Sara's Story, a D/s Romance

by sspringer3

Copyright© 2018 by sspringer3

BDSM Sex Story: Sara and Charlie have going together for a while when a chance remark spikes their move to a little D/s to liven up their love making. It wasn't long before D/s became the focal point of their love life. See where that journey leads them.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   .

Sara was lying around one day chatting with her boyfriend. They had been living together for a couple of months now after dating for almost a year. Their sex life was ok but getting kind of routine. He didn’t seem too imaginative, so she was looking for some way to spice up their sex lives. Neither of them were sexual novices, having both been married before as well as exploring their desires with other sex partners before meeting each other.

“Charley, I was talking with Becky the other day about different websites she likes. She told me about a couple of BDSM sites. So we looked at them a little. Some of that stuff sounds like fun. Do you want to check them out with me?”

“Sounds like fun. I know of a site we can check out too.”

Sara was a little surprised at that but didn’t say anything. “Ok, why don’t you log on to that site while I get us each a beer?”

When she got back, he was logged on to the site. Then she got a real surprise, he was a paying member, not just a paying member, but a gold member. “How long have you been a member?”

“Oh, a couple of years.”

“Why didn’t you ever mention it to me?”

“I thought it would bother you and I really didn’t want to do anything to screw up our relationship.”

“Oh. What kinds of things do you like?”

“Well, I am a Dominant. I like to be in control.”

“I noticed you sometimes like to be in control but usually you are so interested in being sure we both like something.”

“I have tried real hard to ask your opinion. It was really difficult when we have sex. I’ve wanted to guide you, train you and bring out your submissive qualities.”

“How did you know I have submissive qualities? I’ve never told anyone.”

“It shows sometimes in the little things. For example, you like me to make decisions about dinner, things like that. I was planning on talking to you about it someday but couldn’t figure out how to bring up the subject. I am really glad you brought it up today.”

“Have you ever had a submissive woman before?”

“Yes, a couple.”

“What did you do to them? I mean what did you guys do together?”

“It depended on the woman and what she wanted. Why don’t I get a few of my toys out and we can take a look at them?” With that he got up and went to a closet where they stored some of their stuff. As he walked away he said “Take a look around the website while I’m looking for the toys.”

Sara started to click away, looking at different profiles people had posted and then she found the section with stories. Seeing one that looked interesting, she clicked on it and began to read. She got so engrossed in the story she didn’t hear Charley come back. He just stood there quietly looking over her shoulder as she read the story. It was about a woman who had submitted completely to a Dom. Sara was so turned on by the story that her hand crept to her pussy and her fingers started to rub her lips lightly before slipping inside to play with her clit. By the time she got to the part of the story where the Dom was flogging the woman for an infraction on her part, Sara’s fingers were moving rapidly over her clit and she began to moan. The story detailed how many blows the Dom administered, how red her ass and legs became, how he alternated which cheek he flogged, and how her tears streamed down her cheeks and how she sobbed as the punishment was administered. Suddenly, Sara came. She cried out so loudly that Charley was afraid the neighbors would hear, even though they lived about 25 feet away in a separate house.

Sara slumped over the keyboard, her fingers still buried in her pussy, as she began to recover. Suddenly she realized that Charley was standing behind her. What must he think? She wondered. Had he been there the whole time? She had never masturbated around him before. To have the first time while she was reading about a woman being flogged!

Then she felt his hands as they lifted her long blonde hair away from her neck. Still a little out of it, she didn’t even move as she felt him slide something around her neck. It wasn’t until she heard the “click” of a lock that she realized he had put a collar around her neck.

At first, she wanted to object, but instead reached her hands up to touch the collar. It was a wide leather collar with a metal band on the outside and three rings on it, one on each side and the other in front. She wandered what they were for.

Then she heard another “click” as Charley hooked a leash to the collar.

“Charley! What do you think you’re doing!”

“Silence! You will only talk when I tell you to!”

Sara was shocked speechless by his words, and even more so by his tone of voice. It was the voice of command. She thought she should say something, but found she could not. More ever, she noticed her pussy getting moist again.

He pulled on the leash and she started to get up to follow the pressure. But then felt his hand on her shoulder, pressing her down. “Kneel, little sub.” Feeling somewhat dazed by what was happening, but full of trust and love for him, she knelt. Once on her knees, she felt his foot between her knees. “Spread your knees, shoulder width apart.” She followed his command and then naturally placed her hands upon her thighs, palm up.

“Very well done.”

Hearing him say that made her feel incredibly good. His praise, following His commands. These were things that made her feel good. “How was that?!!” she thought to herself. She was a full-grown woman, an independent professional. How could this feel so right? So good?

While these thoughts were occupying her mind, she heard his zipper. Looking up, she saw him pull his cock from his pants. She had never seen it so hard. It looked as though it would explode.

Still staring at it, she realized it was moving toward her mouth. She didn’t like to give blowjobs and was reluctant to blow him now. But he placed his fingers on both sides of her mouth and pressed inward. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and suddenly, his cock was inside her mouth.

Thinking he wanted her to suck it, she started to twirl her tongue around it. Then she felt his hands grasp her head, holding it tight as he proceeded to fuck her mouth. She realized her mouth was just a fuck hole to him, something to be used for His pleasure. That realization was incredibly erotic to her, so she stopped trying to use her tongue and enjoyed the sensation of His cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. She felt His cock swell even more; His ball sack grew firmer as it slapped her chin. Then He came inside her mouth, something she had never let a guy do. But now she eagerly slurped it up, feeling so slutty but so good.

She heard Him say “Clean me.” So she started to lick His cock from His balls to the tip. She even pushed the tip of her tongue into the hole at the tip. A part of her could not believe what she was doing. Another part reveled in it.

“As this is our first session and we have not discussed the boundaries of this part of our relationship, I will not command you to do more right now. Later, after we have talked, I will demand more of you, much more.”

Sara felt a little disappointed. This was so incredibly exciting. But at the same time, she was gratified. It showed that He cared for her, even as she was on her knees in front of Him. She knew at that moment that she would do anything to please Him.

He unhooked her leash and then her collar before reaching a hand down to help her to her feet. Taking her gently by the hand, he led her to the shower where he started the water. Then he turned around and pulled her top over her head, then slid her shorts down over her knees. She allowed him to do these things to her, raising her hands when indicated, her feet when her shorts and panties hit the floor. He then got undressed himself and led her into the shower. All this time her eyes were pointed toward the floor, she did not look into his eyes. She felt both humbled and embarrassed by what had just happened.

Gradually she began to feel her normal self as the water pounded on her front and his hands soaped up her back. By the time he was finished soaping her back she was eager to turn and look at him. Turning around, she looked up into his eyes. He took her face in his hands and gently started to kiss her face. He started at her forehead, then her eyes before moving to her cheeks. Next, he started to kiss her neck, all the while his hands were moving over her breasts. She didn’t remember his hands leaving her face but the sensations coming from her breasts were getting her so hot. His hands were still a little soapy and they slid smoothly over her breasts. Rubbing around her nipples but not touching them before finally taking both nipples with his fingers and pulling them gently. By now she could not take it any longer, she grasped his face and kissed him deeply. As their tongues played in that warm wonderland of their mouths, his hands continued to play with her breasts, tweaking her nipples, pinching them lightly and just generally making her incredibly hot as the sensations traveled straight to her pussy.

Then as if thinking with a single mind, their lips parted and she turned toward the shower wall, bending as much as the limited space allowed. She parted her legs as she felt his hard cock bumping her ass cheeks. Then his cock, seemingly with eyes of its own, found its way into her dripping pussy.

She moaned as it penetrated her. At first, he slid only the head inside, as though teasing her. But then he thrust deeply inside her with one massive thrust until her pussy fully engulfed its swollen magnificence. He paused briefly as they both enjoyed the sensation of complete togetherness before he began to slowly move in and out of her pussy. This continued for a few minutes before neither of them could take it any longer. His thrusts became forceful and his cock slammed into her pussy over and over again. A fleeting thought went through her mind that she was going to be a little bruised down there. But that thought was over taken by the first of three orgasms. The first was very good, like during their best lovemaking so far in their relationship. But the next two were exponentially better with the third one leaving her light headed; the only thing keeping her upright was the shower wall and his cock which was still buried deep inside her. Then he came, crying out so loudly the dog peeked into the bathroom to see what was wrong.

His last thrust was so hard and the sensations were so intense that she passed out. It was a while before she awoke again, this time on their bed. He lay beside her, spent. Both of them were still wet but neither of them had the energy to get a towel. So she pulled the covers over them before snuggling up to his side. Before she fell asleep, she wondered when they would be able to explore this exciting new area again. They were going out later this evening, so perhaps tomorrow. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow!

Part 2

The next morning over coffee, Charley asks “Did you enjoy our little play session yesterday?”

“Very much! I haven’t been that turned on for quite a while.”

“What did you enjoy?”

“The feeling of your command over me. How slutty I felt. How I didn’t have any control over what was happening. It was incredibly erotic.”

“So you would like to continue exploring? In that case, we need to discuss when, what limits you have, and a safe word and a gesture.”

“Safe word? Gesture?”

“Yes, something you can say so I will stop what I am doing with you. It is for your own protection because I won’t listen if you tell me No or Stop. There will be things I will demand of you or will do to you that will stretch your limits but will be things you will enjoy in the long run. A gesture because sometimes you won’t be able to talk and will need a way to tell me to slow down”

A shiver went through her as she contemplated what Charley just said. Stretch her limits? Won’t listen to her when she says “No” or “Stop?” “Won’t be able to talk?” What was he planning on doing to her? But at the same time, she could feel her pussy getting wet with just the thought of what those words implied. Before she was even aware she had made a decision, she realized words were coming out of her mouth.

“How about “Pinocchio”? That’s certainly not a word that would come up in a normal conversation.”

“Good choice. Now how about a gesture?”

“No, not that one” as Sara flipped him the bird. “Can you do that Vulcan greeting still?”

“Like this?” as she proceeded to hold her right hand up in the greeting that became famous with Star Trek.

“Good, now that we have that worked out, let’s discuss what you want to try.”

“I haven’t really given it much thought.”

“Well, what fantasies have you had? What excites you when you read erotica?

“Oh god. Being tied up, spanked. Oh, I don’t know! I just don’t have that much experience in this stuff.”

“That’s ok. I’ll take it slow for now. But you will have to submit to my discipline while I am training you.”

“Discipline? What do you mean?”

“Well, you said spanking. That is one of the things I will do when you displease me. Other things may be more psychological, perhaps humiliating. Later, as I get to know your tolerance for pain, I will use a flogger and things like that.”

“Flogger? I don’t know.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t push you too far, too fast. But understand that I will push your limits and before too long you will come to understand how pain can increase your sexual pleasure.”

Once again, a shiver went through her body. What was she getting into? But she trusted Charley, probably even loved him. Besides, her pussy was so wet that she was sitting in a puddle. “Ok, I am sure you know what’s best.”

“Good girl.”

Usually someone calling her a girl or praising her that way would have made her mad. But this time it sent a wave of pleasure through her, she had pleased him.

“Sara, I don’t think either of us wants this to be 24/7, at least for now. So we need to define when I am your Master and you are my sub, differentiate those times from when we are our vanilla selves. One thing I will expect you to wear when you are my sub is a collar, just like you wore yesterday. So that will be the sign that you are my property and not my girlfriend.”

Sara was a little taken a back by hearing that she would be his property. That was not something she had even conceived of. But the more she thought about it, the more exciting and right it sounded.

“Also, Sara, it would be best for you to have another name when you are my sub.”

At this point, Sara realized how much Charley had thought this whole thing out. It made her feel better knowing he was experienced and that he cared so much for her. “How about Genie? You know, like in that old TV show. I could even wear a little harem outfit.”

“Genie, I like that. But I doubt you will be wearing clothes much as my sub. I like my subs naked and kneeling on the floor before me. But now that I think of it, I might enjoy having you dressed like that, perhaps when I show you off to some of my friends.”

“Show me off!!? What do you mean? This is supposed to be our secret.”

“First, never question me when it comes to what I will do with you! When you are my sub, I am responsible for you and would never do anything that would jeopardize your normal life. Do you understand!?”

Sara looked at him mutely; she wasn’t sure how to react to this new commanding Charley.

“Answer me!”

“Yes, I understand Charley.”



“You will always me as Sir or Master when we are in our roles. Now answer me again!”

Sara was shocked but answered anyway. “Yes, Sir. I understand.”

Then Charley said “That’s a good girl” and patted her on the top of her head.

Sara’s emotions were a mix of humiliation, anger, contentment, and arousal. She didn’t know what to think. So she didn’t say anything.

“Would you like to play now?” Charley asked.

“Oh Yes! God, I am so horny from our talk I could almost cum right now if you told me to.”

Charley chuckled and said “That’s a good start. I plan to train you to cum on command. In fact, one thing I will control is your ability to cum. Eventually you will only cum when I give you permission.”

“You can’t be serious. How could you train me to do that?”

“It won’t happen right away. But with a little time and discipline you’ll be able to cum on command, no matter where we are. I trained one sub so well, that she came once at the office while we were on the phone together. Normally I wouldn’t do that, but she was being very difficult and doubted my control over her. Needless to say, she never did after that. Unfortunately, she got a promotion and had to move after she was fully trained.”

Sara sat there and mulled this over, kind of lost in a daze. Suddenly she felt Charley, no that was not right, her Master, slip her collar around her neck. First the click of the collar lock and then the click of the leash being attached. “Now you are genie, my sub. Remember that.”

She felt the leash pull her to a standing position. Once standing, she felt her Master reach around her and unzip her dress. Then his hands were on her shoulders, sliding the dress from her shoulders. It fell and puddled around her feet. “Lift your feet one at a time. First your right, then your left.” Unthinkingly, she obeyed as His foot slid the dress away from her. Then she felt His hands unclasp her bra and pull it from her body. Next, He started to slide her panties down over her hips. “Look how wet these are. They are literally dripping wet.” Charley observed. Her panties dropped to the floor where they sat, a soggy mess. Charley took His foot and slid them away from her, her feet rising automatically to aid Him.

“Now spread your feet shoulder width apart. Point your feet straight ahead and in line with each other. Your arms will be held behind your back at approximately mid spine, with one hand grasping the other wrist. Your hands and arms should form a straight line. Your back should be straight and your head held high.”

“Very good. Now let me go over some of the basics.

All kneeling and standing positions, as well as some of the others, require carriage. This means that your torso is to be held erect.

These positions require: A gently arched straight back. Your shoulders will be down and back, lifting and pushing out your breasts. Your elbows relaxed and bent softly into position. Your belly should be pulled in with your hips slightly tilted upward. Your neck back with your chin held proudly forward. Your lips will be slightly parted - at all times ready to serve or be used. * You will maintain a general relaxed stillness while in position.

You will not speak unless requested or allowed to do so. If you need to change positions at any time, you will be beg for that privilege which will be up to the My sole discretion to permit it.

Do you understand these rules?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good.” With that, His hand moved to her pussy where he began to fondle her lips before pushing his fingers into her pussy. Sensing this was a test, she remained still as his fingers brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Then He stopped! She could not help herself as a groan slipped from her mouth. Oh god, he can’t stop now! She needed to cum. Between the conversation they had had, her feelings of submission, and his insistent fingers in her pussy, she was incredibly horny. “Please, don’t stop.” She begged him.

SMACK! “Did I tell you that you could speak?!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! His hand alternated spanking her ass. These were not gentle spanks like she had imagined a spanking would be. These were the blows of a Dom disciplining his sub.

Suddenly she began to sob, tears running down her cheeks. But she did not move from the position He had placed her in.

“Not bad, little sub. You have great potential.”

This praise warmed her belly and the sensation moved down to her pussy. He had praised her! Now she would strive to always please him.

Then she felt a tug on her leash as he led her into the middle of the room.

“Kneel and then get on all fours. Do not move or look around”

She obeyed him, wondering what was next. She heard him walk away, then rummage around in a drawer before returning. Next, she heard his zipper come down and then his pants fall to the floor.

“What a nice light red your ass is. I can’t wait to see what different shades of red it will turn. I love fucking a rosy red ass.”

Genie did not know what to think about that, but was content that He knew best and would take care of her.

She heard him squeeze some sort of liquid out of a plastic bottle and then heard a gentle rubbing sound. Mystified, she almost looked back but remembered His command.

She felt his hands as they massaged her ass, and then pulled her cheeks apart. Then she felt something probing her asshole. Realizing what was about to happen, she began to pull away when she felt him spank her again. SMACK!

“Do Not Move!”

Numbly, she stayed in position as once again she felt his cock probe her asshole. She had never permitted a lover to take her in her ass. But that was as Sara, now she was genie. She knew she had no say in what was to happen next. This was her Master, not a lover and He would have His way with her.

She felt His cock push into her virgin ass. The pain grew but was not unbearable. Suddenly, she knew He was inside her. But still He pushed until His whole cock was buried inside her. Then He paused and reached a hand around to her pussy where He began to play with her clit. As he played, she became aroused despite the pain and discomfort she felt in her ass. Soon she was panting with her desire. At that moment, He began to slide His cock in and out of her ass, all the while playing with her clit. The contrast between the pain and the pleasure was intense; this intensity brought her to a shuddering climax. While the climax was sweeping over her, she felt Him cum in her ass in what she realized was the first of many times. Her climax did not end quickly, in fact it kept coming until her arms gave out and she inadvertently dropped her head to the floor. She had just enough sense to keep her ass raised for His pleasure, but that was all. Then she felt His cock soften and drop out of her. He rested his hands on her hips as he breathed deeply from His exertions.

The orgasm had been incredible! It had drained her of all her energy. This from being fucked in the ass. She wondered what it would feel like when He decided to take His pleasure in her pussy? She knew right then that genie was destined to be His property and that boring sex would never be a problem again.

The road ahead was misty and a little scary. But she knew He would take care of her and lead her down the path of submission, a journey she wanted to take with all her heart.

Then she felt Him unhook her leash and collar. “That will be all for now, little one. Later, perhaps we will play. But now Sara and I have some errands to run and chores to do.”

Part 3

It was a week before they had a chance to play again. The intervening days had been long for both of them. She had had to get a proposal out and had worked 12-hour days all week long. He had been tied up in the evenings working on fixing up a home office for both of them. But now it was Saturday. They had both slept very well and woken up late. Actually, he had woken before her and she woke to the feel of his cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. What a way to wake up! She just laid there pretending to still be asleep, enjoying the sensations before her body betrayed her. Her hips started to move of their own volition and then she began to moan. It wasn’t long before they both came.

As they lay there spooning in post-coital bliss, his fingers idling playing with her left nipple, he said “We don’t have anything on the schedule for today do we?”

“No, the whole day is free. But it is too cold to go out. Besides, I just want to stay home today.”

“Perhaps I could play with genie today? What do you think of that?”

“Ooo! All day? God, that would be great! I have had to be in charge all week. It would be so great to be genie today. When should we start?”

“Probably not all day. I don’t want to push you too far. How about after breakfast? I need a little time to recover and we will need some sustenance to keep us through the fun.”

Sara turned over to face him and kissed him deeply. “You know, I think I love you.”

Charley was a little taken back by her statement. She was very careful about professing her love and had never said it before. He loved her and had for months. It was now clear that their foray into BDSM was the spark she needed. She clearly needed to be able to let go of all control. This was perhaps the happiest moment of his life.

“I love you too.” With that, he kissed her and then lightly swatted her ass. “Come on, let’s get some breakfast before we get started again.”

During breakfast they discussed the day and what limits she might have. Sara was a little apprehensive but knew he would take care of her. But the idea of letting him use her as a sex toy, not to mention slave, was new.

“Charley, you mentioned a butt plug. Is that what I think it is? I’m not sure about having something stuck up my ass. I mean, I really got off yesterday when you fucked me in the ass. But wearing something?”

“Baby, the butt plug serves a couple of purposes. First, it reminds you, or should I say genie, of her status. Second, it stretches the asshole so it can accommodate my cock easier. I know it was uncomfortable yesterday and this will make it easier. Besides, once I put your collar on, the decision is up to me.”

“I know. It is just hard to get used to. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about what you are going to do with genie. It will be easier if you just do it. I trust you to take care of me.”

“I love you, Babe. Why don’t I finish cleaning the kitchen while you go into our bedroom? I want you to be kneeling, naked, in the middle of the room when I get there. Do you remember the kneeling position?”

“How could I forget? It was incredibly erotic. I felt so submissive and so horny! All right, genie will be waiting for her Master.”

With that she got up from the table and went to the bedroom. Charley deliberately took his time cleaning the kitchen. He wanted her to spend some time on her knees waiting for him. It would help her get into the right frame of mind. Today would be about submission and would involve little real training. This was a mind thing, not a body thing.

Finally, he decided she had waited long enough. He made his way into the bedroom to find her kneeling submissively just as instructed. She looked incredible! He stood there and just gazed upon this delightful scene. Her full breasts were topped by nipples hard with desire. Her nipples were very long and had always been a source of delight for both of them. He had another indication of her desire; he could see dew on her pussy lips. That was a sure sign she was incredibly turned on.

As she had waited there, genie had gone from excited to a little annoyed at the wait to excited once again. She felt so much like a slave, she was owned. It was an incredible feeling. Then when she heard him enter the room she almost had an orgasm. She could feel him looking at her. She had never felt so much like an object before. It was a strange but erotic feeling.

After a minute, Charley turned and went to the closet where he pulled out a box of toys he had accumulated. The first thing he took from the box was her collar and leash. Walking over to her, he took her hair in one hand and placed the collar around her neck. The whole time she had not looked up. He was so proud of her! Then he fastened the leash to the collar.


She stood up, still keeping her eyes down. She was clearly a natural submissive. Training her would be a pleasure. Taking her leash, he guided her over to the box where he rummaged around until he found four light cuffs with Velcro fasteners. He proceeded to place them around her wrists and ankles. He also fastened a hobble between her ankle cuffs. Then he rose and pulled her arms behind her to fasten the wrist cuffs together. Now she was bound, not quite helpless but she would feel her new status every time she tried to move. On another day he would make her fully helpless but she had some ways to go before that happened.

The cuffs were a surprise to genie. Even more so was the feeling of safety she felt when she was bound. She knew she could break the restraints if she needed to. But she also felt so possessed.

Taking her leash in his hand, Charley stepped a couple feet away from her and once again gazed upon this erotic vision. Her breasts were thrust out slightly from having her hands fastened behind her. The black cuffs around her ankles contrasted nicely with her pale skin. But something was missing. Ah yes! With that thought, he rummaged in the box again before finding a small bag. From the bag he withdrew two nipple clamps. These were light but had small bells on them. They would jingle nicely when she walked or when he used her for his pleasure. The sound would further remind her of her status. He had a third clamp for her clit but would wait until she was very aroused before putting it on her. Taking her left nipple between his fingers, he proceeded to put the clamp in it. The action prompted a hiss of pain from genie, but like a good sub, she remained still. She was silent when he put the second clamp on.

The pain from the clamps was, at first, excruciating. But then it became erotic. She could feel a direct connection between her nipples and her clit. She actually had a small orgasm when he put the second clamp on. It was the most amazing feeling especially when combined with the sensation of being his property.

Stepping back, Charley once again looked at his new possession. Satisfied that she was properly adorned for now, he decided to walk her around the house to let her fully appreciate what she was wearing. He tugged on her leash and walked toward the door. Hampered by the hobble, she followed slowly. The bells chimed softly as she walked. He walked her around the house, taking care to avoid any open windows. It was a slow walk but gratifying. He knew that she was slipping into that submissive state all good subs reach at some point, a place where they feel totally owned and free of all problems.

“Master, may this one speak?”


“This one would like to pleasure her Master.”

“You already do pleasure me with your obedience. Anything more will be at my command. I think I need to emphasize your place.”

With that, he led her back into the bedroom. He unfastened her wrists and allowed her to place her hands in front of her.

“Go to the bed and place your hands on the mattress.”

As she followed his command, he went back to the box to get a butt plug and lotion. Moving back to her, he stopped once again, this time to admire both her beautiful ass but also the picture of submission she presented. While standing there he rubbed the bottle of lotion to warm it slightly before squirting some onto the butt plug.

“Hold still.” With that she felt the tip of the plug touch her delicate anal flower and then the pressure as it made its way into her ass. This was only the second time something had been in her ass. It was a strange feeling, a little painful but not unpleasantly so. Then it was fully inside her. She felt so full. Then she felt the tug of the leash.

“Straighten up. You will wear that plug for the rest of the day. If you need to go to the bathroom, you may ask for my permission to remove it. But you will put it back inside you as soon as you are finished. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master, I understand.”

“Good. Now go stand in that corner and face the wall. Stay there until I tell you otherwise.”

With that, Charley unhooked her leash and watched as she went over to the corner. This was just another way to emphasize her submission. It was actually very hard for him to have her do this as he was so horny. He wanted her desperately but knew he must be disciplined in her training if she was to be able to easily slip fully into a submissive state in the future. Deciding he needed to distract himself from that erotic vision before him, he left the room and went to check his email.

After 30 frustrating minutes Charley could not contain himself any longer. He had to have her. Standing up so abruptly, he almost knocked the chair over as he made his way back to her.

When he got back into the room where she was standing, he caught a glimpse of her peeking over her shoulder as she waited for him. That was a violation of the spirit of what he commanded but he had not explicitly told her not to. Next time he would be clearer in his commands.

“Step back from the wall but continue to face it. Good. Now bend forward and place your hands on the wall. Spread your legs. Very good.”

With that, he unzipped his pants, freeing his raging hard on. Then without pause, he thrust into her pussy. Her pussy was, if anything, wetter than it had been earlier. He was rough in his fucking. His cock plunged in and out, bruising her pussy lips slightly in his ardent desire. All the while, the little bells attached to her nipple clamps were ringing in celebration.

The feelings sweeping over genie were so contradictory. She had felt so much like an errant child when she was standing there facing the corner. But the butt plug was there to constantly remind her that she was not a child, a feeling reinforced by her collar and cuffs. It had been hard to wait for him to return. At first, she found it erotic, then annoying, and finally she felt so submissive. But then he had returned! But then, without any foreplay, he had started fucking her. She felt so much like a piece of fuck meat to be used. That feeling combined with the incredible sensations arising from her pussy and nipples to bring her to a shuddering climax that lasted for what seemed a blissful eternity. She had never felt so female before in her whole life. She could feel her pussy juices running down her legs as she continued to cry out from her intense orgasm.

Charley was startled by how loud she was. But that didn’t stop him from thrusting into her hot, wet pussy time and time again. But the part of his mind not taken by intense animalistic sexual feelings began to worry that someone would hear her cries. But that part of his mind was not in charge right now, so he continued his assault on her welcoming pussy.

Finally, both of them climaxed in an explosion that was accompanied by his male bellow as he planted his seed deep inside her womb. They stood there, unable to move. Mini orgasms sweeping through both of them like aftershocks from a category 8 earthquake. She had the wall to hold her up and he had her to lean on. But then, the worst thing possible happened. There was a knock on the door. Barely able to move, Charley pulled his rapidly softening cock from her pussy and staggered back. Holding onto a chair, he reached down to pull his pants up before staggering around to find his shirt. By now, he had recovered enough to move toward the door with some semblance of normality. Opening the door, he found Thelma, their next-door neighbor and their good friend. Thelma was cute brunette about the same age as Sara and newly single after a nasty divorce. She had become almost like family over the last year and often had dinner with them.

“Thelma. What brings you by? It’s nice to see you.”

“I heard what sounded like cries of pain coming from your house and thought I better check to see if you two were all right.”

Thinking quickly, Charley said “Oh, we’re fine. We got into a game of tickling and got carried away.” At that moment, Sara came to the door wearing a robe that was wrapped tightly around her obviously naked body; the robe’s collar was drawn up around her neck.

“Hi Thelma! Did we bother you with all that noise? Sorry but we got a little carried away playing around.”

Thelma sniffed the air a little, then arched an eye as she said “God! That must have been some great playtime you guys had going on there. I will leave you two to it. Next time I hear you two I will just turn up my radio.”

As Thelma turned to walk away, she looked back over her shoulder and said “I envy you two. If you ever want company in your “play,” just give me a ring. I haven’t had any good ‘playtime’ in a long time.”

As they watched her leave, Sara sniffed the air and said “God! It smells like a whorehouse in here. She knew what we were doing.”

“Not exactly. But she sure knew we were having sex. Speaking of sex, that was amazing.”

“Oh, that is putting it mildly. I need to sit down. It was all I could do to stagger around to find my robe after you pulled out of me. I can still barely stand.”

Charley mutely agreed with her and took her elbow before leading her to the couch. As they collapsed on the couch, Charley heard the bells tinkle. Realizing that she had had them off for far too long, he reached a hand inside her robe and started to remove the clamp from her left nipple. This elicited a loud hiss of pain as the blood started flowing back into her nipple.

“That really hurts. Wait a minute, please, before you take off the other one.”

“I’m sorry. I should never have left them on that long. I guess I got carried away.”

“Oh Master, please get carried away as often as you want. That sex was even more amazing than the last time, it that is even possible.”

Charley looked at her a second before saying “I think we had better take a break right now. The mood is gone for now. Besides, I don’t think I will be able to get it up for hours now. You drained me dry.”

“Darn Thelma! I was so into this weird place in my mind. I felt so incredibly passive, so desirous of serving you. I have never felt that way before.”

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