Soup of the Day 210

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2018 by MysteryWriter

Drama Story: more story rambling

Tags: Ma/Fa  

John Allen
Lucy Allen Seabolt / Martin and /Rita
Jerome Morris the director of vocational education for the Cleveland school system
Bobbi James the radio personality
Amos Hardee deputy sheriff
Lori Moore deputy sheriff
Marcus hostage taker
Sara Thomas newspaper writer
Everett Martin the current leader of the Cleveland meetings of Freebird.
Mark and Happy Jones swingers.
Jethro Morris murder victim.
James Western the second murder victim.
Sarah the cousin who sold him his land.

Lori and I had stopped riding together, since most of the men at least respected Lori. Some of them seemed to like her. I had explained to her carefully that all these guys were masters of the games, so she couldn’t trust them too far.

Yes Lori and I had sex a couple of weeks before. I could say that I rode with her just to get into her pants, but the truth was she was the aggressor. They tell me that sometimes a work personality didn’t carry over into the bedroom, but I assure you with Lori it did. Hell she was almost scary in bed. Lucy didn’t know the details thank god. Truth is both of them were pretty dominant personalities. It showed in their approach to the sex act. Lucy at least was understanding. She never barged in, she always called first.

That is right up till the day she got a wild hair up her ass. She wanted to know who she was sharing me with. Even if we had broken it off, she most likely would have continued to stalk me. After all Lucy was family. I couldn’t just ignore her. Family is like that, at least mine was.

Lori on the other hand stopped by when she could take a half hour of downtime. She didn’t seem to get that I was old and need a some downtime between adventures with her. She was just a bit too enthusiastic. Sure I loved it the first few times. But after a while I just needed a break.

I took her to the river one night and explained what kind of a louse I was. I had another girlfriend and I was just an old man in general. I lacked the stamina, I explained. She looked as though she was going to feel sorry for me.

“So, you want more time to spend with your sister and her swinger friends. I would probably do that, if you asked me nice. Your sister is not a bad looking woman to be in her forties,” Lori explained. “I wouldn’t be committing incest.”

“You are fucking crazy,” was my reply.

“Why I like the arrangement we have now. I don’t care if she get fucked as long as it doesn’t interfere with the things we do. If you don’t want to share, I can live with that,” she said. “Just tell me you want to end it. Of course bad things my start to happen to you.”

“I do hope you are kidding. Nothing could put a nail in us faster than you threatening me,” I said.

“Me, no I wouldn’t do that. you do know there is a law in Mississippi against incest,” Lori said. “Up to ten years hard time. I doubt you want to do that kind of time after just getting out.”

“Lori, I don’t think you can prove that or even want to prove it. It’s time for us both to move on,” I said.

“You just better be damn careful,” Lori said.

“That goes for you as well,” I said. “I have one hell of a good civil lawyer who loves to sue cops.”

Lori was gone when I took a deep breath and whispered to the night air, “That certainly went well, not.”

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