Soup of the Day 140

by MysteryWriter

Copyright© 2018 by MysteryWriter

Drama Story: how John's mind works or does work

Tags: Ma/Fa  

John Allen
Lucy Allen Seabolt / Martin and /Rita
Jerome Morris the director of vocational education for the Cleveland school system
Bobbi James the radio personality
Amos Hardee deputy sheriff
Lori Moore deputy sheriff
Marcus hostage taker
Sara Thomas newspaper writer
Everett Martin the current leader of the Cleveland meetings of Freebird.
Mark and Happy Jones swingers.
Jethro Morris murder victim.
James Western the second murder victim.

After bailing on the ‘Happy’ compromise, Lucy was not thrilled with me. Most days I spent my time on the internet. I mostly watched old TV mystery shows. Ones I had missed during my forced vacation from TV. The vacation that lasted over the last twenty years or so. Any TV shows made since 1998 were brand new to me. Hell the clothes and cars didn’t even look dated.

I was also trying to come up with a product, or service to pursue. I also was trying to find some land to purchase for the camper. I needed to get away from Lucy’s house, if I was ever to find a way out of our current dilemma.

I have to admit Happy had loosed the devil inside of me. That part of men which makes it impossible to distinguish between love and lust. I had always loved Lucy, but hadn’t lust after her until recently. I had a feeling she felt the same. Also, after our night with the Jones couple, I had a feeling Lucy was submissive. If she was, she might be in danger of being forced to do something against her will. Possibly without even realizing it until afterward.

It left me with quite a few new responsibilities. Every big decision I made had to be analyzed and reanalyzed for days. I fucking hated it. My evil side wanted to have no strings attached sex with Lucy, but in order to do that, I had to be more than a car length from her bedroom door.

I wasn’t concentrating on any one thing. Because I didn’t want to make a bad decision, I recognized that I was afraid to make one at all. I was content to just roll with it. Usually when that happens, something comes along to upend the apple cart. Then what you get is apple sauce.

The first bit of apple sauce was Lucy got wind of me wanting to be on my own. The truth is I took care of her kids three times since we kind of agreed on the ‘Happy’ compromise. It seemed that I was the only one to opt out of it. I didn’t say a word about Lucy dating Mark and Happy. I felt that they would take care of her.

The facts of babysitting teenagers was just to make sure they didn’t burn the house down, or throw a drunken orgy. Did I patrol their bedrooms to monitor what happened there, fuck no. Did I hope Rita and Martin were being careful, damn right I did. But my job was to keep them safe from intruder and natural disasters, not safe from their own stupidity. That was solely Lucy’s job.

So even though I was about to move the trailer, if I found some land, I could still do my job with the kids. The problem with the land was it had to be withing a five minute bike ride of Lucy’s house. It wouldn’t be near as easy to respond as it was with my trailer in her back yard.

It was quite possible that no land I ever saw would meet all my requirements. If that happened, I guessed I would die in Lucy’s backyard. There was probably some kind of restriction on burying me back there. That probably depended on how much the merchant, mortuary, constituency contributed to the local politicians.

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