The King Is Punished

by Azami Core

Copyright© 2018 by Azami Core

BDSM Sex Story: The males that read this short story will feel as if they are the King. If you (men) are not into being submissive. You may wish to try a different story.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Fiction   Fairy Tale   BDSM   FemaleDom   Spanking   Anal Sex   Royalty   .

(Warning. The male is punished. He accepts this because he forgot something. If you can’t handle being in a shackle, spanked, and more. Then leave now. The men that read this will feel as if they are the King.)

You are the King of your castle and have been away for a very long time. Doing kingly duties; from stopping wars to adding on to the borders of your land, making alliances and fighting those who go against your rules. You have been gone for close to 5 months. Leaving your queen and son well guarded with the legions of men willing to protect what is rightfully yours. The trumpets sounding of your coming home as you enter the palace gates on horseback. With two men following you.

The rest of your troops you had sent home at the village outside of the kingdom. When you entered the gates. You tell the last two men to go home. People bow, while others cheer to your arrival as you and your stead keep moving forward. The wind blows softly and the chill of the air touches your nose.

You smile, seeing your beautiful castle knowing that your wife the queen had kept up her duties. Your home is nicely decorated for the winter festival that will begin soon, and everything seems well. As the snow lightly falls to the ground making it look perfect for this beautiful day. Everyone is bustling to greet you and help you in any way. You handed your horse to one and you nod your head with a joyous smile. For you are back to where you belong, your home.

Entering the main doors as your heels clank along the marble polished floor as you walk towards the stairs. You handed your helmet and your sword to one of the servants that are there to greet you bowing. Again you nod your head and then go up the many stairs that lead to your chambers and when you open the doors you take in the sight of your beautiful wife, your queen. She has loved and adore you through the many trials of life.

She was busy barking orders when she heard the trumpets sound. Her long brown curly hair was down flowing with her every move. Her bosom and cleavage showed, yet her glorious nipples were well hidden under her dress. She had rushed to dress so beautifully for her husband purposely. She kept her anger well hidden behind her smile.

Your eyes gleam to her beauty, your heart race in remembering the days you and she enjoyed each other’s company. You wished to dive into her bosom, but you hear a servant pouring hot water for you in the tub. You look, then see a nice steaming hot tub ready for you.

Your wife and the maids help take off your armor. Your queen then shoos them away so she could personally take off your clothing. Her warm arms wrap around your body missing you, holding you so tightly in her arms.

Her sweet silky voice spoke out. “You have been away far too long and you must be ready to be cleansed from the long trip home.”

Her hands work quickly in getting rid of all your garments and undergarments and she points to the tub with a smile. “Now bath while I will have a maid to take your son for lunch and go to play with the boys, I know he is excited to see you, but you and I have things to discuss before that will happen.”

You have no clue that she was raging with anger. Everything she did and said held none. All you see is her joy to have you back. She made you feel welcome to be home again.

She orders the maid to set to task for your son and rushed back to your side. Her hands lovingly washed every part of your body. Her fingers like magic over your skin. She even massages you, making you feel so relaxed under her fingers.

Your eyes are closed relaxing though you hear her footsteps. She lets you soak in the warmth of the soothing tub. She grabs towels and lays them on the chair close to the tub. She even puts a blindfold hidden under the towels. Your eyes slowly open from the touch of her hand on your face.

She takes your hand and pulls you up out of the water. You move with the pull and stand. She grabs the top towel on a chair and she drys you up then covers your bottom with the other towel helping you out of the tub. She rings the bell and a maid comes. She orders to have the tub removed. She grabs another towel and dries your hair. She then places the blindfold over your eyes.

“I have a surprise for you.” She says in her sweet loving voice. You wonder what it is and asked about it, yet she only guides you to walk. The direction she takes you seem to be heading to the closet.

You hear something move with a sliding grind. Then you feel a chilling rush of air as she guides you forward. “Woman, what have you done to our room?” You know you have not gone far, but could tell there was a change in the space.

“I have made an additional section for us to hide in if ever we were in need, but that is not my surprise,” she spoke almost mischievously.

Your heart races a little more with the curious of her intentions and plans of this surprise. You keep moving till she makes you stop. The feel of her loving finger touching your chest has your body waiting with anticipation. When she pinched your nipple and raised your strongest arms in the air. Then you feel cold shackles clamping over your wrist.

Now, this has your heart pounding faster. She had tied you up before in the bed. Your mind remembers the wonderful experience being under her administration. “I love you, my gorgeous wife”

Your other hand raised and the feel of the cold shackle now on your other wrist. You could hear her shoes click away and then the sound of the chains rattling as your wrist was being pulled and stretching out above your head. There was no give as you tested them.

You soon hear the clicks of her heels again coming back to you. Your nose can smell her close as you feel her hand moving down your right leg. Down to your ankle. Then you hear a rattle as the cold clamps around it. You feel the other ankle was done the same.

You hear her walk away, then again the chains rattling as you move your legs while it is being spread wide apart. Then it stops, as you hear her walking back again. You were about to speak, but you feel the cloth-like strap going around your mouth making it difficult for words to form.

“You said you love me,” She spoke, but this time you can hear the anger behind her words. Then you hear a slap alongside with a sting of your left ass cheek. The surprise and pain made you shout out at her, but your noise was muffled by the gag.

You are surprised that this spank was not her playful one. She just spanks you with her hand. Now, why did you not see this coming? What did you do to provoke her anger? You didn’t sleep with another woman while you were gone. You are not like the other Kings.

She kept spanking your ass while you hear more of her anger and pain in her voice. “Then why did you not send a letter to me? Letting me know how much you missed me? Why, not even a word to let me know that you are alive?

Now she was using a paddle, and your heart lurched when you hear her voice crack and cry. “Don’t you know how afraid I was of possibly losing you. How I worried. How hard it was to put on a brave face to our people. When all I wanted to do is to get on my own horse and find you myself.”

She was right. The three letters you wrote for her, never got sent. She had no way of knowing where you were. For you were constantly on the move. Every time you were about to send her something, You would get called to deal with something important.

Now you understood why she is angry at you, and now you welcome the punishment for the sound of her pain and anguish is hurting you more than any punishment she may dish out. Then you felt her arms wrapped around your waist as she cried on your back.

Now you wished that you sent your three letters out to her. The feel of her salty tears would sting when they hit your bottom. You had counted 10 with her hand and 15 with the paddle. You try to tell her how sorry you were, but the gag only muffled your sound.

She then walked away. And came back. You hear movement and shuffling but your not sure what would happen next. The blindfold did its job keeping you at a disadvantage of not being able to see. So you’re using your other sense. Your nose tells you she is not far. Your ears told you of the shuffling sound wondering what she was doing.

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