Today I Am Getting Married

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: : Jayden's getting married to her love Ron. Unfortunately she had a strong desire for Ron's Uncle Don. Events leading up to the wedding were full of a raging love affair.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

This was my day. For the last four months my mom and I had been arranging my wedding. From the guest list to my lovely dress, we did everything with military precision. Ron my husband to be had been very understanding. He left the wedding arrangements to Mom and me. His short guest list was his parents, a brother, his Uncle Don and five other couples. I had since met his Uncle Don numerous times. This is my story.

I remembered his Uncle. I’d met him twice. Each time I got wet just looking at him. He was so handsome and sexy looking. He was a widower about fifty, a towering man, in good shape, dark blue eyes and silver grey hair. Ron told me he was hung like a horse. When I asked him what he meant he just laughed and blushed. Actually the last time I saw him was at a wedding. Ron and I attended because it was a distance cousin of his. His Uncle asked me for a dance at the reception. We glided across the floor. When he held me close I could feel his rock hard cock pushing against my pussy. It felt so good. His masculine voice was combined with his scent had me reeling. If he had taken me for a walk I would have dropped my panties and begged him to make love to me.

So needless to say every time I saw his name on the list I thought of our last meeting. I had no idea why he had such an effect on me. Just the thought of him puffed up my luv lips and made my clitoris extend the longest I have ever felt it. I asked my mom to make sure he sat right in front of the head table, for Ron’s sake of course. I knew the effect he would have on me. Ron would think I was so hot when we finally went to bed and fucked.

Maybe I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Jayden Raven. I am nineteen. People tell me I am very attractive. My body is well shaped for my five foot eight height. My breasts are my best feature. They jut out of my chest with no sag. My nipples are large, long and are so sensitive. I love to have them sucked. Ron wasn’t the most aggressive lover but I had been training him. He was getting to be a good cunt lapper. I just love cumming while someone eats me.

We met at a football game. He was from the rival school. What attracted me to him was the fact he blushed every time a girl got close to him. He did not have an outgoing personality. Most of the jocks thought that I should put out because they were football heroes. They all got a big surprise when I told them to fuck off. I wasn’t a trophy to brag about in the shower. Ron was so different. I had to ask him to take me for a coffee. It took him three dates before he had the courage to kiss me. My girlfriends thought I was crazy. They claimed I could have any male in the school. But I didn’t want any male in the school. Ron was everything I wanted in a man. He was intelligent and had graduated as a computer scientist. He worked at a major software developer at a very good salary.

The first time he felt me I took his hand and held it to my breast. I hadn’t worn a bra so my nipples were like bullets pushing out on my T-shirt. All evening Ron couldn’t keep his eyes off of them but he wouldn’t take the initiative and touch them. Once I directed him to them, he lifted my shirt and I nursed him for hours. I loved that feeling. It was a similar exercise to get him between my legs. My pussy was always wet. I masturbated regularly. Shamalee, my friend, enjoys eating me but it was never enough. I always had the itch. So one night we were on the sofa and Ron was nursing. I dislodged his lips and pushed him down into my lap. I knew I was really wet so the scent of my sex had to be thick. His nose twitched and his eyes were closed. He was enjoying my scent. I had to lift his head and pull my skirt up and shove his face into my damp panties before he got the hint.

Ron had a small cock but I loved sucking him. He produced an extra ordinary amount of cum. I loved to milk every drop from him. He never left me without getting milked. Many times I had dropped to my knees and drained him before he went home at night. I really couldn’t get enough of his tasty cum.

When we finally did fuck he was like a rabbit. When he finally did take my cherry he shot his load in seconds. Ron was so embarrassed. I soothed him and over time got him to fuck me so I could cum and cum. He was going to be the perfect lover. We still hadn’t tried anal but that would come after we were married.

Shamalee was my closest friend; we shared everything. We often slept over because Shamalee was a wonderful lover. We enjoyed each other’s body. We usually fell asleep while 69ing. Her pussy was so tasty. I was fortunate to have had Shamalee as a teacher.

Shamalee was Chinese. Her body was like a sculpture. She presented her assets in the most attractive way possible. She was very fond of tight Chinese dresses. With her body she attracted every male within visual distance. She also had a shy boyfriend that she was training to be a lover. We often compared notes.

The first time we actually did anything together was on a trip to a football game in a town sixty miles from Abbotsville. She had her dad’s car and on the trip back we had a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. We were concerned but locked all the doors and just talked. She talked about her old friends and how she missed them. Shamalee’s family had just moved to Abbotsville. As I listened to her stories, I noted that all her close friends where girls. When I asked her about her boyfriend she admitted she didn’t have anyone close. I couldn’t believe anyone so beautiful didn’t have a boyfriend.

We were sitting for a time before a cruiser pulled up and got someone to help. The car was finally started and we continued home. We ended up at her home. I called my parents and told them I was staying over. Shamalee has a queen-sized bed that we shared. Once we were in bed, Shamalee leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips, not just a peck; it was a full-blown kiss. I was shocked but it was really enjoyable. Shamalee took my inactivity as an approval and kissed me again, this time she used her tongue. I just lay there and accepted it. I was so tired and everything she did felt so good. I was apprehensive when her hands started to move down my body. Once she started massaging my titties and nipples I was lost. I raised my body and felt my bra and panties disappear. Shamalee nursed on my nipples, which resulted in my first climax. When her talented mouth found my pussy I was totally lost. I had never cum as hard. Shamalee’s tongue was so educated. I was trying to train Ron to do it the same way.

Later that night I had my first taste of pussy. From that point on I realized why so many men love eating pussy. Shamalee’s juice flowed continuously. The next morning our faces were covered with a crusty film of dried pussy juice. We both laughed at each other. We have been enjoying each other ever since.

Shamalee would be my maid of honor. Her taste for something different helped me select a beautiful wedding dress. It hugged my body like a glove showing every curve I had. I picked out the sexiest strapless demi-bra and matching thong. The dress didn’t require any other undergarments. My thong was crotchless. I planned on trimming my pussy the day before the wedding. Ron would be so pleased.

All the plans were in place. The majority of the invited guests had answered their RSVP’s. I made note in my bride’s book as every guest confirmed their attendance. When Ron’s Uncle Don’s came I had to go and masturbate twice. I got so wet. There was a little note in the acceptance. He wrote a personal thank you. He commented on what a beautiful bride I would be and if I needed any help with anything please call on him. His phone number was included. My body was just tingling. How I wanted to call him and tell him he could have me. My pussy was so wet and my clitoris just stood well out of its hood.

It was two weeks before the wedding. Shamalee stood beside me in all my hot and cold periods. When I told her about Ron’s Uncle Don’s offer she thought it was a nice gesture on his part. She knew what he did to me. Shamalee told me I should call and talk to him. She mentioned Ron was likely going to have a bachelor party perhaps his Uncle could be her last single night out on the town. The more I thought of Shamalee’s suggestion the better it sounded. But I didn’t want to do anything behind Ron’s back. When I mentioned the suggestion Ron he thought it would be a good idea. His acceptance of the idea surprised me.

“Jayden I think it would be fun for you to go out for one final time before the wedding. The best time would be the day of the stag my friends are putting on for me. I could ask Uncle Don if you like.”

“Well you could mention I was thinking of his offer. He is such a formidable man. How come he isn’t married?”

“He was married for twenty one years. He lost his wife to cancer. He just never really got over the loss. I don’t mean he mopes but he remembers her. It would likely do him a world of good to go out with such a beautiful woman as you.”

“Thank Ron. You are so sweet. I just don’t know if I should. We will be married soon. I love you so much.”

I was in his arms. His hand was massaging my pussy. I knew he wanted to fuck me. Mom and Dad were watching television. We moved to the kitchen and I lowered my slacks and panties. I leaned over the counter and spread my legs. It felt so good when Ron’s cock entered me. I thrust back against his every jab. I love getting fucked. When I closed my eyes the image of Ron’s Uncle Don was there. It was his cock in me. I had a super climax. I could feel strings of Ron’s cum shooting into my cunt. I knew his cum would be dripping down my legs tonight.

“Thank you Ron. I really needed that. I love you.”

“Kitten. We will be doing that daily soon. I can’t wait.”

Shortly after that Ron went home. I went to prepare for a bath. I stood in front of the full-length mirror and watched Ron’s cum drain from my puffy luv lips. I watched the river of cum run down my thigh to my leg. I flicked a finger of it and tasted it. The taste was special. When I was laying the tub with my finger caressing my clitoris, the visions of Don ran through my head, not Ron.

The following day in the afternoon I got a call from Ron’s uncle.

“Hello Miss Raven. This is Don Parsons. I am Ron’s Uncle. We met at the wedding. We danced together.”

My pussy was tingling. The memories of that dance came rushing back. I still wanted to give myself to him.

“Yes. I remember. What can I do for you?”

“It is what we can do for each other. I just talked to Ron and he suggested that I give you a call. I would like to take you out on the town as a pre-wedding gift. We could do it the same night as Ron’s stag. That way you wouldn’t have to spend the evening wondering what trouble Ron was getting into.”

I had planned to spend most of that night between my best friend’s legs eating her Chinese pussy. We had made arrangements for one last love session before I got married. I didn’t know when we would be able to get together next. I told Shamalee I didn’t want to lose our special relationship. She assured me I would always be her lover regardless of the circumstances.

“It sounds nice. But don’t you want to go to the stag?”

“And miss the opportunity to go out with the most beautiful woman in Abbotsville, not a chance. So your answer is yes?”

“Ok. I will do it for you. So you can say you dated the most beautiful woman in Abbotsville. Who am I to stand against fate?”

Don was laughing. After we confirmed a time for the date he hung up. I was so wet. I called Shamalee.

“Can you come over?”


“I just got off the phone with Don Parsons. He is taking me out the night Ron is having his stag. I am so excited and wet. I need you.”

“Oh I will be over. I want to hear more about the date and I know what else you need.”

It wouldn’t take long for Shamalee. She only lived four blocks from me. Oh how I needed her tongue to take the edge off. I wondered what kind of shape I will be in actually dating Don. Maybe I should be marrying Don instead of Ron. I heard Shamalee at the door.

“Thanks for coming over on so short notice. I really need your soft hands and mouth tonight.”

“Well I am a bit horny as well. Are your parents’ home?”

“No. They are at the mall. They will likely be home by nine.”

“That gives us two hours. Let’s have a shower together. Then let’s make each other happy.”

Shamalee had brought a nightie and her favorite scent. I enjoy eating her because she tastes so good and her perfume drives me crazy. Showering with Shamalee was a treat. Her body was so balanced. I couldn’t wait to get in bed. I needed relief now. Her body was like a fashion model’s. She could easily be on a catwalk. Her smooth skin and her complexion would have all the fashion people dazzled. She was a beautiful friend. I cleaned every inch of her body slowly savoring her. Her luv lips were bare but there was a small mat of black hair above her now exposed clitoris. I licked her slit as the water ran down my face. Then I latched onto her clitoris. I sucked and felt her knees tremble as she climaxed.

“Oh Jayden, that’s what I like about you. You can make me cum anytime. Let me bath you.”

I stood in front of her but she had me turn around so she could do my back. I felt her hands caressing my skin. I could feel her spread my cheeks and gently wash my puckered opening. I nearly fell forward when I felt her tongue on my opening. My body just tingled. I would have to get Ron trained to tongue me there. Shamalee’s tongue felt so good on my anal bud. When she instructed me to turn around I was disappointed, as I hadn’t climaxed. She seemed to enjoy teasing me. My nipples were hard as she played with them. She sucked one then the other. It felt so good.

“Jayden, you should see your clitoris. It has to be an inch long and as thick as a thumb. What have you been thinking of? I have never seen it so excited.”

I never answered her. My mind was on Don Parson’s big cock. My stupid body betrayed me and was pumping my clitoris towards Shamalee’s mouth. She started to laugh.

“You’re thinking of Ron’s Uncle. A girl who is about to get married shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like that. Maybe I should go on the date with this Don Parsons. You could do some last minute packing.”

“Only in your dreams, I am going on that date. I will put in a plug for you.”

“That is really nice of you.”

Shamalee had my clitoris in her mouth and was sucking and tonguing at the same time. It wasn’t long before I was pulsating in a tremendous climax. I had to hang on to the sides of the shower or I would have fallen flat on my face.

“Hell. That was a strong climax. Thank you Shamalee, I really need to get my rocks off. I can’t keep my mind off that meeting with Don Parsons. It is crazy.”

“Well I hope it turns out as good as you are imagining. Maybe I should take that back. You want him to fuck you. Not a good way to start a new marriage. The more I think of you and your date; I think I should be the one to go.”

“You can forget that. Let’s get ready for bed. I want to spend the night between your legs. I will always love you Shamalee. I love your taste.”

“Mmmmmmmm. That sounds good. We can 69. We will have to get up early to shower and wash our hair. You know what pussy juice does to your hair and face.”

“I can tell Mom I am using a new hair spray.”

We enjoyed each other’s pussies all night. I must have gone to sleep with her pussy dripping on my face. I was covered with crusty juice in the morning. We both got in the shower; I love looking at Shamalee’s body. We did not touch each other because we had to get ready for work.

Ron’s stag and my final fling as a single woman were Friday. I got all giddy every time I thought about it. I asked Shamalee what she would suggest I wear. We were going to talk about it tonight. We were to meet at her home. I had called Ron from work and told him I wanted to pick out something nice for my dinner date with his uncle. He thought it was a nice gesture on my part. If he knew the real reason he would be shocked.

Shamalee had a real surprise for me. She had purchased a chic Chinese style dress like she always wears. It had a collar and fit like a second skin.

“Shamalee. I can’t wear this. Everybody will see my bra and panty lines.”

“No they won’t, look at the bodice, you don’t need a bra.”

“What about panties?”

“No panties needed. It will really make you feel daring. I have a pair of self-supporting nylons for you to match the dress. Your black high heels will go with it.”

I felt a tingle go up my spine. I had to admit the dress was plain but striking. It would knock Don Parsons off of his feet. Later that night I enjoyed Shamalee again. We fell asleep locked in each other’s arms. The thought of losing this love we had for each other was out of the question.

The balance of the week sped by. In my mind I had rehearsed the dinner date with Don hundreds of times. I willed myself to stay in control of my body’s desires and enjoy the evening. I was going to save myself for Ron. Shamalee continued to tease me, offering herself to take my place. She said Don would likely enjoy eating Chinese. I knew she wasn’t talking about food.

“Shamalee, I told you I would mention you to Don. I will suggest he dance with you at the wedding. Then the next step is up to you. Besides I will tell you everything that happens on our dinner date.”

“Oh. That you will. I will be at your house talking to your mom about the wedding plans when you get home. I will want to hear everything about it when you get home. Can I stay the night?”

“You better; I will be horny and need your tongue.”

Don Parsons actually called Friday night to confirm the time. He said we were going to eat at a very expensive restaurant. It had a small band and a dance floor. I had to masturbate before I showered then again in bed. My clitoris got so big when I thought of him. How would I keep in control tomorrow?

Saturday was a rush. Shamalee helped me with my hair. She trimmed my pussy and ate me to take off the edge. Finally I was dressed and waiting for the doorbell to ring.

“You look gorgeous Jayden. You will knock him out.”

“Thank you Shamalee. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

“Well remember to bring me something from tonight’s date.”

“I will try and remember that.”

We both heard the bell ring. I could hear voices. My mom was talking to Don.

“Jayden. Mr. Parsons is here.”

“Coming Mom.”

“Wish me luck Shamalee. I will see you later tonight.”

Shamalee blew me a kiss. I walked down the stairs as gracefully as possible. When I saw Don my legs started to tremble. I willed them to stop and hoped Don wouldn’t notice. But the look on his face it wasn’t my trembling legs he was enthralled with. His eyes were undressing me.

“Jayden. You are lovely. That dress makes you look like a screen Madonna.”

“Thank you Don. You are very handsome looking yourself.”

Don was dressed in a sharp black suit, white shirt with a matching black tie. He looked like a distinguished gentleman. He took my arm.

“Good evening Mrs. Raven. I will take good care of Jayden. I will bring her home safe and sound. We should be back no later than twelve.”

“Have a good time Jayden.”

I was wondering what dinner would take till twelve. Don walked me the SUV. He held my door open and then closed it when I was seated. Soon we were on our way. His scent filled the cab. I just closed my eyes for a second and enjoyed.

“Well I hope you enjoy the evening. It has been a while since I have taken out a beautiful young woman. I should have gotten a corsage.”

“Oh that wasn’t necessary Don. I am thrilled to be going out for this one last time as a single lady. I was going to spend it with my friend Shamalee.”

“Shamalee, that is a beautiful name, is she Chinese?”

“Yes. A very beautiful Chinese, you would like her. We are best friends. She is going to be my maid of honor.”

“I would like to meet her. I will tell you a secret. I have always wanted to date a Chinese woman. They are so appealing.”

“I will tell that to Shamalee. I am sure she will be overwhelmed. I would be glad to introduce her to you.”

Don was laughing.

“I would like that. But I can wait till the wedding. I am sure we will meet then.”

I was thinking I could guarantee that. Shamalee will insist on meeting him. Suddenly we were turning into the restaurant’s parking lot. A valet took the vehicle at the door. We were ushered into the main room.

“Don Parsons. Table for two.”

“Of course Mr. Parsons. Follow me.”

The maître de lead us to a small alcove that was enclosed on all three sides. We were facing the dance floor. The light was such that it appeared we were alone.

“This is the first time I have ever been here. It is very impressive.”

“Well it is a first for both of us. One of my friends told me the food was excellent and the music is danceable.”

The meal was excellent. Don was a perfect host. We had wine with dinner and an aperitif after dinner. We talked about ourselves. I learned that he was in the same field as Ron and had a reputation as an expert in his field, computer viruses. He was the one that suggested Ron follow in his footsteps. He was instrumental in getting Ron in his first position.

“Would you care to dance Jayden?”

My knees went week but I had the will.

“I would love to.”

We glided among other dancers. Don held me close. He was so easy to follow. Then I felt it. Don was getting hard. But this time I felt the bulge at the middle of my thigh. I don’t think much of it. I nuzzled into his chest. When the music stopped I found Don staring at my face.

“I am sorry. I get so wrapped up in the dance. You are such an accomplished dancer I just close my eyes and let my feet follow your lead.”

“You looked beautiful. You lips are so appealing. I wanted to kiss you.”

“You are just saying that.”

Now I knew I was getting wet and I had no panties on. I hoped my perfume would keep my sexual scent from Don. How I wanted his arms around me. The music started again.

“Would you like another trip around the floor?”

“I would love it.”

I leaned against his chest. Our bodies were touching from my titties to my thighs. I concentrated on Don’s bulge. It felt like a log starting at my pussy and half way down my thigh. I really wondered what he had hidden in his pants.

The dance ended and Don led me to our table. All our dinner dishes had been removed and there was a carafe of hot coffee. Don looked into my eyes. I knew if he moved towards me I would be in his arms kissing him.

That first kiss was the catalyst his lips were so soft. I felt his tongue and I opened my mouth. His hands were caressing my back. I guess he discovered I wasn’t wearing anything else but my dress. When we finally broke I was trembling.

“I shouldn’t have done that Jayden. I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I wanted you to kiss me. I have been thinking about it all night. I hate to admit this, you do something to me.”

“Well Jayden. You have awakened feelings in me that I haven’t felt in years.”

I was in his arms again. I could feel his hand on my thigh. I spread my legs as much as possible in my tight dress. His hand was under the dress following my thighs. I felt him hit the bare skin above the nylons. He was close to heaven. When he touched my moist luv lips he let out a sigh. His fingers found my extended clit. Then I felt his thumb enter my pussy.

“Jayden. Do you want to stay for coffee or leave?”

“Leave to go where?”

“I live three blocks from here. I want you.”

I nodded and he called for the check. Soon we were on our way to his house. It was a rambling affair.

“You live here alone?”

“Yes. I have lived here for thirty years. I just got used to the place. I enjoy my space.”

He led me to the house. It was an impressive home.

“What would you like to see?”

“Your bedroom.”

We went upstairs. The room was large with a massive bed. The lighting was soft. He had me in his arms, kissing me. His hands were all over me. I heard the zipper of my dress and then felt it falling to the floor. I stood before him naked except of the nylons and high heels.

“Jayden you are beautiful. I have to taste you.”

He actually picked me up and laid me on the bed. He spread my legs and I felt his hot breath before his tongue on my clitoris. I arched my body to get my clitoris into his mouth. He had an educated tongue and mouth. First he sucked my clitoris then he drank up my juice. I must have cum four times.

“Don. Please fuck me. I have dreamed about this so many times.”

He stood up and stared to remove his jacket then his shirt. He had a full chest covered with grey hair. I watched as he lowered his trouser and shorts.

“Oh my god.”

Don must be eleven inches and as thick as my arm. His cock stood straight out. I just stared. The comment hung like a horse made sense.

“Are you sure you want to fuck? I am big as you can see. Not too many women can accept me.”

“I want try Don. It is a magnificent tool. Lay beside me I want to feel that monster. I don’t know if I can get the head in my mouth.”

I grasped his monster. I was a solid luv muscle. I kissed the shaft working my way to the head. I could see the precum. I licked it. I opened my mouth wide as possible and did get the head in. My tongue flicked the small slit on the head licking up the precum as it seeped out. I could feel Don pumping in very short strokes. I would love to blow him but I wanted to feel that monster between my legs. I released him.

“Please Don. Try and put in me. I have never seen anything that big before.”

Don positioned himself with his purple cock head at my cunt. I could feel the flat head against my opening. He pushed. It felt like someone was trying to shove a log between my legs. Then I felt him go past the opening. Oh what a feeling, I was so full. I looked down and saw that there was much more to go.

“Let your body get used to the size. Then we will try the shaft.”

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Nothing in my wildest dreams prepared me for this. I felt a pressure and my cunt stretching for the monster shaft entering me. When I looked again a good six inches was buried in me. Now I know what it must feel like to have a baby in reverse. Don was making strokes with the shaft now in me. Then I felt him push again. I was surprised to feel his massive balls striking my ass. He had the whole cock buried in me. He lowered his weight on me. I felt so full.

“It will feel better once your body get used to it. I am surprised that you wanted to try it. Many of my lady friends get upset and start crying.”

“Is that why you don’t date?”

“Partly, my wife enjoyed taking my cock deep in her. It has been a long time for me to get that same sensation. I will be forever in your debt Jayden.”

“Oh Don. I feel so full. I can feel you deep inside of me. It feels good.”

Don started to pump. The feeling was indescribable. I had nothing to compare it too. But it was wonderful. I thought of Shamalee. She would enjoy trying to take this monster up her small pussy. I could feel my climax building as Don pumped. He was so gentle.

“Don, hump me a bit faster. I think I can take it.”

“Are you sure?”


He started to slam it in me. I could feel his balls bouncing off my ass. I was cumming.

“Oh Don. I am going to cum.”

“Good. I am close. I haven’t felt this good for years. Here it comes.”

And cum he did. I could feel the sting of cum hitting what I thought was my throat from the bottom up. String after string pumped into me. Don collapsed on me.

“Jayden. Thank you so much. You have no idea what this means to me.”

“Don. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything. I never would have believed I could take you.”

We stayed attached till I felt the log in me start shrinking. I was so full. Don must have pumped what felt like gallons. I know I have never taken so much cum before. Then a thought ran through my mind, I thanked Mom for putting me on the pill at fourteen!

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