Unexpected Pleasures

by N.O.Y.F.B.

Copyright© 2018 by N.O.Y.F.B.

Erotica Sex Story: camping and finding new friends can make a weekend turn into a life time of pleasure.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   BiSexual   Bestiality   .

Buddy Wallace could hardly wait. Tomorrow they were going to Lake Debra Water Park. It was a young person’s fantasy vacation. Swimsuits came off on an all the time from water pressure. The slides twisted and turned down the hill to the four foot deep lake. Sometimes the girl would have to wait while her top came down. It did not seem to bother anyone. Nudity was something no one questioned. Some would say if you got it flaunt it. It was nothing to see sunbathing nude, but unless you liked pain, you wore cover when sliding.

There were no cabins campers were not allowed. You just found a place along the banks to put up your tents. You had to provide your own food.

“Buddy, do you have your suitcase packed?” Sue, his mother asked.

“Yes mom, I am taking it to the pickup. I will start loading the air mattresses.”

Buddy had both king size air mattresses loaded along with the pump when Kin his daddy came out with his and mom’s suitcases. They worked together to put the huge tent that made the three of them feel at home.

The ride to Lake Debra was comfortable in the GMC 3500 crew cab. Kong their Mastiff had had room in the back with Buddy.

They found a spot close to the corner of the lake that had the zip line.

An hour of working together had everything in place. The two king sized beds were tied together creating a giant bed to accommodate all including Kong. The huge Bear skin covers made it the perfect place to crash.

Buddy dunned his swim suit and tennis shoes. He loved the zip line, but that huge splash into the water would burn your feet unless they were covered. The bottom was hard so you could walk out.

Buddy met Lilly in line for the slide. “My name is Buddy I am fourteen. What is your name?”

“My name is Lilly. I am fourteen too. This is the first time I have been here. I love it. I have been doing this all day. Where is your tent? Ours is that green and white one in that corner over there,” she said pointing it out.

“Ours is the one across the corner,” Buddy said point to his family tent.

“Your tent is huge. I have never seen one that big!” she exclaimed.

“It is twenty by twenty. We camp a lot,” Buddy said.

Buddy took one slide and Lilly took the one next to it.

They went head first. When they hit the lake at the bottom Lilly’s top was gone.

She made no effort to hide her naked breast. Look they did but it was nowhere to be found. Dusk was falling. Buddy went under and tried to find it but couldn’t.

“That is okay. I like dressing like this. You do, I don’t see why I can’t,” she said.

About that time the PA system announced the slides were closed until the next day.

It was almost dark when Buddy and Lilly reached the tents. Their parents were cooking their meals together. Howard Lilly’s daddy said, “Lilly did you lose your top.”

“Yes sir, it came off on the way down the slide,” Lilly said, arching her shoulders so Kin could see her sprouting breast.

“Linda, we might as well join her so she won’t feel uncomfortable,” Sue said, pulling her tee shirt over her head. Linda giggled and joined her.

The men all sprouted a horn in their trunks. The meal was one of all them getting acquainted. After all the dishes were put away they went into the Wallace tent and zipped the opening closed for private togetherness.

“Let’s play Monopoly dare,” Kin said.

“How do you play that?” Howard asked.

“What will we do about Lilly and Buddy?” Sue asked.

Howard and Kin both said, “They should be able to play if they want to, they are fourteen.”

“Please let us we would love to!” both kids exclaimed.

“I guess if they want to they are old enough,” Linda said, looking at Buddy, she would love a shot at his young cock.”

Howard asked again, “What is monopoly dare?”

“Instead of money you have take a dare from the one you owe money to.” Kin explained.

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