Dirty Little Princess

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2018 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: Nineteen year old Ashley joins her father, Max, at a posh resort after being apart for a year to mark the beginning of a very special summer together.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

He stopped short and stood behind a tall, potted palm at the entrance to the resort’s open-air bar. He felt foolish, but the second he spotted her he got a strong feeling he was about to walk into something he had no reference for. She was standing at the bar between empty stools, her long, honey-blonde hair flowing loose around her shoulders. The white minidress she was wearing was T-shirt thin, hugging her extravagant curves like she’d spilled paint on her body. The neckline plunged nearly to the edges of her areolas, leaving more of her full, C cup cleavage exposed than he’d ever seen her show before.

Ashley looked more like she was ready to go out clubbing with friends than meeting her father for a long-awaited dinner together. Just the two of them. She looked so fresh and beautiful he had to wonder if she’d been dressed that way for traveling. She must have found a place to change and freshen up either at the airport or right there in a ladies’ room at the resort. Her luggage had already been delivered to their cabin, but she’d sent him a text saying she wanted him to meet her there first, claiming she was starving for dinner. The restaurant was enclosed, but adjacent to the bar.

Max took a deep breath. He hadn’t seen his nineteen-year-old daughter in over a year. It wasn’t that she’d changed so much in that time, but he’d never seen her look so awe-inspiring. But it wasn’t just the way she looked that set his radar in motion. She was clearly nervous. She looked as if she didn’t know how to fit inside her own skin as she wrung her hands and couldn’t seem to stand still for more than a few seconds at a time. It had to be she was just excited like he was to be able to see each other again after a long time.

But they’d always been close, even after the divorce and he moved away, and distance had done nothing to change that. Max had to travel often for his job, and no matter where he was, he never failed to make time to talk and text his only daughter. Ashley had always been her daddy’s girl, and he knew her well enough to see she was wrestling hard with something in her mind.

At the same time, Max couldn’t help looking at his daughter at that moment as anything other than what she obviously was: an undeniably luscious young woman, intensely desirable in every way a man could imagine. But this was something this father already knew about his daughter. Through all the time they’d been apart from each other, Ashley regularly sent him phone selfies, many of which were on the borderline of being inappropriate.

If she’d been trying on new outfits or even bikinis, she always sent a picture to her father and asked what he thought. Max never wanted to lie to her, so he told her what he honestly thought. Most often he told her she looked amazing, and usually added that he also thought her outfits were too revealing and that he was going to lose sleep worrying about her looking too sexy around a campus full of lust-crazed college boys.

Ashley usually just replied with an “lol”, and she always told him he should never worry, that she was always daddy’s girl and always would be. His response to messages like that were usually a little heart emoji and nothing more. As much as he wanted to be honest with his daughter, he couldn’t be completely honest.

For one thing, he could never admit to her or anyone that a few months ago he’d taken to stroking his cock while looking at the album of her pictures on his phone. At first, it seemed like such an insane thing to do that he would only stroke his aroused shaft for a while and then try to occupy his mind with something else before he made himself cum to images of his own daughter.

But that only lasted a couple of weeks. Eventually, he was stroking his cock to selfies of his daughter nearly every day. His favorite was one of several she sent him from the beach a couple of months ago where she was wearing a turquoise bikini that was the skimpiest thing he’d ever seen her in. It was the first time he fully realized how big her tits were, and since she had been in the water before taking that set of pictures the fabric was pasted to her skin. The bottom was small and tight enough that Max could tell his daughter was keeping her pussy shaved.

At first, he couldn’t believe his little girl was out in public in anything so skimpy. There had to be dozens or even hundreds of people who saw her. He wanted to text her back and forbid her from wearing that bikini in public ever again, but it wasn’t long before he was rubbing his cock and feeling both proud and excited.

After that set of bikini selfies, he found himself reaching into his boxer briefs and fondling his cock while they were talking. They video-chatted as often as they could, and Max was extremely careful to keep the motion of his hand hidden from view. Consequently, he never let himself cum while they were still talking, but moments after they disconnected he let himself explode with pleasurable relief.

The dress she was wearing tonight was tighter and skimpier than anything he’d seen her in besides the beach photos. As he watched her waiting nervously, he started to wonder why she hadn’t sent a changing room picture of that dress before, but then he realized she must have wanted to surprise him. If that was what she had in mind then it was working like a charm.

Max quit trying to figure out why she looked so nervous. He thought he already knew, but he was trying to keep from thinking about it. Besides, he was struggling with his own battle to keep his cock from getting hard right there as he gazed at her luscious young body from his unseen vantage point. Then there was his own nervous excitement at finally being able to see his precious baby again after so long. He was probably just as nervous as she was, but only a little better at hiding it.

His ex had done everything she could think of to keep them apart, including pressuring the girl into going to a college that was even further away from where he moved after the break-up. He didn’t speak to his ex at all anymore, but he and Ashley were closer than ever. And now, after all of that, they would have a whole month of traveling together in Europe. Max would have to spend a few of those days working, since it had started as a business trip, but then he’d invited Ashley to come and spend the rest of the time on the southern coast.

Max finally realized he couldn’t stand there all night spying on his own daughter and decided it was time to join her. She spotted him by the time he was two steps into the lounge. A huge smile lit up her beautiful face that must have been contagious since he could feel the same kind of smile breaking out on his too.

As amazing as the girl looked from a distance, she was downright paralyzing up close.

“How could you be even more beautiful than the last time I saw you?” Max said before he could think twice about it.

“Oh my god, Daddy, you’re crazy,” Ashley giggled.

She blushed and looked down for a moment while Max’s gaze dropped to the full, smooth tits nearly bursting out of her tiny, white dress. He wanted to feel them more than take his next breath, but he decided not to hug her because he didn’t trust his reaction. Yet Ashley looked up and instantly threw her arms around her father and pressed her curvaceous body tightly against him.

Max wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back just as tightly. With her lush boobs mashing firmly against his body, his cock was swarming with heat, threatening to swell up hard against her. But at the moment he didn’t care. He was barely even aware of it. It was like he was hugging her for the first time, and he practically forgot she was his daughter.

“I’ve missed you more than you can imagine,” he told her, burying his face against her neck and inhaling the scent of her perfume.

“Oh yes I can,” she replied, tightening her hold. “I’ve missed you even more. I thought my first year of college would never end.”

Max’s cock started getting hard. He knew she could probably feel it but he didn’t care. He lifted his head to look at her, bringing his hands to her face and holding still as he began to lean in to kiss her supple mouth. Her eyes were wide open and glistening with moisture as she waited. His cock was well on the way to being fully erect, but as he looked into the expression in her eyes - complete love and trust - as she waited for him to kiss her the way a man kisses any other girl except his own daughter, he stopped himself. He backed away and nervously cleared his throat.

Ashley looked even more nervous than before, and a little disappointed, except that now there was a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Max was almost as nervous, and feeling foolish for letting his daughter feel his cock swell against the press of her luscious body.

“I could really use a drink,” he said with an awkward laugh.

“Me too,” Ashley replied with a bright grin.

Max looked at her in surprise. “Young lady,” he reminded her, “you’re not old enough to drink.”

“Maybe back home, but not here. Remember how long it’s been, Dad. I’m old enough for a lot of things now.”

The suggestive look in the girl’s eyes nearly made her father’s cock swell up to its full state of hardness.

“I know, baby girl, I know. But I’m trying not to think about that. You might be all grown up now but you’re still my sweet little princess.”

“Awww, Daddy, that’s the sweetest thing anyone ever said. I hope I’m always your sweet little princess.”

“You always will be, babydoll.” He put his hand on her hip and she leaned up and kissed him on the mouth.

When she slipped her tongue into his mouth, the move surprised Max, even as bold as the girl was being about teasing him. But actually tongue kissing in a public place, dressed as she was? It was the last thing he would’ve expected. But the thing that surprised him even more was the way his own tongue immediately began to play with hers. It was impossible not to. Her lips were warm and supple, and kissing a girl as beautiful as Ashley was a pleasure no matter who she was.

He also didn’t expect a kiss like that to last as long as it did, either, but once his daughter’s eager lips opened and their tongues started exploring each other Max didn’t want it to end. His precocious daughter pushed her full, heavy tits against his body as they openly kissed in front of the bartender, and Max couldn’t help letting his hands roam over Ashley’s hips and back at the same time. He was dying to lay his hand over the full, thickly rounded curves of the girl’s ass in that tight, tiny dress, but he forced himself to resist that much.

Max didn’t even care that his hard cock was rubbing carelessly against his nineteen-year-old daughter’s luscious body, and when she rubbed herself against his bulge and kissed him harder he finally let his hand slip down over her ass.

Ashley’s cheeks were so round and full and felt even firmer than they first looked in her dress. Fortunately there were only a few other customers in the bar, and the bartender was probably used to people getting intimate there since he didn’t seem to be paying them very much attention.

Max finally broke the kiss off reluctantly. His cock was throbbing against his daughter’s body through his pants. It felt amazing, but if they let it go on any longer he’d end up wanting to fuck her. Fantasies were bad enough, even if he kept them to himself, but at least they couldn’t do any harm. And as bold as Ashley was being, she couldn’t possibly want to go so far as actually fucking her own father, could she?

Max needed to catch his breath and try to get his mind straight.

“See how much I’ve missed you, Daddy?” She looked up into his eyes with a gleeful face. “Sooooo much. And I can see you’ve really missed me too.”

She giggled and sneakily squeezed his cock. At least her gesture was hidden from the other customers with her body blocking anyone’s view. Max took a deep breath and ordered a couple of glasses of wine. He moved around to one end of the three-sided bar where his daughter’s body was also blocked from anyone’s view. Ashley took a seat on one of the stools while her father stood close beside her. On the stool, her dress hem rode nearly up to her world class ass, leaving her thick, shapely thighs well exposed. While they each took a sip of their wine, Max foolishly rubbed the bulge of his hard cock against his daughter’s bare leg, but with the lower half of their bodies hidden he was quickly losing any apprehensions he had about letting his daughter tease him the way she was.

It was certainly insane to let her get away with touching his cock, but at least it was only through his pants. Her hand felt so good, and it was really just a little harmless fondling. At the end of the night they’d go to their separate rooms in their cabin, and Max would have the most amazing memories he’d ever had to stroke to. Since they were going to be traveling together over the next couple of months, with Max working some of the time and vacationing with his daughter the rest, he was probably going to need to masturbate whenever he could get away with it just to make his cock cooperate while she was nearby.

Ashley just gave him the brightest, most beautiful smile her father had ever seen. With his cock rubbing against the outside of her thigh, he slipped his free hand onto the inside and lightly rubbed her smooth, incredibly warm flesh.

“I guess we have a lot to catch up on,” he said, holding eye contact while his hand kept rubbing on the inside of her leg.

“Maybe,” she said, coyly. “But on what is the million dollar question.”

“Well, you’ve had a whole year of college. A whole year of being on your own. You must have lots of stories about your new experiences ... boyfriends and so forth.”

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Please, Daddy, we talk like three times a week. There’s not much about me you don’t already know. Well, maybe a few things,” she told him with a coy smile.

“See? There’s always something. Like if you got yourself a boyfriend, or maybe you were too busy beating the guys off with a stick.”

She squared her shoulders indignantly and pushed out her mesmerizing tits. The way they stretched at the thin, low-cut material of her dress gave her father a breathtaking view.

“I don’t beat guys off with anything,” she smirked sarcastically. “Besides, Daddy, boyfriends are just that: boys. I’m not interested in boys. I’d much rather have a man.”

On that, she let her hand slide between her leg and her father’s cock, playfully squeezing his shaft through his pants again. He just took a deep breath and enjoyed her sneaky caress while he squeezed her thigh a little tighter.

“Aww, baby girl, I thought you were Daddy’s sweet little princess,” he replied, trying to cover how much her words had really affected him.

“I am,” she said, pulling down his zipper. Her hand slipped inside his pants and she rubbed his swollen cock through his briefs before fingering the band downward and getting her hand on the hot flesh of his excited shaft. “But I’m still a woman, aren’t I, Daddy?”

“Oh, fuck, yes you are,” he groaned softly, not wanting anyone else to overhear.

He knew he should have made her stop, but her hand felt too good. And the heart-racing excitement of having his hot, sexy daughter feeling up his cock in public was too much to resist. He was dying to feel her pussy, but it was the one act of restraint he still seemed capable of.

“We’re gonna have the best summer ever,” the curvy girl smiled excitedly. “I’ve been dreaming of having you all to myself for the longest time.”

Ashley’s nipples were so hard and swollen they were poking into her dress and demanding to be noticed. Max took a deep breath as he quickly scanned the area and carefully let his hand rake across her prominent tits, giving each, firm globe an eager squeeze. She closed her eyes and sighed softly to him when he kneaded her flesh. Her eyes didn’t open again until he reluctantly took his hand away.

“Daddy, you should know I have really sensitive nipples.”

He was dying to feel those amazing tits even more, but there was only so much they could do even on the hidden side of the bar. As Max’s cock grew too big to control inside his pants, Ashley worked it out through his open zipper and stroked his secretly exposed hard on with a triumphant grin. He gazed at her hungrily, dying to kiss her again and rip down the top of her dress so he could play with that perfect pair of tits as much as he wanted.

After a couple of minutes, his daughter let go of his cock and announced she needed to go use “the little girls’ room”. With a teasing smirk, she slipped off her stool and sashayed her way into the restaurant area where the nearest ladies’ room was, leaving her father’s hard dick jutting out of his pants. Max quickly reached below to rearrange his dick back in his pants as discreetly as he could.

It was a relief to be alone for a few minutes. It would give him a chance to catch his breath and come to his senses before he did something he really shouldn’t. But it was only a couple of minutes before his phone buzzed with an incoming message.

Taking his phone out of his pocket, Max opened a message from his curvy, blonde daughter, who could only be texting him from the ladies’ room. There was a picture with the message, and both made him hold his breath. The picture was a clear, well lit snap of his daughter’s insanely smooth, open pussy as she spread her lips open with the fingers of her free hand. Even in the photo, Max could tell her slit was wet with her girl cream. The mere sight was enough to make a heavy dribble of precum ooze from the tip of his cock. The message only made it worse.

You don’t have to jerk off to it anymore, Daddy. This is all yours.

There was no way he was ever going to catch his breath and come to his senses now. Ashley had the sweetest, softest looking pussy he’d ever seen, and even if he couldn’t allow himself to honestly consider fucking her, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad just to taste her. Maybe if he made her cum with his tongue and fingers she’d come to her senses too and realize a father and daughter shouldn’t go so far as to actually fuck.

But Max didn’t know which end was up anymore, and he sat gazing hungrily at the picture on his phone until his clever daughter was right there sliding back onto her stool again.

“Miss me while I was gone?” she giggled.

Max took a good, long look at the girl on the stool beside him. He almost thought he didn’t recognize the brash, aggressive sex kitten she’d turned into after a year of college, but when he was honest with himself, she really hadn’t changed so much after all. She was only more open about being what she’d always been like. At the same time, something inside the man shifted. As he gazed at the girl with her big, shapely tits nearly popping out of the top of her skimpy dress, he didn’t see “Daddy’s little princess”, but Daddy’s precocious little cocktease who needed to be taught a serious lesson.

The fact that she’d known all along he’d been jerking off when they talked only made his blood run even hotter.

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