Bobbi's Busy Beaver

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A young woman stuns a young man with her sexuality.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Water Sports   .

When I returned Bobbi home from the movie and McDonald’s, I expected a short little kiss like I got on our first date. Instead of stopping at the door she took my hand and led me through the living room, saying hi to her parents as we passed them, and took me to her bedroom, closing the door.

She locked her mouth on mine as she began removing my shirt. When I just stood there stunned she guided my hands to unbutton her blouse. I thought earlier that maybe she was braless, and sure enough she was. She broke the kiss and pulled my mouth down to feast on her pert b-cup bosom.

Things proceeded rapidly from there and I was soon balls deep in the second female of my life. This one didn’t just lay there like my first, but moved in ways I’d never even imagined. She even seemed to control my orgasm, having a couple herself before I was “allowed” to blast my blue balls into her.

As we lay side by side savoring the experience, I asked, “Seems like you’ve done this before.” She replied nonchalantly, “Oh yes. Hundreds of times!”

That got my attention so I kept going, “Aren’t you barely sixteen?”

She grinned, “I started three years ago. It’s not a crime here if the partners are within a year or two of each other. My mom didn’t want me to grow up ignorant so I got sex-ed and birth control as soon as I was interested. I’ve been practicing ever since.”

My erection was recovering so she rolled on top and slid down on it. “Most guys don’t like to know how much screwing I do. Male insecurity or something. How about you?”

I gave her a couple of hard cock pushes to indicate my interest. She squeezed me with her cunt and continued, “You might have liked my sixteenth birthday. I had three guys take turns in the morning, then four others in the afternoon. Following the rather ordinary party I spent the night with an older man I’ve had the hots for. Wore him out but he didn’t complain. I lay him every week or two now.”

My cock erupted with little physical stimulation. She pulled off me and asked, “Can you spend the night? I’ll say good night to Mom and Dad if you can.”

I lived in the college dorm so no one was checking up on me. Damn right I’d stay! We’d met at the college where she took AP classes and I thought she was older. When I found out the facts, and realized she was legal here, I decided what the hell, let’s see where it goes. Good choice so far!

We screwed and talked some more but got enough sleep to get through the next day ... barely. At breakfast her mom was just cool like this happened all the time, and I guess maybe it did.

Bobbi couldn’t go out with me for three more nights since she had to study and had “other commitments”. On the second day after the breakfast morning I invited her to my dorm room between classes and she happily got naked, eager to screw. As we thrust hips together I asked, “So what have you been up to since we were together?” She got the double entendre and said, “Oh, about a yard.”

I was puzzled so she explained, “The average male cock is roughly six inches, so six times six is 36, the number of inches in a yard.”

As I slammed seep and unloaded my throbbing cock, feeling the waves of pleasure spread throughout my body, I was barely able to say, “Don’t you have the busy beaver!” She grinned proudly as she nodded and made me keep going to get her big thrill.

As we parted, she reminded me, “I’ll see you tomorrow evening. I may be a little late as I have a meeting with two guys after class and they don’t wear out quickly.” Damn, she sure knows my hot button now!

When we met for our date I informed Bobbi that there would be a little detour on the way to the concert. I’d allowed some extra time to get her to my dorm room. I was going to sample her freshly-fucked girl parts. When she realized my agenda she kissed me and enthusiastically cooperated.

I usually liked to taste her goodies but not this time. She murmured, “I’ve had foreplay already. ‘Four play’ to be exact. Cum on in. Enjoy stirring the pot I’ve prepared for you with your big dipper.”

It was like sliding into hot butter, not that my cock has ever experienced that, but you get the idea. She knew how to play me too, “You’re bigger than either one of them. Let’s see if you can cream me as much.”

As I pounded her puss, trying to get traction in the slippery stuff my mind was going wild and I said out loud, “I wish I’d been there to see this get delivered!”

She grinned, “That can be arranged. When would you like the show?”

Her parents were going to be gone all day Saturday, so that’s when the “performance” would take place in her bedroom. I arrived a few minutes early as did the two “stagehands”. First names were exchanged and Bobbi chortled, “Get naked everybody! I’ve been fingering myself all morning about this.”

I was placed in her study desk chair and the show began. Having a bigger audience to play to really touched some buttons in the young hottie. She made a real production about exploring each of the other guys with her hands and mouth individually and then with two cock heads pushed together to suck both at once. Lying on the bed with one guy on each side, she directed them in pleasuring all of her erogenous zones, ordering them to do specific things and rotating where each one was working.

She glanced at me frequently to see my reaction and smiled to see my hand stroking my erection as I watched. Since I had said “watched”, she took it literally and I was relegated to spectator this time. It was enough for starters.

When both had pleasured her and “fed her beaver”, she thanked them and said she’d see them at the usual times. She simply pointed to her swampy slot and ordered, “Kiss it!”. I did a little more than that with my tongue just above the gaping and cream-coated pleasure tunnel entrance but was very eager to hide my shaft in there. She wasn’t a tease and kissed me hard as my cockhead probed then found its way in. Between my visual and manual stimulation while she was screwed twice, I couldn’t hold back and she knew it. “Go ahead, put your sperm in there too. We are in no rush today and we’ll both enjoy more.” I stayed deep after the pleasure pulses stopped.

“Was it like you expected?” she inquired with her arms around me.

“Even more so,” I admitted. “I’ve watched plenty of porn videos but being there with someone you care for is immensely better. You seemed to like performing for me too.”

“I’ve only done that for someone I especially like. I’m not an actress or an exhibitionist like you might think. And I’m not a slut who bangs just anybody. I must get to like a man as a person first. Yes, I know we screwed on the second date, but I can size up a man pretty quickly with my experience. There have been many wannabe studs who haven’t even gotten a goodnight kiss.”

At the moment I was pursuing an emotional, not sexual path, “So you ‘like’ me? I gather you ‘liked’ the two guys you opened your legs for earlier too. Why am I still here and they are gone?”

“Good observation, my friend. Notice the word I just used. Women can be a lot more precise in how they categorize relationships. Yes, we have a relationship. I have it with them and several others too. Each one is unique and I could, but won’t, rank them. All I can say is that you and I clicked in an interesting way early on and that it why we are having this discussion. You seem to be intrigued by my sexuality and not just for getting your own rocks off. I like that.”

“Intrigued is a good word, I guess,” I countered. “Sex has been incredibly interesting to me for a long time but you are the first person of either gender that I could really talk to about it. I’ve done a lot of reading and, with your agreement or cooperation or whatever, want to see what I’ve read about applied in practice. This morning was an example. Do you know what I mean?”

She used her pussy muscles to get my cock’s attention, “Not only do I know what you mean but it is directly in line with my own interests. Why do you think I want to copulate with so many different men?”

“Because they ARE different, right?”

“BINGO! You win the first, or maybe the fourth, prize today! [grin] Move on, my man!” Actually she was the one that moved, right on top of me, my now-favorite position for coitus. I could easily see and stimulate various erogenous zones as my cock was disappearing and reappearing. We had a rousing romp, showered, and then put on robes for lunch.

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