Ella's Surprise

by The Blue Light Boy

Copyright© 2018 by The Blue Light Boy

Erotica Sex Story: Teen has a gap year and returns with a massive surprise for her boyfriend.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   ft/ft   Teenagers   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   Fisting   Squirting   Amputee   .

I was standing at the airport waiting to pick up my girlfriend Ella. We’d been together since we were 14. She’d decided to take a year out after her A levels before university to decide what she wanted to do. She went travelling round the world for 6 months but after 5 months she e-mailed to say she was staying longer as she was having such a good time. Ella had asked me to go but me being ever sensible decided to go to medical school. We’d kept in touch through e-mail but I hadn’t had one for about 3 or 4 months and thought it was over when suddenly I’d got a very short one telling me her flight details. Ella’s parents had died in a car crash when she was 15, as she went to boarding school she stayed there after and went to her Nan’s in the holidays. Her Nan had died soon after Ella went away so now she had no living relatives and no-one else to meet her except me.

At school Ella had been what you Americans would describe as a typical Californian prom queen, 5’7, long legs, pretty face with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect body with perfect sized boobs. She was perfect at 14 and was still perfect now at 18.

Her flight had been showing as landed on the board for a while now and the arrivals hall had pretty much emptied but there was no sign of Ella. I was beginning to get worried so I went to the desk but they couldn’t tell me anything. Suddenly as I pacing I was tapped on the shoulder, ‘Excuse me, are you Andrew Thorne?’ asked a lady in a cabin crew uniform. ‘Erm, yes.’ I replied.

‘Would you like to follow me sir, Miss Howe is waiting for you in the lounge.’ ‘Oh, err, Ok.’ I said surprised.

Why the hell could Ella not come through arrivals like everyone else? I was annoyed now. The lady led me through the airport and up to a lounge.

‘She’s in here sir.’ The lady opened a door and showed me in then closed the door. I looked around the room and noticed sitting in the corner was someone in a wheelchair wrapped in a blanket with their back to me. I turned to ask the lady but she’d gone so I looked around the room again, there was no one else there.

‘Erm, excuse me,’ I called to the person in the wheelchair wondering if Ella had just gone of to the toilet, ‘Are you alone here or has there been someone else waiting here?’ The person didn’t reply so I walked a bit closer and called again but still got no reply so I walked right up to them and tapped them on the shoulder. I go the shock of my life. Ella turned and faced me.

‘Oh Andrew.’ She started to cry so I put my arms around her and noticed how thin she felt. Ella continued crying. We sat like that for a while before I eventually asked what had happened to her. She stopped crying.

‘Would you get me a tissue please?’ Ella asked in a very quiet voice.

I reached into my pocket and handed her a tissue which she didn’t take.

‘Would you mind wiping my eyes for me Andrew?’ I gently wiped the tears of her face for her.

‘What’s going on El?’ I asked gently.

She looked me in the face and took a deep breath.

‘I was ill in India, very ill, by the time they got me to the city I was unconscious and near death. The Doctors diagnosed meningococcal septicaemia, I was immediately put on IV antibiotics but the Doctors didn’t hold much hope for me, they basically thought I’d be dead by morning. Well they were very surprised the next morning to find me alive so they took me to surgery. I was in a coma for 16 weeks. I woke up 10 days ago, as soon as I was ready they flew me home.’ ‘Oh my god, Ella. I wish I’d been there for you.’ I replied, ‘What surgery did they have to do, are you going to be ok?’ Ella took a deep breath. ‘I hope you’re ready for this but if you’re not I want you to let me know straight away, ok, I will understand. All I ask is that you take me to a hospital if you can’t deal with it and then just leave me there. Ok, promise.’ ‘Ella, I’m not going to leave you.’ I replied in a worried tone. ‘Just promise me, please Andrew.’ ‘Ok, I promise.’ I agreed reluctantly.

‘Right, then take the blanket from round me ok.’ I gently unwrapped her from the blanket and stared in amazement at what I saw. Ella’s arms and legs had been amputated. Her arms were amputated quite close to her shoulders leaving only 3 inch stumps and from what I could tell from her shorts her leg stumps were even shorter.’ ‘Oh my God!’ Was all I could manage though I thought if Ella knew what I was really thinking she’d have been repulsed so I carried on looking upset. At this point I should probably tell you that I’m a huge amputee admirer, I’ve got tons of pictures on my computer both real and ES that I’ve had to be very careful to hide from Ella and my parents all these years.

‘If you want to just take me to a hospital Andrew, really, it’s ok.’ Ella said as she started to cry again.

‘I will take you to hospital but not to leave you there, to get you checked over then I’m taking you home. I love you Ella ok, I’m never going to leave you.’ I kissed her on the lips, I could feel myself becoming erect but managed to ignore it. I also noticed that Ella had seen it and seemed to smile but I thought I was mistaken so thought nothing of it. I grabbed the back of her chair and then her bag and wheeled her to the car. When we got there I opened the passenger door and lifted Ella in, I was amazed at how light her little torso was now, I mean she was never heavy but this was unbelievable. I then put her bag in the boot, got in the car and started driving home. The journey was very quiet and Ella slept most of it, every so often I looked over at her. She looked so helpless yet so beautiful.

As I was on holiday from uni I was back at my parents so I drove there, fortunately they were away for the weekend so we had some time to ourselves. I drove up the drive, carried Ella in and put her on the sofa then went and got her bag.

‘Do you want anything?’ I asked as I came back in. ‘I’d love a bath, I’ve not been washed for 16 weeks.’ ‘Ok.’ I replied maybe a little too excitedly.

I picked Ella up and carried her upstairs, I laid her on my bed and went of to run the bath. When I came back I gently kissed her again then undressed her. Once her shorts were off I found that her legs had been disarticulated at her hips, she had nothing below her pussy lips at all. I also noticed that her scars were well healed and actually were very neat considering she’d been in an Indian backwater hospital. I then took of her underwear, it was strange seeing Ella with pubic hair as I never had before, she’d started shaving it all off when she was 13, she just didn’t like the look and feel of it and so had never let it grow. When she was 16 she broke her arm and was in plaster for 6 weeks, well after 2 weeks she hated the look of it so much she even got me to shave her. I realised I was staring, I looked at her face and realised she had a strange look on her face which she changed as soon as she saw me looking. I thought at the time it was a pleased look but then didn’t think it could be. I then picked Ella up, her skin felt soft and warm and I was finding it very hard to hide my arousal, and carried her to the bath. I held her in one arm and checked the temperature with the other. It was fine so I turned the taps off and lowered her in. As I did I noticed she had goosebumps all over. I smiled her and started washing her.

‘Would you shave me please Andrew, I still hate pubic hair even though I’m like this.’ She lifted her small arm stumps slightly.

‘Of course I will baby.’ As I washed her, trimmed the hair with scissors, then put on shaving gel and, using a new razor, shaved her it was all I could do to not get undressed, get in with her and screw her. Once I’d made sure I’d got ever single hair I rinsed her off. Then I picked her up, wrapped her in a towel, carried her into my room and dried her off. As all of Ella’s stuff had been left in our spare room while she was travelling I went and got some of her clothes and dressed her. I then picked her up, carried her downstairs and put her on the sofa.

‘Would you like anything to eat or drink before I take you to the hospital?’ I asked.

‘Erm, ok, yeah, just a sandwich please.’ Ella replied.

I brought over 2 sandwiches and 2 glasses of Coke, I fed Ella first which was a huge turn on for me then I fed myself. I then put Ella in my car again and we drove to hospital.

When we arrived I carried Ella into A&E, everyone in the waiting room was looking at us, I noticed Ella was red.

‘Are you ok?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, I’m fine, just really hot.’ She replied.

As I booked in with the receptionist I realised how bizarre the whole thing sounded. We got called through by the Dr really quickly. Ella explained what had happened and the Dr wrote everything down, Ella then asked me to get a letter out her bag and hand it to the Dr, which I did. He read it and filed it with the notes, apparently it explained everything that had happened medically, exactly what they’d done and her test results.

‘Would you mind undressing Ella for me down to her underwear please?’ The doctor asked me.

‘Of course not.’ I replied, if only they knew how much I wanted to undress her. As I did I could feel myself getting excited again. I really hoped no one would

notice. Once I had the Dr examined Ella’s arm stumps first, he had a good look at her scars, then he asked her to move them around, push against his hands then hold them up and out. Afterwards he moved down to Ella’s hips, he again had a good look and feel of her scars and then pushed on her hips. After he’d done I noticed that Ella’s knickers had moved slightly and I could see one of her hairless pussy lips.

‘Well everything seems ok Miss Howe, I’m just sorry something like this happened to you, you’re very lucky actually.’ ‘How’s that?’ I shot at him.

‘Well normally with someone that’s had all 4 limbs amputated from Meningococcal Septicaemia you’d expect other disabilities such as blindness, deafness, brain damage but you’re not suffering any of these which is lucky. I will however send you for an x-ray and MRI scan just to make sure everything’s ok. Ok?’ The Doctor left and Ella asked me about uni. While I was telling her about my course a porter came in with a wheelchair. I lifted Ella into it and we went to X-ray. The radiologist wouldn’t let me stay with her during the x-ray and MRI so I sat outside and waited for what seemed an eternity. When she came out I wheeled her back to A&E.

‘I guess we’d better get you one of these.’ I said to Ella.

‘What’s that?’ She replied.

‘A wheelchair, I can’t carry you everywhere, much as I’d like to.’ I said pushing my luck slightly to see how she reacted.

She then turned to me and said ‘Why not, I’m sure we’d both enjoy it.’ Then she turned back.

Now maybe I was just looking for things that weren’t there but it wasn’t just what she said but how she said it and the look on her face, now I was confused, could Ella really enjoy being like this?

‘Erm, well yeah, but it’s not really practical is it, besides what will happen when other people have to look after you.’ I said, trying not to sound to surprised. ‘We’ll have a look on the internet tonight and find a nice one for you, and all the other stuff you’ll need now.’ ‘Ok.’ Ella chirped.

We arrived back in A&E and went into the cubicle. After about 20 minutes the Dr came back in.

‘Well Ella, your MRI and x-rays look good, so I’m going to refer you to an occupational therapist that will also refer you to a prosthetist ok? Other than that your free to get dressed and go. Any problems just come back in or see your GP alright?’ ‘Thank you.’ Ella and I said together.

‘Good night.’ He replied. I got Ella dressed and started to put her in the chair. ‘I’d rather you carry me out.’ She said with a smile.

‘Anytime.’ I picked Ella up and carried her to my car, I could smell her freshly washed hair and her perfume and could feel her warm body. I wanted her so bad.

When we got home it was late so I carried Ella straight upstairs and put her on my bed. I then walked over to her bag and started unpacking everything so it could be washed. I noticed that everything was clean, tidy and folded which I thought was very odd so I asked her why.

‘Oh, erm, the nurses did it.’ She replied unconvincingly.

‘Ok.’ I didn’t really know what else to say so I unpacked everything into any space in my draws and cupboards I could, I then went and got all her clothes boxes from the spare room and unpacked those.

‘I then took Ella to the bathroom and brushed her teeth for her, then I sat her on the toilet.

‘Do you need me to hold you?’ ‘No thanks, I’m alright.’ She replied.

It then dawned on me how well she could sit up on her own especially as she’d only come out of a 16 week coma 10 days ago, some things certainly didn’t add up. Once she’d done I wiped her clean, which was an odd experience. I then carried her to my bed again.

‘What would you like to wear for bed?’ I asked.

‘Nothing, I get so hot all the time.’ ‘Oh, ok, if you’re sure. I noticed you were red earlier, you should have mentioned it to the Dr.

‘There’s no point, I know why. I’ve got less body surface area with which to lose heat so I get a lot hotter and sweat more.’ ‘Ok. I replied, again thinking that she knew too much.

I then pulled the covers back, put her into bed, kissed her goodnight and started to leave the room.

‘Where are you going?’ Ella asked in a girly voice.

‘I thought I’d sleep in the spare room?’ ‘Why? I told you at the airport if you can’t handle it just leave me at the hospital.’ I could tell she was upset.

I walked over to the bed and sat next to her.

‘I’m sorry Ella, I just didn’t want to push anything,’ As I spoke I was looking at her beautiful, naked, limbless torso with her pert breasts and her smooth pussy I was really aroused now. I noticed Ella was watching me looking at her and her nipples went hard. ‘But if you want me to I’ll stay with you.’ I leaned down just to kiss her gently on the head but Ella leaned her head up and kissed me hard on the lips, I was a bit shocked so I pulled back.

‘If I still had hands I’d grab you round the back of the head right now and keep kissing you hard but I can’t so come back.’ Ella said in a very sexy tone.

So I did as I was told and we kissed for ages until we both had to breathe.

‘Look, Andrew, whereas before I could just guide you to where I wanted you or move you away from where I didn’t now I cant ok so I’ll have to tell you what I want, I hope you can handle that ok. Also if you want to do something don’t ask me as that’s not really sexy just do it, if I don’t want it I’ll tell you ok?’ ‘Ok. Wow, you’ve really thought about this haven’t you?’ ‘Yes, now get undressed and fuck me will you.’ At that I ripped my clothes of, sat up, moved so I was sitting where Ella’s legs should have been then I gently entered her. She was soaking wet already. As I went in her body went rigid. I was moving gently in and out.

‘Harder,’ Ella called out. ‘I want all of you in.’

I pushed until I was as far into her as I could go, I was amazed at how deep I could get, I was scared of hurting her but Ella seemed to be loving every minute of it so I thrusted harder and faster until we both came together. Afterwards I scooped Ella’s tiny torso into my arms and we breathlessly fell asleep.

The next morning when I woke Ella was already awake.

‘Morning sleepy,’ She chirped happily. ‘Want a repeat of last night?’ ‘Hell yeah.’ I replied a little to eagerly.

‘Lift me onto you then, I want to try being on top like we used to do.’ I grabbed Ella under her arm pits, sorry stump pits and put her on my rock solid cock, I then held her just above her hips as she wiggled around as much as she could.

‘Hold me by my tits.’ She ordered. So I moved my hands up so all her weight (what there was of it) was being held by her tits. She moved her hips and pelvis faster and faster and I lifted mine up and down until we both came again.

‘I love feeling your warm come inside me.’ Ella whispered.

As she breathlessly on top of me while I cuddled her a thought suddenly occurred to me.

‘Erm, Ella, are you still on the pill?’ I asked.

‘Shit, no, hadn’t thought of that, best we go get me the morning after pill and back on the pill.’ ‘We can use condoms if you want instead of the pill.’ I offered.

‘Hell no,’ She replied. ‘I hate condoms, I like to be able to feel you, you’re just going to have to give me my pill each day.’ After that I got up, carried Ella to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet so she could do her business then I sat her in the shower and put it on so I could go to the toilet aswell. Once I was done I stepped into the shower, as I leant forward to move the shower head Ella took my cock in her mouth and sucked me until I came, I only just about managed to stay standing. She then made a point of swallowing it all. I leant down, picked her up and gently kissed her lips. Then when she wasn’t expecting I turned her over and buried my face in her bald, hairless pussy, she was screaming the place down in seconds, she came 3 or 4 times before I finally turned her upright. Her face was flushed red and it took her ages to catch her breath.

‘I love you so much Andrew.’ She said between breaths.

‘I love you too Ella.’ We then kissed and I washed us both. After I wrapped Ella in a towel, then myself and I carried her into the bedroom. I dried us both of then I made her wait lying naked while I dressed myself. Once I’d done I turned to her.

‘What do you want to wear babe?’ I asked.

‘I’d like my white and blue thong and bra and my white and blue summer dress please.’ As I slid her thong onto her legless hips I realised just how open and accessible she was now and how sexy that was. I had to stop myself getting undressed and fucking her again. I then sat her up and put her bra on followed by her dress. After I’d brushed her hair, put on some jewellery and some make up on her (which I actually didn’t do too bad a job of) I carried her downstairs and made us some

breakfast, which I took great delight in feeding her. After I had done the dishes, as we were about to leave the phone rang so I put Ella on the floor and answered it. It was my Dad.

‘Hi Dad.’ ‘Hello Andrew, is everything ok?’ ‘Yes, it’s fine Dad, don’t worry, I haven’t broken anything or burnt the house down.’ ‘Good good, I’m sure you can cope, did you pick that lovely girl Ella up from the airport on time?’ ‘Yes Dad, she’s here now, it is still ok for her to stay isn’t it?’ ‘Of course it is, how is she, how was her trip?’ ‘Erm, well not very good actually, she was very ill in India?’ ‘Oh dear, well is she ok now?’ ‘Erm, kind of, I mean, she’s well.’ ‘Are you sure she’s ok Andrew?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Mmm, ok, well I’m just ringing to say the weather here in the Lake District is awful so we’re coming back today, we should be home by dinner ok?’ ‘Yeah, fine, look forward, to seeing you, love to Mum.’ ‘Ok, bye, love to Ella, hope she’s better soon, if she’s not well take her to see Dr Weston ok, tell him I sent you and to bill me ok? ‘Yes Dad.’ ‘I mean it, ok, you look after her, she’s a good girl and there’s no one else to look after her is there?’ ‘No Dad.’ I sighed.

‘Bye then.’ ‘Bye Dad.’ At that he put the phone down.

‘Dad sends his love Ella.’ ‘Ok, when they home?’ ‘This evening.’ I replied.

‘Cool, I can’t wait to see them but I’m also kinda scared about this.’ She said as she lifted her arm stumps.

‘I know, its going to be weird, do I tell them and leave you upstairs or let them see you as soon as they walk in?’ ‘I don’t know but please pick me up this floor is cold on my bum.’ ‘Sorry.’ I picked Ella up, took her out to the car, put her in and then drove to the family planning clinic. When we arrived we had to park quite along way from the entrance.

‘Must get you a disabled badge aswell.’ I said.

‘Cool,’ Ella replied. ‘Decent parking.’ She smiled.

I carried her down the street, even though she was so light she did get a bit heavy after a while. When we arrived the waiting room was full of pregnant teenage girls and spotty teenage boys. The whole room went quiet and stared at Ella, a few sniggered at her, I heard one girl say ‘what’s someone like that doing in here, who would want to fuck her,’ but Ella told me to ignore them. When we got called in Ella explained about last night and how she would like the morning after pill. The Dr gave

us a lecture on the importance of birth control and how we should be careful so Ella told her what had happened in India and that we hadn’t seen each other for 9 months and just got carried away. She looked disgusted, like Ella should still be grieving or girls with no limbs shouldn’t be having sex, but she gave her the pills none the less. Then Ella asked about the contraceptive pill, the Dr suggested trying the contraceptive injection as she’s only need it every 3 months. Ella and I agreed so the Dr went off and got it. When she came back in she asked me to lay Ella on her front on the couch and pull her dress up to her hips, which I did. The Dr gave Ella’s thong a disapproving look and then gave her the injection. We thanked the Dr, I picked Ella up and we left.

When we got home there was a message on the answering machine with an occupational therapy appointment for Ella tomorrow so I rang back and confirmed it then she asked me to put her in her bikini and sit her in the garden, which I did. I then put my swimming shorts on, grabbed my laptop and joined Ella in the garden. While we were there we ordered lots of stuff for Ella including a top of the range electric wheelchair and manual wheelchair and lots of aids for sitting and stuff, we also researched lots of different prosthetic limbs.

After a nap Ella said she was hot and wanted to go in the pool, so I picked her up and carried her in, the water felt lovely and cool and Ella got goose bumps straight way. I carried her around the pool for a bit, then I laid her on her back to see if she could float, which she did so I left her while did a few lengths. When I went back to her she told me she wanted sex in the pool so we did. That was very nice as Ella was able to move around a bit more. When we got out she asked if I would leave her naked on the grass as she wanted to sunbathe so I undressed her and went of to make lunch. When I came back I sat on the chair, took my shorts of, put Ella onto my hard cock and then fed her. Once we’d done I turned Ella toward me, she put her little arm stumps on to my shoulders and we had sex again. Once we’d come we cuddled for a bit, then I put Ella on the floor to sunbathe again and I fell asleep.

When we both awoke it was a couple of hours later so I took Ella upstairs, washed and dressed us both then went back downstairs to prepare for my parents coming home.

When I heard the car on the drive I went to the door and opened it leaving Ella on the sofa with her back the door so all my parents could see was the top of her head. As they got out the car I went over and got the suitcase out the boot for them, I hugged my Dad and hugged and kissed my Mum. ‘Where’s Ella?’ Mum asked.

‘Inside.’ I replied. ‘Before you go in though... ‘ I got interrupted by my Dad. ‘How is she feeling Andrew, still got a bit of Delhi belly?’ ‘Erm, well, no, it was a bit more then Del... ‘ Mum and Dad walked past me not listening to me.

‘There she is.’ Shouted my Dad. ‘Come give me a hug.’ He said to Ella who had now turned around.

‘I can’t, sorry Mr Thorne.’ Ella sound in a quiet, embarrassed tone.

‘Of course you, can, why can’t you and it’s Ed how many times have I told you.’ Dad replied in his playful angry voice with his arms still open.

My Mum chipped in, ‘Yes, come on let’s look at you, I bet you’ve got a lovely tan after your trip, I want to hear all about it.’

‘Sorry, Ed, Natasha, I really can’t.’ Ella said looking at me desperately.

‘Why ever not.’ Said Dad as he started to walk towards her with my Mum behind.

‘She can’t Dad because she had her... ‘ I was interrupted this time by my Mums squeal.

‘Oh my, what happened?’ Said my visibly shocked Dad. ‘You poor girl.’ Mum was now sitting next to Ella cuddling her, both was crying, Dad then went over and sat the other side of Ella and cuddled her. I’d never seen my Dad cry, he’d been in the RAF since he left uni, he had the typical stiff upper lip of an English officer but here he was with my mother and my limbless girlfriend sobbing. I started to cry aswell so I went and sat next to my Mum and joined the cuddle. We cried solidly for ages and then there was a long silence. Eventually I started to tell them what happened but Ella stopped me. She told my parents the whole story, interrupted several times by my Dad’s ‘you poor girl,’ and Mum and Ella’s sobs. Dad told us he wanted Ella to be checked over by his Doctor and she should go private but I told him we’d already been to hospital and that she had an OT appointment in the morning. After, we all sat there cuddling. Mum ordered pizza that night which was the first time I’d ever known her not to cook, not that any of us were really hungry, I fed Ella a slice before I ate some myself. We then went to bed. Ella asked to sleep in just her knickers with a pad in tonight in case she started bleeding after the pill.

Next morning we got up, I washed and dressed Ella and took her downstairs Mum and Dad were already up, Mum didn’t look like she’d slept at all. I fed Ella breakfast. Later in the morning Mum drove us for Ella’s appointment. The OT was really nice. Her name was Mary and she was about my Mums age. She asked me to undress Ella to her bra and knickers which I did, she then assessed Ella’s hips and arm stumps, after she was done she asked me to put Ella’s shorts and t-shirt on which I did. Mary then told us about her plans for Ella, about all the exercises she’s get her to do, some which needed my help, and that she wanted Ella to do hydrotherapy aswell, I told her we had a pool at home which Mary was pleased about. Then we told her what we’d ordered already. She liked both the wheelchairs and said they were good choices, she than gave us a list of other stuff Ella needed. Then Mary got Ella to do some of the basic exercises and showed me how to help her with them and in the pool. We’d been there about 90 minutes when a guy came in, he wasn’t much older than us, he introduced himself as Alex and told us he was the prosthetist. Again I undressed Ella then laid her on the couch, he too assessed her hips and arm stumps. I told him that Ella was to have whatever she needed no matter what it cost and if the NHS wouldn’t pay for it we would as Ella had been left a lot of money from her parents when they died, I noticed Ella gave an odd look to this but I ignored it. Once he was done he told us that there probably wasn’t much that could be done in the way of useable prosthetic legs but that he’d certainly try and that if not Ella could get cosmetic legs if we were going to pay. He went on to say that although her arm stumps were short they had good muscle tone and that myoelectric arms were definitely possible. After that I dressed Ella and we left, Mum met us outside and we drove home.

When we were at home I took Ella upstairs, put her bikini on and we went into the pool, Mum busied herself around the house and Dad did some gardening.

‘Is everything ok Ella?’ I asked.

‘Yes why?’ ‘Well, I just noticed that you looked uncomfortable when I mentioned your parents’ money.’ ‘Did I, no reason why.’ Ella looked uncomfortable again.

‘Come on, El, what is it?’ ‘Nothing, I just spent a lot when I was travelling.’ ‘Ella, you can’t have spent that much, your insurance paid your medical bills and flights right?’ ‘Erm, yeah.’ ‘So what’s the problem?’ I was now convinced something was up but couldn’t work out what but as Ella went to answer me my Mum called over.

‘Andrew, Ella a big van with Mobility Solutions on it is here.’ I grabbed Ella and put her on a sunlounger with a towel round her, I quickly dried off and grabbed a t-shirt. Mum had let the guy in and he was unpacking Ella’s new purple, Quickie Revolution wheelchair.

‘Where’s the person that’ll be using the chair?’ Asked the guy.

‘In the garden, do you want me to get her?’ ‘Please,’ Replied the guy. ‘I need to make the adjustments while she’s in it.’ I went out and carried Ella in, the guy’s eyes nearly popped out if his face when he saw her in a bikini.

‘Hello.’ Said Ella. ‘Do you want me to sit in it?’ ‘Please.’ Replied the guy.

The guy put a special cushion down to stop Ella getting pressure sores then I put her in the chair and the guy made a few adjustments to the seats. ‘How’s that?’ He asked.

‘Fine, very comfy.’ Replied Ella.

The guy then showed me how to use the chair then he went out and came back with a yellow Quickie P220 electric chair. He put another cushion in then lifted Ella over and made some adjustments until Ella was comfortable. Again he showed me how to use it. He then brought in a few other boxes of stuff we’d ordered. I signed for it all and he left. I plugged in her electric chair and took her for a walk round the garden in her other chair. That night Dad took us to the pub down the road, Ella decided she’d like to use her new chair so we all walked down the lane. As we walked into the pub it went silent for a moment as everyone stared at Ella. Dad walked up to the bar and very loudly said, ‘My sons girlfriend is back from her 9 month long trip round the world and we’re here to celebrate.’ He then ordered us all a drink and got some menus. After we sat down the chat started up again. By the end of the night everyone had been over to speak to us. All were interested in Ella and where she’d been and what had happened to her. I noticed that Ella seemed to really be enjoying all the attention and seemed to make a point of animatedly moving her arms stumps a lot.

When we left I pushed Ella back up the lane I felt so proud of her. We said goodnight to my parents and I carried Ella upstairs and got us ready for bed. Ella

asked to be naked again which of course I didn’t mind one bit. As I cuddled up to her Ella kissed me on the lips. She then stopped.

‘Lie on your back and lay me on your chest with my head by your cock.’ I duly obeyed and she took my rock hard cock in her mouth and I buried my head in her bald pussy. Ella came 2 or 3 times before I finally exploded in her mouth, it seemed with no legs in the way I could reach every part of her pussy and she loved it. Once she’d swallowed my come I started to lift her off.

‘Leave me here a bit.’ She said quietly, so I did.

After a while she took me in her mouth again so I started licking her pussy. ‘No, don’t do that.’ Ella said. ‘I just want to do you.’ So I laid there while she sucked my cock again. Once I was rock hard again she stopped and asked, ‘Have you got any lube?’ ‘Yeah, in my draw.’ ‘Good, I want you to fuck my butt, make sure you use plenty of lube though, ok?’ I laid Ella on her front, reached into my draw and got the lube out, I put loads just onto her butt hole then some on my fingers, I then gently used them to open her arse up. One finger at first, then 2 then 3 until she was open enough, then I put loads of lube on my cock. I then gently put my cock in her arse. I could feel each ring of muscle pop as I went deeper.

‘All the way in.’ she whispered.

One it was as deep as it would go I waited for a few moments to let her get used to it, then I gently pulled my cock almost out, then all the way back in.

‘Harder.’ Ella whispered again. So I went harder and faster using the full length of my cock. Ella started to murmur in pain so I started to pull out.

‘Don’t you dare.’ She whispered in an angry tone. ‘I want it all, I want you to hurt me, I want to feel your come deep in my bowel.’ Well that drove me wild, I fucked Ella’s little arse damn hard then, once I thought she could take it no more I reached round and stuck 2 fingers in her pussy. Her being so light and not having legs to get in the way made it easy so I pushed a 3rd in then a 4th, she went wild, how she didn’t scream the place down I don’t know, she was grunting away until suddenly she went rigid. As she did she squeezed her butt so hard I came instantly. After I did Ella started to come so I pulled my cock out of her arse and kept moving my fingers around in her. As I did she started to come harder, she got wetter and wetter until she was so wet I got my whole fist into her pussy. As I did I noticed she was biting her lip and grunting really hard, her little, limbless torso was bucking wildly and her 2 little arm stumps were thrashing around like she was trying to hold onto something. I could feel her pussy squeezing my fist with each wave of orgasm. After about her 6th I pulled my fist out and then experienced something I’d never seen before, only read about. A stream of fluid came out of Ella’s pussy. She’d actually ejaculated. Afterwards we lay there breathless, I turned Ella onto her back and started cuddling her, as I did she got goosebumps all over.

‘Baby, don’t touch me, I’m too sensitive, but give me a kiss goodnight though.’ Ella said. I leaned over and we had a very passionate kiss after which I moved away so I was facing Ella but not touching her and watched her boobs go up

and down as she tried to control her breathing. I waited till she fell asleep, kissed her again and fell asleep myself.

A couple of weeks later we got a call to say Ella’s limbs were ready so the next day we drove to the hospital, Mum had got Ella’s disabled badge for her and Dad had changed my car for an adapted people carrier that Ella could drive her electric wheelchair straight into the back of. As she’d had a few lessons with her new chair and was getting very good at using it, very good in fact, almost like she’d been practising for ages, we decided to take that to the hospital. When we arrived I parked in a disabled space which just didn’t feel natural. Ella steered her chair out of the car and into the hospital with her little left arm stump. We arrived at the gym where Mary and Alex were waiting for us. I undressed Ella down to her underwear as usual, this time though Alex asked for her bra to come off, which I did. He then put a harness over her shoulders with 2 arms attached. He then attached what looked like electrodes to Ella’s arm stumps, after he put her arm stumps into the sockets of the arms and attached some straps to the to hold them in position. I could see that Ella’s nipples had gone hard. She seemed to be enjoying it and getting turned on.

‘Right, how’s that, comfy?’ Alex asked.

‘Not too bad, bit heavy though.’ Ella replied.

‘Sorry, that’s as light as it will get with the myoelectric arms, when you’ve got the manual hooks attached instead they’ll be lighter.’ Hooks!! I nearly exploded at the thought of my sexy girlfriend having sexy hooks, I love hooks!!!

‘Ok,’ Replied Ella. ‘I guess I’ll get use to it. Right, how do these work then?’ ‘Well, you’re going to have to learn which messages control which movements, just because your brain sends a message to open your hand doesn’t mean that the computers in the arms will interpret the electrical impulse the same, it may bend your elbow instead, so it will take time ok?’ ‘Ok.’ Ella smiled.

‘Once you’ve mastered the arms we’ll try you with some legs.’ ‘Cool,’ Replied Ella.

Ella and Alex spent the next 90 minutes practicing with the arms and making some adjustments. Some pretty comical things happened which had Ella in stitches and some things happened that had Ella very frustrated but at the end of the session she was quite good with them. Once it was over Alex showed me how to put her arms on and take them off and how to maintain them. He let us take them home so she could practice. We said thank you and left. Ella’s stumps were a bit sore so I pushed her in the chair this time. When we got home Ella showed of her new found skills with her arms to my parents.

After dinner Ella and I went to the cinema, she didn’t bother with her arms and as her stumps were still a bit sore we took her manual chair. The cinema was quite busy but we managed to sit near the back, though we had to leave her chair at the door and I had to carry her in which I didn’t mind one bit, but I had to remember to be careful not to flash her thong to everyone as she was wearing what would be a short summer dress. Half way through the film Ella leaned over and whispered in my ear.

‘I want sex.’

So I started to get up to leave.

‘No, here, now.’ She said cheekily.

As no one was that close to us I picked her up, slid her thong off and put it in my pocket, (I loved how easily her underwear slipped of now) undid my fly and put her on me with my cock in her soaking wet pussy. If anyone saw us they’d have just thought Ella was sitting on my lap. With very little movement it took a while before we both came, but when we did it was hard to keep quiet. Afterwards we stayed like that for a bit, then I lifted Ella off, did my fly up and started getting Ella’s thong out of my pocket to put it back on her, ‘Don’t worry about that, I’ll go commando.’ Ella whispered with a big grin on her face.

Once the film was over I picked Ella up and noticed there was a big wet patch on her dress so I scooped it under her. When we got out the screen I put her back in her chair and pushed her back to the car. As we were pulling out the space a load of kids pulled up into the disabled space next to us.

‘Open my window please.’ Asked Ella, so I did.

‘Oi.’ She shouted at the driver. ‘You can’t park there, that’s for disabled people and you’re not disabled, apart from maybe mentally.’ ‘What the fuck has it got to do with you bitch?’ Came the reply.

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