The Sneeze

by Uther Pendragon

Copyright 2010 Uther Penddragon

Romantic Sex Story: Chloe knew that she had to share Todd, but Nancy was a possessive bitch.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

The idea had been percolating through Chloe’s mind ever since Todd had told her stories about his wrestling in college. Still, it would take a little preparation and a time when nobody would come to the door. She would also need to make sure Nancy couldn’t interfere.

Chloe had married Todd with the full understanding that she would have to share some parts of his life with Nancy. Nancy hadn’t been at all so understanding. Really, Nancy was a possessive bitch.

Wearing shoes, Chloe walked through the living room, where Todd was working, to the kitchen in the back of the house. Nancy looked up at her. Chloe opened the door. Nobody could be in the yard to see her, and it wasn’t all that cold out. Still, she stood behind the door and shivered while Nancy sauntered out into the yard. The look she gave Chloe was as explicit as if the message had been engraved: “You’re not in charge. I don’t have to go out unless I choose to. But, this time, I choose to.” Chloe closed the door behind her.

She walked back to the doorway into the living room. She stood there until Todd responded to her silent presence. He turned his face toward her, still keeping his hand on the book.

“Bet you can’t catch me,” she said. She crept forward as silently as she could. Todd rose, and walked towards the opposite doorway with one hand brushing the wall. When he was there, he turned to face her. For all her silent walk, he obviously knew just where she was. She went towards the center of the room, and he stepped towards her. She balanced herself to slap her right foot down a long way from where she was standing; then she straightened up. His only response to the feint was a smile. He was still heading right towards her. She rushed to her left, trading noise for speed. He was there before her. He grabbed her left wrist and pulled. Caught off balance, she stumbled towards him.

When he caught her around the waist, though, he was the one surprised. He slid one hand over her back from shoulder to thigh.

“You’re not wearing anything.”


“Well, I heard them.” He kissed her, long and deep. He picked her up in his arms. She started unbuttoning his shirt. “Um?” he mumbled.

“Turn right ten degrees.” He did, and then started striding straight ahead. “Stop. Another thirty degrees right.” He turned and carried her though the bedroom door. He was going slowly enough that she could maneuver her limbs through the doorway without collision. He put her down close to the bed. She unbuckled his belt and loosened his pants while he was removing shirt and undershirt. He stood on one foot and then the other to strip off shoes, socks, and trousers while she got into bed.

Todd rested one hand on the edge of the bed while the other found her. He stroked her from neck to thigh. His fingers brushed slowly over her breast as though he he were reading her arousal in braille. He got into bed and kissed her. While his tongue explored her mouth, his hand stroked her inner thighs. She spread her legs in an invitation that he didn’t seem to notice.

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