Saturday as he adjusted to this new world. She made him promise to spend Sunday with her and he was delighted with the invitation. He was not Christian so she didn’t try to take him to church but said that they would go out to a park and give thanks to God by being in the nature that He had created. Her strong Baptist background came into play but was being affected by the fact that there were other beliefs in the world which she had been slowly absorbing. It was a delightful day and he hugged her at the end of it. Although he only meant it in friendship, her pussy twinged feeling his chest against her modest bosom.

It was summer because he had started in that semester and as it warmed up, she made it a point to wear less and less around the house or when she was messing with the landscaping in the backyard. She desperately wanted him to find her body attractive and he seemed to look at it positively. She encouraged him to dress lighter with the hot weather and reassured him that modesty was not a big deal. She got a few peeks through the legs of his shorts and realized he didn’t wear underwear like most Western men did. That was hot!

As they got more comfortable together, she probed his personal life and discovered that he had been a devoted student all away through undergraduate school. Dating was difficult because few women were allowed to do it unchaperoned. She sensed that he was as sexually frustrated as she.

One Saturday when he was at class and she was clean his room, she touched his computer mouse and the computer, which had been just asleep, sprang to life. It was on a porn site showing older white women. She’d rarely looked at porn but realized the implications of this. He was interested after all!

Through all of this anticipation, she had never thought through the consequences and realized that she was still fertile, although it was unlikely that she would conceive at this age. It was not something to take chances with and she went to her gynecologist and had an implant put in her arm. Her hymen was long gone from male substitute items she’d inserted in there.

She noted he didn’t hold his liquor very well, as she’d heard that Orientals often didn’t. So one Saturday night, she brought home a DVD that was a love story about an older woman who seduced a younger man as her lover. She kept plying him with vodka in fruit juice, which he wasn’t used to, and when the movie was through, she saw a bulge in his crotch. Now was her time to make the big move!

“Did you like the movie?” He nodded, looking intently at her. “Do you think that is something good for the people who were involved?” He nodded again. “Do you think it might be good for us too?” He gave a big nod, getting the idea finally.

No more words were spoken as she stood up and began removing her clothes. She had purchased a much more attractive bra than the plain cotton ones she usually wore, and the same with her panties. When she got down to her undergarments, he stood up and began removing his clothes. There was some difficulty in getting his pants down which she understood when the big shaft bounced up against his belly. “Oh my God, that’s bigger than I thought they were,” she thought. “Oh well, no stopping now!”

She knew from the video porn she’d watch that men liked to have their cocks sucked so she knelt down and did the best she could to copy the videos she’d seen. He stared at her, obviously delighted. She didn’t do that long, because she knew he might shoot stuff all over her face and that’s not where she wanted it.

Rose led him to her bedroom and laid him on the bed, knowing that if she were on top it gave her more control of this big thing he had lying atop his belly. She put her leg over him and began rubbing the uncircumcised head, something she hadn’t expected, against her already swollen pussy lips. She knew that she was already dripping so that would help as she rubbed the head to get it wet and then pushed down upon it until it popped inside. She stopped right then and pulled his hands up to her small and sagging breasts and he began to squeeze and fondled them.

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