Soup of the Day 190

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2018 by MysteryWriter

Drama Story: John tried to give the cops a tip on the homeless killer... and also tell Lucy he is moving the trailer.

Tags: Ma/Fa  

John Allen
Lucy Allen Seabolt / Martin and /Rita
Jerome Morris the director of vocational education for the Cleveland school system
Bobbi James the radio personality
Amos Hardee deputy sheriff
Lori Moore deputy sheriff
Marcus hostage taker
Sara Thomas newspaper writer
Everett Martin the current leader of the Cleveland meetings of Freebird.
Mark and Happy Jones swingers.
Jethro Morris murder victim.
James Western the second murder victim.
Sarah the cousin who sold him he land.

I woke up in my tiny bed alone as usual. It took me a moment to realize that I hadn’t told Lucy I going to move. I could remember her leaving after our quickie in the kitchen. She had to leave since the kids would be arriving home any minute. She and I were both embarrassed by it most like was the real reason.

I kissed her goodbye and then spent an hour on the computer. I took my evening OTC drugs to help me stay asleep, once I managed to get to sleep. Since I had been spending more time in Cleveland, I stopped in on several Freebird meetings lately. After all the other business was taken care of, I gave my usual talk but also mentioned the two homeless men who were killed as well.

“Some of you guys spend time on the streets. If you see anything suspicious say something. If not to the cops, then call me. I’ll get it handled without mentioning you.”

After I made the mention I forgot all about it. On that morning after breakfast. I checked my phone messages. There was one from a man who did not leave a name.

“You should have the cops check out a guy who drives a tricked out black pick up truck. He was cruising around main street last night. He said he wanted to pay us to do some yard work, but that truck had never been used for work. Besides who does yard work at nine at night. So you should get the cops to look for him. Oh yeah, he was a white man in his twenties I think.”

I made a note to myself to call Amos, the cop, after I checked my computer. Since I didn’t have much faith in the tip, I checked my email. I had a couple of things that needed action. I needed to find a someone who could disconnect the trailer and move it to two miles to Sarah’s land. Well it was my land by that time.

I could get prices, but not set up anything because I owed it to Lucy to tell her first. That was a job I dreaded. By the time I decided to just get it over with, she was gone. I decided to wait for her to return before I did anything further.

I saw the note blinking on my splash screen. It reminded me that I needed to process the tip. I fixed myself a cup of fresh day old coffee before I dialed Amos’s cell phone.

“I got a tip for you on the homeless killer. Does two qualify as a serial killer?” I asked. “It’s John Allen by the way.”

Once I hung up I had a really great idea. I would take the Honda trike into town and pick up Lucy for lunch. Yes it was the cowards way out. Lucy was less likely to scream and yell in public. It would also give her a couple of hours to sort out her feelings. Before she confronted me.

“Over a small chef’s salad I broke the news to her. “So Lucy I’ve decided to buy a piece of land and move the trailer to it. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I moved to your house,” I said.

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