Moving in With My Sister and Her Husband

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: An older sister moves in with her little sister and husband after a divorce. She turns the husband and then her little sister into her slaves. Expect to find some femdom, spanking, chastity, tease/denial, and forced creampie eating.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Reluctant   Fiction   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   Sister   Humiliation   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   .

I recently moved in with my little sister and her husband. I was in the process of seeking a divorce and needed a place to stay. My little sister doesn’t look that different from me, We are only 14 months different in age. We both have our mother’s athletic, but small-breasted, body. However, the similarities are only skin deep. My little sister is deeply religious and conveys a constant “holier-than-thou” attitude. I prefer to enjoy life.

I flirted with Tom the entire time he dated my sister. He didn’t put any stops on the flirting even after they were engaged. I always suspected that, no matter how much he loved my sister, he lusted after me. My sister is probably a prude, even more boring in the bedroom than she is in the rest of her life. Tom always knew that I offered something very different. I think that is why he continued to flirt with me.

I figured that it wouldn’t take much to wrap Tom around my little finger. It would be even easier since his job allowed him to work from home several days each week. I waited a couple weeks to start my plan. I wanted my sister, Connie, to let down her guard.

After three weeks, I decided that it was time to make my move. I picked out a pajama top that would clearly show my nipples through the fabric. I acted oblivious to the fact that when I bent over, Tom would have a clear view of my tits. I looked for every excuse that I could to lean over and show my tits to Tom. Talking to my sister was the best excuse of all.

Once I know he would be staring, I made eye contact. He knew that he was “busted”, no pun intended.

My sister left for work. She was barely out of the driveway when I went into Tom’s office.

“Would you like a better look?”

He nodded yes.

“If you are willing to be my sex slave until Connie comes home, I promise you a chance for way more than just seeing my tits.”

He didn’t hesitate, “Yes!”

“Come undress me.”

I certainly can’t explain why seeing someone nude who is nearly your wife’s twin would be arousing, but I learned long ago that men are stupid.

“Show me how special I am. Worship my pussy with your mouth.”

He attacked my pussy like someone who was starved might attack a meal. I’ll bet my sister was just as much of a prude with her husband as she was with everyone else. That would make it so easy to seduce and control him,

I’m sure that he expected to move quickly from licking me to fucking me. I guess he had never met a dominant woman before. I kept his face buried in my cunt for over an hour as I drifted from one orgasm to another. He wasn’t bad with his tongue. I’m betting he didn’t develop these skills with my sister,

“Would you like to fuck me?”

“Of course!”

I pulled a small chastity cage from my purse.

“Are you willing to have your dick locked in this and worship my pussy every day until I’m ready to be fucked?”

I had no idea how hard that might be to hide from my sister, nor did I care. I knew he would choose a chance to fuck me once over boring certainty with his wife. Men are so predictable.

For the next 3 days, I insisted that Tom go down on me several times a day. When he wasn’t sucking my pussy, I demanded back and foot massages. Tom turned out to be a very attentive slave.

I decided it was time to expand our little game.

“When you wife comes home this evening, I want you to give her a 30 minute back massage followed by the best foot massage you have ever given. As soon as you finish with your wife, I want you to offer the same to me, in front of your wife.”

It looked like Tom was pouring himself completely into the massage for his wife. After more than an hour, he finally spoke up.

“Your sister looks like she could use a massage too. I should give her a short one too, unless, of course, you mind.”

My sister probably objected, but I knew she would avoid any confrontation. Tom massaged me for a full hour too.

“Thank you for sharing your husband’s wonderful hands with me. He is so talented he could do that for a living. Tom, why don’t you let us ladies continue to relax and go clean the kitchen.”

“Sis, I just had a great idea. Tomorrow night, we should have Tom prepare us a great meal and repeat these amazing massages.”

Connie may have only been thinking about herself when she quickly agreed.

For the next week, this became the nightly routine. Tom would plan and prepare the best meals that he possibly could, followed by a lengthy massage for each of us. He also cleaned the kitchen after dinner. I suggested that he start doing some laundry every evening as well.

The night before Tom was scheduled to leave on a business trip, I took things to another level. Just before starting our nightly back rubs, I ordered Tom to undress. Connie was shocked by the order, and even more by her husband’s rapid compliance. Tom turned away from his wife so she wouldn’t see the cock cage at first. although I was certain Christine was going to make me show her.

“I own your husband. He will do whatever I tell him. The last week? I commanded him to do all of that. Tom, turn around and show your wife what you have been wearing for the last 10 days.”

He slowly turned around so that my sister could see the cock cage.

“Tell Connie why you agreed to be locked in that device.”

“So I could fuck you.”

“Would you still like to do that?”


“Then do it now, in front of Connie.”

I removed the cage and he was instantly as hard as a 16 year old boy.

“Not so fast. Start by kissing my feet.”

He took his time kissing my feet and sucking on my toes. I was getting a little impatient.

“My pussy could use a similar amount of attention:

Only after I had been satisfied several times did I climb on top of Tom and start riding his cock.

I guess that he held out for as long as he could, which wasn’t that long after such a long wait. I warned him not to move as I crawled up his body and straddled his face.

“Clean every drop of your nasty cum out of my pussy”

I rotated positions on his face and bent forward. He thought that I was going to return the oral favor,. Instead, he felt the steel cage slide back on and heard the lock click shut.

“This is how I see it sis. It should be clear that I completely own your husband. I can take him away from you and leave you with nothing. Or I can order him to continue pampering both of us like princesses. Which would you rather?”

“Please don’t take Tom from me.”

“I won’t, so long as you serve and obey me just as well as he does. He will still pamper you more than you can imagine. But you will be serving me too.”

“I understand.”

“You can start now by learning to pleasure me. Crawl over here and lick my cunt.”

I wasn’t completely sure how my sister would respond. I knew she had a submissive streak, but the demand to perform sex acts on another girl, especially her sister, might have been too much. I can’t confirm that she exhibited much skill, but I came quickly and repeatedly.

I glanced at Tom between orgasms. His poor little dick was straining against the steel cage. I decided he needed something to do as well.

“Give your wife a little of what she is giving me”

Tom seemed to be transferring his frustration into his pussy licking. Given what a prude my little sister can be, I wonder if she has ever had a man go down on her before. Despite my arousal, I paid close attention to my sister’s reaction. She seemed to be on the edge of an orgasm.

“Stop! Your wife hasn’t earned a cum yet”

I think I saw a small grin flash across Tom’s face. Perhaps he was going to enjoying watching someone else suffer through some tease and denial. Too bad for him that he would be leaving on a business trip in the morning.

“We have an early trip to the airport tomorrow. Take Connie to bed. If she asks for anything more than a cuddle, come get me right away so that she can be punished.”

In the morning I prepared to take Tom to the airport.

“Will you be unlocking me so that I can go through security?”

“If you need to be unlocked, I will tell you. What punishment do you think you deserve for asking?”

“Whatever you think is appropriate?”

“I want you to choose!”

“I deserve 10 lashes with the belt.”

“I wash thinking that it should be at least 20. Since you tried to get out of punishment that you deserved, I will spank you 20 times on the ass with the belt and 20 more on your balls with a ruler. Bend over and prepare for the belt.”

Tom bared his ass and bent over for the belt. I gave him 20 hard strokes with the belt.

“Spread your legs apart”

The chastity cage held Tom’s balls away from his body. Bent over like he was, his balls hung down like a clear target. My strikes with the ruler weren’t nearly as hard as the belt. But landing on his sensitive balls, I could watch his knees buckle with each stroke. Despite the pain these had to be causing, I could still see his dick swell against the cage.

I dropped Tom off at the airport and watch as he went through airport security. I had never seen what would happen in a man passed through security wearing a chastity cage. I’m certain the technology could identify exactly what he was wearing, but I was pleased to watch as Tom was escorted to a side room. I texted him and demanded that he call me and tell me all about it as soon as they finished.

“I done with security.”

“What happened?”

“Two guards walked me over to a private screening area and made me strip.”

“Did they say anything about the cage?”

“No. They were surprisingly professional about it. They just apologized and said that they needed to verify that I wasn’t hiding any weapons.”

I hoped that his return trip through security would be more embarrassing.

With Tom gone for the week, I focused my attention on my sister. After work each day, I insisted that she prepare a gourmet dinner, give me a lengthy massage and lick my pussy to several orgasms. If anything was less than 100% perfect, I would spank her.

Monday night, dinner wasn’t served until 7:17. I expect dinner by 7.

“Dinner was late. After I eat, you will be punished for your tardiness. You have earned 1 stroke with the belt for each minute that dinner was late. Depending on the quality of the meal, there will also be 1 additional stroke. If the meal is excellent, it will only be my hand, Otherwise it could be a hairbrush, spatula, switch or paddle.”

Regardless of how good the meal turned out, I planned to send my sister into her backyard with a bare bottom to cut a switch.

After dinner was over, I began the punishments.

“Remove your pants and panties.”

Connie was used to this routine from out home and carefully folded her pants and panties on the chair before she bent over the table to receive the belt. My sister is a skinny girl, so her bottom doesn’t offer much padding to protect her from the belt. Each swing left an attractive stripe on her tiny backside. She was crying hard by the 5th stroke. After 17 strokes there wasn’t a white area left on her butt cheeks.

“Go cut and strip a switch.”

I sent Connie into the backyard wearing only her shirt. It reached below her waist, but it didn’t completely cover her bottom or her pussy. By making her strip the switch, she would have to stand outside ever longer. She and Tom had a large backyard, but if she had to stand outside too long, one of the neighbors was sure to notice.

Connie returned to the house and handed me a perfect switch.

“Bend over the table again”

This time I spanked her thighs. The red on her bottom had barely faded and now I added a series of thin red lines on the back of each thigh. This wasn’t as bad as some of the spankings we had received at home, but it wasn’t one to be easily set aside either.

“Stay bent over and spread your legs”

I placed a vibrator against her clit. The juices from her pussy flowed freely, Soon she was pushing herself against the vibrator. I tried to take her as close to an orgasm as I dared without letting her experience one. Three more times that night I brought her right to the edge.

“A couple of small things sis. I booked an appointment for you to start laser hair removal.”

Her hairy twat would be permanently bald starting tomorrow. With her tiny frame and even smaller tits, it was sure to make her look and feel like a little girl.

“I’m also throwing away your birth control pills. Tom’s dick is safely locked away. I have no intention of allowing him to have sex with you in the foreseeable future.”

All week I found reasons to spank her in the evening and brought her to the edge of an orgasm more and more times each day.

I saved Connie’s punishment on Friday evening until after Tom arrived home.

“Strip and kneel on the coffee table”

Connie did exactly as she was told without protest.

“Spread your legs a little wider”

I wanted to make sure Tom had a clear view of his wife’s bald cunt lips, and for my sister to know that he did.

“Lean forward and place your head on the table.”

In this position the belt would graze her pussy. I took my time giving her 25 hard lashes. Her butt and pussy lips were red. I used the vibrator on her clit as she stayed kneeling on the table. Her pussy lips swelled and glistened with moisture. Her lips parted exposing her cunt hole. I stopped abruptly.

“Bring a spatula from the kitchen”

Connie retrieved the spatula and handed it to me.

“Lay down on your back with your legs spread.”

Again I brought her to the edge of an orgasm using the vibrator on her clit. This time when she was on the verge of cumming, I gave her 10 hard strokes with the spatula right on her spread cunt.

“Lick your wife’s sore cunt, but don’t let her cum.”

Tom attacked her cunt like he was starving. Soon my sister was on the edge of an orgasm again.

“Stop, and come give me an orgasm”

I leaned back in the chair and spread my legs to give him easy access.

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