A Slap in Time Saves Nine

by StacieLove

Copyright© 2018 by StacieLove

Erotica Sex Story: This is a response to Cherry Nipples Turning Point story continuation request although the story name since got changed to A Slap A Day Keeps The Bitch Away. It leads the story closer to the rest of the Family Feud characters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   BDSM   MaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Public Sex   .

I’ve had Cherry and Berry with me for a month now. I didn’t think I’d have them with me for the first 24 hours much less even a week, when we started again. You see, when they wheedled their way back into my apartment, all I wanted to do (okay, maybe just the main thing I wanted to do) was humiliate them a little then send them on their way – much like they’d done to me. This time I’m not going to write about my lessons learned or about how the sluts reacted to their training. This is more of a summary that records the main points of what transpired up to this point, because the, ‘shit’s about to get deep’ now and I wanted to be sure I could show how we got to this point.

So I left off where mother and daughter were naked in my apartment, doing their best to listen to and comply with instructions. How many guys can really say they’d ever even seen a naked mother AND her equally naked daughter in the same place at the same time? Then of that smaller number of you, how many can say that these family members were doing everything they could to obey your instructions without smart-ass comments, hesitation or flat refusal? Then of that tiny number of you still saying you’ve been there, done that, can you honestly say both the mother and daughter you’re thinking of were trying to outdo each other in various self-debasing acts? I was there on that first day and I saw it. Even a month later and after all that’s happened since then, I can truly say that if I hadn’t been waiting for them to try to play one of their games on me, I would have been pinching myself to ensure I wasn’t in the middle of a wet dream.

So Cherry and Berry stumbled through their positions (Attention, Casual, Crawl, Correction and Inspection) and did better a second time. Then without complaint went through all of them again even though there were hand prints on the body parts I slapped as I ‘encouraged’ them to straighten a back, stretch a leg, stick their tits out more ... you get the idea. And to remind you, these were two absolute bitches, so you don’t need to feel sorry for them. They’d spent so long harassing, bullying and being absolute cunts to everyone they interacted with, that I felt I was doing society a favor by reigning them in as much as training them how to be ‘nice’ for once in their lives.

One of the things I noticed the first time they got themselves into the inspection position was that although they’d both shaved themselves, they’d certainly not checked each other. It turns out that wild hairs can grow a lot in 3 weeks. Both of them had a few that they’d missed. Luckily – well for me anyway – I had a pair of tweezers. After they’d remastered the positions to my satisfaction, I had Berry lay on the floor and cross her ankles behind her head. I figured she’d be able to do that easier since she was so young and probably more flexible (I’d underestimated Cherry at the time). The result was that Berry’s cunt gaped before me and her star was right there, puckered and inviting – with those few wild hairs like a freaking beacon, drawing my gaze.

Cherry was handed the tweezers and told to, ‘clean up that mess’. If the hairs had been longer, I would have had Cherry use her teeth to pluck ‘em but I guess ya caint have everything. Berry’s mom was made to get real close to her daughter until her eyes were almost crossed trying to focus on her work area. She knelt so close to Berry that her breath was having an effect on Berry’s exposed pink. I laughed when Berry jumped while maintaining her position as the first hair was plucked and I said something like, “Looks like you are a ‘spring chicken’ after all, Berry!”

I kept Berry in that position for maybe 15 minutes while I had Cherry hunt out and pluck every single hair long enough to be caught in the tiny jaws of the tweezers. After her visual inspection, I had Cherry gently run her finger over all the exposed flesh of Berry’s shaved cunt and ass looking for more, which she did without complaint. There was an ever so slight pause when I told her to do a final check with her, ‘much more sensitive’, tongue. Despite herself, Berry actually enjoyed that part!

I was going to have Berry just reciprocate while Cherry laid down with her legs spread and it was Cherry that offered to assume the same position as her daughter had. I was surprised at both the offer and the execution, mother being just as flexible as daughter and able to hold the position with ease for even longer. Berry did the big breath thing when the time came for her to do the,’tongue test’ yet she got it done. It was fun to watch Berry’s expression when she started and hilarious to me when the gum I’d had her put on her nose ended up in her mom’s open pussy as Berry tongued her mom’s anal star. I’m sure that first time Berry was even more mortified when I told her she had to go back and get it without using her fingers!

Eventually they were both as smooth down there as if they’d never had hair to begin with. Berry was instructed to once again assume the position next to her mom so I could personally do the final inspection as they lay together with their cunts and asses displayed for me. Berry gasped at the touch of my tongue on her – but hey, if it’s okay for them to do the tongue test, it’s definitely fine for me to as well, right?

I found out 2 things from that experience. One, that they’d really done a great job on each other and 2, they tasted very similar, yet different. I had no preference except that Cherry’s lips felt more rubbery against my tongue than Berry’s. Both were definitely juicy. Both had lubricated – a lot! That made me mentally question Cherry’s story from weeks ago that the last time she’d had sex, she’d had to Jill off in the bathroom first. Cherry’s cunt was practically dripping juice now and we were not even having sex.

We covered their finances in that first day. They were, to put it mildly, fucked. Cherry had stepped in it with her boss at work big time and fully expected to be fired the next day (no surprise that she was, right?). Their rent was indeed 3 months past due and they had received their 3-day eviction notice – 2 days earlier. They had, Cherry told me, the options of groveling to gramma, dealing with Kelly and Donny, or taking what they could carry and calling the homeless campsite in the woods ‘home’ for a while.

Cherry also insisted that coming to me wasn’t their last ditch effort to avoid the homeless campsite and even if I made them stay there, they’d still want the training too. Like I believed that at first! Cherry’s financial debt exceeded $3,000 which I found amazing – they had absolutely nothing to show for it! I made notes and didn’t say anything more about finances to either of them since Cherry’s idea of ‘debt’ was what she was being actively chased for. It didn’t include unpaid utilities from a previous residence, a balance owed on a repossessed vehicle or even the $900 they owed on back rent since their landlord was evicting them.

As to what they would do and were they drew the line ... we talked about that the first day too. Remember I said that I would have been wrong with their reactions to my demands? Cherry found it easier to do the sex stuff than to be genuinely nice to Vicki. Imagine a sane person readily agreeing to have a dick in their ass rather than to be friendly to a neighbor without first considering an ulterior motive. I thought just saying, “hi” to someone would be a no-brainer yet Berry didn’t seem to be able to get her head around the idea that there needed to be no more to it than just expressing a simple hello. I mean they both did it yet they seemed to have to treat it like a game than just doing it naturally.

I don’t want anyone thinking that I had this whole dominant-submissive thing down pat either. Some things I ordered were done without complaint when I fully expected a blow up and others caused issues when in my mind, they were no-brainers. These cunts just seemed to be on a different wavelength than anyone I’d ever known before.

For example, the idea of the ‘apologies’ I explained to them was taken far differently to what I would have expected. They didn’t care what I called it, they just seemed to think that the quantity was unattainable. In their heads, they converted 1,000 apologies to 1,000 dollars and were quietly freaking out about having to earn $1,000 every week when Cherry couldn’t even be relied on to come up with $300 a month to pay rent. It’d been weird to me in a way. They’d accepted that they would do it because I’d told them they could do it. At the same time, they had more faith in me than they had in themselves! As a result, they’d listened and just agreed because I’d told them they had to agree.

Other examples from the first 15 minutes of them being in my apartment after not seeing them for 3 weeks include being naked together in a near-stranger’s apartment, not caring that they were naked and I was dressed - mother not caring that I was leering at her naked daughter, daughter not caring that her mom had just been fisted while she stood with a piece of gum stuck to her nose. Mom being okay with licking around her daughters cunt and ass. What sane women wouldn’t be freaking out about THAT? No, these two were worried about freaking dollars.

Over the first 24 hours, I put them through their paces while looking for the perfect opportunity to crush them under my thumb then tell them to fuck off and leave me alone, much as they’d done to me. I can’t say when it happened although some time within that first 24 hours, they managed to suck me right back into their web – while somehow showing me that this time they were indeed serious and committed.

I say that they sucked me into their web because I firmly believe that without the unique set of circumstances they presented, I would never have ever begun acting the way I have, would never have interacted with others the way I’ve begun to do and although I’m getting ahead of myself a little, I would never have imagined that the perversion capital of the country, or at least the cut-rate underbelly of the capital was situated smack dab in the middle of Buckman County. Cops here can’t be bribed with money and laws are strictly upheld – unless you happen to hold the golden key, a key that Cherry showed me how to wield. But that was later. In the first 24 hours, I became convinced that both Cherry and Berry were really serious about being trained.

The take away from that is that they’ve changed me as much as they’ve changed. I’m still polite, conscientious and considerate although I have much less patience with morons, assholes and schemers.

One last thing of note went on in that first 24 hours. While I was out talking to our landlord about the slut’s late rent, they did a floor to ceiling cleanup of my apartment. To summarize my conversation with the landlord, their apartment had already been pre-rented to a new occupant and they had to get their shit out or it’d be thrown away. He might have been lying about pre-renting such a dive however there is indeed a new tenant already in their old apartment. The landlord wasn’t even expecting to get reimbursed for the past due rent so when I offered to clean it out, fix the air conditioner and stove, I became the landlord’s new best renter. I oversaw what and how much stuff each of them brought into my apartment. Much of what was left of their belongings ended up in a nearby commercial dumpster. It really was crap anyway.

Oh and Vicki got quite an education in that first 24 hour period too. She saw Berry moving stuff to my apartment and came to investigate. I encouraged her to sit with me while the sluts worked around her. We had a chat about what was going on and what Cherry and Berry had agreed to. Berry took the whole disclosure thing a lot harder than Cherry. The bitch that had suggested telling gramma about the training showed that her mouth wrote checks her mind couldn’t cash. It was fascinating to see Cherry act humble around her neighbor, especially after seeing her at her worst in the restaurant a few weeks earlier. Cherry seemed almost relieved that Vicki now knew what was going on while Berry became angry and had to be corrected – naked and right in front of Vicki of course. I expected I’d seen the last of Vicki after our chat and discipline demonstration however Vicki seems to have embraced my unorthodox training and has been over for quite a few visits in the last month and says the entertainment value beats the hell out of TV. She’s even cooked me a few desserts!

Have you ever spent a week or more around naked women? I can now say I have. Berry only dressed when she had to leave for school and stripped when she arrived back at my apartment. I got to choose what she wore to school and I really had fun with that! Of course underwear wasn’t an option for her and I spent a lot of time daydreaming about how her days at school were, thinking about what her classmates were thinking about the sudden changes to her ‘style sense’. Cherry spent that first week with a lot of the ‘advanced’ training I’d warned her about, since her job did evaporate as she’d expected.

The reason I mentioned being around naked chicks for just a week was not that I kicked them out after a week – they were actually keeping up their end of the bargain even though Berry only managed to accrue 565 apologies and Cherry, 872. The two most important reasons for mentioning the first week in that context was that by the end of the week, to be frank I got bored seeing their naked asses, cunts and tits in the apartment. It was a lot more ... I don’t want to use the word challenging, although it certainly fits, however challenging was only part of it. Maybe there was a LACK of challenge that caused me to feel bored? Anyway, after a week they got to wear clothes inside sometimes – although the clothing they wore enhanced the fact that they were naked. It was WAY better than them just being nude.

The second reason is that within the first week, we got into a routine and routines are boring. I would have bet money that seeing a teenager and her mom naked, seeing them debase themselves at my whim and seeing them do things that were obviously foreign to their nature and disgusting to their sense of self would be enjoyable with no end, comparable to eating from a bottomless candy bowl. Turns out that eating as much candy as you can stomach makes you sick of the sight of candy – I’d just about exhausted my interest in watching Cherry’s tits, ass, cunt, thighs and in fact every body part turn red as I slapped and flogged it and had caught myself a few times tuning her out when she said something that needed correction instead of jumping all over her ass.

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