An Affair With Mother and Daughter

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2018 by Mystic47

Fiction Sex Story: While on a training mission for the military I met Marie who seduced me. After weeks of bedding her mother, Marie's young daughter began to flirt with me.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   .

Marie picked me up at a Halloween party the day after I arrived for training on an army base. I was TDY for four weeks to learn a new radar system. After about two hours of drinking and talking she asked me straight out to come home with her. We got to her place and went directly to bed. That first night we talked only. We were naked but we didn’t have sex, instead she set the rules for a relationship. She wasn’t looking for a love interest, she didn’t care that I was married, I could stay with her for the four weeks then she would go find another man who was TDY for only a few weeks. Marie was a party girl only. She was ten years older than me, tall, about 5’10, thin and not overly attractive but she radiated sexuality, she was provocative and sexy. She also had a daughter who was in the 8th grade.

After talking to Marie for a couple of hours I had to get some sleep, I needed to be up and awake for classes the next day. When I roused the morning had barely started but Marie woke when I stirred. She rolled to face me, gripped my cock then with a few deft strokes turned me into a man. She nuzzled my neck while masturbating me, it took her only a couple of minutes to get me off. I shot my load through her fist and all over her legs and the bed. When I quit convulsing she encouraged me, “If you come back today I won’t use my hand.” It was a little after five when I returned to her house.

Marie welcomed me with a smile and an inspiring kiss. We were making out in the kitchen, I had my hands on her ass, she was rocking slightly against the growing stiffness at my groin when a girl came into the kitchen. Marie broke the hold then introduced me to her daughter Lynn. The girl didn’t seem nonplussed that she had just caught a stranger groping her mother while they necked in front of the stove. She smiled, said hi and asked me how long I would stay with them, she appeared to accept me as soon as her mother introduced us. It struck me that it was normal for her to meet mom’s next boyfriend every few weeks. Lynn looked like most 8th grade girls except she was taller, a trait from her mother. Puberty was changing her from cute to pretty and her long slender body was exhibiting undeniable signs of womanhood. She wore black leggings under a green knee length skirt and a pale yellow t-shirt snug enough to reveal the outline of an A cup bra. She threw her school pack on the floor and went to the refrigerator, I was forgotten as she looked for a pre dinner snack.

That second night with Marie I wasn’t about to spend half the night talking and the rest sleeping. As soon as Lynn went to bed at nine I took Marie’s hand and led her to bed. We didn’t do a lot of foreplay or seducing each other, I was hot to fuck her and she was hot to let me. We pulled our own clothes off, we didn’t take time to undress the other, then fell to bed bonded by our arms and mouths. She was instantly turned on, it was as if I had flipped the on switch of a heater. She went to her back, opened her legs and pulled on my arms as I took my place between her thighs. Marie was hot, ready and wet. I put my erection where we wanted it and pushed down until our pelvic bones stopped me. She arched her back, gasped softly then we began a systematic destruction of her fresh made bed.

Marie may have been thin with prominent bone structure, her hip bones were sharp ridges, but her pussy was perhaps the softest I had ever had the good fortune to put my cock into. The outer lips of her vulva were full and soft, the inside of her felt as if she was caressing my erection with her vaginal muscles. She wasn’t tight but snug, she may have been in her 30’s but her cunt felt as new and fresh as a younger woman. God she felt good. The first fuck was introductory, a straight cock and cunt session, no erotic play, no prolonged necking, petting or seduction. Since she hadn’t suggested condoms and she didn’t caution me I didn’t hold back when my balls relented. I came into Marie while she smiled up at me. She fucked me twice that first night, and when I say she fucked me, that’s what happened. She knew what she wanted and how to get it.

Day after day I was tired as hell during training because I was romping and rolling around with Marie for two or three hours every night. Even though she was fast to climax she was damn near insatiable. She could cum six, seven times or more every time I screwed her. After a steady week of fucking my nuts sore I was exhausted so I managed to get away for a night. That was the only night I spent alone that trip but it was enough to rejuvenate my hormones. I returned to Marie and she welcomed me back with open legs.

During the evenings her house was just as normal as a family. We had dinner, watched TV and I even helped Lynn with homework once in a while. It was after we went to bed that Marie and I became lovers. Every night after we were done and in the short period between resting and sleep I wondered what the hell the girl down the hall thought when she heard us screwing, and she couldn’t help but hear, the house was a small cheap cookie cutter home so the walls were no more than thin plasterboard.

I’d been there about three weeks when after we went to bed Lynn came into the bedroom, she was wearing just panties and a narrow black body bra. She was tall for an 8th grader but not as thin as Marie, her bumps and curves were more alluring than her mother’s. She stood next to the bed talking to her mother about some school problem for a couple of minutes. Marie got up saying she had to pee; when she flipped the blanket off us I was naked and Lynn got a good look. Marie didn’t seem to care or mind that her daughter was near and watching as I drew the blanket back up. Lynn left but she didn’t seem too discomfited she had just gotten a full frontal view of a naked man with a half grown hard-on. When Marie came back she started talking about her developing daughter and how it would be natural for her to start feeling sexual.

The next night was a Friday so Lynn didn’t have to go to bed at nine but still went to her room and changed into night wear. When she came back to the living room she wore a close fit gown so thin I could see she wasn’t wearing underwear, it molded around her small breasts and butt like skin, I saw the shadow of pubic hair through it. She wedged between her mother and me on the sofa to watch a movie. I was very aware of her thigh pressed firmly against mine was we sat, Marie didn’t seem concerned that her daughter had snuggled in between us. Slowly, very slowly, the presence of the girl at my side caused my mind to deflect from the movie to her. She would jostle, wiggle and squirm as she reacted to the action movie. She was animated and every once in a while would grab my arm when something suspenseful was happening on the TV. She was deep into the movie when the wild action scenes turned into a love scene between the hero and the girl he rescued from bad guys. Lynn stopped moving and locked her eyes on the couple as they necked and seduced each other. There wasn’t any nudity or porn type shot but the movie didn’t hold back any of the lust and desire the two experienced as they cavorted under a blanket. Just as the woman cried out I felt a hand slip into mine and fingernails dent my skin she clutched so tight. I looked at Lynn’s hand in mine then to her eyes, she was looking at me with wide open eyes that conveyed what she was feeling. My cock lurched. I glanced at Marie who was also watching her daughter. Marie moved her eyes to mine and I swear she gave me unspoken permission to lust for the girl. My heart started thumping but I pulled my hand out of Lynn’s and concentrated on the TV.

It was near midnight when the movie ended and by that time Lynn had dozed off. She had curled her legs off the floor so her feet were pressed on Marie’s hip, her head laid on my shoulder. I had an arm across her back, the hand rested on her mother’s shoulder. Marie turned to me “Would you carry her to her room?”

I wasn’t sure why a 14 year old needed to be carried to bed but I stood then bent to lift the girl, one arm around her back, the other under her knees then pulled her up. Lynn grunted softly, shifted in my arms and draped her right arm around my neck. As Marie went into the kitchen I carried my burden to her room. A faint feminine scent from Lynn’s hair caused me to become sensually aware of her again. When I laid her on the bed she opened her eyes then lifted her arms over her head, pointed her toes, stretched straight while her back arched. The short night gown pulled up her thighs enough I caught a peek of pubic curls at the top of her long legs. Lynn reached up with a hand and stroked my face then whispered “Will you stay with me?”

My heart stopped, my face got hot and my prick forged to hot steel in a second. I pulled her hand off my face and put it on her stomach, I had a hard time forcing words from my constricted throat, I didn’t refuse her directly but said “Your mother is waiting.”

The pretty school girl looked at me with wide pleading eyes, “She won’t mind.” I stood, spun and left the girl’s room.

I found Marie in the kitchen, she was putting dishes away, she turned to me, “Did she wake up?”

My heart was still tripping heavily, “Yeah, she was awake when I left.” Marie was silent as her eyes read mine then she turned back to the dishes. I left for the bedroom knowing full well Marie had read the message in my eyes, ‘your daughter offered herself to me’.

Marie didn’t have sex with me that night, she claimed she was near her period and sex would be uncomfortable. That I understood so went to sleep. The next morning I was feeling refreshed from the uninterrupted slumber, Marie was acting normal but Lynn was slightly reserved, I thought she might be embarrassed for what she offered the night before. Since this was Saturday, my last weekend before returning home we chose to have a picnic at a local lake.

It was a warm day so we were going swimming but Lynn hadn’t put on a suit. Shortly before we got to the park she pulled a two piece from her backpack then changed in the back seat of the car. I kept checking the mirror and damn near ran off the road twice while watching flashes of bare skin in the back seat. Again Marie seemed either unaware of or unconcerned for what the girl was doing. When Lynn emerged from the car at the park I couldn’t help but check out the budding young woman. My eyes took her in from feet to hair then back to her firm round butt. For a brief moment I regretted turning down her invitation, but reason and sanity returned and I tried my best to ignore the girl’s tantalizing adolescent body.

But I couldn’t. Every fucking time Lynn came near my eyes were riveted to some part of her. Tits, ass, legs and face all attracted my attention. She wasn’t full bodied or voluptuous but she was tempting my base instincts and morals. I tried to keep my thoughts on Marie but her daughter was wedging herself into those thoughts. By the time we packed up and left for home I was trembling because when we got back it would be just the three of us, no witnesses to what went on in the house and I was pretty sure of what was coming.

It was early evening when we got back, Lynn announced she needed a bath then disappeared. Marie and I changed into comfortable clothes, broke open a couple of beers then put a movie in the player. A half hour later the girl came to the front room with her hair wrapped in a towel turban and her body covered by another towel, knotted together over her breasts. The towel wasn’t long enough to cover her the length of her thighs so ended just a couple of inches below her crotch. As soon as she stepped into the room I was fated to play out the rest of the night. My heart picked up it’s pace which sent a welling of warm blood to my cock. Marie looked at her daughter, at me, then put a hand on my arm and squeezed it. She rose from the sofa then left the room, she didn’t say good night but seconds later I heard her bedroom door close. The mother had just left me alone with her girl and by doing so gave me tacit permission to fuck Lynn. Sensibility and reason retreated to shadows in my mind, my cock expanded to maximum capacity, my nuts thrilled with lust. The 14 year old girl stood quiet in front of me, the offer was in her eyes.

She was shaking as hard as me when I stood off the sofa and took her hand. I left the TV on when I let her lead me to her room. When the door clicked shut she turned to me, waiting for me to move but before I did anything I had to know, “Have you done this before?”

Lynn shaded red, nodded and replied, “Just after I turned 14, mom let me with her boyfriend. Since then she’s had three more friends but I didn’t with them.”

“Why now, why me?”

The girl smiled at me, “Mom likes you and says you will be good for me.” I pulled the towel off her hair and threw it to the floor then levered open the twist over her tits and that towel fell off her. Lynn stood naked before me, her face, neck and body glowing red with embarrassment, maybe it was excitement, her small breasts moving with rapid shaky breaths. My eyes were glued to her, from face to legs she was fresh and firm, smooth skinned and vibrant. My cock swelled past X-rated as I evaluated Lynn’s delicate body.

I turned off the lights, “Go to bed” I told her. I pulled my clothes off in the dark of the room, for some reason I felt the dark would cover my sin. I put a knee on the bed, my weight caused the mattress to dip, Lynn moved to keep from rolling toward me. I stretched out next to the girl then everything stopped, I didn’t know how to act. I was lying nude with, and turned by a young teen girl and couldn’t make a move. My cock convulsed and I damn near came on her legs. In spite of how she had been acting in the last 24 hours, how her mother wordlessly encouraged me, I was still hesitant, “Is it okay I am here?”

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