Airport Customs

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Sex Story: This story makes no attempt at being plausible, it is designed to be pure fantasy as several different wives are humiliated, raped, gang fucked, blacked, spanked, shaved, given enamas, and plenty else.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Blackmail   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Enema   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Small Breasts   .

The Airport

My wife is an amazingly beautiful woman, particularly if your taste runs towards the teens. Susan is barely 5 foot tall, an athletic 99 pounds, A-cup breasts with what seem to be perpetually hard nipples. Her red, wavy hair extends just beyond her shoulders. She has the creamy white complexion that only a natural red-head can have, with light freckling over her entire body. Despite nearing 30, with the right outfit she could blend in with a group of 14 year olds easily. She’s embarrassed by her young appearance, but I find it really hot.

We decided to escape to the Caribbean last winter for two weeks. We flew into Jamaica and cruised to different islands by boat. The story begins as we tried to leave Jamaica. We returned to Jamaica the night before by boat. We skipped through customs without a problem, spent the night at the hotel and left for the airport in the morning. As we checked in for our flight, security arrived and detained us.

The custom agent who pulled us aside told us that they had received an Anonymous tip that my wife was smuggling drugs. We both protested that this was ludicrous. The agent was calm and professional as he told us that this Had to be checked out before we could leave. But if it were incorrect we would be on our way shortly. His professional demeanour was a stark contrast to what was about to happen.

“I’m sorry but we don’t have any female agents available, but you can accompany your wife as a witness.”

My wife asked, “can’t we just wait for a female agent to be available?”

“yes, you have that option. But we will have to detain you in a jail cell overnight. If you still wish to leave today, I’m afraid having your husband present to observe is the only option”

Thinking it would be a pat down or other innocuous search, my wife relented. We were taken to a glassed in room that was curtained off from the passenger area. Three large black men were waiting in the room. The smallest was 6’2” and a ripped 240lbs.

The original guard left and returned with a Video camera; explaining that the camera was used to protect the officers against any claims of misconduct. The camera was on during this explanation and we were asked to agree with its use. We did.

The process began innocently enough. First they went through her luggage, very professionally examining each article of clothing and each container. They opened up the lining of the suitcase and verified that nothing was hidden there either. So far everything had seemed completely professional. They packed the contents of the suitcase back up and sent it off to luggage.

Then came our first surprise. “Mr. Jones, would you help remove your wife’s top and her bra.” my wife look mortified, but we were both too scared and subdued to resist at this point.

I removed her shirt and bra and handed the clothes to the guards. They checked through them. Then they cut open the bra to make sure nothing was hidden in the cups. They also cut open all the seams in the shirt. They took their time while my wife stood topless, trying to cover herself.

“Next we need to make sure that she didn’t hide the drugs inside breast implants. We have to feel her breasts for implants.”

I tried to stop this pointing out “Look at how small they are, isn’t it obvious that there aren’t any implants.”

“These are the procedures Mr. Jones. We must follow them all.”

When Susan protested they handcuffed her arms behind her back. The guard was thorough. He squeezed and poked ever inch from every angle imaginable. I’m not sure what drugs could be hidden in a nipple, but he pinched and squeezed hers repeatedly.

“Each test has to be verified by all three of the agents, because there is so much corruption.” So I watched as two more men fondled my wife’s tits. I was concerned, but I was also excited by watching. The third agent was a little more sadistic. He squeezed harder. And twisted. Then he focused on her nipples, attaching his pinch like a pair of pliers. He pulled on her nipples hard, stretching her small tits in every direction. He twisted hard clockwise, then counter clockwise. Susan’s tits were already red when he started slapping them. He would pull the nipple with one hand and slap the stretched tit with the other. Susan was sobbing hysterically.

Then the agent picked up my wife and carried her to a table. The handcuffs were changed securing each arm to the side of the table.

“Mr Jones, please remove the rest of your wife’s clothing.”

I was scared to resist, but I was also aroused. I’m not sure which one motivated my actions. But just as I was asked, I pulled off her shorts and the her panties. Susan fought me the whole time, connecting with several kicks.

“Put these ankle collars on your wife. She might hurt someone with all that kicking.”

Once I had put the leather ankle collars on my wife they had me cuff her legs spread eagle on the table. My wife had been a virgin when we married. She insisted on females doctors. I was the only man that had ever seen her naked before this. Now three black strangers were staring at her nude body. And she couldn’t move to hide anything. Her face might have been red from anger, but she was also deeply embarrassed.

“The procedure manual requires us to shave any pubic hair. Would you prefer to do that for us Mr. Jones?”

They were drawing me in as a participant in the humiliation of Susan. By asking, rather than ordering, my participation I was having to actively choose to be involved.

They brought out a tray with electric clippers, gel, and a razor. “we expect her to be as smooth as a baby’s behind”. Truth is, this aroused me greatly. I had long wanted Susan to shave but she felt like she looked too young already. First I ran the clippers and removed all of the little red curls. Susan was staring daggers at me, but I shrugged my shoulders like “what can I do right now”

Then I rubbed in the gel, playing with her clit and labia just a little along the way. I made sure every hair, and every bit of stubble was gone. Laying on her back caused her small tits to nearly disappear. Without any hair, and with such a trim body, she looked even younger. From the giant bulges in the agents’ pants, they liked what they saw.

As the first officer carried the equipment back out of the room, he left the curtain parted. Everyone walking past could see into the room. Several people stopped and stared. A few took out their cell phones and took pictures.

The sadistic agent came over and jammed two fingers up her mostly dry cunt. Susan grimaced in pain, but couldn’t move away from the assault. He forced them deep and moved them around. “I don’t feel anything near the entrance. But we need to check deeper”

The original officer stepped in with a suggestion “since we don’t have any lubricant handy, perhaps Mr. Jones would assist his wife in producing extra natural lubrication before we continue any further”

The sadistic guard looked pissed at the suggestion, but the other two consented. I went down on my wife’s bald lips. I was horny as could be and intended to get some satisfaction bringing my wife to an orgasm. I carefully licked, and sucked gently on her labia. I didn’t want to pay too much attention to her clit, but instead tease her as much as I could first. It worked, her hips we bucking as she tried to force her clit under my mouth. Finally I used to tip of my tongue to make circle around the erect tip, and the as lightly as my tongue would allow, gently lick the length of it up and down. Just as she was about to orgasm, the guards ordered me to stop. “she looks plenty ready now”

They uncuffed my wife from the table, and cuffed her hands to her ankles. One guard picked her up, turned her over to her knees. They pressed a button and lowered the table. Then they spread her ankles and tied them to the table edges again. What a sight the people walking past the room had. Her legs were pulled apart more than 90 degrees. Her face was on the table with her butt up in the air. Her bare lips were puffy and glistened from the combination of my saliva and her juices. With her ankles so far apart, and being bent over as she was, that swollen, bare pussy stuck out. Physically and visually.

The other two guard now verified th e finger search of her pussy. The largest guard went last. He was about 6 foot 6 and at least 300 pounds. His hands were huge. I nicknamed him Andre in my mind. His index finger was nearly as big around as my dick. And his fingers were certainly longer than I was. He took his time working two fingers all the way into my wife’s helpless cunt. She started wiggling her hips as Andre continued working the fingers in further. The she gasped and an earthquake stormed through her whole body as she came.

“time for me to check deeper” the sadist announced, urging Andre aside. He undressed and I got the first view of his goods. His dick was long, at least a foot. The length made it look thin, but that was an illusion. His girth was probably a little more than my own.

The original officer had re-positioned the camera for a close-up view as the sadist lined his dick up with Susan’s sopping wet cunt. He entered her with a full deep thrust and pulled all the way out. Susan gasped at the intrusion, but she was already aroused enough that any pain was minimal. He waited for a few seconds and then savagely thrust his dick hilt deep once again. He reached forward and pulled on my wife hips to make sure that was a as deep as possible. Then he fully exited her once again. Susan’s pussy gaped open briefly as he withdrew. He waited until it tightened again and repeated the process. Knowing his sadistic streak, I couldn’t figure out what he was doing at first. After about 2 minutes, I began to understand. As he pulled out, Susan strained against her bonds to push against his cock. He stayed just out of reach. He slammed his cock deep again and pulled out. Susan squirmed and wiggled her hips. Her arousal was growing. He waited longer between strokes, never allowing her the satisfaction of an orgasm. This also allowed him to stay hard. He kept her on the verge of an orgasm for 25 minutes, before finally changing tactics. He slammed his long cock straight up her virgin ass. It happened so fast that she didn’t have time to fight it. Her scream was ear shattering. The guard moaned as he dumped his load deep in her ass.

Susan still hadn’t cum. And the pain of the anal assault had backed her down from the edge. But her cunt was sloppy wet, incredibly swollen and still had a slight gape to it. As the second customs agent pulled off his pants, I knew she was going to need it. He was only a little longer than the sadist, but he had a strange shaped dick. It had a giant mushroom head that was half again as thick as the rest of his massive cock. He positioned this massive head against my wife’s bald cunt and slowly pushed against her. She moaned with pleasure and pushed back against him, but it wasn’t entering easily. Instead of spreading further her lips seemed to be pushing up inside her body. He pulled back a little, moved around and started pushing forward again. Finally her cunt stretched wide enough to all him in. Once the head cleared the entrance it slid easily up her vagina. It had to be filling her in a way she never had been before.

“oh! Yes! Fuck me with that monster cock” my wife squealed.

I was shocked. She never screamed out during sex. And never talked dirty, ever. These giant black cocks were transforming my wife in front of my eyes.

He fucked my wife with slow steady strokes. Unlike the sadist, he didn’t pull out all the way. But as he pulled back, I could see his giant head stretching and pulling my wife’s cunt away from her body. On the forth full stroke she started to come.

“Wow, this bitch is amazing. She is squeezing me so tight I can barely move”

He forced himself all the way inside and rocked back and forth while wave after wave of orgasm hit. Two minutes passed. My wife’s entire body shook like a severe shiver. Finally after nearly three solid minutes, she went limp. The guard began steadily banging her from behind. He came shortly after this. When he pulled out, her cunt stayed gaping open. But since she was bent forward, nothing leaked out.

I hardly noticed, but the third guard was already undressed. And he had the largest cock I had ever seen, including porn movies. It had to be 18” long, but it was the girth that amazed me. It looked more like an arm than a dick. As I thought about my wife being impaled on this giant I knew it would hurt. Perhaps badly. And I figured that she might be permanently stretched out. Despite knowing all this, I was dying to see it. I couldn’t remember being this aroused before.

He stood behind her and gently rubbed the tip of his massive member against her wet lips. He made sure he was well coated in her juices as he slowly started inserting the head into her tiny, bald hole. The narrow tip served as a wedge, spreading apart her lips.

“no, please, I can’t take it. You are hurting me”

“if you fight, it will hurt even more. I’ll go slow, but I will fill you.”

“please, please, please” my wife whimpered softly.

He was patient. I guess he was used to women needing time to adjust to his size. After about two minutes he finally had the head all the way inside her. Slowly he moved back and forth, another 2” was inside. My eyes were glued to the stretched out pussy lips. He was maybe a third of the way inside. My wife’s whimpering continued. He pushed a little further. He was half way in. Steadily he pumped at her with these 10”, not going deeper just a little faster. I wanted to see the whole monster disappear into my wife. But he held back. And her noises were turning from pain into pleasureful moans. Soon my wife came again. As he pulled back I could see how his shaft glistened from her fluids. Finally he started working his way deeper. He must have been completely filling her as he was still 4” from being all the way in. But cum now squeezed out around him as he plunged deep. I figured it had nowhere else to go. Finally he pushed all the way into her. She screamed. I couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or pain. He increased the pace. She gasped each time he bottomed out. He came before she did, and when he pulled out, her cunt stayed wide open.

“two of us still need to verify that her butt cavity is empty.”

“She seems to be clean, but I think we need to bring in the drug dog to be sure” they lifted my wife from the table and placed her, still bound, on the floor. They brought in a 200+ pound bull mastiff. The dog sniffed her cum dripped snatch. My wife shivered as his cool nose pressed against her swollen sex. He wasted no time mounting her. His doggy cock wasn’t quite as large as the men, but he pounded her furiously. When he finished, he stepped over and faced away from her. His knot stretched her pussy, but the barbs on the dog penis did their job and held it in place.

If you want to clean your wife before the flight you will have to use your tongue. I wasn’t interested.

They brought out new clothes for her. Short plaid skirt. Thigh high stockings that didn’t reach the skirt. And a tight, sheer white top. No bra or panties. And they took us straight to the plane.

The flight home My wife reeked of sex. Cum ran down her legs. Everyone on the plane had to know. I didn’t notice until we pulled away from the gate that she was the only woman on the flight. The flight wasn’t full, but there were at least 30 other men on the flight. Once we were airborne, the announcement was a shock.

Susan Jones would you please come to the front of the plane.

Susan walked slowly to the front with all eyes on her.

Susan is our in-flight entertainment. Anyone interested in joining the mile high club can visit her in the back row. Our flight has us circling in international air space until everyone has a turn. That means no risk of legal complications.

Susan ran back to join me in the back row crying loudly.

As she sat down a flight attendant instructed us in what was about to happen. Susan would service any man here who wanted, however he wanted, as many times as he wanted.

Everyone on the flight seemed well to do, financially. It turns out they had paid quite a bit for the chance to participate in a mile high gang bang

The first group to approach were a dozen Japanese business men with their cameras. How cliché. They moved Susan to the bulkhead row to have a better view for their cameras. One man sat down on the aisle seat, Susan bent over to give him head. Plenty of pictures were taken before they decided to lift her skirt up. Again, pictures were taken from nearly every angle.

The Japanese are nothing if they aren’t efficient, at the risk of a racist stereotype. Banging my wife was as regular and consistent as an assembly line for these men. Two minutes and a half minutes of receiving a blow job and on to the next man. Meanwhile the other men had moved on from fingering Susan to spanking her. Each man gave 10 barehanded, enthusiastic swats. By the end, her ass was deep red.

Half an hour had passed, and all 12 men had completed their turn, the first man sat down again, instructed Susan to remove her flimsy shirt and straddle his lap. For two minutes, Susan had to bounce on his lap, using her leg muscles to do all the work while he sat like a stone. After two minutes, he stood up and the next man took his place. When he stood up, he faced my wife and jerked off on to her tits while she was fucking the next guy. Once her came, he collected the largest globs into a quart jar that was already over half full of sperm.

Like clockwork, this process repeated for the next 11 men.

When they had all finished, Susan knelt on the floor, sitting back on to her feet. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. They poured the jar into her open mouth faster than she could swallow. Sperm poured out the sides of her mouth, down her neck, into her hair, and down her chest. Satisfied, the Japanese men turned it over to a Bachelor party.

The Bachelor Party The groom to be and 6 of his friends were next. They had planned well. There was a wedding dress costume with veil for Susan to change into. I was amazed that as petite as my wife was, this costume fit her perfectly.

I wondered how they could have found a costume in that size with such short notice. My wife had only been stopped at customs hours earlier. Which made me wonder how they put together a flight full of people so quickly who all planned to join the mile high club. Then it hit me, the customs investigation wasn’t an accident or bad luck. This had all been planned well ahead, maybe from time we arrived on the island. Or maybe even before we left on the trip. Someone had singled out my wife for this treatment.

When the Japanese businessmen saw her in the dress, they asked the bachelor party if they could take pictures. They were drunk and agreeable, not realizing that the groom might not want such incriminating pictures of his party.

The groom to be went first, with much cheering from his friends. He has Susan sit on the seat and slide all the way forward until her ass was off the front; he knelt in front of her. He lifted her legs and let the wedding dress fall around her waist. He fucked her fast and soon he pulled out, grabbed Susan by the hair, and came in her mouth. He stayed in her mouth as she sucked him hard again, he was ready for a second try. This time her turned her over so she was kneeling on the airplane seats. He lifted her dress up, grabbed her hips, and returned to his fast paced assault. This time he lasted nearly four minutes before coming in her pussy. One of his friends handed him a Viagra.

Susan didn’t move as three of his friends took turns doing her doggy style. None of them lasted long either, but it was long enough that the Viagra had kicked in and the groom to be was ready to go again. This time he sat down and had Susan straddle his lap while she faced him. He pulled down the front of the wedding dress, exposing her small breasts and proceeded to thrust into her as she knelt suspended just above his lap. Again he didn’t last long. He took two more Viagra.

His next two friends returned Susan to the kneeling, doggy style position. The final friend, apparently the best man, lined up to do the same. The groom stopped him and positioned Susan as the groom had last had her, straddled over the best man. As the best man must have been nearing his own finish, the groom mounted her from behind, sliding his dick into an ass that had been virgin before today. He pushed Susan firmly down onto the best man’s dick in her pussy and fucked her ass hard. As he got close to coming, he began rocking Susan’s body so that both dicks were withdrawing and plunging into her at the same time. For the first time on the airplane, Susan came. Which caused both men to join her.

The friends started scheming with the groom about a honeymoon gang bang of the bride. I decided to listen to them talk instead of paying attention to the next men banging my wife. The groom said that they were spending the first night at the hotel where the reception was being held. They planned to slip up to the room for a quickie between the wedding and the reception, but she was planning to stay in her dress for the reception. They decided the best plan was to drug her champagne. One friend suggested a date rape drug, but the groom had a different plan. I want her to have some memory of it and to be able to say that she invited you guys. She can be so damn arrogant sometimes, it would be good to have something to hold over her later on. They decided on a mixture of Valium and a Mexican aphrodisiac the best man knew about. The Valium, combined with the alcohol, would lower her self-control. They also decided to mix testosterone cream into her spermicidal cream she would be using for birth control. The aphrodisiac and testosterone would make her so horny she couldn’t stand it.

“You guys realize that my fiancé is a virgin, this will be one hell of an introduction to sex.”

The Remaining Men

Apparently two more men had finished with my wife as I listened to the plans to gangbang the bride and the discussions about how great that would be. There were still 10 more men waiting their turn. Susan wasn’t wearing anything except the white thigh high stockings she was given at the airport.

One man used the steaming hot towels to wipe away the worst of the previous men’s fluids. She screamed at the touch of hot towels, but I could hardly blame the guy, she was a mess. Another guy had her stand in the aisle and bend over the armrest. One insisted on taking her in the bathroom.

At the end of the line were a pair of twins. Using the straddle method favoured by the groom, one twin entered her pussy from underneath, the other lined up behind her. I figured they planned another double penetration. I was partly right. The second brother also entered my wife’s cunt. This continued for a couple of minutes until he pulled out and switched to her ass. Shortly after that his brother pulled out and entered her rear too. They both came while they were buried together in her butt.

Finally my wife’s ordeal seemed over. The flight attendant called her to the front of the plane again. She held on to seat backs and waddled forward. Still on the public address system, the pilot and the co-pilot want blow jobs while they fly the plane. My wife entered the cockpit and came out about 15 minutes later. My Turn

“Before you return to your seat Mrs. Jones, there is one more order of business. Either your husband fucks you until he cums, or I will call for volunteers for a repeat. The captain says we have another 3 hours of fuel.”

I was horny as hell, but my wife was a stretched out, dripping, smelly mess. As mad as my wife might be for me using her today as well, she would have to realize that was better than another several hours of being fucked by strangers.

I came forward and many of the passengers applauded.

“If you can’t finish, I will call for the volunteers, Mr. Jones. So you will need to pull out and spray your wife with your cum so we can all verify.”

The flight attendant took out a video camera and hooked the camera into the plane’s entertainment system so everyone could see. I had Susan kneel on the floor, with her head and face pressed against the floor. I spread her knees wide and knelt between them. When I thrust into her, I could feel other men’s’ cum squeeze out. I could barely feel her, so she was so loose and so overflowing with fluids. But I grabbed hold and pounded her hard. It seemed to take forever, but finally I felt the sperm welling up inside me ready to explode. I made one more brutal thrust, pulled out, grabbed her legs and turned her over just in time to spray the largest load of cum I had ever had on her tits and face.

“Lick him clean” the flight attendant ordered. She put my dick in her mouth for the first time ever and sucked me dry.

“The show is over, we will be heading for US airspace soon. All this sex has made me really horny. No penetration, but if anyone thinks they can do a fine job pleasuring me with their mouth I can offer you free drinks.” Six of the men went forward. She kept the video camera out and let us all watch. Turned out she was a natural redhead too. The Probation Officer Fortunately when we arrived in Jamal’s office, he didn’t make any suggestions about needing to repeat the search. In fact he acted like quite the gentleman.

“Mrs. Jones, I am sure it has been a long day and you simply want to get home. Unfortunately there are a few things that we have to go over given the concerns about your, umm, business dealings. I can’t insist that you get cleaned up before we continue, you are free to sit here as you are, complete all the paperwork, and walk through the airport to your car dressed exactly as you are. If you are lucky, you won’t even see anyone you know. But we would prefer you were thoroughly cleaned here. It helps to reduce the chances that you are bringing any nasty diseases or parasites into our country. And you will look and feel much better. We can even find some clean clothes for you, something more presentable than your work clothes.”

Susan responded, “That would be wonderful”

“Just go with my interns, don’t worry there will be a female guard present the entire time to assure that nothing inappropriate happens. Your husband and I will review all of the paperwork so that you can get home as quickly as possible.”

The interns looked to be college freshman, clearly picked from the football team, with a physique only slightly smaller than Jamal’s. But the woman with them was an attractive, middle-aged black woman dressed in a conservative business suit. The interns approached and spoke with impeccable manners, in the same friendly tone that Jamal had. My wife’s apprehension lifted and she managed the smallest of smiles as the young men addressed her as “ma’am”.

When asked, she gladly undressed in front of this entire group and threw away her clothes. They left through a side door, and Jamal turned on the large screen display so that we could watch her progress.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry we can’t offer you a shower, but this bathroom and sink is the most that we have access to right now. And, this is really awkward for me Ma’am, but the protocol requires that we clean you. If you insist, you can ask for Cynthia to clean you, but you see how she dresses for work. And, well, she blames us if anyone insists that she clean them. I know that isn’t your concern ma’am but I will ask you to please at least let Randal and I start. If we do anything that makes you uncomfortable, you can stop us and ask for Cynthia at any point. Would you please give us that chance?”

My wife agreed, as I figured she would as I heard the description.

“Would you like some mouthwash before we begin, ma’am?”


After Susan had rinsed out her mouth thoroughly, Randal picked her up and cradled her body as Mario gently shampooed her hair. He scrubbed and rinsed it several times to get it clean. Then he gently wiped her face and neck clean with a rag. I could see Susan relax as they did this. On the TV monitor it looked like she might even be cuddling into Randal’s massive arms.

“Now we will wash your body, ma’am”

Randall started to set her down on the sink ledge.

“Can’t you keep holding me the whole time I am being cleaned. I feel so safe, I mean so much warmer. This room is a bit cold, and the counter is freezing.”

“Well I’m not supposed to. The protocol is clear. If Cynthia or Jamal found out I could lose my job here, and I can’t afford that. This job helps to support my Mama and little brother. But, maybe I could if there was no way for anyone to find out.”

My wife’s whole expression lit up, “please” she begged.

“I’m not sure you would comfortable with this ma’am, but I would have to get completely undressed too, so that the soap and water didn’t get on my clothes. Otherwise they would know. I could see about turning up the heat in here or maybe put a towel on the counter.”

“Please hold me. I’ll be plenty comfortable being held even if you aren’t dressed”

“That’s devious Jamal.” I confronted the customs agent.

“Keep in mind that I can make her probation very easy or very hard. I know what kind of day this has been for your wife. I can assure you that Randall will be the perfect gentleman, which is ultimately going to leave you wife more confused.”

Randall undressed and I could see why Jamal had chosen him for this role. He was more chiselled than he looked dressed. And he had an enormous cock, nearly is big as “Andre’s”. He lifted my wife into his arms again, and she looked positively tiny next to him. She rested her head against his bicep. He turned her slightly so that Mario could clean her torso. He washed each arm, and then her chest and stomach. He scrubbed her breasts a little extra well, but she didn’t seem to notice, or at least to mind.

“Mario needs to scrub your back, would you rather face me, or have me hold you face down”

“I think it would be more comfortable to face you.”

She wrapped her legs around the bottom of his rib cage and pressed her chest firmly against his, resting her head on his shoulder. Mario scrubbed her back, her butt cheeks, and each of her legs.

“Mario is going to clean your private areas next. I can still hold you, but the position might seem a little weird. You would be less exposed sitting on the counter.”

“No! I don’t want you to let me go.”

Jamal carefully turned her around, hooked her knees outside his forearms and spread her legs wider than he really needed to. This also served to curve her lower back exposing both her cunt and ass to Mario’s (and the camera’s) clear view. Mario carefully scrubbed her pubis and her cunt lips. As much attention as he paid, they must have been very clean. Susan just leaned her head back onto Randall’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Mario finished washing her butt and then reach into the cabinet under the sink and pulled out the largest douche nozzle I could imagine.

“Ma’am, there is so much fluid draining from your body that I need to rinse inside you as well. Randall can hold you over the sink while I do this. Just stay relaxed, I’ll try to get the water perfect so you barely notice.”

Mario carefully adjusted the water temperature and attached the nozzle conveniently to the retractable hose. The nozzle looked as big around as the top of a bowling pin, although it was longer and more elongated. Mario lubricated it well and slid it right in, Susan never even opened her eyes. As the water started flowing in, you could see the globs of cum drain out with the water. They ran the water for nearly 10 minutes. Jamal explained to me that water flowing through the nozzle made a gentle, but very pleasant, vibration. And that would only add to my wife’s confusion.

After the douche, Mario carefully dried her body. Susan ended up facing Randall with her legs around him again by the time Mario finished with the towel. Mario excused himself to find some clothes for her, leaving Susan and Randall alone. Randall set her down “accidently” rubbing the entire length of his massive cock against her thigh in the process. “I’m sorry Susan. It gets in the way sometimes. And holding such a beautiful woman, well I couldn’t help but get a little turned on. I hope you understand and forgive me.”

My wife stepped closer to him, ran her hand along the length of his massive member and told him it was fine. That she was the one who was sorry for getting him excited when he couldn’t do anything about it.

He asked if he could see her sometime next week “away from work”.

“Can you come to my house on Wednesday morning? My husband leaves at 8, and I don’t have to be at work until 2.”

“I’ll get the address from your paperwork.”

Jamal spoke to me, “You are going to be faced with a hard choice Mr. Jones. If you haven’t already guessed, your wife was “recommended” for this; basically she is hand-picked. The probation is two years. I have the ability, and the contacts, to keep the probation un-official, so that your wife has a clean criminal record. But she can never find out the truth about her selection, or even her lack of a criminal record. If she even suspects, we will have to produce evidence against her that will be even worse. But it won’t be just her, we will ruin both of you, your marriage, your careers, your lives. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way. Two years will go by quickly. You can either know everything that is going on, like you are learning sitting here watching your wife, or nothing at all; whichever way you prefer. If you want to be kept in the loop, you will either participate, watch, or be given videos of absolutely everything. We will tell you in advance exactly what to expect. Your wife won’t be the same woman 2 years from now, but you can emerge from this with a chance for a continued successful life together. You will have until Randall’s visit to decide. I have some small, but powerful, cameras that I would like you to hide in your bedroom before Randall arrives. If you want to cooperate with us and have access to all the activities simply install the cameras.”

Randall and Mario accompanied my wife back into Jamal’s office. While Jamal spoke to me, she had dressed. The shirt was too small, making it obvious that she didn’t have a bra. The jeans were also too small, creating a noticeable camel toe. But at least these clothes were clean and considerably more modest than what she had been wearing.

Jamal presented one piece of paper, explaining to my wife that if she submitted to regular exams at the city police office downtown to verify that she wasn’t using drugs or working as a prostitute and if she kept all of her probation appointments, all information regarding the allegations against her would be permanently destroyed. All that she had to do was to sign that she was accepting these examinations and probation assignments voluntarily. She signed without reading the details (which included video and distribution rights) and we went home.

It was early Saturday morning, nearly a day had passed since we arrived at the Jamaican airport. Susan slept all weekend and returned to work Monday as if nothing had happened.

Randall’s First Visit

On Tuesday night I tried to convince her to have sex with me, knowing that Randall was coming the next morning. Susan was incredulous, “Really dear! I was raped, repeatedly less than 5 days ago, and you are insensitive enough to even think that I might be “in the mood”! Even if I miraculously had the interest, I am so sore and bruised that I couldn’t possible enjoy sex. I’m sorry, but it may be a while before I’m ready to even think about sex again.”

My wife was lying to me about sex. She was already starting to change. What would she be like in two years? My anger salved my conscience. I had felt a little bad about placing the cameras around the bed room earlier that evening. But her lies made my betrayal seem “fairer”.

Jamal provided me with an internet link to watch a live webcast of Randall and my wife. He said he would leave the site up for a week and I could download any of the camera feeds that I wanted to keep. I went to my office and closed the door so I could watch. I played with the feature that allowed me to switch camera views while I waited for Randall and Susan to show up.

Susan had greeted him in lingerie I had never seen her with before, a white corset that hugged the bottom of her breasts, but left them completely free. It laced tight in the back and had garter straps leading to matching white silk stockings.

I heard her speak to Randall, “I’m sore and scared right now”

Randall continued to play the gentleman, “There is no reason we need to have sex today, it can wait until another time. You know, a time when you are feeling more ready.”

“No! I want you now. Maybe you could kiss it and make it better.”

“If a little kiss will make you happy, I’m glad to.” As she laid back on the bed and spread her legs for his mouth.

He was gentle, and apparently skilled, because her breathing got really shallow not long after he started. “Take me now, I’m ready!” she squealed.

“You might not have noticed the other day just how large I am. I want you to enjoy this every bit as much as I will, but you need to trust me. I brought something that will help. Your “white” pharmacies have smaller versions of these, but we need much bigger ones. We slide this inside you and it dissolves, spreading the lubricant deep inside you where we need it.” Jamal had already told me that it contained hormones and herbs that would greatly increase her desire, her natural lubrication, her sensitivity, and even the size of her clit.

“We better use two, just in case” Randall said as he used his middle finger to insert both of them as deep as he could. Then he began to gently caress her, running his fingers through her hair. Tracing lines on her bare arms. Gradually the caresses turned to direct stimulation. Finally he entered her with one finger. And a second. What had begun gently had evolved into a furious finger fuck.

“I don’t want to hurt you and scare you away the first time” Randall explained. “Please climb on top of me and control how fast you take me.”

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