by sspringer3

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Erotica Sex Story: A woman has a dream while laying by her friends pool about a pool boy. Or was it a dream?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

Jean and Denica decided to take the day off. Work had been grueling for the last few weeks and they decided to take some much-deserved time off. Besides, their friend Veronica was on vacation and told them they were free to use her pool while she was gone. So, they went over to her house and let themselves in with a key she had left them.

Once there, they slipped into their bathing suits and jumped into the pool to cool off. It was almost 90 degrees today and the water felt great. They played around in the water for a while before deciding to get out for a while. After they had dried off, they went inside for something cool to drink. Spotting some wine coolers in the fridge, they quickly drank one each before grabbing another each to take back to the pool.

Back at the pool, they started rubbing suntan lotion on their exposed skin. They were both wearing rather revealing bikinis today, figuring that no one else would see them. Jean’s was a little tight and her breasts seemed ready to pop out at any moment. Settling back in their lounge chairs, they chatted for a while before dozing off for a little bit.

Jean’s slumber was interrupted by the sounds of something banging together. Opening her eyes, she spotted a young man walking into the yard carrying what looked like pool cleaning equipment. Realizing that he would see her as she was dressed, she reached for a towel to cover herself up with. But she only succeeded in having one of her breasts pop out of their confinement. Looking up in embarrassment, she saw the pool man looking hungrily at her exposed breast.

Now she was really flustered and reached once again for the towel. This action caused her other breast to free itself from its prison. But this time, she did manage to grab the towel. She immediately covered herself up, but not before accidentally giving him a good look at her breasts.

She immediately used the cover of the towel to put her top back on. Then she looked once again at the pool man. He was still looking at her but seemed disappointed. She wondered at that. Was he disappointed with her looks or with the fact that she covered herself back up? She decided it was the former, she was no spring chicken and even though she kept herself in pretty good shape, he was a young man.

He might have been all of 20 and was of mixed race with dark, liquid eyes that would be so easy to fall into. Of course, he was in great shape with six pack abs and broad shoulders. His hair was dark but cut really short. He waved to her and she tentatively waved back. Then he turned to begin his work.

Jean settled back into her chair, uncomfortably aware of how wet her bikini was between her legs. She couldn’t even say it was from the pool as she had been out for almost an hour now. She decided to put more suntan lotion on and began lathering up her legs. Her hands felt so good as she massaged the lotion into her inner thighs and she almost forgot he was there.

Suddenly she became aware that he was standing in front of her. As her gaze swept up his body from his feet to his face, she realized that his shorts were tented in what looked like a massive erection. She stammered, “He, hello.” He just gazed at her as though he was memorizing her every curve. Surely this young man can’t be interested in her. He could have his pick of women. What did he want with her? “Can I help you?”

“Actually, I was wondering if I could help you? It is hard to get the lotion all over and you don’t want to burn in a sensitive spot.” He held out his hand expectantly and she just handed it over.

He squeezed some lotion onto his palm as he settled down beside her on the chair. There wasn’t much room on the chair and where his body touched her, she seemed to catch fire. The heat spreading over her to settle in her already wet pussy. But then, he began to rub lotion on her starting with her inner thighs. She was shocked by how he seemed to expect her to accept his rubbing such an intimate part of her body. But her shock was overwhelmed with the sensations his touch brought to her. He did not merely rub lotion over her, he massaged it into the skin. He took his time, first rubbing it into the skin on the left thigh. When he got to the top of her thigh, the side of his hand pressed against her bikini covered pussy as he rubbed the lotion in. She was so aroused that her clit was swollen and poked out from her luscious pussy lips. The side of his hand rubbed up and down over her clit, sending wave after wave of pleasurable sensations over her.

“Your suit is wet here, perhaps you need to dry off some. I will help you once I have finished oiling you up.”

Not daring to speak, nay, not being able to speak, Jean just sat there mutely as this young Adonis touched her more intimately than a man had in way too long. Then he started on the other thigh. The whole thing seemed surreal. She felt like she was in a dream and definitely did not want to wake up.

He repeated the process on her right thigh. But this time she came when he got to the top of her thigh and the side of his hand brushed her pussy. He did not stop rubbing as she lay there writhing and moaning. He stopped rubbing as her moans subsided some and said “Roll over. I want to do your back.”

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