The Ultimate Sex Toy

by The Blue Light Boy

Copyright© 2018 by The Blue Light Boy

Erotica Sex Story: Thanks to a drugged out whore of a mother, Olivia is born deaf, mute and with no limbs. As a teenager she is fostered by a family but is abused by the son and returns to a childrens home. As an adult she is moved into a care home and meets a handsome young man who takes her home and later turns her into a sex toy for him and his wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Romantic   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Fisting   Oral Sex   Squirting   Amputee   .

My name is Olivia and my life was never going to be great. I was the product of a one night stand. 2 fucked up adults mixing their fucked up DNA making an almighty genetic mess. My mother was too much of a crack head to bother with any antenatal care so I can only imagine the surprise and horror in the delivery room when out popped this tiny, limbless baby from between the legs of a strung out whore. Apparently she stayed around just about long enough to cut the umbilical cord before she left me. I was born very early and with many defects so I was in hospital for the first 6 months of my life while they sorted out my heart and my lungs. Surgeons had to wait until I was strong enough before performing each surgery. Somehow, against all the odds I survived.

Once I was strong enough I was discharged into the care of social services and placed into a home. They never found out who my father was or traced my mother so I was put up for adoption. However it soon became clear that no-one wanted an armless, legless, deaf baby girl who would probably have heart and lung problems for the rest of her life and never live independently.

So I grew up in a children’s home. I watched the other children come and go never being able to tell me what life was like away from the home. I learnt to roll around on the floor so I could play a little with the other kids, although what I could do was very limited and I tired very quickly and easily because of my heart and lung problems. They also got bored of me quickly as I had no way of communicating. I spent a lot of time helpless sat in my wheelchair. I used to just wear a pair of knickers so that I could roll around easily, I found clothes just got caught up and slowed me down, I used to fight as much as I could, which wasn’t much when they tried to put more clothes on me.

I was so glad when, at 5, I started school. I was finally able to be somewhere different and with different people who involved me. Thanks to this one teacher I also learnt to read which surprised social services, the Dr’s and my carers as they all felt I had learning difficulties and had a much younger mental age. Turned out my brain was about the only part of my me that worked. This also meant I had something else to do at home. The same teacher also taught me to type on a laptop with a rod attached to a ring around my head so I could communicate. As it was a special school they also taught me to sit unaided and to bounce around which meant I could play better with the other kids. It also meant that as I got older and my chest started to develop I could get around another way. By the time I was 13 my chest was too big to roll around without being tender and getting in the way. As I got older social services had me fitted with a coil so that my carers didn’t have to deal with periods.

When I was 11 it was time to move to senior school. My teacher pushed and pushed for me to be educated at a mainstream school as she said I would suffer educationally at another special school. It was hard but social services eventually agreed to pay for a full time assistant at mainstream school. I was very nervous as I rolled my electric chair out the minibus and across the playground with my assistant. I could feel all the other children staring at me. I now

had an iPad attached to my chair so that I could communicate. There was a special program which I could use with my nose or with the rod to type what I wanted to say and people could type their reply for me to read. This meant I was able to make some friends. I really enjoyed the first time we used the trampoline in PE. My friends helped bounce me higher and higher. I also learnt to swim which I loved as I was able to move my body and feel free.

A few months before my 16th birthday I was suddenly and surprisingly fostered by this lovely family. They had a big beautiful house with amazing gardens. On the day I moved in they showed me round. They had converted the downstairs with ramps and wooden floors and set up a bedroom for me. They’d painted it light pink with white wooden furniture and a low white wooden bed. It was lovely. They also had a son called Ed, he was 2 years older than me and really looked after me. He was so nice. That soon changed though. Although I was pretty much immobile I stayed slim as I didn’t eat much either. I had long, dark brunette hair, deep blue eyes and tanned skin. I’d also developed good sized, pert boobs and nice curves. If I had limbs I’d have been gorgeous. Ed had also clearly noticed. One evening his parents went out leaving just the 2 of us. Before they went out they fed me and got me into my pyjamas so Ed just had to put me into bed. After they’d gone the 2 of us sat in the living room watching TV. Ed put the subtitles on for me. After a while he lifted me out my chair and sat me next to him. I thought he was just being nice. He then started undressing me. Once I was naked he undressed himself then sat down again. He slowly looked down the length of my shortened torso. I’d never thought of myself as sexual in anyway but I knew I felt very uncomfortable. He got down to the small patch of fluffy pubic hair and stared before a big smile spread across his face. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop him doing whatever he wanted to me. He started kissing me hard on the lips. I didn’t know what to do so I just lay there. He then started kissing all over my body. As he took each nipple into his mouth I could feel a strange, warm, tingly feeling spread across my torso. He reached my vagina and started licking and sucking at it. The warm feeling started to spread out from there. I didn’t know whether I was enjoying it or not but I knew it was wrong and I wanted him to stop. Once I was very warm he sat up then lifted me over to him. I looked into his eyes trying to plead with him to stop with my own eyes. He slid me down onto his rock hard cock. It was agony as he got deeper into me. I’d never been touched down there and obviously without arms I’d never touched myself or felt my own vagina so this was all new. I could feel tears streaming down my face as he moved my torso around harder and faster on his cock. I watched as his face screwed up and his body went rigid. His grip on me became so tight. Suddenly I could feel warm liquid spurting deep inside me. When he was done he just threw me on the floor and dressed himself, then carried on watching TV while I lay on the floor sobbing and feeling violated. An hour or so passed before Ed picked me up, cleaned me then dressed me and put me to bed. The same thing happened every time Ed and I were alone together. He would treat me as his sex toy and do whatever he wanted to my vagina, anus, mouth and boobs. I grew to hate my foster home and started to miss the care home. I wanted to tell his parents but I had no idea how so it just went on.

His parents threw a lovely party for my 16th birthday with my friends. They bought for me and dressed me in a beautiful new dress. I had a lovely time but could feel Ed staring at me all night, making me uncomfortable. I knew he was imagining me naked and thinking of things he was going to do to me. He seemed to think that as I as now 16 I was fair game and he

became even more vile and disgusting. I was helpless to stop him. Finally it all stopped one afternoon after school when his Mum got home early and found him with both his fists wrist deep in my pussy. I was taken to hospital and examined. I shivered as they slid the instruments into my vagina and was glad when they dressed me again. Then I was taken back to the home that night and interviewed at length. I had to relive every little embarrassing detail but I was glad it was finally out. He claimed it had been consensual and that I’d instigated it and egged him on. I denied it as much as I could but his parents were very rich. Eventually they offered me £3,000,000 to keep quiet. I wanted to keep fighting it to make him serve justice but the solicitor from the CPS told me to take it as he would probably win in court. I grudgingly agreed.

I stayed at the home until I was 18 and had finished school. The day after my last day at school I was moved into a residential care home. It was mostly old people who all looked at me with pity. As I couldn’t do anything for myself and the staff were too busy to do much for me beyond feeding me and cleaning me I spent most of my time reading to stop myself from going mad. Each day passed so slowly as I just waited too be fed then waited to be put to bed. They catheterised me each night so they didn’t have to deal with me over night. I hated everything about my life.

One pleasant spring Sunday afternoon I was sat in the conservatory. Most of the old people had family visiting. Other than a few friends from school I didn’t get many visitors. I noticed a cute guy was visiting his Nan and that he kept looking over at me. Eventually I caught his eye and smiled at him which he returned. As I sat reading I kept looking over at him and every so often caught him looking at me. After a couple of hours he got up to leave. I watched sadly as he left the home. I lay in bed that night desperately hoping I’d see him again. I could feel a stirring in my vagina. It was getting warmer, the feeling was spreading through my torso. It was the first time I’d had these feelings and I felt as though I needed to do something about it. I lay frustrated and helpless trying to think of ways to ease these feelings. I eventually fell asleep still thinking of the cute guy.

The next Sunday I sat in the conservatory hoping he would come back. He didn’t. Neither did he come back for the next few weeks. I was getting more hopeless with each passing Sunday. This went on for several weeks until finally one Sunday I was wheeled into the dining room and there, sat on the same table as me was the cute guy with his Nan. I gave him a big smile and he smiled back. After I’d been fed dinner I was wheeled into the conservatory. He helped his Nan walk in and sat her down. He sat and chatted with her for a bit while I read a book. He then got up and walked over to me before pulling a chair up to me and sitting down. He looked at me and said ‘Hello.’ I was able to lip read a little but didn’t catch much of what else he said. I used my iPad to reply.

‘Hello, my name is Olivia, nice to meet you. You need to type on here so I can read what you say.’ I looked at him apologetically. He turned the iPad toward him and started typing, when he’d done he turned it back to me so I could read.

‘Hello Olivia, My name is Jack, it’s a pleasure to meet you.’ We sat and typed massages for a while before he told me he had to leave but before he left he asked if I’d like to meet him for dinner one evening. I didn’t know what to say, at first I wanted to say yes but then I realised that he’d have to do everything for me and I wasn’t sure he’d really be up for that. Also I realised

that he would be able to do anything he wanted to me and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it just like with Ed.

‘Thank you for the kind offer but no.’ I typed.

‘If you’re worried about me having to look after you I really don’t mind, it would be a pleasure. And if it would make you feel better you can arrange someone to drop you off and pick you up. They could even sit with us if you want.’ He typed in reply. I sat and thought some more. I really wanted to say yes but I was also so reluctant. I decided I’d take a chance.

‘Ok, yes, please. I’d love to if you’re sure you don’t mind.’ I replied. He told me he’d email me where and when so I was able to read it.

The night finally came round. My best friend Sarah and her boyfriend came round and got me dressed in a short, tight dress, did my hair and makeup then drove me into town to meet Jack at a beautiful Italian restaurant. Sarah sat with her boyfriend a few tables away. Jack was very attentive and was only too willing to feed me. He was funny and smart and kept the conversation going well after dinner had finished. When it was time to leave he kissed me goodnight and lifted me into Sarah’s car.

We chatted online lots after that and we soon had our second date, this time at the cinema. As he wheeled me out of the home I saw he had a big, beautiful car and realised that Jack must have money. He picked me up and lifted me over into the car. I could feel the warm leather against my butt as I was wearing a short denim skirt. He lifted my chair into the boot and got in the driver’s seat, he leaned over me and put my seatbelt on the drove us into town. He wheeled me into the cinema and carried me up to our seats. He put his arm round me and cuddled me tight to him as we watched the film. After the film he took me back to the home. He gave me a very passionate kiss good night and left.

The following Saturday I was going to his house for him to cook me dinner. I got my friend Sarah to take me shopping that afternoon to get me some new clothes and lingerie. That evening Sarah got me ready. As she slipped on my new lingerie I found how much more comfortable thongs were and wondered why I’d never bought any before. At 7 a driver arrived for me and drove me to Jack’s house. We pulled up to a gate after about 20 minutes. The driver pushed a button on the sun visor and the gates swished open revealing a big, beautiful house. Jack met me at the door and wheeled me inside. He gave me a tour of downstairs and sat me on the sofa while he finished cooking. He then came and carried me into a beautiful dining room and sat me down. He then fed me an amazing dinner with some wine. After we were done he cleared up and carried me back into the living room and set me down on a blanket on the floor. I lay there helpless as he went off. He came back in carrying some bowls and set them down then sat next to me, sat me up and propped me against him. In the bowls were some fruit, marshmallows and melted chocolate. He fed me the chocolate fondue then we sat and watched a film. During the film I could feel him stroking my neck and really wanted him to do more but not being able to speak or move him I just sat there trying to make some groaning noises. He finally started kissing me hard and I kissed him back. He then gently slipped my dress down revealing my bra. He slowly kissed all over my chest and the top of my boobs before looking up at me. I gently nodded my head and he slipped my bra off. I felt my nipples harden as he traced the scar between my boobs with his tongue then he took each nipple in his mouth. He slowly

laid me back then slid my dress down some more kissing each inch of me as he did then slipped it off leaving me in just my thong. He slowly kissed my tummy then back down to my thong before slowly sliding it off. He then came back up, kissed me on the lips and slowly asked if I was ok so I could lip read. I nodded excitedly. He slowly kissed all over me again then started kissing and licking my vagina lips making me wet and warm. As his tongue touched my clit I felt an immediate shock followed by a tingle run through my abbreviated torso. He expertly worked me into my first ever orgasm. I didn’t know what was happening I just knew I loved it and never wanted him to stop. My torso violently shook as the orgasm took over. I silently screamed out. I lay breathlessly on the rug as he came up and smiled at me then kissed me before gently sliding his massive, hard cock into my still throbbing vagina. He gently rocked back and forward, I could feel my vagina tingling again. He kept going harder and faster building us both up until we both peaked together. I could feel his warm fluid squirting deep inside me over and over again. Once he was done he laid down beside me and cuddled me tight to him as we fell asleep content.

I woke up the next morning still on the rug. I realised Jack wasn’t there and that I was still naked. I suddenly felt very vulnerable. A few minutes later Jack came in carrying a tray of breakfast and my iPad. He fed me then typed on my iPad.

‘I hope you enjoyed last night?’ he asked. I nodded and smiled. At that he leaned against the sofa, picked me up and slid me on his cock again. I could feel his hardness deep inside me. He moved me up and down until we both came. He then carried me upstairs and we showered together. He wrapped me in a big towel and lay me on his bed. He then went off and came back with some clothes. I looked at him confused. He grabbed my iPad and typed, ‘I hope you don’t mind but I bought you some clothes as I hoped you’d need them as I’d like to think maybe you’ll be staying here more often. Maybe permanently if you’d like and don’t think it too soon.’ I was so excited, I smiled and nodded.

‘I take that as a yes.’ He typed.

‘Yes.’ I managed to type with my nose.

That afternoon we returned to the home, Jack packed my few belongings into a suitcase and told the manager I was moving out. I was so happy that I never had to go back there. As soon as we got back to the house Jack stripped me off followed by himself. He then sat on the sofa and slipped me on his cock. He put the ring round my head so I could type and held the iPad close to me. He then typed, ‘This is how we’ll spend all our time when were at home, ok?’ ‘That’s fine with me, I hate clothes.’ I typed in reply.

‘Good.’ He typed, ‘You now have to tell me what you want me to do to you.’ ‘That’s mean.’ I typed in reply. ‘I don’t know anything really, you’re my first proper sex partner.’ I slowly told Jack all about Ed and how he used me as a sex toy. I could feel his cock getting harder inside me. When I’d finished he took my iPad away, kissed me hard and cuddled me to him tight. He then slowly moved me up and down until we came together. He wiped me up and carried me to the kitchen to feed me then we sat naked watching another film together. I fell asleep on him during the film.

We spent the next few day having as much sex as we could. I found I really liked sex, not that I could do much. Jack also seemed to really like my unique body. He would use it any

way he could. One afternoon he took my iPad and typed, ‘Would you mind if we got your pubic hair removed?’ ‘Why?’ I asked innocently.

‘Well, it feels so much nicer and looks better.’ He typed.

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