Angel's Special Birthday Party

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2018 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: A husband allows his wife to have sex with his friends on her birthday.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Fisting   Oral Sex   .

Max Toto and his wife Angel met twenty years ago at a gentlemen’s club. Angel was the headline stripper and Max owned the joint. Angel looked much younger than she was and always filled the place. She made more money than any other stripper. She was wholesome looking. Most guys thought she was a virgin. She had a smoking hot figure and her tits were perfectly sized. She was a good C cup.

She had a bare pussy which she covered with a jeweled thong. Angel knew how to work the stage. She’d walk around and hold onto the lights and lean up against the pole and start her dance. She’d often come out in a sheer white baby doll negligee with her thong and stiletto shoes.

She had all eyes on her once she took it all off. She was quite limber, and her tricks were amazing. Men and women would throw their cash up to her. They weren’t allowed to touch her, but she could touch them.

From her dancing alone, she probably made two grand a night. Angel made most of her better money when she did lap dances. Her very best customers she’d blow and allow to fuck her.

Max was quite taken with Angel and soon after became Max’s girl. He’d still allow her to do lap dances and fuck around. Angel was a sexy girl who needed plenty of sex. Max was older than Angel and just wanted her to be happy.

Angel liked how Max treated her. He was rich and got off showing Angel to his friends. He’d even let his friends fuck her for the right price. He liked showing off his girl.

Max Toto was no fool and hurried to get a wedding ring on Angel’s finger. They had a small wedding and he took Angel on a swinging adventure in the islands. Angel was happy that Max finally married her. She just wanted to please him, but Max liked watching his young bride please other’s.

Quickly, Angel was becoming quite popular on their honeymoon. Max encouraged his wife to fuck around. The only rules were, all intercourse encounters with other men had to be filmed. Max liked to watch his wife perform her sex stuff with other men. He liked seeing his wife get gangbanged and loved when the other men were blown away with her sexual prowess.

Angel fucked nearly twenty men on their honeymoon. Max got great video of all her encounters. Max fucked around with a cute redhead that blew him while he watched his wife getting fucked in all directions. Angel agreed to Max’s terms when she married him. Open marriage was the top rule. Max was thirty years older than Angel.

Fast forward ten years. Angel was a mother of twin boys and an amazing wife to Max. Max and Angel for many years had one lover who they shared together. That went on for many years. For Angel’s birthdays, he’d allow his wife to fuck multiple men. He’d always save that for her birthdays.

Max would arrange for a special birthday party extravaganza at their house. He’d invite their close personal friends. All sex was filmed by Max. The men all knew ahead of time that they were being filmed. Max liked to watch the sexual romps later when the party was over. Max was kinky and Angel liked to feed his fetish.

All the men were fine with knowing they were being taped. This was the one time in the year that Max shared his wife with anybody who wanted to fuck her. The wives had no idea that their husbands were fucking Angel. I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy if they knew. But they were all sworn to secrecy. Angel’s secret never was revealed. The men had been fucking Angel at her parties for the past several years. Angel’s parties were the highlight of the year.

Angel would greet all the guests and have a lovely afternoon with her husband and the guests. They drank and had wonderful food and when it was time for the entertainment is when Angel slipped away from the party.

The rules of the party were easy. Nobody was allowed inside of the house. There were bathrooms outside and the party was held there too. The party was always during the summer. The wives never questioned anything, because there was no need to go inside of the house. Everything they needed was outside.

When it was time for Angel’s private party the men would go to the front of the house where a door was left open for them. They would just explain that they were going to look at Max’s car collection in an off-site garage. That would give them enough time to party with Angel. Max would entertain the wives in their absence. None of the wives even cared when their husbands were away. Max made sure they were busy.

Angel looked at her watch and slowly slipped away. She hurried upstairs and got dressed for her first group of men. She fixed her hair and makeup. She put on a white negligee and left off the panties. She waited in her room until the first group of Max’s friends arrived.

“Angel, you look marvelous.” Matthew commented.

“Aren’t you just a peach.” Angel said.

Matthew, Joseph and Al were the first three men. Angel took off her nightgown and all eyes were on her body.

“You’re just gorgeous.” Joseph remarked.

“Let’s get you all undressed and I’ll give you each a little head. Appetizers first boys?”

Angel helped the men remove their clothes. They stood in a line and Angel dropped down in front of the first man. She opened her mouth wide and accepted his cock into her mouth. She made all kinds of wet sucking noises while she pleasured him. She put her hand on the man next to her and stroked him to erection. She moved down in front of his cock and pleasured his dick in her mouth.

While blowing him, she played with the next guys dick. When he was hard, she moved over to give him oral pleasure. When she was blowing one of the men, the other two played with their own dicks.

“Let’s fuck! You boys are all ready now. You all decide who goes where!”

Matthew got comfortable on the bed. Angel positioned her pussy over Matthew’s cock. She rocked and moved while Matthew and Angel made love. Her pussy was especially sloppy while his dick hit all the right spots.

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