More Goings on at Nichols College

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2018 by Paris Waterman

Erotica Sex Story: The Professor and his Wife, Tabby entertain the lovely Laura. Making for a steamy night at home.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   School   Sharing   Swinging   .

A Chastened, FL Tale

The Professor, His Wife & Laura

On my first night back home with Tabby, we didn’t get much sleep. The note was clear. I was to be naked, in bed, and hard when she got home. The problem was I wasn’t sure when that would be. I’d gotten home early, I cleaned the house again, lit some candles, and undressed, but I had somewhere between ten minutes and three hours to prepare myself. The naked part was easy, but keeping myself in a constant state of arousal was proving difficult.

I got hard quickly enough, and then I had to slow everything down. I played out long fantasies in my head, squeezed my cock tightly, and stayed on my back for an hour. Every sound made me jump and clench, and her occasional text message reminding me to be ready didn’t help. I came so close to cumming on numerous occasions, but I was afraid that if I did I wouldn’t have enough time to recover.

It was nearly two hours later that she walked in the door. My eyes were closed, my right hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, and the head was swollen red and purple. I was so close to coming I wanted to cry.

Tabby stood next to me in silence before lifting up her dress. She straddled me in the candlelight, hovering just above me as her fingers moved between her thighs. Two fingers went inside her and two more circled her clit, but even when I lifted myself from the bed she held me still.

“Are you ready to cum?” Tabby asked after a long pause during which her own breath was reduced to pants.

“Yes,” I moaned as she pushed down around me. She reached down with both hands and covered my mouth and nose as my body began to shake. Her thighs were tight around me, and I couldn’t so much as move, even as I came within her. I struggled to breath as my balls tightened, and she screamed out as she clenched her cunt around my pulsing cock.

When she finally let go I gasped for breath and pulled her lips to mine. I was still coming, but it was my whole body that exploded. I shook and bit my lip, and I continued to thrust up inside her as her own screams and release drenched my thighs.

“We have to do that again Owen,” Tabby said when our bodies finally gave us room to talk, “But let’s eat first.”

As we ate, I told her about Laura. It was as good a time as any.

“I have a confession to make, Tabby.”

“Oh, and I thought I was the only one with a secret tonight,” Tabatha replied.

“Ah, you too? Well than, ladies first, and I insist.”

“Very well, Owen. I slept with another man at the conference.”

I was stunned. I hadn’t expected anything like this, especially with what I had in store for Tabby.

My wife sat still, her face expressionless, except for a slight tic of her right eye.

I took a deep breath and said, “It seems that we’ve both been ... naughty this weekend.”

“Really?” She said, showing great interest in what I was about to impart.

“I have someone I want you to meet. Her name is Laura Grisum; in fact, you may have met her on campus.”

My wife’s eyes never left mine. “You’ve fucked, I take it?”

“Yes ... yes, it wasn’t premeditated; at least as far as I was concerned, but it happened the first time we met.”

Tabby picked up her glass of wine and then put it down without drinking. “I believe Miss Grisum and I have met.”

“She said you had. I didn’t know if you’d recall her.”

“I do, in fact, quite a beautiful girl, Owen. I congratulate you on such fine taste. Did you fuck her in our bed?”

“No! I couldn’t---wouldn’t do that.”

“Points to you for that, Owen.”

“She thinks you’re gorgeous, Tabby. She said she’d like to fuck you.”

“What? When did she say that?” my wife asked, her face breaking into a wicked smile.

“Right after she fucked me.” I began to tell her the whole story about our illicit get together.

Tabby sat and listened for a while, and slowly began fidgeting in her chair. Suddenly, she stood up and untied her dressing gown, shrugging it off her shoulders. “We’ll finish this discussion in bed,” she said. “I want to know exactly what you two did, and I want to do the exact same things with you. Right now.”

She turned and walked toward our room; I watched as her world class ass swayed more than usual as she moved into our boudoir.

I did my best to duplicate my adventure with Laura, but we both knew I hadn’t quite managed it. However, Tabby was content with my efforts and when I fell asleep, exhausted, she let me sleep.

The following morning I woke to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and bacon. Tabby waltzed into the bedroom moments later bearing a tray with coffee, toast, butter and jelly and of course bacon and eggs.

She joined me in bed and we ate for a time without speaking. When I leaned into her and placed a loving kiss on her neck, she squirmed away and said, “You didn’t fuck her ass, did you?”

“No,” I managed to say without choking on a mouthful of toast and jelly.

“Good,” she replied, sliding her hand under the covers to grasp my hardening cock, “You can do that while I sixty-nine with her. Invite her for dinner this weekend. Make sure she knows she’s spending the night, okay?”

I could only nod my head in agreement. A moment later, Tabby was under the covers and sucking me off while I finished breakfast.

Laura was incredulous when I told her of my wife’s invitation. “She doesn’t mean it ... she just wants to get revenge of some sort, Owen. I ... can’t go. No, I won’t go!”

It took Tabby’s call that night to quell Laura’s fears, and to my surprise and relief, she accepted Tabby’s invitation to join us, specifically for a night of ‘wanton lust.’

Even so, Laura called me several times needing reassurances before finally showing up at our home that Friday wearing a basic black cocktail dress with a string of pearls drooping over a slightly scooped neckline.

Tabby did her best to put Laura at ease by chatting with her throughout our dinner of roast pork, apples and Lyonnais potatoes, with a delightful German white wine.

After dessert, we moved to the living room for drinks and more conversation. I lit a fire in the fireplace, while Tabby excused herself and went to our bedroom. Laura sat on the couch, and when I was satisfied with the fire, I sat down next to her.

My wife and I had rehearsed several possible scenarios, and I opened the door to one I was most comfortable with, saying: “Laura, you still seem uptight about things. Are you having second thoughts about tonight?”

She fidgeted and I saw a flush creep up her neck. She coughed and crossed, then recrossed her shapely legs. “I don’t know, Owen. I do like the idea ... I guess I’m just nervous about being in the home of a woman whose husband I’ve slept with. I’ve never been with a married man before.”

“Yes---yes, I understand. Well, if you feel you’re not up to it—I mean, if you’ve decided against doing it we certainly understand,” I put my arm around her shoulder as I spoke to her. She was trembling.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?”

“No ... I’ve thought about it, but I’ve never...”

“Tabby told me you might feel this way, and suggested I tell you that you’re free to leave at anytime---no repercussions from either of us.”

“That’s---that’s very kind of you. Both of you, but I want to...”

She stopped and nestled against me.

“Want to what, Laura?”

She didn’t answer for the longest time, but then said in a faint, little girl’s voice, “I want to fuck you both.”

Tabby, probably listening from the next room, returned to the room at that point, wearing a long, filmy black dressing gown. It was part of an ensemble I had bought her for her birthday a few years earlier, so I knew that under the gown she was wearing the matching baby-doll negligee and crotchless panties that she wore on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Tabby said, “I couldn’t help overhearing what you said, dear. I hope Owen told you that we have what people call an open marriage. I can sleep with another person as can he, and that is with no questions asked. Although I will admit we do discuss our little affairs with one another.

“Tell me, have you ever been with a married woman before?”

“No,” Laura said in a small voice then chewing on her lower lip.

“Hmmm,” Tabby mused. “Well, maybe we can make you more comfortable. Owen, would you help me with this?” She stood in front of the fireplace and untied the sash on her gown.

I patted Laura on the knee and went over to Tabby. I slipped the gown off her shoulders, revealing the filmy garments underneath. Tabby’s erect nipples showed proudly through the flimsy fabric, but she stood with her legs together, concealing the fact that her pussy was exposed. I draped the gown over a nearby chair, and then pulled my wife to me and kissed her.

“Show our new playmate what we like to do, honey,” Tabby said.

I pulled Tabby to me, and began to kiss her passionately. I slipped a strap of her negligee off her shoulder, exposing one of her high, full breasts and palmed the nipple with my hand. I began to kiss and lick my way from her face, down the side of her neck, onto her shoulder, and eventually to her breast. Tabby, meanwhile, was caressing my ass through my clothes.

When I untied the laces that held the negligee closed and slipped it off, Tabby pushed herself away from me and turned to face Laura, legs slightly apart so that Laura could peek at her wet sex, shimmering through the gossamer panties she wore.

Tabby turned back to me, pulled my shirt over my head, and threw it on the chair with her gown. She then bent at the waist facing me, her lush, toned ass facing Laura. From the all too familiar aroma wafting up to my nostrils, I knew that Tabby was wet, and I imagined Laura would soon be able to see Tabby’s abundant moisture glistening on the insides of her thighs.

Then my wife unfastened my trousers, and let them fall to the floor. I had gone commando, so my half-erect cock was exposed to both women.
“Owen tells me you’re a good little cocksucker,” Tabby said, looking over her shoulder at the young student on our couch. “This is how I like to do it.” She took my cock in her hand, lifted it up against my belly, and began licking my scrotum, eventually taking my testicles into her mouth, sucking and slurping noisily. She then bathed my cock with her talented tongue. After only a few moments of this, my penis, now fully engorged, began to leak pre-cum. Rest assured my Tabby is very good at what she does.

Laura was watching with rapt attention. I could see her face flushing, and her thighs began to part slowly, allowing me a peek at her panties. Soon, I could see the lacy white fabric’s center darken with moisture.

Tabby turned us so we were presenting a profile view to Laura; then squatted in front of me, and enveloped me in her mouth. As she bobbed her head back and forth on my cock, she began to tease her own sex with her fingers. After countless blowjobs, my loving wife is capable of gauging the level of my arousal well, and stopped fellating me before I reached the point of no return.

Pulling her mouth away from my penis, she helped me off with my pants and shoes, slipped off her panties, and stood up to face Laura.

“Come here, darling. We do need to give you some attention now,” she purred, running her hands lightly over Laura’s breasts and ass before leading her over to where I stood on the bearskin rug in front of the fire.

“You’re in for a real treat,” she said as I deftly unzipped the back of her black dress.

“Oh, yes, my wife continued, “Imagine having two tongues working over you.”

“And four hands and twenty fingers,” I added, as Tabby worked the little black dress up over Laura’s head, leaving her standing in front of me in her damp white lacy panties and her black, strap-on, stiletto-heeled platform shoes. My cock twitched at the sight.

Tabby unfastened the tie that held Laura’s long dark ponytail and gathered the hair in one hand so she could kiss the back of Laura’s neck. Pulling Laura back against her, Tabby ground her pelvis against her ass and reached around her to fondle her hard nipples.

“I think she likes this, Owen,” Tabby giggled.

“Mmmm, I do—I do!” Laura said nervously, but happily.

Tabby sank to her knees behind Laura, raining kisses down her back as she went, and when she got to her ass, carefully pulled Laura’s panties down and helped her step out of them. The look of apprehension in Laura’s eyes was being replaced by a look of need. She stood there, naked except for her “fuck-me” shoes.

“Let’s have you lie down here and get comfortable,” I said, helping Laura to her knees and then on her back on the rug in front of me.

“Now, darling, no one knows what a woman needs better than another woman,” my wife said. “Let me show you what I mean,” then she knelt between Laura’s parted legs and placed a soft kiss on her pussy.

I didn’t see all that much immediately following as I was busy kissing the young woman, soft, gentle kisses at first until she began to respond, and only then did I allow my tongue into the game, flicking it at her nose, licking her lips and finally surging into her welcoming mouth.

Soon thereafter, with both Tabby and I applying ourselves to the task at hand, Laura was jerking her hips to meet Tabby’s hungry mouth while moaning into mine.

In recounting the seduction later that evening, Tabby informed me that she was not only fingering and nipping and licking Laura’s cunt, but also spent considerable time tonguing her anus during a prolonged fingering session that brought the young thing off several times.

It was during this period that I inserted two fingers into her mouth and had her suck them as if they were my cock. At the same time I toyed with her overly sensitive breasts, squeezing, caressing, nipping and biting them while her eyes fairly bulged with sexual glee.

When I took my fingers from her mouth a gush of saliva followed, and I had to mash my mouth against hers to capture some of it. We traded spit and played tongue tag, moaning—moaning—moaning.

My hands left off her breasts and hers replaced them, doing almost the exact same things to them that I had.

I decided to help, and after taking a brief moment to watch my wife at work on a woman for the first time, I returned to Laura’s breasts, this time sucking and biting the nipples until she cried out with pleasure: “You’re making me cum---both of you!”

It was then that I learned that my wife had the ability to climax from performing oral sex on a man or a woman, even without being physically stimulated herself from the sweet whimpers coming from deep in her chest. I had heard this sound before when she was fellating me, but hadn’t realized how turned on she was at the time. Now she was going down on Laura and making the sound again, only this time I watched as she came while mouthing the youthful student beside us.

Laura’s arousal was obvious as her hips churned against Tabby’s hungry mouth and I sucked as much of Laura’s tit into my mouth as I could.

It seemed that Laura reached her orgasm a half beat behind Tabby; Laura bucking her hips and holding onto Tabby’s hair while my wife writhed between the other woman’s thighs.

When Laura finally released her death-grip on my wife’s hair, Tabby crawled away from her and smiled at me. Her face was wet with Laura’s juice. “Did you like that, Owen?” she asked.

“It was gorgeous, love. The two of you were fantastically erotic.”

Laura propped herself up on one elbow to look at us. Her face was damp and flushed. “I honestly never thought of myself as a lesbian,” she said.

Tabby laughed and after tweaking Laura’s stiffened nipple, said, “You’re not, unless you’ve now decided that you like women better than men. I suppose I’m bi-sexual. I love to play with both pussies and cocks. And speaking of cocks, let’s make him cum.”

My wife motioned for me to lie on my back, and she knelt next to me and leaned over to kiss my belly. “Would you like to help me blow my husband?”

Laura, still looking a bit overwhelmed from her orgasm, nodded and knelt next to me opposite Tabby and ran her fingertips lightly over my cock and balls. At a nod from Tabby, Laura leaned down and licked away the drop of pre-cum that was dripping from me. When she pulled back, Tabby took her place, bathing my shaft with her tongue. Laura then grasped my member and began sucking on the head of my dick. After a few good slurps and sucks, she pointed me toward Tabby, who plunged her mouth down onto me.

Tabby bobbed her head up and down, taking me deep into her mouth, and then released me and pointed me back toward Laura. They alternated like this for a while, teasing me, stroking me, licking me, and sucking me, until I knew I was going to unload. Tabby knew it, too, and when her final turn came, she clamped her lips firmly onto my shaft and raked her tongue back and forth on the head of my cock, willing me to cum.

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