Two Husbands for Miho

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A culturally-driven situation fits a horny woman quite well. Then some community needs expands that a bit.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Sharing   Slut Wife   FemaleDom   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   .

This mountainous country, far from Western civilization, was quite isolated and peacefully pastoral but there were still issues. An important one was that for whatever reason the number of males born greatly exceeded the females. Over time this made the supply of marriage partners for men a problem. Even ugly women could find a mate.

This one was definitely not ugly. Miho was attractive and had a larger bosom than most, thus she was much sought after. Unknown to her suitors, the uncle that she was raised by had taught her how to please men and how to expect them to please her. He was not anxious for her to wed since finding bed partners was difficult at his age also.

He did understand when the time came that she wished to be domestic. She sampled many suitors since virginity was not particularly prized and anyway a future husband could not be fussy if he expected to win her. She had been naked with many of the eligible men in the area during the past year and had many offers of marriage. Her choice was quite interesting. They were brothers and lived in a small apartment near where she worked. She had sampled them on the same visits and enjoyed their substantial organs. Having two was a real benefit even though they definitely needed training which, of course, she was well prepared to do. Their sexual outlet had been primarily prostitutes. They had money and good jobs, things that were important.

She accepted the proposal to marry both of them, something not unknown with the shortage. During the preparations for the marriage she discovered that they were quite submissive which was a very good fit to her desire to dominate. As she taught them the skills in bed she desired, it was a delight to teach them to work as a team, something she had not experienced before but had plenty of capacity to enjoy. It was even better than having two men on the same day which she had done several times in the past.

Once they were wed, her dominance was complete. That was really demonstrated during a work assignment for which she traveled. When she returned she addressed them, “As married people, it is important that we be honest and open with each other. Therefore I must tell you that when I was gone I met up with a former lover (remember that there were many of those in the area) and I slept with him because I am so accustomed to often being with a man. I enjoyed it but it will not happen here since I am back with you.”

They made no comment as they repeatedly coupled with her to make up for what they had missed. Her lover had been quite eager and vigorous so she was a bit tender down below but quite satisfied. From time to time she would do similar things under the right circumstances and enjoy how they reclaimed her. They had no such other options.

Then one day she came home with an announcement, “There is a man from America visiting our company. I wish to show him our hospitality. It is clear that he is interested in me as a woman so this will be an opportunity to have a very different experience. I will be going to a hotel with him tomorrow.” They were eager for her body later that night but she would not let them do anything in the morning, wanting to be fresh for him.

He was uncut, something she had not experienced before, and she was fascinated by how the foreskin moved and felt different inside her, rubbing her sensitive places in a good way. He was obviously taken with her and they got little sleep which pleased her greatly. She took the next day off to recover.

The next night she invited him to her home to meet her husbands. She and the visitor had spoken about that and he was fascinated by the idea. After dinner she announced, “Now I am going to pleasure our guest. You are welcome to watch and I wish to enjoy both of you afterwards so he can see how it is with two husbands.”

She mounted the visitor so he could pleasure her lovely breasts and her husbands could see how they were connected. When he unloaded his seed, she rolled on her back and told one husband he needed to lick her clean before he could enter. He did it avidly and she squirmed with the sensations. The visitor had not achieved her orgasm but her first husband did. The second husband also caused her to squirm and squeal in pleasure and the visitor was enlarged and ready by the time he finished.

“May I taste you as well?” he asked. She nodded and he did an excellent job as he had done the night before. This time he too brought her to her peak before noisily spurting his own sperm again.

Her husbands had to admit that it was quite stimulating and suggested that they have guests for special days. She was very pleased to hear that and would limit it to keep it memorable.

Something else that had to be dealt with was offspring. She was expected to become pregnant within the first year. Her husband’s family did have a preponderance of males, like many others, but they hoped for a girl. She got considering this and had a suggestion. “You remember that I lived with my uncle. His family produced many girls, which may be the reason I am here. Since there is a bonus paid for girl babies, perhaps I should be bred by that part of the family. If successful, I will next have a child with each of you.” Being in charge, she did not really expect any serious objection but she did listen to the feelings which were mostly that it did make some sense, possibly a rationale for their acceptance.

So her birth control was discontinued and during her fertile days a cousin who had fathered two girls was in her bed and body. She relieved her husbands with her mouth on those days. It did not take the first try so he returned and brought another cousin who also had a similar record. She was filled with sperm for four days and this time she caught. She insisted that they be welcomed back from time to time to feel the changes that one of them had caused.

Her libido, already high, kept her husbands quite well fucked. When the American visitor paid another call, he too was given every opportunity to drain his balls. One memorable day, both cousins, the American, and both husbands pleasured her. She had to admit that it was tiring but very acceptable and worth the effort. Her body never had too much attention and the pleasures never stopped flowing no matter which man was triggering them with fingers, mouth, and penis.

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