Moving Home

by falcon29

Copyright© 2018 by falcon29

Fiction Sex Story: After years living her life, a woman brings her family home.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Daughter   Grand Parent   Exhibitionism   Safe Sex   Nudism   .

“Did you get me my cough drops?” Jenny called from the living room. I’d just walked in the back door from the grocery store and was eager to get out of my clothes again. Jenny’s question pulled me up short. It always felt like that when she’d asked me for something specific and I forgot -- which was often. I gave her the bad news.

“They weren’t on the list. Besides, you don’t have a cough anyway. You eat them like candy.”

“Yeah, but you always forget what I ask for.” I looked up from the bag I was unloading. She had come into the kitchen. At 54, her breasts were still pretty firm and the little bit of extra weight she wore gave her hairless mound a nice plumpness.

“I do not ‘always forget’, but when I do, it’s because you tell me as I’m walking out the door and, thus, your item is not on the list in my pocket. I do try to stick to the list when I have one. Sometimes I forget, not always.”

“Yeah, yeah, but...” Whatever she was about to say was lost when the phone rang and she went to answer it. I know it sounds odd to most guys, but I enjoy watching the way her meaty butt cheeks roll when she walks away from me. It’s even better when she’s in a hurry. It almost always gives me about half a hard on, even at my age of 59. I finished stripping to match her nudity and continued putting the groceries away. I heard Jenny’s voice, but not what she was saying. There was a little excitement when she first answered, but then it got quieter.

I nearly dropped the eggs when there was a whoop from Jenny. “REALLY? Well, WOO-fuckin’-HOO!” There were a few more exchanges and then Jenny came into the kitchen.

“Guess who’s coming for dinner next Saturday!” I waited, expecting her to tell me, but she just stood there almost vibrating with excitement.

“Uh ... Mick Jagger?” The last music on the car radio had been a Rolling Stones oldie.

“NO! Livvie! Livvie is coming home with Pedro and the kids!” Our daughter, Olivia, had joined Doctors Without borders as a volunteer after two years of college UO with her CNA certificate and ended up going to the Philippines. She was twenty then. When the volunteer mission ended, she stayed there, having fallen in love with one of the ‘home town’ doctors she’d worked with while she was there. We couldn’t afford the air fare to go to the wedding at the time, but Jenny and I watched the wedding on live streaming video set up by one of Pedro’s friends. That was almost sixteen years before.

We hadn’t seen Olivia in person for nearly five years. She had come home to Eugene for a medical problem then (and the best specialist was here, she said), but she’d left the family at home that time. This would be the first time we’d met Pedro, Sara, and Francisco (known as Frankie), our two nearly teenaged grandkids face to face. In the pictures Liv sent, and on the videos, Sara (almost sixteen by now) looked like she was going to be a real heartbreaker. She had long dark hair with some kind of lighter highlights inherited from her blonde mother. She had a lighter version of her father’s brown complexion. She was cute as a button, too, with a killer smile.

Frankie was taller than Livvie already and he was a year younger than Sara. He was a skinny kid, but over the last year he’d had a growth spurt and was talking about playing basketball. He was involved in a list of extracurricular activities. He was a lead player on his football (yeah, make that soccer in the U.S.) team. He was also vice president of his class.

For that matter, Sara was no slouch either. She was in her school band and on the debating team. She also worked on the school newspaper and yearbook staff.

Anyway ... Jenny’s excitement bubbled over. She started making plans for this and that event and activity, etc. She was on and off the phone a couple of times. I was thinking about the situation. It seemed odd that they’d just ‘drop in’ like this without some prior preparations and conversation. I wondered if there was some problem. I waited for a break in her calling.

“Hey, Jen? Can we talk a second?” I heard her sigh, but she set the phone down when I came out of the kitchen. “Did she say why they were coming so suddenly like this?”

“Well, she said Pedro had to use some vacation time or lose it, so they were coming here.”

“Did she say how long they had, or anything else?”

“She said they might be here for a while so would I please look for a small apartment they could rent.” That surprised me. It didn’t sound like a vacation to me. It sounded more like they might be actually moving here. In any case, it was good news. But I wanted to slow Jenny down.

“You know, if they will be here a while, just stop making all these urgent plans. There will be time for whatever we want to do. Let’s just hold off and see what’s what, okay? It feels like something weird is going on. Hold off on the apartment, too. We have room for them.”

She frowned, but she usually trusts my instincts at these times. “Well, okay. But they’ll stay here at first, of course. We have the room after we clear out that fourth bedroom.” I smiled at that. I wondered if she realized how much work that would be. You know how most people have a ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen? Well we’d come to use it as our ‘junk room’ for everything we never used but might need some day.

But there was still a question in my mind. “Jen, what do you think we should do about our nudity? I know Liv got over her shock and got used to it when she was here last time, but what about Pedro and the kids?”

I had been a closet nudist most of my life. Before I married Jen I even went out to a couple of nude camps, but felt conspicuous being single. I kept it to myself, but loved being naked with my girlfriends when we could. Jenny told me she used to skinny dip with her family on the farm her grandfather owned when she was growing up, but we lived a mostly ‘textile’ life. (That’s the term nudists use for people who wear clothes.) Jenny and I had adopted our nude lifestyle after Liv left the country. We hadn’t planned it that way, it was just by coincidence (But that’s a story in itself for another time.).

We introduced her to it when she visited and by the time she left, she was even relaxing enough to join in. The third morning she was here, she came to the kitchen wearing only panties (just what she’d worn to bed, she said) to get a cup of coffee to take to the shower with her. I was alone and she came across the room and gave me a naked hug before pouring it. My dick began to respond as nature had designed it and she grinned at me. “Cool tool, Dad!” she’d laughed before disappearing back down the hall.

The incident shocked me -- both my physical reaction to my daughter’s near-naked body and her laughing it off. True, this was a virtually strange young woman in my home, but she was still my daughter. It had been years since I’d seen her, and she had changed (as had I). She’d borne two kids and her hips and tits showed it. But they were still prize winners as far as my cock and I were concerned.

Liv’s tits were bigger than her mom’s and still held their perk. The panties she wore the next morning she came out weren’t really panties, but a thong; merely a pussy shield that left her ass bare. When she turned to go back to the bathroom, her heart shaped ass cheeks rolled like a tighter versions of her mother’s ass.

After that, nudity was a ‘non-issue’ for the rest of the time she was here. Since there was an agenda, we didn’t spend a lot of time lounging around naked, then, however. She got her medical stuff out of the way and went home to Pedro. Like her mom had begun doing (and had talked me into doing, too), Livvie shaved her pubic hair. Her pussy looked soft and plump between her thighs, as I learned.

According to what we’d been told, Liv and Pedro had basically raised their kids as Filipino kids, so I had no idea what they were really like. I knew it was a very Catholic country, but that’s all I knew. Well, that and I’d heard about the prostitutes around the naval base, but...

“I told you we inspired Livvie when she was here and that she eventually talked Pedro into relaxing their clothing practices around the house, Jen reminded me. “The kids were young enough then to take naturally to it and that’s just the way they grew up. We’ve all seen each other naked on the webcam.”

“We’ve all seen National Geographic, too, but it’s different in person,” I said (recalling my dick’s reaction to Livvie’s nude hug that first time). “So you’re saying we go and pick them up, come home, and we all just strip?”

“Well, Asshole, I hardly think it will quite be like that!” She slapped my arm and diced onions flew to the floor since I’d started dinner.

I’ve done well in my business. After my dad died, I started out mowing lawns during the summers to help my mom out. It wakened my instincts or something, so that, when I went back to the same boss during my summers while I was going to college, I learned more and more from him. He was a short wiry and wise Japanese gentleman. Over the years he sort of filled the hole my dad’s death had left in my life.

Once I got to college, I majored in agriculture. A great deal of what they ‘taught’ me I’d learned from Mr. Mariko in more sensible language and by demonstration. When I graduated, Mr. Mariko was there sitting next to my mom, wearing a big grin. At the party later he presented me with a beautifully executed piece of calligraphy in a frame. It was in English, and Japanese. It was the title to his business, and it was in my name.

“This is something I have waited to give you until now,” he said. “I have seen your future and my own. I must return to Japan and remain there. I have no sons in this country; no heirs. You now own my business. All the legal details have been taken care of and you are now the boss.” His grin was as bright and shiny as a new bike. You could have knocked me over with a feather, as they say. Where I would have hugged a different old friend, I gave Mr. Mariko a simple bow as he had taught me, and a handshake.

I applied my college education and built the business into a dynamic landscaping concern. Over the years I bought several hundred acres of farm land and put a lot of it in sod. I also grew whatever vegetables seemed likely to sell well. I was lucky most years, unlucky some others. That’s farming. Thanks to the business, farming was just a hobby.

Anyway, by the time of this story, I didn’t have to do much physical work any longer myself unless I wanted to. I had managers who were good at their jobs and I trusted them. An old friend did my accounting. I guess you could call me ‘actively retired’. I still spent some time on the phone and driving around to see things for myself, but it was pretty easy duty.

Deciding finally to just let things take their course with the kids, we dutifully met the clan at SeaTac instead of PDX in Portland and toted them home. It was Jenny’s idea because they could relax in our van. With a two hour layover in Seattle to connect to a flight south, plus the flight time, the driving actually cut their travel time, too.

I suppose some description of our house will make the rest of this tale a bit easier to understand.

When Jenny and I bought the house, Livvie was just two years old. There were two bedrooms in the original “L” shaped house, one on either end. In the middle were the living room/ kitchen area, a ‘den’, the bathroom and a small laundry room which led to the carport. For the first few years after we moved in, that separation of sleeping quarters was inconvenient, but it paid dividends later. As “Livvie” became “Liv”, then ‘please call me Olivia, Dad’, we were more concerned about noise from our room.

Doing a bit at a time (as we could afford it) we ended up with the house surrounding a kind of courtyard open to the back yard. We’d considered a fountain in the middle, but decided a hot tub with a cedar cabana over it and some floral features would be better. Anyway, the kitchen and living areas were well separated from the sleeping areas. We added two more bedrooms, renovated the bathroom and enlarged our own bedroom, adding a master bath to boot.

The back yard had been enhanced by the addition of a nice stone patio with a roof and a brick barbecue. We finished it off with a seven foot fence around the whole thing for privacy. Our nearest neighbor was across the road and down a way, so the fence was probably overkill. Still it provided security as well as privacy. All in all it was a good place for Jenny and me to ‘retire’ in.

As promised, at SeaTac we stood outside the secure area and greeted ‘our kids’ when they came out of the crowd. Pedro was the same dark skinned handsome man we’d chatted with on the video. He was forty-two but looked years younger, closer to Liv’s age. Livvie was the picture of her mother when Jen was her age. Frankie (‘Please call me Frank, Grandfather’) was a sober seeming, younger version of his father. Sara didn’t look at me when Liv introduced us. She just looked at her feet until I whispered to her, “Hey Grasshopper! It’s Grandpa!” That brought a sunny smile and her baseball cap visor tipped up. I saw the little girl I had talked to (and nicknamed) on the webcam and things went okay after that. But otherwise she was not -- I repeat, not -- a little girl.

At home, Livvie wanted to shower. Jenny got her all set with towels and stuff and came back to the kitchen, where I was stirring dinner. I had stripped down to shorts and Jenny was wearing a light wraparound dress.

“Where’s Pedro?” I asked her.

“I guess he’s changing or something in the bedroom.”

“Hmm ... I wish I could ‘change’

“Hell, go ahead! It’s our house, after all. They’ve seen us naked on the web. We make the rules.”

“Yeah, but we can’t shock the kids like that, honey. Let’s wait and see what Liv does. And, by the way, I don’t see you stripping down yet!” I chided her.

I slapped Jenny’s hand away (and smacked her butt) when she stole a black olive from the strainer. Sara was just coming into the kitchen and laughed when she saw that. “Uh-oh! Domestic abuse!” she said. Thanks to the webcam and frequent calling, it was almost as if the kids had grown up living near us. She was comfortable enough with us to kid around. When she grabbed her own olive, I reached to treat her to a swat, like I’d done to her grandmother. She squealed and jumped out of reach.

“This place is really cool, Grandma,” she said as she crossed the room to sit beside Jenny at the table. “It’s all green outside at home, but it’s a different kind of green,” she said.

“Well, I don’t know about where you live, but we pay for this green with about nine months of rain, plus a little snow,” I told her.

“Wow! I want to see snow!” Frank said, entering the room, followed by his dad. They’d both changed to shorts and tee shirts.

“Well, since it’s summer now, you probably won’t get the chance,” I told him.

“Beer is in the ‘fridge, Pedro. Or if you prefer we have vodka, rum and some whiskey in the other room.”

“Oh, no, a beer is fine,” he said, helping himself to a cold bottle.

“I want a beer!” Liv’s voice arrived just before she turned the corner coming in to join us. Of the six of us, she was the only one wearing nothing. “Hey! I thought you guys would have stripped down by now!” she complained to us. Jenny laughed and hurried out of the room to put her dress in the bedroom.

At Jenny’s suggestion, the kids went out the back door to the yard. “You okay, honey?” Liv asked, putting her arm around Pedro. “He wasn’t feeling too well on the plane.”

“I’m all right now,” Pedro said. “It was just a late night last night. Hey, Bob, this beer is pretty good. We don’t have this brand at home.”

“They barely have it in the next state, I think. It’s brewed right here in town. We can go for a tour if you want. Free samples in the tap room!”

“Sounds good,” he replied. Liv stepped behind him and pulled his tee shirt up. He let her take it off of him, but stopped her from pulling his shorts off. “I want to wait a little while before running around here with my dick bouncing around,” he told her.

“Suit yourself,” Liv laughed. “I’m going out back with the kids.” She went out the same door her kids had. It wasn’t long before I could hear them splashing around in the hot tub.

I had seasoned the meat and set it to simmer. I checked the oven, where the bread was baking, and got a fresh beer for myself. “Come on and see the tub, Pedro. It sounds like the rest of your family found it all right.” We went out and saw that the kids had shed their clothes and were splashing around as naked as their mom. Just then, Jenny came out of the sliding door to the master bedroom. Like everybody but Pedro and me, she was naked. Pedro didn’t stumble when he saw her bare body in person, but he hesitated briefly.

In the tub, Sara splashed Frank and turned away when he splashed her back. Liv appeared to be in a hot tub trance across from them. I looked at Pedro and shrugged. Setting my beer on the table, I slipped out of my shorts and hung them over the back of a chair.

Pedro looked at me and shook his head. “When in Rome, they say...” and he joined the rest of us in nudity. I noticed nobody had a towel. I went around to the same door Jenny had used. I returned with an armful of towels for when we all needed them. I dropped all but three of them on a lounge chair and returned to the table, where Jen and Pedro were sitting. I handed them each a towel to use as a “seat cover” and spread my own on an empty chair.

As I was joining them I heard Jenny saying something about a new hospital being built north of town. Pedro looked at me and then at his wife and kids in the water. Liv was just climbing out. Her all-over tanned skin gleamed in the sun. She grabbed a towel and came to join us at the table. Pedro waited until she was sitting down before he spoke.

“I can imagine you two are kind of surprised we came for a visit on such short notice. It isn’t really a vacation. Well, it is sort of, but we have another reason to be here. We’re thinking of moving here for good.”

“That’s great!” Jen gave Livvie a hug.

“Wonderful!” I said, and I meant it.

Jen’s and my comments ran over each other and Pedro went on to explain. It seems he had angered the hospital administration when he argued in favor of (at least emergency) abortions. It’s a Catholic hospital in a mostly Catholic country and that, of course, was strictly against their policy, not to mention illegal except in emergency situations. They suggested Pedro might be happier working somewhere else and gave him a month off to decide. They hadn’t quite fired him, but he knew how miserable he’d be working there any more. He really did have the vacation time so he was still on the payroll.

“So we decided to start our search here,” he concluded.

“Well, you guys are welcome as long as you need to be here,” I told him.

“I appreciate it, Bob,” he replied.

“We’ll try not to cramp your ‘empty nest’ style, Dad,” Liv added.

“What do you mean?” I thought I knew what she was saying, but I wanted to hear how she saw things.

“Oh, listen. When I was here last time you guys seemed to go at it every night. It was worse than when I lived here.”

I glanced at Jen to find her grinning at me. “Honey, Liv talked to me about it when she was in high school. I explained it was just the sound of us expressing our love ... very loudly.” We all laughed. “Of course she knew what we were doing, but I told her it might embarrass you if you knew she’d heard us.”

And all those years she assured me Liv couldn’t hear us. I was a bit embarrassed, but it also gave me a strange feeling of excitement. “But the remodeling hopefully corrected that design error,” I said.

“You know, guys, we have enough room if you wanted to live here,” Jenny was letting her heart run away with her good sense. She was watching Sara wrestling with Frank, splashing in the sunshine. It was a really sweet and beautiful sight.

“Oh, no,” Pedro hurried to say. “In fact we may not even end up here in Oregon. I’ve got letters of interest from places in Washington and California, too. But even if we stay in Eugene, we’d have our own place. Olivia and the kids have too damn much junk for us to live here with you.” We all laughed at that.

“Hell,” I said, “Liv still has a whole bunch of stuff here! You can take it with you!” Pedro shrugged at that. “Really, though, Pedro, you guys are welcome to stay as long as you want,” I said as I got up to go check on dinner. While I was turning the roast over in the Dutch oven, Sara padded inside, wrapped in a towel.

“Yum!” She smacked her lips at the aroma rolling out of the pan. “Mom always says you’re the best cook. I can’t wait to find out!”

As she talked she was drying herself off. Tantalizing glimpses of her rubbing all over her cute little butt, into its crease, and over her blossoming teenage tits and hairless pussy preceded the baring of it all of it once again when she hung her towel on the chair back. She leaned on my arm and her tiny nipple brushed it as she took another whiff of dinner. She stood up, grinned at me and sort of skipped out of the room. “I can’t believe we’re really here with you and Grandma! It’s so weird!” she said as she left.

I had reacted -- well, my cock had twitched -- at my granddaughter’s nudity and nearness. I felt guilty, but it was just as it had been with Livvie. Again, I knew it was a normal biological reaction. Related or not, here was a naked girl – already considered a woman in her culture and many others -- I’d only met face to face that morning and she was leaning naked against me and I’d reacted physically. I’d never felt this way when Liv was growing up. Thoughts of sex with her had never crossed my mind. At least it hadn’t until she was walking around here naked five years ago, showing off her freshly shaven pussy mound.

Jenny and I have a good sex life. We satisfy each other and we have fun in bed. I didn’t need any other outlet for my horniness. Still, Sara’s soft, smooth chest as she leaned against me felt incredibly wonderful. Nude or not, she radiated innocence. And when her nipple poked me I was surprised that it was hard, like a little pebble. Chilled from the pool, or ‘happy to see me’? I wondered.

I had just put the roast back in the oven after adding the parboiled potatoes to roast with the meat when Jenny led the parade of the rest of the family coming in. She was followed by Frank, still toweling off and laughing, then Liv. Pedro brought up the rear, carrying our two empties from the patio.

“Thanks, Pedro. I should have brought my own in.”

“No problem. You know, Bob, if calling me ‘Pedro’ is strange or uncomfortable for you some people call me ‘Pete’. When I find work here, I’m sure that’s how I’ll end up being known anyway. It was that way in college here in the States.”

“Whichever you prefer is fine. It is easier -- or I guess more familiar to me -- to say Pete. But Pedro is your name.”

“I answer to ‘Pete’ and it doesn’t bother me.”

“Pete it is then,” I said just as Sara came back in and handed her dad a tube of sunscreen.

“Do my back, Pete,” she commanded mischievously. He took the tube and dutifully rubbed the cream into Sara’s back and kept going as she leaned forward so he could rub it on her ass too. I watched and felt that horny bubble rise up, like lava, perking in a crater. I had to get my mind away from that, I thought. Did he actually slip his fingers deeper into her crack than necessary?

With a resounding swat to her skinny butt, he declared her screened. “And don’t call me Pete, or I’ll blister that cute little rear-end.”

Dinner turned out well and was received enthusiastically. Sara came back from taking her dishes out and gave me a full contact hug and a big kiss on my lips. I’d already noticed that Liv’s family kissed on the lips rather than the cheek, the way I -- and Liv too, for that matter -- had been raised. But it still surprised me and -- dammit! -- It felt good! Everybody was just looking on and smiling. I could only hope that none of them suspected what was in the primitive part of my brain. As she hugged me, I hugged her back. Since I was sitting, my hand went naturally around her waist and came to rest on her round ass cheek. My face rested against her belly and I wished it could have gone on longer. But she pulled slightly away from me, though she continued to lean against my side. She didn’t seem to mind that I was feeling up her ass. I gave the soft mound a squeeze and she flexed it back at me, looking at me with a grin.

Then she astounded me by sliding into my lap. Her naked little ass was right on top of my (now irresistibly stiffening) cock! I held her legs against me with one hand and hugged her to me with the other. She had one arm around my neck and the other resting on top of mine on her belly. A normal sight under other circumstances, but it had been a long time since I’d had a naked teenage girl sitting on my naked lap. It was great, but I dreaded the moment when she got up and my erection sprang up like a nasty weed!

Fortunately, I was still finishing my dinner when everybody else stood and moved to watch some TV. Sara had been sitting on ‘my excitement’, but when she got up she amazed me again. She glanced down at my cock, standing naked and proud as I halfheartedly tried to shield it from her sight with my napkin. She grinned at me, glanced back at my lap, and then grinned at me again before walking out. The little shit knew what she’d done and she had done it on purpose! Liv had stayed behind to clear the dishes.

She was grinning when she next came from the kitchen. “I meant to tell you about that, but it’s too late.” I had managed to cover my now drooping cock with my napkin.

“Tell me about what?”

“Sara has discovered some of the wonders of the male body. Wait, let me finish this and we can talk.” She made quick work of the rest of the dishes and we retired by ourselves to the patio with a couple of shots of Drambuie.

I don’t know how much of what she told me Jenny knew, but she and Liv had held long-distance private talks over the years. Anyway, it was the first I knew of most of it.

“How much do you know about the Philippines, Dad?”

“Not much. Mostly the things you’ve told me and what I’ve read.”

“Well, there’s a strong undercurrent of tradition there. It isn’t really spoken about because it isn’t really well known out here in the rest of the world. A lot of the way they do things goes back way before the Portuguese or the Spanish. The Catholic Missionaries as well as Protestants -- as they did in most places -- tried to stamp it all out in the name of Jesus, but it survived. It was just hidden. In fact, I owe it to you and Mom that I even know about it.” That surprised me.

She went on to remind me of some things I’d read years before about the people of the Pacific. They were casual about nudity and even sex. Kids grew up knowing what their parents did in bed because mostly everybody slept in one big room and they saw it live and in person. I even read once that, in ancient Hawaii anyway, it was a common practice to send pubescent kids to a relative or a trusted friend to educate them in sexual matters. It was a ‘hands on’ course: hands on every part of each other. Uncles lovingly took their nieces’ virginity while Auntie was teaching the nephew about blow jobs.

Apparently it wasn’t that extensive in the Philippines, but family nudity was common, as was some limited social nudity. “If kids grow up thinking nudity and sex are things you should only do when you’re hidden, they think there’s something wrong with doing it. Pedro taught me that.

“When I went home all excited about introducing him to going naked he burst my bubble by telling me he was relieved to know how I felt. He’d grown up a nudist, but he thought for sure I was too ‘American’ to understand it. So from then on we went ‘native’ (or is that a ‘non-PC’ thing to say now?). Once the kids were out of diapers (i.e.: ‘housebroken’) they went naked until we had to go somewhere or company was coming.”

As far as sex went, she told me it was a little strange the night little Francisco, age five years then, barged into their room while she (Liv) was riding Pedro and at the peak of her orgasm. It was hot, there were no blankets, and she was in no position mentally or emotionally to stop. Pedro hadn’t noticed at first so he just kept pumping her dripping pussy with his hard cock. Liv’s face was red as she related the story to me. Of course she didn’t use the same language I did, but that might tell you how her story was affecting me. My erection stood proudly in my lap again and I made no move to cover it.

“Frankie was so cute!” she grinned. “He stood there clapping and yelling, ‘¡Andele, caballo!’ Like most little boys he thought we were playing horsy.” I had to laugh at that too.

“So from then on we just didn’t take steps to isolate ourselves when we made love. The kids have seen it all, or almost all,” she laughed with another blush. I wondered what they could possibly consider too much for the kids to handle, but refused to let my mind go too far. “Lately Sara has been showing a marked interest in erections. I found her with Frank a while back watching him masturbate. So watch out for her. She’ll be trying to give you a hard on every chance she gets.” Liv reached over and gave my hand a squeeze. Then she mischievously grabbed my hard cock and squeezed it. Then she let go and the conversation simply went on.

She said she’d had a talk with the kids when she found them experimenting and thought they understood about incest. But apparently even that was not taboo among other members of Pedro’s family. Two of his cousins had married and one of his mother’s brothers was married to another one of their sisters. Frank had asked her about that. She wrote it off to different cultures having different ways of doing things.

“But what about the Church?” I asked. “Are they aware of these practices?”

“They are, but remember, most of the priests, especially the younger priests, were local kids who went off to the seminary and came home to preach. The people are their own families and the traditional ways are too deeply ingrained, so they say very little about it. They just turn a blind eye and recite their rosaries. But I’ve been told that even some of them aren’t as celibate as the Church would like.”

All this information had my head spinning. I had no idea how much she’d changed. I ignored the now semi hardness of my cock as I stood up. Liv glanced at it and smiled. I pulled her to her feet and we went out to the garden area along the back fence. We sneaked a few pea pods off the vines and a few sweet raspberries the way we’d done when she was little. I thought about everything she’d told me.

I watched her as she bent gracefully to pluck a berry and pop it in her mouth. Her ass was so inviting I almost reached out and stroked it. My dick rose another few millimeters. Liv turned around and leaned down next to me to get a cluster of berries. As she glanced up she came eye level with my nearly hard cock. She leaned a few inches closer and gave it a kiss right on the head!

“Olivia!” was all I said. I was speechless, but she just laughed. She stood up, wrapped her arms around me and moved her legs so that my cock popped up into her crotch along her slit. It was the best feeling I’d had for a long time. I started to say something again but she put her hand over my mouth. She moved her hand away and kissed me then -- a real kiss -- and gave my dick a squeeze with her thighs.

“Dad, don’t say anything right now. Just enjoy what you’re feeling. Mom knows all the things I told you.” She pressed her tits against my chest and moved her hips back and forth slightly. Her fingers slipped along my butt crack and I melted inside. “I spent so many tormented nights back in high school. I’d hear you throwing a good fuck into Mom and I had to lie there and use my hand.”

“Uh, honey, I don’t need to know that,” It was starting to kind of freak me out. If she only knew how many times I’d been thinking of her along the same line recently!

I knew we had to stop what we were currently doing. Maybe I was the only one out of the loop, but I was pretty sure committing incest with me hadn’t been a part of a conversation with her mother. I gently extricated my dick from her warm haven and pushed her back a step. She smiled up at me and I could still see my little girl in there. But she was so much more now. She’d forced me to really look at her as a woman.

She gave my cock a little tug as she turned to go back to the house. “Maybe you should give yourself a few minutes, Dad,” she said over her shoulder.

“Yeah, thanks, honey,” I replied lamely, feeling like a big fool for some reason.

Later in bed I broke a kiss with Jenny and said, “Honey, there’s something we need to discuss.”

“Okay,” she groaned, backing off a bit. She was interested in making love, but so was I -- especially after the garden and Liv. Still, I wanted this issue out of the way. She propped her head on her hand and looked at me.

I explained the whole thing with Sara and even admitted to the effect it had on me. Jenny just smiled.

“So you reacted normally, so what?”

“So, what about the little flirty grin she gave me when she saw how hard she’d gotten me?”

“Well, I don’t know. I’ll talk to Livvie, but right now I’d love it if you’d lick my pussy.” I did as she suggested and brought her to two orgasms with the assistance of my fingers. After I slipped up over her and entered her, she had three more before I reached my peak and burst inside her.

We were snuggling afterward and Jenny brought her lips to my ear and whispered, “Did you imagine I was sweet little Sara while you were fucking me?”

I shook my head, “There’s more I need to tell you,” I was trying to figure out how to tell her about Liv in the garden.

“If you mean about sex and incest in the Philippines, Liv already told me all about it. She confessed she had the hots for you, too.” That was a load off my mind.

“She ... uh ... When we were down in the garden...”

“Bob, I don’t need to know all that. I know you love me and you love our daughter. I had a thing for my dad and nearly seduced one of my uncles back in the day. Whatever happens between you and Liv is your business.”

I raised up and looked at the woman I was with. I wondered where my wife went. But I kissed her and kissed her again. Our conversation had firmed my flagging erection and we made long slow love and my mind was full of only this amazing woman.

The next day we all went out and did some typical tourist stuff, most of which Jenny and I had never done even after all the time we’ve lived here. Finishing off at the local ice cream place, I cautioned everybody not to spoil their dinner. I had about six pounds of short ribs in the slow cooker at home.

At home everybody stripped down as if we’d been together for a long time. Nudity is an excellent equalizer and easy to become accustomed to. I went to the kitchen and checked the meat. It was doing great. I started to peel the potatoes and began thinking about the sauce. “Want some help, Grampa Bob?” Sara was just coming up beside me. It was nice to hear her call me Grandpa that way.

I got the other peeler for her and we stripped those potatoes as bare as we were. She stayed and became my ‘sous chef’ for the evening. Along the way she seemed to find ways to brush against me or to put her small hands on various parts of my body in passing. The little tease was trying to make me hard again. Mostly unsuccessfully.

When we took everything to the table the crowd cheered. I gave Sara a hug and lifted her off her feet with both hands on her ass. When I set her down in her chair she kissed me. It wasn’t just a peck on the lips; she probed her tongue between my lips for just a second. I started to think I was really going to be in trouble with my family.

But nobody else seemed to even notice our kiss. Dinner was well received again and the leftovers went into containers. I did all the clean-up; Sara was off doing something else. I pondered our situation as I wiped down the counters. Jenny came out with some stray cups and a saucer from the living room and she helped me finish loading the dishwasher. When it was all done she gave me a grin and a hug.

“What do you think, old man? Are you glad you’re a Grandfather?”

“Well, of course! I especially like being ‘Grampa Bob’ to Sara.” I said.

“She’s sure a cutie. Frankie is smart as a whip, too – they both are. And, I don’t know if Liv weaned him too early or what, but he seems to have a fascination with my tits.” I laughed and told her every man who saw her had the same fascination.

“This is all a lot to take in at once, honey. Let’s sleep on it and we’ll see what will happen,” I said. In all the time I’d been fascinated with the nudist lifestyle, I couldn’t have imagined the effect it seemed it had on our descendants.

We spent a few days of nothing in particular. The ladies went shopping and Frank helped me with some things around the house and garden. Pete, on weekdays, was interviewing at hospitals. I thought Frank showed a lot of ingenuity a few times when he suggested some things and I told him so.

And then Pete came home one day from his interview. The kids were out back and the rest of us were playing cards in the dining room. He came in and his expression seemed dejected. I was readying some words of encouragement when he broke into a grin. “They want me here!”

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